Historical Revisionism

The Holycause: Walking the Third Rail, by Roger Tucker

From the excellent website What Really Happened?:

CodohCommittee for open debate on the holocaust(strongly recommended)
The site of Bradley Smith and numerous helpers.
Smith is an open-minded moderate American Revisionist and this is reflected in the wide-ranging content of the site. He is in no way racist: his first wife was Jewish and his present wife Mexican. A lot of the material is unfortunately quite old, but still relevant. There is a forum which is probably the most active place to exchange Revisionist ideas. Being a forum, however, it can often be intemperate and views quite at variance with Bradley Smith's tolerant position can be aired. 

VHO (strongly recommended)
Germar Rudolf's site.
Rudolf is a German chemist. He was a doctoral student at the Max Planck Institute when he published the Rudolf Report, a highly-detailed and technical examination of the alleged Auschwitz gas chambers. He was refused his doctorate and has recently served a 3-year prison sentence. Like Smith he is in no way racist or anti-Semitic. There is a huge amount of material here, but like Codoh, much of it is old and the site is not easy to navigate.

Codoh and VHO are now cooperating to make a huge database of Revisionist material available to the public.
Inconvenient History (strongly recommended)
A scholarly quarterly Web magazine covering issues relating to all aspects of both World Wars

nazigassings.com(good on science but opinionated: try to separate the valid technical arguments from the polemic)
A website run by Friedrich Berg.
Berg is a very different character from Smith or Rudolf. He makes no attempt to hide strong anti-Jewish feelings and Nazi sympathies. He is strongly marked by and bitter about the bombing of Germany which he sees as a true Holocaust. The over-the-top graphics and polemic language on the site detract and navigability is poor. Yet, despite these shortcomings Berg has made valuable contributions to Revisionism. An engineer by profession, he was the first to point out that it is nigh impossible to kill people with diesel exhaust, as is officially alleged for Treblinka, Belzec and sometimes Sobibor. He has also shown that the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz, said to have used Zyklon B, were completely unnecessary since there existed at many locations in Europe (as also on the US-Mexican border) buildings where several railway coaches at a time were treated with this chemical and which would have served the alleged murderous purpose perfectly. His current interest is in corpse colour, almost always described as bluish in the Holocaust literature; Berg shows that it should have been bright red.

Also recommended are the following sites: