April 1-15, 2021

Apr 15, 2021

Millions of Deaths Have Not Made Americans Safer, by Philip Giraldi
America’s Neoliberal Financialization Policy vs. China’s Industrial Socialism, by Michael Hudson
The latest US moves against Russia, by the Saker
It’s The Media’s Job To Normalize War, by Caitlin Johnstone
PCR: Will We be Destroyed in War Before We Lose Our Civil Liberty to the Establishment’s Orchestrated “Covid Pandemic”?
Joe Biden Reaffirms Washington’s Message to the World: Never, Ever Trust Us, by Thomas Knapp
From RussiaGate to UkraineGate: Route to Apocalypse, by Oliver Boyd-Barrett
Biden and Blinken Blink on Ukraine, by Ray McGovern
Jonathan Cook: The news media offers wall-to-wall propaganda every day. We only notice when a royal dies
Woke Capital and the Triumph of Corporate Democrats, by Audacious Epigone
Iran to Enrich Uranium to 60 Percent in Retaliation for Sabotage, by Jason Ditz
Craig Murray: My Day With Prince Philip
Can Guillermo Lasso Ride the Winds of Change in Ecuador? by Martin Sieff
Tucker Carlson Covers DOJ Approval of Ashli Babbit’s Murder without Warning (Video)
Medical Journal Warns About Masks’ Potentially Devastating Consequences

Apr 14, 2021

Biden Calls the "Killer," by The Saker
PCR: Will We be Destroyed in War Before We Lose Our Civil Liberty to the Establishment’s Orchestrated “Covid Pandemic”?
Mobilisation Politics in the Post-Persuasion Era – What It Means for Geopolitics, by Alastair Crooke
Intelligence Sources Say Biggest Threat To U.S. Is Actually U.S. Policy, by Caitlin Johnstone
Leading Dutch Philosopher: Jewish Dispersal a ‘Blessing’ Because It Kept Jews From Power
Israel Rejects ICC Investigation: What Are the Possible Future Scenarios? by Ramzy Baroud
Sweden Axes Gates Mad Global Warming Scheme, by F. William Engdahl
The Worst Crisis in Modern History, by Michel Chossudovsky (eBook)
We Are Now Entering Full-Blown Tyranny In The Western World, by Michael Snyder
Athletes knock the legs from under global sports governance, by James M. Dorsey
Ludwig von Mises on Intellectual Obligation in Times of Crisis, by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Comedian John Cleese ‘Apologises’ For Making “Fun Of White English People,” by Steve Watson
Dark, Cold Years Are Coming, So You’d Better Get Ready, by Anony Mee
Texas Faces New Power Crisis: Prices Soar 10,000% As ERCOT Urges Power Conservation Amid Grid 'Emergency'
The Mysterious Life and Death of Robert Maxwell - Review by D. Campbell
NCAA "Unequivocally Supports" Transgender Biological Male Participation In College Women's Sports, by Janita Khan

Apr 13, 2021

The Magic of Israel: Now you see it, now you don’t, by Philip Giraldi
Deontological Rivalry Pits East Against West, by Stephen Karganovic
Where Did the “Covid Pandemic” Come From and What Is Its Purpose? by Paul Craig Roberts
Due Process Is Good, He Said Controversially: Gaetz, Greenwald, and accusations in the Twitter age, by Matt Taibbi
On US Forces Firing A Howitzer Into The Empty Desert “Just To Say We’re Here,” by Caitlin Johnstone

Putin and Xi Have Red Lines, Too, by Patrick J. Buchanan
Hyperinflation Alert – 78% of US Dollars created in the last 12 months – Dollar Debasement Explained
CNN and a Senator Are Gently Pounding the War Drums for Ethiopia, by Tim Kirby
Netanyahu threatens Iran with war in the presence of a ridiculous US Defense Secretary
PCR: White America Is Succumbing to Fierce Racial Attack on White Americans
Ramsey Clark, Former AG of US and Principled Critic of the U.S. Warfare State, Dies at 93, by Frank Dorrel
Trump Blasts "Pathetic" Supremes As Biden Court-Packing Looms, by Tyler Durden
Despite Pandemic Shutdowns, CO2 Now at Levels Unseen in 3.6 Million Years, by Jessica Corbett
The Clandestine War on Africa: France’s Endgame in Mali, by Ramzy Baroud
US Proxy Plutocrat Defeats Socialist Candidate in Ecuador, by Ron Ridenour
Inside BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ million-dollar real-estate buying binge, by Isabel Vincent
Just Make It Illegal to Arrest Blacks, by Paul Kersey

Apr 12, 2021

Russia conducts full-spectrum rehearsals for war, by The Saker
Mouthpieces for Israel Had Unrivaled Access to Obama White House, by Philip Weiss
Author Blames US, Pro-Israel Lobby for Facebook’s Decision to Shut Down Iranian News Outlet
Will Evidence Matter in Chauvin’s Trial? by Paul Craig Roberts
Due Process, Adult Sexual Morality and the Case of Rep. Matt Gaetz, by Glenn Greenwald
The Mendacity of Joe Biden and the Ruling Elites, by Steve McCann
Global Taxes – Global Stagnation, by Ron Paul
Germany: The Price for Closing Ranks
Dry Irony Won't Save Us, by Audacious Epigone
Radical New Rules for Post-America, by Victor Davis Hanson

Apr 11, 2021

Atzmon: Everything You Need to Know about Israel and its Mass Vaccination Campaign  (Video)
Europe is Rebelling Against American Power, by Stephen Kinzer
Marc Faber: The Great Reset, Thucydides Trap, & Preparing for Tough Times (Podcast)
Yemen is a Public Health Catastrophe, by Cesar Chelala
Tucker Carlson Mentions Replacement in the Context of Immigration. Hatred Ensues, by Kevin MacDonald
America’s Predictable Betrayal of the ‘Iran Nuclear Deal,’ by Brian Berletic
The US-NATO War of Aggression against Yugoslavia. An Apology to the Serbian People, by Rudolf Hänsel
Zionist ADL Calls on Fox to Fire Tucker Carlson for Defending 'White Supremacist' View
Roaming Charges: Just a Shot Away, by Jeffrey St. Clair
Joe Biden Seems Destined to Start a Crisis with Russia, by Ted Galen Carpenter
Pre-emptive Nuclear War: The Role of Israel in Triggering an Attack on Iran, by Michel Chossudovsky
Visualizing The Plunging Purchasing Power Of The US Dollar, by Tyler Durden
New Revelations on Germ Warfare: It’s Time for a Reckoning with Our History from the Korean War, by Jeffrey Kaye

Apr 10, 2021

Ukraine, Taiwan… Two-Prong U.S. Aggression Toward Russia, China
Kissinger warns Washington to accept new global system or face a pre-WWI geopolitical situation, by Paul Antonopoulos
A Movable Feast, by Israel Shamir
Reducing US Military Spending Always Meets With Resistance; Increasing It Never Does, by Caitlin Johnstone
Sunbeams From Cucumbers: The View From the Khanate of Kaganstan, by Patrick Armstrong
Biden’s Empty Gesture: Houthis No Longer “Terrorists” but Yemen’s Suffering Only Grows, by Ahmed Abdulkareem
Kremlin slams new US envoy post to halt Nord Stream 2
Kerry Lunges Into India With Anti-BRI Agenda Bringing Green Suicide for All, by Matthew Ehret
Another Covid Myth Dies the Death, by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Full-scale Ukrainian war would threaten Russian security Kremlin warns

Russia ‘would really not want’ Cold War 2.0, by Pepe Escobar
How Bellingcat Launders National Security State Talking Points into the Press, by Alan Macleod
Israel escalates attacks on Iran, targeting vessel in Red Sea, by Jean Shaoul
Taiwan threatens to shoot down Chinese drones amid mounting US-China conflict, by Peter Symonds
Ecuador’s New Socialist Party Set to Win Elections Despite U.S. Intervention, by Ron Ridenour
Sea Change: At last people are waking up to the fishing industry’s devastating impacts, by George Monbiot
Daily Mail Exposes Hunter Biden Bombshells After 'Tell-All' Book Holds Back, by Tyler Durden
Drone King Obama Enjoys Life in $11 Million Mansion, While Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Goes to Jail, by Jeremy Kuzmarov
Questions about BBC producer’s ties to UK intelligence follow ‘Mayday’ White Helmets whitewash
Coordination and Decomposition, by Gregory Hood
Lee Camp: How Corporate America Supports Racism, Hatred & Exploitation (in New & Fun Ways!)
Canada to censor political taunts. Implement internet kill switch, by Mark E. Jeftovic

Apr 9, 2021

The Two Faces of Joe Biden, by Matt Taibbi
“Regime” And “CCP”: Propaganda Tools For Dissociating A Targeted Nation From Its Govt, by Caitlin Johnstone
Bitcoin: Revolutionary Money in a Time of Universal Deceit, by Nozomi Hayase
Killer Prince, by Tariq Ali
The Yankees Are Coming Home: The Taliban Won. Get Over It, by Philip Giraldi

US-Funded Uyghur Activists Train as Soldiers of Empire, by Ajit Singh
My Predictions for Biden’s Probably-Truncated Presidency, by Ted Rall
Back to the Future at the Pentagon, by William J. Astore
People-to-People Projects Build Israeli Impunity, by Yara Hawari
“The Great Reset” Is Here: Follow the Money, by F. William Engdahl
Prominent Rabbi Assaulted by Jewish Settlers as He Defends Palestinians (Video)
Dr. Ryan Cole Blows the Whole COVID-19 Propaganda Away, by Bill Sardi (Video)
Moth-Eaten Eviction Moratorium Leaves Hundreds of Thousands Without a Roof, by Eleanor Goldfield
RAGA Antidote 58 – Krasnow’s Antiwar Newsletter
Memo Reveals That the FBI Is Opposed to the Domestic Terrorism Bill, But for the Wrong Reason, by Eric Striker
Guantanamo's cruelty is medieval. It's a horror story. And it's true, by Anjuman Rahman
Can We Just End the 'Black Lives Matter' Charade? by Paul Kersey

Apr 8, 2021

The Empire’s Vision For Our World Is Dark, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Dictatorship of Numbers, by Andrei Martyanov
Faced with ICC Investigation, Apartheid Israel Asserts Moral Superiority Over The Victims of Its Terror, by Miko Peled
YouTube Censors Florida Governor DeSantis and His Science Advisors, by Jeffrey A. Tucker
The Imperialism of Foolery, by Diana Johnstone
Israel’s ‘Nation-State Law’ Parallels the Nazi Nuremberg Laws, by Susan Abulhawa

Twitter Deletes Dozens of Russian Accounts for “Undermining Faith in NATO,” by Alan Macleod
Coup Attempt in Jordan Leaves a Trail, by M. K. Bhadrakumar
The Derek Chauvin Trial - Daily Coverage, by Anastasia Katz
FBI Thugs Used Surveillance Tools to Subject An Innocent Man and His Family to Years of Harassment, by Eric Striker
The Donbass War Of 2021? by J.Hawk (Video)
I’ve Been Fired. If You Value Academic Freedom, That Should Worry You, by Bo Winegard
Cuban Socialist Internationalist Medicine Puts Capitalist Countries to Shame (Podcast)
Chris Hedges: The Evil Within Us, by Chris Hedges
Emmanuel Macron’s Dangerous Election Gamble, by Bruno Amable
Linh Dinh Recovering from Illness in Tirana, Albania; Plus My Latest with Richie Allen (Podcast)
Law Student's Instagram Posting Triggers Debate Over Anti-White Speech, by Jonathan Turley
Russia And Damascus Against “Terrorist Democracy” In Greater Idlib (Video)

Apr 7, 2021

PRC: Washington’s Follies Are Dangerous to US and to the World
Living in a Country Haunted by Death, by Liz Theoharis

China Rises in Latin America as Sun Sets on the Monroe Doctrine, by Martin Sieff
The Mainstream Worldview Is As Garbage As Mainstream Music And Movies, by Caitlin Johnstone
GR Selected Articles: The Universal Right of Informed Consent to Medical Interventions
Biden’s Inhumanity on Syria, by Patrick Lawrence
Lying Is Their Business: U.S. Propaganda Against China – The Steve Bannon Connection, by Christopher Black
Dealing With Demons, by Larry Romanoff
Lack of Self-Awareness (Self-Deception?) at the Tablet, by Kevin MacDonald
Meet the Censored: The U.S. Right to Know Foundation, by Matt Taibbi
Leave Prisoners in Home Confinement, by John Kiriakou
China Is Missing from the Great Inflation Debate, by James K. Galbraith
The Coming Antibiotic-Resistance Pandemic that Could Make COVID Look Like the Flu, by Alan Macleod
The Cofnas Problem, Part 3 of 3, by Andrew Joyce
246 "Fully Vaccinated" Michigan Residents Catch COVID-19, 3 Die, by Tyler Durden
Why Did John Le Carré Become an Irish Citizen? by Tom Clifford
The Geographic History of Us, by Joakim Book
Pfizer halts delivery of Covid-19 vaccines to ‘banana republic’ Israel after bill goes unpaid
Woke Corporations Fight Reality to Promote People of Color, by Paul Kersey
The Promise of Cryptocurrencies, by William J. Luther

Apr 6, 2021

SouthFront: Kiev’s Forces Are Primed For Attack If They Can Overcome Their Own Minefields (Video)
Everything The West Claims It Values Is Invalidated By Its Treatment Of Assange, by Caitlin Johnstone
For What Should We Fight Russia or China? by Pat Buchanan
Bombshell book in Germany revives 9/11 as a business model, by Pepe Escobar
Would Israel Blackmail a US Congressman? Should there be any doubt? by Philip Giraldi
No Fair Trial for Officer Chauvin, by Paul Craig Roberts
On the Miserable Necessity of Doing Censorship Stories in Pairs, by Matt Taibbi
My New Book on Journalism, Exposing Corruption, and the Resulting Risks, by Glenn Greenwald
Dangerous Monetary Manipulations and Fiscal Follies, by Richard M. Ebeling
MLB’s Attack on Georgia Proves America Is Cancelling Itself Into Oblivion, by Robert Bridge
Peter Myers Digest: Alternative Social Media
In Photos, Gaza’s Christian Community Celebrates Easter Sunday
Still Unsolved: the Great Crime that Triggered the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, by Jeremy Kuzmarov
French Elite Caught Violating Lockdown Rules by Attending Secret Restaurants, by Paul Joseph Watson
The Nation of Islam Official Statement On U.S. Capitol Assault
60 Minutes Slammed For Fabricating "Pay-For-Play" Narrative Against Gov. DeSantis. by Tyler Durden
The D of J and ADL Call On Supreme Court to Rule That Students Do Not Have Right to Free Speech Off Campus, of Eric Striker
Cooling the Planet? by Robert Hunziker
More Regime Narrative Collapse: Jason Kessler Updates Us On Charlottesville Unite The Right Lawfare

Apr 5, 2021

China and Russia Launch a ‘Global Resistance Economy,’ by Alastair Crooke
Humans, Nature and the Illusion of Separateness, by Kenn Orphan
Opposing US Imperialism Shouldn’t Depend On Ideology, by Caitlin Johnstone
How Much Longer Will the United States Exist? by Paul Craig Roberts
What will the Empire do to support the Ukronazis, by the Saker
Why is the Biden Administration Pushing Ukraine to Attack Russia? by Ron Paul
Stephanopoulos, Blinken Score Win for MICIMATT, by Ray McGovern
How the Gods Made Britain’s Prime Minister Mad, by Martin Sieff
Charles Barkley Unleashes One Minute Of Truth On America, by Tyler Durden

UK: Political Judge Sentences Woman To Jail For Calling Holocaust A "Cash Cow," by Eric Striker
In Alarmist Turn, NATO Increasingly Positioning Itself in Opposition to China, by Ann Wright
Myers Digest: Biden Advisors fear Infrastructure Investments may help White Working-Class Men
The Current Model of Western Civilization as Fundamentally Luciferian, by Audacious Epigone
"Huge Breach" - Personal Data Of 533 Million Facebook Users Leaked Online, by Tyler Durden
Bad Intentions: US Sanctions Iranian Pharmaceutical Company Developing Anti-COVID Vaccine
As Drone Whistleblower Pleads Guilty, Advocates Warn of 'Profound Threat' to Free Press, by Brett Wilkins
Starmer isn’t ‘too cautious’ – he is ruthlessly tearing Labour apart, by Jonathan Cook
Biden and Latin America, by Alexander Main
The Brazilian fracture between the Expanding Universe and the new imperialist competition in South America
French African-Adventurism & Wedding-Bombings, by Maj. Danny Sjursen (Ret´d)
American Settlers Meet Spartans, by Jared Taylor

Apr 4, 2021

War with China? What Fun! by Fred Reed
The Chinese-Russian-Iranian Alliance Ushers in New Hope for the Middle East, by Matthew Ehret
Russia’s FM Warns of Anti-White 'Aggression' in US, and US-Led 'Cultural Revolution' in the World
Tankie, Conspiracy Theorist, And Other Pejorative Tools Of Narrative Control, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Longer Telegram: A Baby Pacifier for Infantile Washington Policymakers, by Martin Sieff
Scott Ritter: US Empire in Decline, Biden Administration is Dangerous, Nuclear Specter Remains

The Seeds of Vandana Shiva, by Joseph Mercola (Video)
Biden’s Afghanistan Plan: More Disingenuous and Unrealistic Than Trump’s? by Martin Jay
The Anti-Semitic Birth of the Zionist State: A History of Israel’s Self-Hating Founders, by Miko Peled
“Global Britain”: Flying Flags, Banging War Drums and Going Down the Nuclear Plughole, by Brian Cloughley
Rosatom Trolls and Advertises Northern Sea Route During Suez Traffic Jam (Ruslan Ostashko)
The Top Four Reasons Why Many People, Doctors and Scientists Refuse to Take the COVID Vaccine, by Arjun Walia
CN Live! — The ‘Arab Spring’ 10 Years On (Video)
Global Billionaire Wealth Surges $4 Tn Over Pandemic; Cost of Vaccinating the World Estimated at $141.2 Bn
The Enduring Terror of Violent Crime Victimhood, by Glenn Greenwald
Nicaragua and the Western Human Rights Industry, by Stephen Sefton
Nüshu (女书), by Larry Romanoff

Apr 3, 2021

When Islam and Judaism Make Friends, by Gilad Atzmon
Germany’s Political Crisis and the Future of Nord Stream 2, by J.Hawk
Screenwriter Frederic Raphael Looks at Legendary Film Director Stanley Kubrick
Race Report Has Fueled the Controversy It Was Supposed to Lay to Rest, by Patrick Cockburn
The Russian economy – ‘small’, ‘impotent’, ‘insignificant’: true or false? by Arcturus Le
Demented Thinking About Joe Biden, by Ted Rall
In England, Prison Sentence for 'Holocaust Denier' Alison Chabloz
Beyond Confrontation: Globalists, Nationalists* and their Discontents by Phillip Mullan
NATO appoints Turkey to lead drive into the Middle East and Asia, by Rick Rozoff
Nixon ‘opened’ China, but only superpower, socialist China could ‘open’ Iran, by Ramin Mazaheri
Academic Hysteria, Part II, by White Man Faculty
War on Terror swapped out for a new existential threat: the permanent pandemic - Peter Myers Digest
Fred Reed, Joe Biden and John Cassavetes, by Linh Dinh
Ethiopians and Eritreans Rally for National Sovereignty, Against US Intervention, by Ann Garrison
European Powers Back Anti-Israel Resolution at UN Human Rights Council
The Ghoul Squad Loses One: Germany Drops Case Against Deported Former Nazi Guard
New Evidence Shows Israeli Consulate Is Behind Matt Gaetz Extortion Scandal, by Eric Striker

Apr 2, 2021

The Endless War: Afghanistan Goes On and On, by Philip Giraldi
A Damned Murder Inc: Kennedy’s Battle Against the Leviathan, by Cynthia Chung
The Slave, The Orator & The Emperor, by Pepe Escobar
Canadian Ties to U.S. Empire (Part 2), by Richard Sanders
Warships & submarines entering zone of Nord Stream 2 pipeline in ‘planned & prepared provocations,’ by Jonny Tickle
The Liberal Contempt for Martin Luther King’s Final Year, by Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon
Launching of the Campaign: Water is a Global Public Good
The West Is More Concerned With the Multipolar ‘Virus’ Than the Corona Virus in the Balkans, by Aleksandar Pavic
Macron’s Wars, by Régis Debray
The Doom Is Impending, From Lockdowns but Not the Virus, by David Stockman
The Lockdowners Have Their Own Conspiracy Theories, by Phil Magness
Rand Paul ‘Pages’ Fauci With CDC Confirmation That Vaccinated And Recovered Cannot Pass On COVID, by Steve Watson
San Francisco’s corrupt politicians exposed in a Twitter thread, by Andrea Widburg
The UK Military’s Secrecy Problem, by Richard Norton-Taylor
White Mother of Six, Murdered in a "Road Rage Incident Gone Wrong" by a Black Male, by Paul Kersey

Apr 1, 2021

Biden Passes Alzheimer’s Test With Flying Colors, Silencing Doubters, by Caitlin Johnstone
Understanding anti-Putin PSYOPs: Preparing for war, by the Saker
Americans… ‘Know Your Enemy,’ by Eamon McKinney
G. Gordon Liddy R.I.P., by Paul Craig Roberts
Every Baby's Hunger - "We All Got Kids," by Ray Zwarich
Historic 25-year strategic agreement between Iran & China: TV Report
MFA spokesperson Maria Zakharova holds her weekly briefing (Video)
If Feminism Is the Disease Then MGTOW Is the Euthanasia, by Tim Kirby
COVID-19: The Vaccine Must Be a Common Good for Humanity, by Vijay Prashad
Biden Unveils Multi-Trillion Dollar Infrastructure-Taxation Plan, by Tyler Durden
Evidence Shows Top Al Qaeda Operative Who Aided 9/11 Hijackers Was Working For The CIA, by Eric Striker
YouTube to Test Hiding ‘Dislikes’ Following Massive ‘Dislike’ Counts on White House Channel Videos, by Samuel Allegri
NATO Expanding its Theater With China in its Sights, by Ann Wright

Biden Picks Kamala Harris to Carry the Carrot and Stick in Central America, by Raul Diego
Iran's Zarif Digs Up Old Biden Tweet, Trolls POTUS as Nuclear Row Grows, by Ilya Tsukanov
New Report Reaffirms US Recognition of Golan Heights as Israeli Territory, by Dave DeCamp
Schools: The Looming Nightmare, by Larry Sand
Trump teases 2024 run & promises more rallies in interview banned from social media
Now they tell us Trump was tough on Russia, by Byron York