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A Donkey is Not a Pig, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril, wherever ye may be:

We are caught in an intentionally contrived battle between people who don't fully understand their own circumstances. The people lined up in social 'battle-order' against one another are people who should be natural allies. But in our 'post-reality' era, ('postreality' is the next 'logical' progression of postmodernism, from which the craziness of Critical Theory has sprung), where 'reality' takes a back seat to 'narrative', these people live in their contrived 'narratives'. Their point of contention is 'reality' itself, but actual reality means little (if anything) to them. 

Whose reality is the REAL 'reality'? How does that question sound to one who thinks both confused and enraged factions are lost in their own dead-end labyrinthian belief systems, which lead them FAR astray from actual 'Reality'?

These people were skillfully led into their belief systems. Belief systems are built... well... 'systematically'. They are built one premise at a time. Postmodernism leads us to Post-Reality, which leads us to Critical Social Theory.

Both directions, toward what is now called "the Left", or toward the so-called "MAGA Bloc Right", are dead-end traps. One faction cannot 'rule over' the other. One faction cannot 'eradicate' the other. The Left and the Right are 'natural parties'. They arise from human biology. The most talented rise to form a class of Elites. Don't we want our most talented people to run things?

By the dictates of our human nature itself, the most talented rise to form a class of Elites.  

Both sides are being led, primarily by the immense power of Mass Media, into 'ideation'. Once the most basic premises are ingrained in 'belief', you begin to build the next premises on the last ones. Thus 'ideation becomes 'ideology'.  

Ideology leads to action. 

The CIA has been doing this, in nations all over the world, since Herbert Marcuse was sipping brandy and sharing his genius with Allen Dulles, in those heady post-WW2 days, as the US, emerging unscathed as the entire world lay in ruin, asserted its Empire, and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) became the CIA, ('47).    

Our nation has been rendered very nearly to the point of widespread bloody violence and civil war, (Antifa mobs fought MAGA bloc mobs in the streets of Portland yesterday), over a clash between 'belief cults'. We are witnessing the 'Clash of the Narratives', (neither of which has much resemblance to actual reality). These contrived (socially 'engineered') groups are fighting to impose competing versions of 'false reality' on each other.  

Many of us have constructed elaborate 'belief systems', to which we hold with the certainty of passionate self-righteousness, but in which the actual facts and events of our lives, and of History itself, are always 'optional'. We filter our thoughts through our Desire, rather than by Reason. If 'the facts' are inconvenient, we either ignore them, or simply change them, to 'believe' things that better suit what we 'want'. It is Desire that drives Belief.  

Whatever we may believe, most all of us surely know that we are facing a serious predicament. Humanity has arrived at a near-term existential crisis. We surely stand the best chance of favorably meeting the challenges ahead if we can become more self-aware. Only objective self-awareness can bring our 'belief systems' into better compliance with actual Reality.

Reality, actual reality, comprised of the daily events and circumstances of our lives, (stretching back as far as we can 'see'), is our 'friend'. The truth, whatever it may be, is our most powerful potential ally. 

We need to be capable of objectivity. We need to be able to inhabit other points of view besides our own. When we can "see ourselves" through other people's eyes, that is when we can begin to become self-aware. 

We don't have to 'agree with' another point of view in order to 'inhabit' it. We can understand other people's motivations without judging them. When we can 'see' what we look like to others, when we understand why people think and/or feel whatever they do, that is when, and how, we can learn about ourselves. 

When both sides are imbued with self-righteous fervor and moral certainty, when each side thinks it is morally superior to the other, the potential for violence is much higher. The more self-righteous people are, the more willing we are to do evil to those whom we consider our moral inferiors. 

This is human biology. This is pure animal 'tribalism'. Loyalty is a tribal virtue. Loyalty is not 'rational'. Loyalty knows nothing of 'reason'. Loyalty simply compels us to fight for our 'tribe'.

What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, "Hooray for our side"   
                           - S Stills 
A "field day for the heat". Indeed. (Divide and Rule. It's been going on for 10,000 years).

Caliban is trying to have us all 'awaken' into a New Awareness. Caliban, broke-down old ape that he is, wants everyone to 'see' that our plight is not hopeless... This can happen... We can awaken... Is it more than faith?

The world's Ruling Elites are themselves in a desperate plight. They have immense power to steer events, but they do not control what happens. They have successfully divided the Common People into mutually hateful and self-righteous warring factions, but they are also desperate to find a 'way forward'. Their lives are at stake as well as ours. They know this.

How do the Ruling Elites themselves hope these dire circumstances will resolve themselves? What do they have planned to wreak on our lives? They use massive violence, without a trace of moral conscience, against millions of people in other nations to assure their own ongoing Authority. When gunfights begin to proliferate in our streets, what are our Ruling Elites "prepared to do"?   

Things are NOT going well for them, after all. They show clear signs of their own desperation. Bullets of 'flop sweat' are falling from their brows, as it's becoming apparent to them that their position 'on the board' is a losing one. 

The only way for them to 'win' is to 'take everyone with them'. What kind of 'victory' is that? Do they REALLY believe they can 'rule the world', as is their officially stated (written) policy position that they should, and MUST? Do they REALLY believe that the entire world is going to 'surrender' to US Power?

"Amerika uber alles!"? Do we share that 'dream' with our Ruling Elites? 

The US Ruling Elites are 'getting richer', sure, (faster than ever), but they're not stupid. They know it's just 'paper'. It's hardly worth stuffing into their already bursting vaults. These people already have, quite literally, more paper money than they know what to do with. Any time they need more, they just back up a semi-trailer to the Federal Reserve and get more. (I'm 'old-fashioned'... actually it just takes a few keystrokes on a computer terminal). They can get as much as they want. (The nominal 'interest rate' currently remains only a 'formality' above 0%, at .25% ). It's (literally) 'free money'. 

The US Ruling Elites have used the US Dollar's world domination, as the world's 'reserve currency', (especially its status as the 'petro-dollar'), as a deadly weapon. We print paper money to finance our mega-military that is deployed all over the world. We are only able to float our massive debt, and our now yearly deficit of over a TRILLION dollars, ($28.7 TRILLION total National Debt in a $21.4 trillion dollar economy, our debt is 134% of GDP), because the US Dollar's reserve currency status creates a demand for dollars in all other nation's national treasuries. (Nations pay their bills to each other in US Dollars, so they need to hoard Dollars).

If the Dollar loses its reserve currency status, nations will no longer need dollars to make their international payments. When they don't need them any more, they'll 'dump' them. A glut of US dollars will set off hyper-inflationary pressures on the Dollar. The US will then no longer be able to just 'print money' to maintain our Empire, which is dependent on US Military might and ruthless cruelty for its authority.

We surely cannot be surprised that other nations are reacting defensively to our continuous and brutal siege warfare, (economic sanctions), as well as to our brandishing of our raw, ruthless (and deficit financed) military power  all over the Earth, by seeking to erode, and eventually destroy, the dominant international status of the US Dollar. Nations that represent well over half the world's population, led by China and Russia, are leading the way in a concerted focused effort to break the 'reserve' status of the US Dollar.

If they succeed, (as seems inevitable), the US will no longer be able to pay our bills by running a faster printing press. The Federal Reserve will no longer be able to give away 'free money' to the Ruling Elites, so they can loan it to the government at a profit, (as they do now). 

Interest on the National Debt is projected to be $378 billion in 2021. The current interest rates on 10 year US Treasury Notes is 1.24%. 10 Year Treasury Rates were almost 16% in 1980. That's almost 13 times what they are today. Let's see, $378 billion (current interest being paid out) times 13, is almost $5 TRILLION per year. We have to borrow just to pay the current 'vig'. We can't float that boat. 

Get the picture? That's how 'hyperinflation' happens. Chicken feed, (Poulin layer pellets), is up to $17 per 50 lb bag. It was $13.40 at the beginning of the year. That's a 27% rise in the cost of a very basic commodity, (feed grain), since the beginning of 2021. The inflation rate in January was 1.4%. It was 5.4% in July. If inflation rises, no one will loan money unless interest rates rise as well. (If inflation rates are 5%, a lender has to charge 5% interest just to break even).    

The Ruling Elites can 'see' that their power is waning. The World is openly rebelling against US Empire. The China-Russia Alliance is growing. It is asserting itself in rapidly expanding alliances with traditional US 'allies'.  

Is power not the true measure of wealth? If the US Dollar loses its 'reserve currency' status, many 'Great Fortunes' would be reduced to paper. The impact on the US economy could be severe in the extreme, (as in large numbers of gaunt people roaming the streets with nowhere to go, as me ole buddy Jack London described so graphically in 'People of the Abyss'). 

The US Ruling Elites have done too many flagrant things now that the whole world knows that their obviously malignant motivations are not benign. Only the most gullible are any longer fooled by their absurd 'mask' of 'spreading democracy' and 'promoting human rights'. If the US Ruling Elites force the issue by provoking a final fatal war, the US will be 'the villain' in such a war. 

The US is 'The Empire'. The 'Jedi Warriors' will be on the OTHER side.

Get it? If you don't 'get' that, you are not yet 'self-aware'.

It is the US Elites' openly stated intention that the US Ruling Elites, as the powers that control the US Government, and all the US Mass Media, must rule over the entire Earth. Any nation that resists subjecting itself to US 'Authority' will itself be subjected to US Wrath. Either by siege warfare, (economic sanctions), or by dropping bombs on them, the US will start killing large numbers of their citizens if any nation dares defy the Authority of the US Empire.

The nations that are resisting subjecting themselves to US World Rule, led primarily by China and Russia, are openly and officially stating their own desires that the world cannot be "uni-polar". The world must be "multi-polar", with power shared among nations through democratic negotiations.

US citizens don't know that, because our centrally owned Mass Media don't tell us what their owners don't want us to know. 

Few of us even know that China and Russia do not reflect our animosity toward them back at us. Neither China nor Russia wants to be our 'enemy'. They both constantly declare, in both official statements and in more informal discussions and attitudes, that they want to be our "partners".

They want ALL the world's nations to have a voice in how the world is run. They advocate for democratic negotiations between sovereign nations. Understanding that the government of EACH nation represents its OWN citizens' aspirations first, and directly, China and Russia, and the nations in their orbit, believe that ALL nations are obligated to also consider and respect the interests of ALL other nations, not just their own. 

The US Ruling Elites HATE that very idea. The US wants to impose what our Ruling Elites call "Rules Based Order" on the rest of all Humanity, with the US unilaterally 'dictating' the Rules, enforced by deadly US military and economic aggression. 

We ALL live under a shadow of Mass Media propaganda. Can't we try to inhabit other points of view? Can't we at least TRY to "see ourselves as others see us"? Can't we at least try to become self-aware?

How do we think the rest of the world's people now 'see' the US, as we snarl and growl out our deadly determination to Rule Over Planet Earth, as we boast about being "the best country in the world" even as our society seems to be exploding into the chaos of moral corruption that infects every American public institution? 

Anyway... The Ruling Elites' immense propaganda power, their complete control of Mass Media, is actually eroding somewhat, as ever fewer people hold 'trust' in Mass Media. Reportedly, only 29% of Americans trust that Mass Media tells the truth. That's 71% of Americans who no longer believe what they read in the NY Times, or especially in the Bezos/CIA handshake outfit, the Washington Post.

[Too few ever even mention that Bezos is business partners with the CIA. Amazon Web Services was not the lowest bidder for the contract to manage cloud data storage for the CIA. Bezos bought WaPo within days (a coupla weeks?) of signing the lucrative CIA contract. $600 million to get started. Could be worth many billions 'down the line'. He paid less than $300 million for WaPo, (lock, stock, and barrel, as they say).] 

They don't really need our 'trust', however. They just need our 'compliance'. People generally will comply until the negative consequences of compliance exceed the perceived benefits of resistance and/or revolt.

Their power lies not primarily in their control of information. It lies in their control of us, their psychological control of The People. We are each bombarded with an estimated 6,000 to 10,000 commercial messages every single day. Any direction we turn our heads, we encounter multiple commercial messages that impact and register in our consciousness, (even if subliminally).

Advertising goes beyond merely understanding people's motivations. It seeks to formulate people's motivations. Advertizing seeks to control what we WANT. If y7ou control what people 'want', you control who they 'are'.  

The Ruling Elites' desire to start a Race War only reveals their desperation. A Race War will be VERY dangerous for them. They are apparently counting on their own ability to steer events in ways advantageous to them, but the risks to themselves are significant. Their willingness to take such risks seems to show that the alternative(s) they are trying to avoid are worse, and that the Elites themselves think that those alternatives may be imminent. 

The Elites can 'steer' a Race War because they have operatives, on both the 'Woke' so-called 'Left', and among the MAGA Bloc Right, in effective control, or at least able to exert steering influence, on both sides.  

They heavily fund both sides. 

In a Race War, people fight each other. In a Revolution, people fight the Ruling Elites. If you were the Ruling Elites, wouldn't starting a Race War be the perfect means to completely distract people's attention from the gross injustices in our economy that actually CAUSE deadly tribal rancors, (racism being but one)?

They want to start a Race War? Fueled by our most primitive tribal passions? Okey doke, then... Will we be slinking through the jungle toward sleeping villages, machetes ready to express our deadly tribal hatreds, thinking of sleeping babies as "cockroaches", (as has happened before, as it did in '94)?

If the Ruling Elites are willing to promote that degree of 'mayhem', that degree of primitive tribal animosity among our own citizens, as the Mass Media so obviously and constantly do, are they ruthless enough to 'gun people down' in the streets when Mass Media-aroused Hysterical Mobs rampage? (Actual gunfights took place in Portland, Oregon, yesterday). 

And even assuming they are willing to be that ruthless, would the people in uniform carrying the guns obey their top command officers? Would the individual police, or US or NG soldiers, open fire on American citizens?

Better (maybe the 'top command officers' figure? quien sabe?) to get armed mobs rampantly patrolling, assault rifles bristling from the beds of pickup trucks? Gangs of thugs from every corner, red bandanas, or blue, or Antifa-black, walking arrogantly, guns in belts, razors in boots, (daggers in teeth?), just looking for trouble, just looking for someone on whom to unload all their pent-up rage?

Defund the Police? Yea... Sure... People will be begging the Police. THAT is how naked Fascism rises. When people fear for their immediate security, when danger immediately threatens, when the orange horizon in the night sky gets closer, people won't merely 'demand' the Police. They will be 'begging'. 

The Authorities certainly impressively garrisoned the US Government after the January 6th events. When a government bristles arms at its own people, is that not a clear threat of overt tyranny? 

Just like they learned to do in Baghdad, they built and garrisoned a 'Green Zone' in DC. Heavily armoured troops carried assault rifles. They reportedly garrisoned the DC Green Zone with 25,000 troops.

Surely we've all seen lots of video of the events of January 6th. Anyone who is pretending that they believe that what happened was an actual attempt to seize control over the US Government, that it was an actual "insurrection", an actual 'coup attempt', an actual attempt to overthrow the US Government to seize power, is just not fooling anyone.

No rational person in their right mind could come to that conclusion.

No rational person could witness the events that took place on January 6th, and rationally decide that an attempt had been made to seize control over the US Government. Evidence has been presented that considerable numbers of 'provoking operatives', including possibly FBI operatives, were disguised among the crowd at the crucial moment when it became a 'mob'. 

Cui bono? The assault on the Capitol Building would have been relatively easy for any organized entity to 'provoke'. Mere handfuls of people in key locations, and those locations might likely have been easy to predict. 

Trying to 'trace' the "provocateurs" is likely a dead-end. Who has benefited most from these clownish 'legal charges' that the illegal breach of the Capitol Building was an attempt to overthrow the US Government?

Nobody 'in their right mind' could believe that. 

What we are witnessing is a 'gaslight conspiracy'. One Political Party, with the support and participation of less than half the nation, has decided to 'all pretend together' that they all believe something that no rational person in their right mind could possibly believe... LOL... And they really expected that this would work?... They thought that they could 'gaslight' over 100 million people en masse? 

Well... They're still trying... Bless their hearts, anyway... They can be dogged... These people are themselves, en masse, by mass agreement with themselves, delusionally insane. They are a very large and very powerful 'belief cult'. They are dangerously passionate in the manner of their beliefs... They 'reason' with their emotions... Their passions always win... In their belief cult reality they believe that they are 'morally superior'. Self-Righteousness is the reward of cult membership. Drink the kool-aid, and you too can become a 'morally superior' person.  

And around and around it goes. Where it stops nobody knows. Nuclear Armeggedon anyone? Or environmental poison?  

If one Political Party decides that all its adherents must now call a donkey a pig, and start treating donkeys as if they were pigs, do they really think people will start thinking that donkeys are pigs?  

We 'SAW' what happened in the 2020 election. You canNOT erase it from our minds. (It's like they think they have the power of the 'little flashy thing' in 'Men in Black').

The Events of January 6 were illegal. Some people are guilty of breaking in. They should be punished. In many cases, however, the Police simply stood aside, and most people just walked in. People became a 'mob'. They 'rampaged'. They reveled in their defiance of authority because they were outraged by the perceived 'injustice' of a 'rigged' election. They were clearly "petitioning their government for a redress of grievances", as the Constitution allows. 

The 2020 Election was heavily 'rigged'. Somewhere's north of 100-120 million of us, American people from all over the so-called "political spectrum", SAW what effing HAPPENED!  

A donkey is not a pig. 

Our nation is now ruled over by a regime that has openly declared that anyone who stubbornly continues to believe what they 'saw', with their own damn eyes, is a criminal 'outlaw' in their own nation, (a potential "domestic terrorist"). 

There are as many as 120 million Americans who could think that could refer to them. 

"Wait. What? Didn't this half-senile old goat just SAY, (out LOUD, fer crissakes), that anyone who thinks what I think is a danger to our nation, and should be persecuted as a "domestic terrorist"? "

LOL... Okey doke, then... Plumb Half of the American citizenry have been declared "outlaws" by the POTUS. (ding! cuckoo! ding! cuckoo!).
Look, folks... I think Trump is a real creep. He's also a charlatan of great skill who has a LOT of people believing his lies. 

The thing is, Biden is worse. MUCH worse. Trump is an individual. A classic 'lone wolf'. 'Biden' is a 'machine'. Biden is the propped up figurehead of the Democratic Party Machine. 

I think the Trump forces would have 'stolen the election' if they could have. It sure wasn't moral scruples that stopped them. The Mass Media are just too powerful. Our entire electoral process has been reduced to a Reality TV show. The people who do this, (what people are those, exactly?), are VERY good at 'stage managing' the process. 

The 2020 Election was a Mass Media 'staged' Coup d'Etat. Voting and vote counting irregularities aside, the Biden Laptop Cover-up, alone, in the last crucial days before the election, defined the 2020 US Election as a Mass Media Coup. This is an ongoing cover-up. If this was Trump and his kid, the Mass Media would be sensationalizing this story, instead of conspiring to 'bury' it. 

Our current Biden Regime did NOT gain office through anything even resembling a "free and fair election". (Ron Unz's work on this remains the best I've seen).

If the entire edifice of Mass Media 'stonewalls' a 'big story', if they all refuse to even acknowledge the reality of events as they are known to have happened, does that make 'reality' itself any less 'true'?  

The truth, the actual truth, (whatever it may be), is always our most powerful potential ally, even when it may shine an uncomfortable light on us. Self-awareness can be excruciatingly difficult. (It doesn't always 'tickle'). 

A donkey is not a pig. 

The more that the Regime that 'won' a crooked election tells me that it is, the more that they insist that the stink-ass clown show we 'saw' was a "free and fair election", the more that such a Regime sounds tyrannical and Orwellian to me.  

Hope all are well and strong, or have someone to 'lean on' if you're not,


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm