'Patriots', Bloodbaths, and Military Men, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

Colonel and Professor Andrew Bacevich’s Quincy Institute forResponsible Statecraft is beginning to throw some serious, and dangerously portentous, weight around. QI is reportedly funded by Charles Koch, (the otherinfamous Energy Baron ‘Koch Brother’, David, died in summer of 2019), and by GeorgeSoros, (an infamous multi-national mega-billionaire Baron Oligarch, himself. As we allsurely know, Mr. Soros is infamous for thinking his wealth means he is qualified to ‘rulethe world’, or at least to orchestrate the US political process. No 'one person one vote' democracy for ole George Soros, nor for Charles Koch. Both obviously believe that the richer one is, the more political influence/power that one should have, and both like to call this absurdist charade we have in the US, where The Rich have ALL the influence/power, 'democracy'.

Just a few months ago, (or last time I looked anyway), theQuincy Institute was a two-person outfit: the two co-founders, probably still meetingwith commercial realtors to find suitable space at the time, with reportedly (at thatpoint), half a mil of Mr. Koch’s and Mr. Soros’ money in their brand new Quincybank accounts.

After I read this latest from Colonel Bacevich, eerilyadvocating over a foreign policy issue, 12 days before an election that his ownQI colleague, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, fears will require the US Military to face off against as many as 280 million guns in the hands of "Trump's forces", I looked again at the QuincyInstitute website. It now listed 52 people as 'Staff', each with a long glowing bio,exalting that person’s accomplishments, in Academia, Law, and Government, AND, (a traitseemingly shared by all QI Staff), in the Obama/Clintonista neo-Liberal Regime that is now so desperate to re-capture power.

Wait ... What? ... Dr. Bacevich, presumably taking off his colonel's 'head thinker' hat, (managing the other thinkers), and putting on his pointy-square scholar's hat, wants to discuss foreign policy, even as his esteemed senior colleague, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, advocates unambiguously for the eventuality, if need be, of the US Military gunning down US citizens on US soil, possibly starting 12 days from now, if any should dare to take to the streets to oppose the ascension to power of the Democratic Party Machine.

Yea ... sure ... Andy m'boy. By all means ... Let's talk about the niceties of foreign policy, while US Military troops are being moved into position, 'in barracks', to be ready to directly confront, in fully armed formation, any citizens who refuse to accept that a crooked election must be 'legitimized' by hot lead and warm blood.

If the freight train roar of the whirlwind was tearing off our front gate, would that be the time to discuss our town's off-leash policy, good Dr. Bacevich?

Diversion, anyone?

Whom do you serve, good Colonel Bacevich? Whom does Colonel Wilkerson serve? Who signs your paychecks? Who butters your bread? Does this Quincy Institute outfit function as a tag team? Or does it just shoot off wild, like drunken cowboys stumbling arrogantly down the streets of Dodge?

Like his fictional good ole boy 'homey' from Gaffney, (Frank Underwood), Colonel Wilkerson is a skilled 'politician', (shall we say), in the sense that he is very clever at manipulating other people's understanding, even their very perception, of anything he says. He can say the same thing to several people, and get them each to believe he said something different.

He first lays down 'cover fire'. He lays down the basis of 'deniability'. During an interview on WBUR (public radio) he said two very curious things. First, Colonel Wilkerson said:

"Let me just say some of the things that we're putting out there. Among those things, one that is very important is the media, particularly the mainstream media. They cannot act as they usually act with regard to elections. They have to play a coup on election night. They can't be declaring some state like Pennsylvania for one candidate or the other. When Pennsylvania probably has thousands upon thousands of votes yet to come in and count. So the media has to get its act in order and it has to act very differently than it normally does"..... end quote .....

Okey doke, then ... "They [the Mass Media] cannot act as they usually act with regard to elections. They have to play a coup on election night". Thanks for that, Colonel. Got it. Mass media have to "play a coup on election night". Any other insights?

Ah .. Then the cover fire, the deniability:

"And lastly, let me say this to all my military friends out there, as we used to say in the chairman's office. The military needs to stay in barracks. Simply stated, that means the military has no business taking any side in either part of this election. And I remember in 1989 when Cory Aquino in the Philippines telephoned us, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and said, ‘I have a company that's about to take over my government. Can you help me?’ And we essentially made sure that company stayed in barracks. So we don't need the military interfering in any way, fashion or form with these elections. I know that’s dire. I know that's too serious, maybe. But I've read the history books."... end quote ...

Whew!! That's a relief! "So we don't need the military interfering in any way, fashion or form with these elections", sez good ole boy Larry, to make a clear unequivocal record of his clear unequivocal opposition to the use of the military to 'settle scores' after the election.

"...in any way, fashion, or form ...". Well ... Wouldn't ya just know ... Turns out, that to these Gaffney-type good ole boys, (come to DC to grace us with their pearls of wisdom), those words don't really mean quite what they sound like they so definitely mean.

In another WBUR interview, Colonel Wilkerson was asked if his TIP Task Force, (the Task Force wholly financed by the Democratic Party Machine, tasked with liaison and communications between the US Military and the Democratic Party Machine), had 'gamed out' (as in playing 'war games') the scenario of "Trump's followers" taking to the streets, exercising their second amendment right to bear arms to protect themselves and their families from what to them appears to be clear-cut tyranny?

When asked, "Are you gaming out scenarios like that [armed Trump supporters coming out en masse] as well?", the good Colonel from Gaffney answered:

"We are. I have a particular insight into that, because — I can't tell you the individual's name — but I was recently in a senator's office. My political party, I'm a Republican, and a senator dismissed people from his office, asked me to dismiss my people, who were escorting me. And he asked me a question. And the question was, What did I think the military would do if Trump lost decisively in November and departed the White House in a huff? And in that huff announced that he would like his base to come to the street with their guns?

"I looked at the senator and I said, Senator, you just posed one of the most serious questions you possibly could about the status of this republic. I can't tell you what the military would do. I can tell you that a lot of the military voted for President Trump, especially in the ranks. I can tell you that maybe the leadership is not so inclined to be pro-Trump, but I can't tell you exactly what would happen. I can tell you what I wish would happen, that the military would, in a phrase, stay in barracks. That is to say, it would not do anything. Unless Trump were successful in getting lots of his militia, so to speak, into the street with their guns. " ...end quote...

Wait... What? ... "[The Military] would not do anything. Unless Trump were successful in getting lots of his militia, so to speak, into the street with their guns". (emphasis mine)

OK then, Good. As long as no one resists the crooked-to-its-marrow Democratic Party Machine's seizure of power through what to impartial observers (who wish a pox on both houses) appears to be a blatantly crooked 'kangaroo' election, (crooked elections being right down the Dem Machine's well-honed wheel house), no one has to worry about Colonel Wilkerson's beloved US Military gunning people down on US soil. 

But wait ...What? What if someone DOES resist? What if the Colonel's "unless" clause, buried at the end so casually, comes to pass?

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, now riding point for the Democratic Party Machine's determination to control the outcome of the election, said in his very next sentence:

"And by the way, the FBI will tell you that the base that belongs to Trump, if you will, probably own somewhere between 60% and 70% of the 300 to 400 million guns in America. If that were to happen, and serious results came about, then I would hope that the military would act in consonance with its constitutional responsibility and would wind up being the force that opposed that group. But we're talking about either near revolution or revolution there in some respects. So I'd rather not go that far. But I certainly am thinking in those ways because we've got to be ready. We've got to know what we're going to do, or at least have some estimation of what we're going to do beforehand, in case the worst happens."

Okey doke, then ... good to know ... The Democratic Party Machine has hired Larry Wilkerson, one of the Cheney Thugs' hired 'guns', one of those who rammed through THE most disastrous policy decision, (by FAR! ..No other is even CLOSE!), in US History, to supervise and liaison communications between the incoming (they are arrogantly assuming) Democratic Party Regime, and the US Military, concerning the deployment of the latter should anyone resist the official declaration of an obviously crooked election as 'on the level'.

No unbiased authority exists anymore in our nation, that can receive, store, and transport hundreds of thousands of sacks of tens/hundreds of millions of mailed-in paper ballots, and guarantee an honest count. It's impossible. Anybody that says otherwise obviously exposes themselves as either a hapless pollyana fool, or a deviously cunning liar. 

How many times will each ballot, in hundreds of thousands of sacks, of teeming millions of ballots, be loaded on or off a truck by somebody? Where will they be stored? Who is the unbiased guardian of the chain of custody of this Paper Democracy?

But, 'patriots' and military men, like our good Dr. Colonels, surely regret, with impressive crocodile sadness, their service to the Party of Identitarian Political Correctness, that will surely want to send US Soldiers to gun down US Citizens, so that it can seize power.

All patriots and military men that serve The Syndicate, and its lackey Democratic Party Machine, sadly know and aver that if it takes a bloodbath to defeat 'the deplorables' then a bloodbath it must be. So saith the wise and studied Colonel Larry. 

Colonel Wilkerson is riding point for an intricately planned military coup. "Submit!", they command the nation yeoman folk, which they know as The Deplorables. "Submit, Or else the US Army will be sent fully armed against you, as Colonel Wilkerson so artfully, and regretfully, says it should be. 

So … Anyway ... Colonel, (and Dr.), Bacevich is, presumably, wearingmultiple hats under Koch’s and Soros’ employ. (Hats seem to be getting moreimportant. I hear more talk about 'wearing many hats’ lately. Will feathers be next? Thenflowing plumes?). One wonders how well versed Dr. Bacevich, or Colonel Bacevich, either, is on the use of deception and ruse in politics and warfare? We see who Dr. Bacevich's paymasters are. Does the good Dr. want us to believe that he serves the motives of some other? Is he sure he understands the effects that a generous paycheck can have on one's thinking, and even something as simple, though often crucial, as the timing of one's actions?   

Dr. Bacevich, scholar of History, is serving as QI’s ‘headthinker’, (in an organization of thinkers who have been hired to think). Acolonel is not a flag officer, to be sure. A colonel does not command a legion, let alone an Army. He commandsa regiment. His immediate superior is a flag officer, (a brigadier-general, usually, Ithink, the lowest tier of flag rank). But a colonel is accustomed to command. A person who can command a regiment can surely 'crack the whip' on a mainline Big Money funded think tank, and I’m sure Colonel Bacevichwill manage QI’s money well. Who's the officer in charge of QI's Public Trust? She or he better get cracking, if this QI outfit is gonna be good for the longer haul, as far as Public Trust goes.

And the good Dr. of Knowledge, Andrew Bacevich the Scholar of History, is alsocontinuing his own career as an ever more ‘celebrated’ public intellectual, andever more widely circulated commentator. Wearing these multiple hats, (haven't seen any feathers or plumes yet), Dr.Bacevich must certainly be very ‘busy’ these days.

Let’s just recognize, up front, that one of the hats thecolonel/dr wears is to manage the activity of an organization that has a mainline life-bloodtap into Big Money. QI's stated purpose and mission is very noble, indeed. QuestioningBig Money’s motives in funding QI strikes me as an excellent project for QI toundertake.

Can QI be Self-Aware? Can it set all the powerful minds ithas gathered to examine why mega-powerful Baron Oligarchs are funding QI?

If Energy Barons are opening an ear to the End of Empire …well … THAT is certainly an interesting development. The US Energy Bid’ness isin some pretty deep ole doo-doo these days, after all. Koch probably saw this coming. Can we imagine the kind of information to which a Baron Oligarch has full and free access?

They’re NEVER going to keep the dollar shored up. We’re like the defiant Jews on the plateau that they thought was an impenetrable fortress, with steep cliffs protecting every side. (The Keep,Tolkien called such places), watching the orcs, the Romans, build a ramp by mining the soil and rocks with slaves, carried in mere buckets on the backs of these miserable human beasts of burden, bucket by bucket, to be dumped on the work-face, steadily, inexorably,building the ramp.

Any reasoning person can see how long it’s been, and how bigthe ramp has grown, and from that can easily calculate how long it will bebefore the rampart is breached, and disaster visits them harshly.

The dollar WILL fall … We know this as well as the designing engineerknew, once he fully assessed the damage, that the Titanic would, in three hourstime, be sailing on its final descent down into dark cold-mud oblivion.

The Elites, the BIG Boys, surely already know this, and havefor at least several years. They are shape-shifting their fortunes, the pilesof gold and power they have accumulated, into some form that can survive theTsnami Apocalypse that they must surely know the dollar’s fall will bring.

Are some, or any, or even ONE, among the Elite Syndicate,willing to talk? Is THAT why they are funding the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft? They want to parlay?

Or are more sinister motives involved, with Pollyanna Colonels doing the bidding, like Okees From Muscogee, of much more cunning 'flag officers', The Capone Banksters, that run the western world ?

Well … 12 days .. This kind of ‘business’ never gets done as long asany foolishly think that bluff and bluster can yet prevail.

Tik .. Tok .. The days click by.

This kind of business until the clock ticks down the final seconds, and bullets of sweat fall freely from every brow.  

12 days now. Tik..Tok..

Every gun is surely well-oiled, the action slick-as-a-whistle clean and quick. High quality stuff. Precision machined. Lotta Glocks. TheIsraeli Desert Eagle .50 packs a sudden-put-down whallop. (I shot one once, a long barrel version). Billions of rounds of ammo are cleverlycached where access can be maintained. Experienced trained warriors, ex-marineand special-forces-type ‘Rambos’, who joined the military specifically toacquire training for the purpose that is erupting upon us, are urging theirforces: “Steady … Eyes clear … Minds calm … It’s coming outta that tree line,as we knew it would.. Steady .. The force of OUR will CAN prevail over ALLothers!” … Sigh … “Everybody wants to rule the world”, (‘in the name ofdemocracy’, of course).

Well … C’mon … QI funding will always be the pink elephant dancing around these colonel-doctors' living rooms, until QI addresses and answers this question. What does QI think its major funders' motives are?

It was a Giant Red Flag when Colonel Wilkerson,one of QI’s top ‘heavy hitters’, dodged the question so artfully, with his SCGaffney charm. “Aw shucks, ma’am, sirs … we’s just some po’ boys tryin’ t’ dogood. We’ll take any money we can get from anybody”. (paraphrased, not anactual direct quote, but pretty much exactly what he said).  

So anyway … Colonel Bacevich has been hired by the Big Boys,(people who take their seat when The Syndicate meets, people who finance BOTHparties), to further The Syndicate’s profits and priorities. The colonel hasbeen hired to use his sophisticated command skills to assemble and manage theivy-league (and associated Academy, like his own BU) brain-trust of the Obama-Clintonista DemocraticParty Machine.

Okey doke, then … And these people paying Dr. Bacevich's salary want to do this because they want ‘world peace’ through 'responsible statecraft ? Why does this sound like Miss America, after she's changed from bikini to long gown, and must walk across the stage, and say something into the microphone. "World Peace". Isn't that the same lip service we always hear? 

Ahh ... Well … That’s certainly encouraging to know that these Baron Oligarchs want "world peace through responsible statecraft", but can we take at least a quickpeek at Reality? As long as we’ve drilled down this far, can we take a look at that big pink elephant dancing around the QI lobby, and all of its offices?

The Obama-Clintonista Gang is aligned with Big Money’s maintaproot, the Big Banks. The Obama-Clintonista Demo Machine fully supports every Big Casino Scam, from the trillion dollar Military Industrial Complex Scam, to the $3.5 Trillion dollar Vulture Health Care Industry Scam. You want more money and power for the defense industry, the military, or for those who prey on the weak and sick? You want more money for weapons? You want to suck more blood from the weak, the poor, the unhealthy? Vote Democrat. Skinny Joe's your man. The Identitarian Fascist Party of the Powerful that has learned to use Identitarian 'human rights' as cover for its deadly advance. The Big Banksters' Democratic Party Regime. That's who the colonels carry and empty the spit bucket for. 

Obama and the Clintons are the toast of Wall Street. Wall Street … sure … but we’re talking even bigger among The Big Banks,here. We’re talking about the Oldest Money … The most deeply entrenched … The oldest banking houses, the vultures that crossed the ocean from old Europe. All the slick boys, the Frank Underwoods, and other Gaffnet good old boys, are just pimps. FromEpstein to Clinton, to that golden-tongued rascal Mama’s boy, smarmy smilingBarry … Their own appetites ruling them have always been the same. “Older whiskey. Younger women. Fasterhorses. The most vicious dogs. More money". (It's still the same old story, a fight for love and glory, a case of do or die).    

 Dr. Bacevich, the renowned celebrity scholar, has used money provided by Baron Oligarchs, Koch and Soros, to assemble the brain-trust of the Obama-Clintonista Regime, as this foul corrupt regime  now vies desperately to regain power, fearing prosecution for high crimes against the nation, if Trump remains in power for another term.

In the recent near term past, this Obama-Clintonista Machine that now signs Dr. Bacevich's paychecks did some really REALLY bad-shit (“stupid shit ” was the term ole Barry liked to use).

Libya, for example, (we could discuss any number, amongst the plethora of stupid evil shit these people have done), whoseleader America officially ‘hated with extreme prejudice’. Qaddafi was vehemently hated by every successive US regime since the 1960s. Libya was, nonetheless, THEmost prosperous nation on the entire continent of Africa, before the Obama Regime destroyed the country entirely, to oblivion, into a Mad Maxx-type hell on earth where none were ever safe from armed marauding bands, from rape and murder, even in their own homes.

After Barry turnedthe vicious Harridan Hillary loose on those hapless people, (Libya wasa tiny nation of less than 7 million people when Harridan Hillary’s “I can beas tough as ANY man” blood-lust was set loose upon that hapless land. Libyaclaims a huge territory of mostly empty Sahara sand, but is really just a smallsliver of habitable green land along the Mediterranean coast, the same landwhere daring Phoenician sailors, venturing out from the Levant, foundedCarthage, (to give ole Cato someone to hate).

Qaddafi always looked like a clown to me, with thecartoonish Big Gold-Fringed Epaulets, and the Big BIG hat. He looked like acharacter that Groucho Marx would have lots of fun with in a zany movie.


Health care wasuniversal in Libya, paid for collectively, by everybody; i.e.: it was ‘socialized’.Likewise education was completely ‘socialized’. It was NOT ‘free’. But likehealth care, it was a LOT cheaper, because the profit motive was removed.

Every child in Libya, whether born to a wealthy family ofmerchants, or into a modest family that raised goats, every child had fullaccess to education, to the highest (doctorate) level each child could attain,at no cost, at ALL, to the child’s family, other than that family’s fair shareof the nation’s tax revenue.

And indeed, the wealthier paid more, as they should. Thewealthier people became, the more they paid. That’s the ONLY Free MarketRegulation that works to create a more equitable distribution of wealth in a free market system that by its Nature funnels money into the upper levels of a pyramid.

A portion of the wealth that the whole society produces, byall its aggregate energies, by all its people, was ‘socialized’ in Libya. That portion was claimed, by Right of the Common Good, just as it once was in America, to rightfully and justly serveeverybody, together, to serve the Common Good.

In pre-Obama/Clintonista Libya, the children of the leastwealthy families, the goatherds’ daughters and sons, had a real chance to earntheir own place in the world through their motivation and merit.

Well … That disgusting bloodthirsty war-monger, HarridanHillary, certainly proved her point. Mark the old girl up, lads… Behind her fetchingly adorable feminine smirk, lies the heart of a vicious back-stabbing, blood-suckingmonster … She  sure proved it toole Caliban … She proved she could be as terrible as ANY ‘Ivan’. She couldimpale quite as well as any 'Vlad'.

Which brings us to the ‘point’ of this tale … The gang ofcrazed Mad Maxx-type terrorist goons, (ISIS-types), that Hillary had hired,armed, and set-upon a defenseless Libya, with a ‘contract’ to murder Libya’slegal sitting head-of-state, caught up with the fleeing Qaddafi when hismotorcade was disabled by a Hillary-commanded NATO fighter jet’s missiles.

Then, there in the lonely desert, surrounded by screamingcrazy people, Qaddafi was “sodomized with a long knife”, as the officialreports in ‘The Times’ described it.

And this monstrous ghoul of a human female, Harridan Hillary,then went on national TV to gloat, and giggled like a school girl does when sheknows the handsome quarterback, (or drummer), is watching her.

She laughed and giggled, and clapped her hands in girlishglee, and fell back in her chair with her amused cackling enthusiasm. As she wascongratulated, on national TV, for having successfully assassinated a sitting headof state, she fell back in her chair, as she did a ghastly clown-demon’simitation of Caesar’s brilliantly boastful brevity. “We came. We saw. He Died”, she saidwith fists clenched in triumph, her cheeks knotted in proud gloating mirth. Sheclapped her hands, like a girl who just blew out every candle, and giggled in girlish glee.

And this evil woman is completely blind to her macabre ghoulish glee.

Today, all these years later, the survivors in the nation ofLibya are still living in a version of Mad Maxx, only the gangs of thugs with.50 caliber machine guns mounted in the beds of Toyota pick-ups have beenorganized into rival armies. But for years early on, immediately after that monstrous female ghoul ‘haddone’ with Libya, there was no authority at ALL, beyond that .50 pounding outits ‘orders’ in staccato terms of explosive death. Gangs raped, murdered, and pillaged at will. No power orauthority existed, at ALL, anywhere in Libya, to stop them.

And … (Excuse me while I spit) … harrumph … when four of herown died, four under her command, murdered by the very crazed mobs SHE had set loose, Harridan Witch Hillary‘passed the buck’. “How was I s’posed t’ know?”, she said when sworn-in before‘the investigation committee’. How could anybody have known that these crazedISIS-type Mad Maxx terrorists would turn on us?

Look it up. You can watch it on youtube. That’s what thisdisgusting vicious sack of human female guts said.

Geez … From a grunt soldiers' point of view, (and surelyColonel Bacevich knows this), she is the lowest of the most foul stinky‘officer slime’ that exists. (Anyone remember ‘fracking’ in ‘Nam?) She passedthe effin’ buck, man … She played the really fun ‘Iron Commander’ game, giggledin triumph over it, and then, when she was so irresponsible and stupid that she got her own people killed on her watch, she passed the effing, mother-effing effing BUCK,rather than take responsibility for her own actions.  

When Caesar’s men were lined up in full-dress battleformation, with the enemy tribe facing, and for the first time under hiscommand, Caesar, who tells us he always wore a scarlet cloak, so all couldeasily mark him out in the heat of battle, dismounted, and up and down the longprecision-tiered lines of the legions, he motioned, and all his generalofficers dismounted. Caesar had all the horses sent away. His actions spoke much louder than any words possibly could. “We will all facethis danger together. You can trust your commander. We will vanquish this tribeas our forefathers have. Are we lesser men than our fathers were? Roma Victa!”.

Every soldier could see, with his own eyes. And every soldier understood. Andevery soldier felt the adrenalin surge of courage that comes when blood-oathsare sworn. Every man’s nostrils flared wide. A grimacing mask of animal beastly couragewas immediately on every face. And a roar of fearless reared beasts, every claw and talon bared and brandished, escaped their throats in UNISON.

THAT was the source of Rome’s power. They knew how to closeinto a fist. They knew how to act as a UNIT. Reason was THE most highly valueddiscipline. Setting emotion aside when decisions are made, ESPECIALLY ‘when theheat in the kitchen’ became choking, setting emotion aside, to hold to calm Reason,was ‘the key’ to their ability to dominate all other tribes of people they cameup against.

Ole Barry’s girl Hillary, a girl with vicious blood suckingfangs, passed the mother effing BUCK, and then she decided that SHE should bethe Big Boss of Everybody.   

So … anyway …. The Quincy Institute for ResponsibleStatecraft is saying ‘all the right things’. I sure like the concept. Dr.Bacevich is a brilliant thinker and writer. He is heavily grounded. He plods abit, but he walks a path he has worn by much spiritual self-searching. He hassuffered. The stout and able warrior has lost a beloved son to war. This is a VERY goodman.

But who does the Good Colonel serve? Surely it's true ... we're ALL "gonna serve somebody" --B Dylan 

Whose purposes are Dr. Bacevich's efforts and energies used to advance?Do they teach about the ‘Steam Valve Gambit’ at West Point? That would be morea CIA thing, wouldn't it, and I hear-tell that anything that resembles the Soldiers’ Code, anything having to do with concepts like 'honor', is used for toilet paper, or to wipe up dog shit, over Langley way.

C’mon, Colonel … C’mon folks … Do ANY of us really believethat ole Bernie is not self-aware of his role as a “sheep-dog”, (aka: “judasgoat”). The old guy. The ‘disarming’ squinty Mr. Magoo thing. Clever as a slithering old snake. The Artful Deceiver. He KNOWS. He knows where his bread is slatheredwith sweet butter, and he licks the hands that feed him, and lick-spittleshines their boots.

You think this big jangly flashing colored light circus show, this big Election Reality Show, fools anyone beyond the primitive Jerry Springer crowd? Every day, legions more people feel the Red Pill 'coming on'. The jig is coming 'up', boys and girls. The Long Con only works is the mark STAYS conned. Lotta 'marks' seem to be awakening into awareness of The Big Con.

Half the nation canNOT conquer and rule the other half. NEITHER half can. We are witnessing a struggle between two Mob Factions, and Dr. Bacevich, and his Quincy Institute's other 'Fellows', are paid by one faction, and actively work for that faction. Can we get that understood? When the Doctor Colonels go to the bank to make a deposit, the autographs of the mega-powerful are on the paychecks they themselves then endorse.

Like all Miss America contestants, Dr. Bacevich supports 'world peace'. Gee, thanks, Doc. Ya got any ideas on how to have peace in the local neighborhoods on November 4th? Or are you too bust with a droll diversionary discussion of foreign policy, as Colonel Wilkerson threatens the nation's yeoman folk with a bloodbath at the hands of the US Military if they refuse to submit to the naked totalitarian tyranny that seems to be descending on us from every quarter.    

Well…As our nation counts down to ATE, all these charadesonly lead us to an awful outcome. Maybe with the Real Event so fastapproaching, (“This is REAL” –J Bourne, to the hapless terrified reporter,before the latter ‘lost his head’), maybe some folks in key positions arerethinking their positions?

What is the Common Ground that Koch and Soros share? Dothey? Do they share the same motive, in funding this grieving warrior? Or doeseach have his own motive(s)?

We may never know. Are we asked to believe that mega-powerful Energy Baron, Charles Koch, after all our wars for oil, now wants to end the American Imperial Project, the crazed ‘Amerika uber ALLES!!”full-spectrum-dominance determination, that America is the Exceptional Nation,which all others MUST obey? The crazed ghouls who have, LONG ago, WAYY beforeTrumpty-Dumpty, taken over our nation under their Iron Fist-and-Heel control, havewanted SO bad, for SO long, to be the Bosses of Everybody. They had their poorlittle hearts SET on being the Bosses of Everybody, (all in the ‘holy’ name of‘democracy’, (all genuflect), of course).

Have they changed their minds? (That would sure be nice. Wouldn't it?)

They have long been COMPLETELY blind to the massive magnitude ofthis Big Irony. Fascism in the name of Democracy? LOL ... Yea … it’s a hoot … but “this isREAL”. These people are crazed, and this all somehow makes crazed ‘sense’ tothem. If it takes a bloodbath, they’re REAL good at bloodbaths. They’ve hadlotsa’ practice. And Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson advocates exactly that, a bloodbath, should any 'deplorables' refuse to submit. He wants the Military to "stay in barracks", UNLESS 'Trump's forces', the deplorables, make a stand against tyranny. Then Colonel Wilkerson hopes and expects that "the military would act in consonance with its constitutional responsibility and would wind up being the force that opposed that group".   

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, one of the fore-mentioned ‘heavyhitters’ at Colonel Bacevich’s QI outfit, is currently traveling around thecountry to mollify the Obama-Clintonista forces in the trenches. He istraveling as widely as he can, generously financed by the mega-wealthy, (byprivate jet, perhaps now, as d-day ticks closer?), telling people that he willbe ‘in position’, and he will advocate that the US Military will “stay inbarracks”. UNLESS obstinate 'deplorables', Trumps forces, should take up arms and make a stand against Democratic Party Machine tyranny.

Will Larry Wilkerson be the Man of Irony, the man who claims 'he comes in peace' who the man who wears the jackboot? The Marlboro Man, the hired mouthpiece, of fascist military slaughter of aggrieved civilian militia, but the nation's mercenary professional soldiers, all in the name of our precious democracy? (all genuflect). 

Colonel Wilkerson is warning his own troops, the peoplequivering in their raging hysterical hatred of the clownish Trumpty-Dumpty,that his ‘team’ has ‘gamed out’ many scenarios, and he is warning his peoplethat a bloodbath COULD be necessary. Just so people know. This is what LarryWilkerson, the disgraced Colin Powell's Chief Operative, the man who worked heart and soul to help steer our nation into the Middle East Quagmire, now envisions. If the 'Trump forces', the nation's yeoman folk, rise up to resist the Democratic Party Machine Coup, Colonel Wilkerson will sadly do his duty. He will favor the recision of the 'stay in barracks' order. He will, presumably, favor the US Military gunning down, in the streets of America, the political opponents, made up from the yeoman Common People, of the Obama-Clintonista Democratic Party Machine.

Ole Larry Wilkerson, a good ole boy outta ole Gaffney, SC, is now in the employ of the macabre Ghoul Spirit that Hillary Clinton fully exposed onnational TV. “We come. We see. Our enemies die". Amerika uber ALLES! And then he works for Responsible Statecraft in his spare time. 

Ole Larry Wilkerson, outta Gaffney, South Carolina, where the mint juleps taste so sweet, under the majestic spread of giant cypress trees shrouded in Spanish Moss mystery, and good ole boys understand each other real well. (Please tell me he doesn’t like to rap his ring on everywooden desktop as he rises in power).

Larry Wilkerson is informing all that he can, (and Big Money keepsbuying him bigger megaphones), that we must prepare ourselves. The DemocraticParty Machine, the Obama-Clintonista Regime, represented by people like ColonelLawrence Wilkerson, (he who is associated in infamy with Colin Powell’sdishonorable public disgrace), wants its own ‘troops’, from the never-trumprepubs like ole Larry, to the Marionette Left antifa goons that ole Larrycounts among his ‘army’, to accept that once it has the reins of raw power fully in its handsagain, it will, if necessary, use the US Military to execute a bloodbath in thestreets of US cities, if any 'deplorables' resist, to restore our preciuous democracy (all genuflect)

The Democratic Party Machine, is telling us, OUT LOUD, (fer crissakes), thatonce in power, once they win the military to their camp, they intend to gundown any among the American people who oppose them in the streets, exercising their human RIGHT to bear arms to oppose tyranny.    

It’s as if The Syndidate is standing on every brass sewercover in the Center of every Public Square in the land, swagger stick in hand, andsteel hob nails marring the brass as key words are emphasized with that terrible deadly Iron Heel ringing sparks off the cold heavy metal: “Stalin orHitler. Take your pick. We got this game ‘wired’. The Left and the Right areboth on our payroll. We make out OK either way. Yea … Right …democracy-schmockracy … Everybody says they’re democratic. Both Hitler and Stalin were ‘elected’, fer crissakes … Go vote for whoever you want. We don't give a shit. We alreadygot every scenario 'gamed'. It's all planned out. We win. The Common People will remain up shit creek, no paddle anywhere, nor even any canoe, just shit, and then more shit. If they don't like it they can go fuck themselves. We don't care what they like or don't like. They're The Deplorables. We'll gun 'em down if we have to.

Ask Colonel Larry about it ... He's our man.”

So … anyway … cough .. What ARE those various motives behind the money behind the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft? Whatis George Soros’ motive for hiring ole Andy and Larry? What is Charles Koch’s motive? What do they think the colonels will do for them? Are Koch's and Soros' motives the same? Or do they each have their own priorities and reasons?

Isn’tit ‘only natural’ that THAT question DEMANDS to be asked, and answered, FIRST, before we give a shit about what any of these Doctor Colonels has to say about Patriots, Bloodbaths, and military men?

Many preach thewords of prophets, as their pretty preaching is used as ‘cover’ by someone, forsomething, often for some nefarious design. 


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