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A Deadly Shadow Over Every Shire, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril in our bleeding nation:

"What a piece of work is man
How noble in Reason"

Many will recognize this quote from Shakespeare, (if I have it right). From a sonnet? Or a play? I have no idea. (I actually think I recall it's from a sonnet, but I'm not sure). I learned these lines not as an English major at UCLA, which I was at that time, but rather while working as an usher for the LA production of 'Hair' in the 1960s. (I saw the play dozens of times). They are the opening lines of one of the Rado and Ragni songs. They are sung quietly, a contemplative harmonized duet, sung by two young men sitting on top of a wall, in a quiet corner somewhere, but surrounded by society's Chaos on every side. 

James Rado (still alive) and Jerome Ragni, (died of cancer in '91), wrote all the music, and I think they were actually actors in the play as well, and I think they were actually in the LA production. I'm not really sure. I was 21, 22 years old. I was mostly just interested in seeing the naked girls stand up (on stage) during the play. 

I once brought a date, a girl I had met at the Oar House in Venice, to usher with me at 'Hair', in Hollywood. LOL. And she thought it was a real cool thing to do. They didn't even pay us. Our 'pay' was just being real, semi-hippy-ish looking young people who could never afford a ticket, getting to see the play.

Yea .. The pretty naked girls were the center of my attention .. But those words stuck in my mind. What a piece of work is Humanity. (To update the 'sexism' of earlier eras). How noble in Reason. 

Is Reason not but one face of Awareness? Reason is made from objectivity. It is derived from a way of 'seeing' that frees a dumb human-ape from the confines of her or his subjectivity, which is dominated by Appetite, and its step-child, Desire.

Reason is discipline. It's something we must learn to do and then must force ourselves to do. We can only reason if we discipline ourselves to self-awareness, to objectivity. Being objective is to be outside oneself. When one is there, outside oneself, one can 'see' oneself, like a scientist would 'see' a specimen she or he was studying. 

Self-awareness is our only hope. Self-awareness frees us from our fickle deadly passions. Self-awareness delivers us into Reason. 

What was the monolith (from Kubrick's 2001) that elevated apes to be humans? The ape picked up that heavy hard bleached thigh bone, a perfect natural tomahawk with the hip ball on the end, because she or he had 'figured it out'. And that was the 'key', (figuring it out), to Humankind's access to technology. When the ape became 'self-aware', that was when the ape became capable of Reason.

We are not self-aware unless, or until, we can 'see' from a perspective besides our own. We must be able to 'see' ourselves as if we were someone else regarding us. We cannot 'reason' unless we are able to escape our subjectivity, which is ruled by our Desire, (by our emotions). 

Reason is something that human 'apes' must choose to do. Self-awareness is a discipline. It is a social skill. Self-awareness creates 'tolerance', (the essential building block of Social Harmony). When children learn to "see themselves as others see them", (--R Burns), when they learn to see their own faults, not just what they don't like about others, they learn that the kindness they do by accepting others' faults will come back to them as others accept theirs in return. 

Tolerance is a moral action. It's an expression of a reasoned moral choice that results in the alteration of human passion. We 'feel' what we come to 'see'. All human morality derives from the one 'do unto others' moral dictum. 

Kids learn these basic lessons, of self-awareness, leading to 'do unto others' tolerance, from their parents, or from other caregivers, before they are even ready to start school in kindergarten. 

Or they're supposed to, anyway. 

THAT is where these most basic principles, prerequisite to civilization itself, are passed from one generation to the next.

Or not, as has become the case in our woebegone bleeding nation. 

It sure appears that kids aren't being taught, (or at least they're sure not learning), some of human civilization's most essential lessons. That's a failure of the adults, but it's the kids who pay the price. And then they grow up and make their kids pay the same price. And thus society becomes steadily more coarse, more violent, more odorous, because more and more people abandon all social discipline, all tolerance, all self-awareness, and make of themselves stupid black pots cursing black kettles, for being black. We lay aside Reason, and give free reign to Desire.   

Raging Human Passion flies free in America. It's shadow darkens every shire in dread, as it passes low overhead, like the dreaded Nazgul, eyes glowering with the heat of raw lust, raw desire, raw power, and raw ugly hatred of anything that might hinder this selfish Demon Beast's pursuit of its Desire.

Here's a sinister sign of the deadly nature of this sinister craziness that has descended over every shire:

Some yokel named Peter Gowan, a honcho, (he tells us), at DC DSA, (DemoSocialistsofAm in DC), wrote a piece that was proudly published in 'Jacobin' Magazine. For those who don't recall, (or never knew), the Jacobin Society, which was considered 'the most influential political club' in 18th century revolutionary France, was founded by Robespierre, a major figure in the rise of the French Revolution. Many surely recall that Robespierre's 'noble' revolutionary advocacy led to a reign of Jacobin terror over France, as more guillotines were built, and the sewers of Paris ran red. 

As published in 'Jacobin', named in affectatious glorification of Robespierre, infamous for having set off the Reign of Terror that would eventually bring Napoleon (a 'dictator') to power, Peter Gowan writes:

".... the repressive apparatus of that state does not simply take different approaches to left-wing and right-wing protesters by coincidence. It brutally cracks down on those who threaten the ruling class, and it coddles those who don’t."
**end quote

Okey doke ... There it is. There is the very root premise of these people's crazed cult confusions. People on the Left, think that the Left somehow "threatens the Ruling Class", even though the Ruling Class could never remain in power without the Left's FULL support, which the Left gives the Ruling Class in EVERY election.

This premise, is 'crazy'. It's pathologically delusional.

As I would hope is obvious to all, and I know is obvious to any rational person, the premise that the American Marionette Left "threatens the Ruling Class", just does not 'jive' with the reality we can ALL see right in front of us. 

Can folks please help old Caliban 'unwind' this overwrought young man's nonsensical/'crazy' statement? And if it 'makes sense' to someone, could you try to explain it?

There are 4 actors in poor Mr. Gowan's statement. In the order they appear in the statement: 1) "the repressive apparatus of the state"; 2) "left-wing protesters"; 3) "right-wing protesters", and 4) "the ruling class".

It is Mr. Gowan's contention, (which may very well be true), that #1 "coddles" #3. That would sure be bad for the Left, if the armed authorities are favoring the Right, which I think is possible, although during the Left-incited looting and riots last summer the same complaint was heard, that the Police were mostly, (at least in many places), just standing back and letting The Left Mob rampage freely. 

So, while I do think that certain factions may be 'coddled' at certain times, it seems more likely that those who stormed the Capitol were 'coddled' because the Ruling Class was orchestrating these events as 'theater', not because they thought the Right-wingers opposing them, opposing the Ruling Class Mass Media Coup, (still in progress), were their friends, or that the left-wingers, the marionette puppets who are the front line shock-troops of the Ruling Class Coup (still in progress), are a "threat" to them.

Whomever "the repressive apparatus of the state" might be "coddling", or not, at any given time, or why, is beside the point, however, that Caliban is hoping all can 'see'.

In poor Mr. Gowan's 'matrix', in the version of 'reality' he's created for himself to live in, he equates and identifies #2, "left-wing protesters" as "those who threaten the ruling class", and #3, "right-wing protesters", as those who don't threaten the ruling class. 

OK .. Well .. Wait a sec .. Eh? ... 

In the so-called 'red pill' reality I live in, (the one that exists behind the fabricated 'blue pill matrix'), the Left is very obviously doing everything it can to ASSIST the Ruling Class in destroying Trump, and taking over our nation through a Mass Media Coup that just canceled the First Amendment, right before our very eyes, to 'throw' the election. Regardless of whatever vote count irregularities that may have taken place, that happened right out in broad daylight. 

The highly centralized Mass Media Barons Oligarchs acted in unison to 'bury' a Big Story, to throw the election to the Democratic Party Machine, (to the DPM). The Fourth Estate, always recognized as a mission critical adjunct to democracy itself, simply showed, in public, beyond all doubt, that it no longer even exists at ALL.

We SAW this happen. They, the Media Barons, acted in total (as in totalitarian) unison to throw the election. They 'canceled' the Free Press. Reporters were forbidden to report the Big Story. (Ask Greenwald).

The Ruling Class very obviously HATES Trump with great passion. The Marionette Left HATES Trump with great passion. The Left is VERY obviously deliberately helping the Ruling Class keep the nation divided into mutually hateful factions, by deliberately fomenting racial and gender animosities, to prevent the Common People from UNITING, which is the ONLY way the Common People can EVER defeat the Ruling Class.

People who aren't delusional, as Peter Gowan so clearly is, can easily and clearly 'see' that in the current dispute over politics and power, the Left is SOLIDLY on the SAME SIDE as The Elites. The Left is NOT "threatening the Ruling Class". The Left is HELPING the Ruling Class entrench itself in power by means of this OBVIOUS Mass Media Coup. 
How does Peter Gowan, who boasts about being a big deal DSA honcho, (and DSA boasts about a membership of tens of thousands, in a nation of hundreds of millions), not 'see' his own delusion? How has the poor young man, clearly overwrought in his noble passions, become so dumb and blind that he thinks the Marionette Left, which all rational people can 'see' is HELPING the Ruling Class exercute its highest priorities, is actiually THREATENING the Ruling Elites? 

Well ... That's how 'delusion' is. That's how it works. That's what it does. People are blind to who and what they have become. If there is one thing an ole ape has learned in this life, it's that the power of the human mind to deceive itself knows no bounds.

Poor young Peter Gowan is as nutty as a loon, but bless his heart anyway, if we could 'see' inside his mind, and could see how his ego wants him to see himself, he is among our nation's most VITAL saviors. His life is 'heroic', (in his estimation). He feels 'righteous'. He feels that he is a force for pure 'good' itself. And thus he comes to feel that whatever he thinks is truth itself. And he shares that feeling with other people who think like him, and they form up into a gang, and they come to regard any who think differently than them as subhuman enemies. 

As poor overwrought Peter Gowan has clearly come to regard HALF his fellow American citizens.

And thus did the brilliant and noble Robespierre fall from the heights of brilliant Reason, to the very darkest depths of bloody evil. But 'Jacobin' magazine thinks he was a real swell guy anyway, and the 'Jacobin' editors, who want us to consider them like The Jacobins in revolutionary France, as 'the most influential voice on the American Left', clearly think we should all hear Peter Gowan's crazed emotionally overwrought advocacy.

What is poor Mr. Gowan's, and his fellow DemoSocialists', immediate objective now? What are Mr. Gowan's concrete policy proposals? 

Proscription. 'Eliminating' political opponents. He thinks America will be more democratic, (he actually says this, out loud), if all enemies who 'don't think right', are purged from government, and presumably from 'the social fabric'.

No ... really ... SERIOUSLY ... That's what this poor, obviously crazed, obviously overwrought, young man says. (out fracking LOUD, fer crissakes), right there published on 'Jacobin', which fancies itself as, (like Robespierre's Jacobins in France), as "the most influential political voice" on the American Marionette Left.  

Sir Peter Gowan the Bloody Red Barber, proposes that the Democratic Party Machine should immediately commence with a general 'purge' of ALL political opponents. 

No shit, Sherlock. Fer REAL! Sir Peter Gowan the Red writes:

" is the time to curb the threat of right-wing violence by, among other things, purging the security state of far-right sympathizers, expelling the Republican members of Congress that incited this violence, and working to democratize the economic and political life of the country."

Well ... LOL ... "Among other things"? Whoa! That fella is SO powerful when he talks like that. See how his nostrils flare? Bless his heart anyway ... This firebrand American Leftist, Sir Peter the Red, poses so heroically, so romantically, on the fiery barricades, backlit by the fiery orange night sky, a dirty bandage around his head dried in reddish brown seepage. 

Do we think young lefty lasses (or laddies, whatever) don't 'go' for that? (LOL ... Ah ... I was young once, and quite the stupid young firebrand too. I remember how I talked meself into believing some of the stupidest most fool-ass damn things). 

And no one stops to think. What they FEEL is all that matters. Mob Passions rule. Don't they usually become deadly when they do? 

How Victor Hugo played with us. The young Cossette, the flower of all Jean Valjean's long tender suffering and love, fell in love with Marius, a young firebrand like Sir Peter the Red, "of DC DSA".

Marius was Caesar's great uncle, his spiritual mentor, and was the arch enemy of Sulla. Caesar met Sulla only once, when he was yet in his teens. "There go many Mariuses in that young man", Plutarch reports that Sulla said when Caesar had left. 

Sulla simply killed all his political enemies, or tried to. Many, like young master Caesar, fled Italy, and survived. 

And there Marius pops up, imagined as a young firebrand 'manning the barricades' in revolutionary France. The real Marius was a great military commander, and was Consul of Rome 7 times. He was a GREAT champion of the Roman People, against the raw power of the aristocrats. A full generation before Caesar took up the Common People's cause, the aristocrats' lust for wealth and power was already eating at the foundations of the Roman Republic, (like Hannibal's vinegar had dissolved that limestone boulder).

Marius (the real one) remained defiant. Even as an old man nearing 80, he would put his best charger through its champion-blood paces. Dressed in full military battle armor and regalia, he would do military exercises on the 'Campus Martius', where all Rome could see him. He would gallop his champion stallion up and down the field, then into fancy cross-stepping trot, then back into full gallop.

Marius was defiant, as Champion of the Roman People, against the Elites. 

Sulla introduced 'proscription', death squads, into Roman politics. Death squads are still widely used today, in many nations, many of them with the full aid and succor of the US Government. 

Anyway ... Point being ... (As is hopefully obvious) ... This is where we are headed if we keep on going down this path we're on now.

'List well ... Awaken ... The 'matrix' is but a trance ... Open thine eyes and 'see' ... This is REAL! ... Our children's lives are in danger. We can solve our problems. Humanity CAN survive. But only if we awaken from 'the matrix' and begin to deal with actual 'reality'. 

Behold Sir Peter Gowan the Bloody Red Barber. "Off with their heads!", sez BarberyPete. 

Should we laugh at how ridiculously clownish he looks and sounds, as he fully exposes the craziness of his jumbled nonsense delusions? Or should we shiver in fearful anticipation?

Peter the BloodRed lays aside his capacity to Reason, and cries out in primitive guttural passion, like any raging beast, from lizard to mammal, does.

He lays aside the very gift that makes we apes 'human'. Peter Gowan lays aside all semblance of Reason, and makes himself a stupid raging animal. 

Purge our political opponents. And then we can have a real fun 'democracy'.

Is it more hilariously funny, or is it more deadly tragic, that such outright craziness actually 'makes sense' to BloodyRed Pete?

I do actually remember when an 'old guy' first told me I was "young and dumb an' fulla cum". LOL ... yea ... It pissed me off, awright, but at the same time I KNEW that fella was right. I knew that he knew something that I NEEDED to know. "Sometimes I feel like I'm just a big eating machine for my dick" --McNulty, (from 'The Wire')... No man is self-aware if he has never 'seen' himself as Jimmy McNulty did.

This is how our cunning Enemy 'does'. He manipulates human passions, appetites, and egos. ("Vanity is my favorite sin", said Pacino, as the Devil, breaking the barrier and addressing the audience directly).

The American Left only has any power at ALL when it applies all its efforts and energies to helping the Clintonista DPM, (DemoPartyMachine), capture and/or maintain power.

When the clownish Marionette Left is HELPING the Ruling Elites rule, those Elites give them 'power' by giving them full access to Mass Media.

When the Marionette Left HELPS the Ruling Elites capture and maintain power, they apparently stupidly think that their own Enemy, the Ruling Elites, will pay them back by giving them something in return.

But the Elites never do. They never give the idiotic moron Marionette Left ANYTHING. "Fuck you!", the Elites say, once they're entrenched back in power, (with the Left's crucial help, that they could NOT have won without). "Why should we give you anything? Look at you! You're so god-awful STUPID that you help us get or stay in power every time, and then we say, "fuck you" once we're in power, and then the next time you help us again, anyway. LOL. Fuck you! Why should we do anything for people as idiotically stupid as you?" 

And the delusional Marionette Left belief cult, it's thinking as twisted as Bloody Sir Peter Gowan the Red, (purge our enemies, and THEN let's play a fun game of 'democracy'), is STILL, this very moment, too STUPID in its crazed delusions to Reason at ALL. 


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm