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'All-In' on a Bluff, 'Tell' Fully Blaring, by Ray Zwarich

To all the really good ones, and to all in peril on the sea,

Caliban grows more agitated over being compelled to disturb so many important people yet again, over such a few days. Is it ego that compels me? What makes me think I have something to say that is imperative for influential people to hear? That'll be a good question to mull over, yet AGAIN, (and again, and again, and so on), as I shovel the tons (literally) of chicken shit out of the coops. 

I know my purpose perfectly well, but dare not say it yet. (It's plain enough for any willing to 'see'). But when things that must be said are not being said, Caliban, like any old silverback responsible for his clan, becomes more agitated with instinctive compulsion. 

We are witnessing momentous events, folks ... The Elites have gone "all-in" on a bluff, and have already shown their 'tell'.

The Adversary has fallen on the cusp of an emergency. This emergency comprises opportunity.

Would that we were more prepared, but the ground, nonetheless, lies before us to be taken. 

The truth has made its way to the higher ground, in a very advantageous position. A river, flowing with the strong current of the determination of the nation's yeomen working folk, surrounds us like an oxbow on three sides. Our camp is on a hillock enclosed by this oxbow, and the ground slopes down through the opening in the oxbow. 

The war could be full won on this day ... IF we were prepared ... But, as we all know, we're not ...

Yet there is ground we can win and hold ... and in the holding we can become at least MORE prepared ...

Copied below are comments I posted in this morning's Boston Globe, in response to yet another purple passion Trump hatred 'analysis' by billionaire oligarch John Heny's paid minions, (this latest one from Globe hack writer Liz Goodwin). 

The Adversary has been forced into a desperate ploy. In the longer term or the shorter, whether what lies immediately ahead be a skirmish, a battle, or even the war, either Orwellian Narrative will carry the day, or else Truth will enjoy a crucially needed victory. 

From my comments: 

"Like a genie pounding to get out so bad that the lamp is shaking on the shelf, the truth about the Clintonista/Obama Regime appears to be on the verge of escaping.

That would be DISASTROUS for the Elites. They could never ‘contain’ it. It could catalyze actual revolution".

Caliban hopes that all are well and strong for what lies immediately ahead, whatever it may be.

R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030

My Comments posted in today's Globe:

Geezus lord ... (Sigh ... ) ...

Our latest daily New Sage of Henry’s Purple Hate, LizGoodwin, writes:

"Trump still has to convince voters in the comingelection that he did nothing wrong, even as they are exposed to more testimonysuggesting the very opposite".

Sigh … These Mass Media people, which many call"liberals", a word spat out with considerable vehemence by tens upontens of millions of American citizens, as they sit “polishing a gun” (–P Simon),are such delusional self-righteous bigots that they are able to willfullyignore the fact that fully two thirds of American voters hold them in a veryhigh degree of utter contempt.

John Henry's loyal Trump-hating employees, (hating Trumpwith such great passion that you're willing to abandon all logic and Reasoncertainly seems to be a Globe job requirement), have adopted delusional beliefsand ideations, and they have foolishly convince themselves thateverybody-that-matters must surely share their dingbat delusions andtwisted-up-into-nonsense thinking.

This is the JHBG Rag's version of primitive Clintonistatribal Liberalism. You're either one of the people who share the agreed uponmass delusions, who accept The Narrative in lieu of reality, and fullyparticipate in the Mass Media led mass mob hysteria, (while carefully toeingthe Politically Correct liberal 'party line'), or else you’re The Enemy.  

If you deviate over that starkly stalinist Clintonista Liberal‘party line’, by even an iota, you're immediately ‘branded’ as one of the enemytribe, "The Deplorables".

And if you dare to recognize the obvious, such as howmillions of desperately destitute people pouring over our borders every year isdoing great harm to American working people, you are branded as a no good Naziscum racist, and are put on a ‘hit list’.

The Liberal Tribe is made up almost exclusively of the"well educated", which, given the state of American higher education,has little more meaning than being a ‘dog whistle’ code word for"elitist". 

(Many of these "well educated" are living in Mom'sbasement, let's not forget, still pampered at an age when soldiers, and manyothers whose hands are calloused into rough leather, are considered grizzledveterans).

The Tribe of the Deplorables is made up from the nation 'syeomen folk.

These Clintonista Mass Media Liberals are so stupid thatthey think they can make enemies of the nation's yeomen folk, and that theirpolitical fortunes will yet rise.

Uhhhh ... Good luck with that ...

Ole Sewage Swamp Creature Pelosi had it right, all along.This Quid Pro Quo Clown Circus is very likely going to be a political disaster.

You think Trump is bad now? Well, I most certainly agree ...I think he's incompetent, and I think his incompetence can be dangerous, BUT ….(a very large ‘but’), I acknowledge that he was ELECTED!

Wait'll this sum-botch gets re-elected, and doesn't have toworry about the next election.

The Liberal Tribe are making such fools of themselves withtheir Quid Pro Quo Clown Circus nonsense, that they are not even able toperceive that those they consider as The Enemy Tribe, (“The Deplorables”), areonly being greatly enflamed and highly energized from witnessing the sheer GALLof these Mass Media Elites to think they could force-feed this Quid Pro Quo ClownCircus nonsense down our throats.

Threatening quid pro quo propositions, (the proverbial“offer they can’t refuse”), presented to other countries to force them to dowhat we want them to do, has been the mainstay of American foreign policy sinceWW2.

Sondland must surely be awarded the Great Liberal FreedomMedal for providing his smoking gun proof that Trump did exactly what all USpresidents routinely do.

The kicker here, which really amplifies the coo-coo dings,and the honk-horns, and the jangly bells of the Quid Pro Quo Clown Circus ‘case’,is that there is actually an official treaty in effect between the US andUkraine that REQUIRES both nations to assist the other nation in anyinvestigations of crimes by the first nation’s citizens that take place on theother nation’s soil. (Signed by Clinton in ‘98, ratified by the US Senate …Look it up, folks, fer crissakes, you can read the dang treaty itself online).

Anyone with two functioning brain synapses can see that thecircumstantial evidence against Biden is so overwhelming that it DEMANDS aninvestigation.

What the Mass Media Clintonista/Obama Liberals are doing isakin to police detectives refusing to investigate the person that the murderweapon is registered to.

Any POTUS, even a disgusting bigot POTUS like Trump, has afiduciary duty to American taxpayers to investigate heavy suspicions, based onconvincing circumstantial evidence, of criminal theft of taxpayers’ hard earnedmoney by corrupt elected officials.

Any POTUS would be incompetently imprudent NOT to withholdfuture aid funds to a country that refuses to meet its treaty obligations byhelping to investigate the theft of previous US aid funds by corrupt USofficials.

Previous US office holders do NOT gain immunity frominvestigation, and/or prosecution, simply by becoming candidates for futureoffice.

What we are witnessing, Biden, and the wholeObama/Clintonista Regime, (the FISA warrant thing? You think Obama is not‘nervous’ these days?), being given a Mass Media Whitewash Pass, is both arevelation of raw Mass Media power, as well as a ‘tell’ that demonstrates theElites’ own fear and desperation.

Like a genie pounding to get out so bad that the lamp isshaking on the shelf, the truth about the Clintonista/Obama Regime appears tobe on the verge of escaping.

That would be DISASTROUS for the Elites. They could never ‘contain’it. It could catalyze actual revolution.

One wonders … When they imagine hanging onto the struts ofthe last helicopter from the roof, where do they think it’s going to take them?

These people are DESPERATE! They are playing their mostpowerful Orwellian cards, which they would have MUCH preferred to keep hidden.

They’re ‘all-in’ on a bluff, and they’ve already unwittinglydisplayed their ‘tell’.

And poor Ms. Goodwin is so hoodwinked by the force-fed MassMedia delusions, (she drank an extra ‘cup o’ the kool-aid’), that she isoblivious to the ‘tell’, and is making side bets on the Elites’ losing hand.