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A Cri de Coeur: Stop the Empire from Blowing Up the World!

Madness reigns as the Atlantic Empire, riding its imposing, armed-to-teeth sinking ship, tries to maintain their imaginary control of the world while neglecting to repair the leaks in the hull - not to mention their heads and hearts. A $5+ billion dollar effort to further destabilize an already unstable Ukraine and add it to the Imperial holdings - hoping to milk it dry while flipping the bird at their chosen archenemy Putin - has led to an impasse. The Russians, who appear to be the only adults in the room, are justifiably enraged at the duplicity and hypocrisy of the West. They will do what they can to save as much of eastern and southern Ukraine as is feasible from the neo-Nazi/neolib Putsch centered in Kiev, but they aren’t superhuman and just might lose their cool if the Empire continues to engage in mindless, belligerent provocations.
We need to do something to stem this tide of lunacy emanating from Washington, DC. Obama is hopeless – a feckless Uncle Tom, a sock-puppet easily manipulated by the Sanhedrin. Congress is led by a clutch of psychopaths while the media are staffed mostly by ignorant, sycophantic presstitutes. The criminal state of Israel is unraveling and Tel Aviv is mulling the Sampson Option. What the hell, why not go out with a bang!
This planet is the only home we’ve got. It is populated, for the most part, by ordinary people who are relatively sane. And there is nowhere else to look for succor but the normally voiceless denizens of planet Earth. Those who genuinely speak on their behalf must exert themselves. We can only speak out, humbly, hoping against hope that there is a voice out there that will heed the call, one that embodies sanity and wisdom and to whom many millions will rally - someone along the lines of Gandhi, ML King or Mandela - but whose cause is humanity, not just some piece of it. There must be such a person*, waiting in the wings, just going about their business, chopping wood and hauling water. The madness must stop - we won't survive WWIII.

*My comment on Peebles' piece about the new guy in town: The coming of Maitreya was predicted by early Mahayana buddhism, about 2,200 years ago. Following Siddartha Gautama Shakyamuni, he would be the Sixth Buddha, each appearing at the end of the previous cycle of 2,500 years. The last of the five ‘ages’ that comprise a cycle is called the Dark Age. It has been 2,500 years since the Buddha taught, roughly at the same time as a number of other great masters, such as Lao Tze, Chuang Tze, Confucius, not to mention Socrates and Plato and probably others. The tail end of the Dark Age – what we have been experiencing for the last 100 years or so – is characterized by all of the great evils that humanity is prone to, occurring in an environment of vast confusion and ignorance. So we could say that the pattern is reliably repeating itself. One of the interesting things about the Maitreya story is that he is depicted in images dating back at least 2000 years as sitting in a chair  – pieces of furniture that were extremely rare in those times. All I can say is hurry up! I don’t think we can hold out much longer otherwise.