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A Grouchy Rant on Antifa, by Ray Zwarich

I do try to inhabit the better spirits of my nature, but as all of us do, I often fail. Sometimes my foul temper gets the better of any 'angels' that try to restrain me. I then feel guilty, of course, even as I exalt in having unloaded this burden of pent up anger and frustration.  

This rant was posted on the blog of a committed Antifa Left ideologue. I'm expecting that posting it might get me expelled from his blog, (as some might guess, and others already know, it sure won't be the first group I've been expelled from...LOL...), but he is a person of some considerable depth of thought and spirit, so maybe he might surprise me. I guess we'll see. 

The blog, Systemic Disorder, and the comments I am responding to, can be encountered here: . He writes a reasonably well argued 'apologia' for Antifa's hateful violence. 

If anyone should find any value in a grouchy old man's temporary throwing off of this accursed burden of trying to 'be nice', please feel free to use this in any way you think might be useful, or post it anywhere you want.

Direct feedback will always be welcomed. 

Hope all are well,

R Zwarich

My rant on Antifa:

Many people on the American Left are so deeply steeped in the bizarre twists of their Identity Politics ideology that they cannot see past their own bigoted propaganda.

There are indeed neo-Nazis and white supremacists out there, but their numbers are relatively small. They hardly comprise a large enough locus of power that it is anything but ridiculous to pretend that engaging in street combat with them accomplishes anything of any real value for the Left's own cause.

Quite the opposite, when the citizens are fighting one another in the streets, this plays directly into the hands of our Enemy, the Oligarchy, the Super Wealthy Elite.

The violent and hateful Antifa leftists are dancing like fools on the ends of the Oligarchy's strings. Nothing Antifa could possibly do could serve their own Enemy’s agenda more than what the Antifa leftist are doing in their mindless self-defeating rage.

(“Well…We don’t know what the fuck to do to try to organize to gain political power, so let’s put on our kewl tough-guy looking black outfits, and our cool outlaw bandana’s and cool Guy Fawkes masks, and go beat up some Nazis”)

And while they are tilting so heroically at the windmills of racism, sexism, homophobia, and white supremacy, (and patriarchy, of course, and various other ‘…archies’ and ‘…isms’  etc, etc, ad nauseum), apparently thinking these various social ills comprise our ‘enemy’, our TRUE Enemy, the Oligarchy, is just having a good laugh over this spectacle, which they themselves designed to serve their own agenda. 

"Divide et impera". Divide and rule, Caesar explained.

It works as well today as it has for millennia.

When citizens fight citizens in the streets, when they devise ideologies to divide themselves into warring groups and factions that each hate the other, the bony fingers of the Oligarchs calmly stir the ice in their glasses of very old whiskey, as their laughter reverberates down many a gilded palace’s hallways.

The Antifa Left, with their heads buried so deeply in the anatomical labyrinths of moral self-righteousness that comprise their bizarre ideologies, cannot even see their own fundamentally absurd bigotry.

The rest of the world can see the raw ugly hate on these people's faces, plain as day, even as they so clownishly lay claim to the moral high ground by pretending that they are motivated by peace, love, brotherhood and sisterhood, (and/or some other bullshit pretenses of self-righteously superior moral principles).

We all can see you, boys and girls. We all can see that you just want to silence people you disagree with by attacking them and beating them up.

We SAW you!

We saw you DO it!

Don't come to us now with this drippy lovey-feely bullshit.

It is quite a ridiculous display. The only people these fascist Antifa goons are fooling with their absurd pretenses of moral righteousness are themselves.

They hate hate so much that they are much better at hating than those they hate for hating. Thus armed with the more intense and superior degree of their own hatred, they can kick the asses of the people whom they hate so much for hating, and then they are very proud of themselves, and how badass tough they are, when they fully let go and express all that raw ugly hatred.

Then they turn to us, chests still heaving with the exertions of hatred, and bat their eyelashes like innocent maidens, as they claim that their reasons for hating are morally superior to the people they hate's reasons for hating, whom they just beat up. (LOL....)

And then, silliest of all, they forget how badass tough they want us to think they are, and they cry-baby unashamedly about the injuries they suffered at the hands of those they so brutally attacked, when those people defended themselves against the Antifa Hate Goons' raw hatred.

It's all quite a curious spectacle. If it were not so tragic, it would be hilariously funny. (It always requires both masks to represent the Human Drama).

Our good citizen Systemic Disorder, as well as the good citizen Courtland here, are each and both blind to the stark biases in their statements here. Their biases are so intense that they cross well into the realm of bigotry, but they are, of course, blind to that as well.

Both posit that white people who are motivated to organize themselves politically, in the face of Identity Politics, (which takes such unbridled glee in demonizing them), can only be motivated by hate and racism, and could not possibly be motivated by simply their own ethnic pride.

In Antifa's twisted self-righteous myopia, these mostly working class people could not possibly be simply needing to express their own sense of ethnic pride as a reaction to being constantly demonized by the Antifa Left’s complete abandonment of any semblance of Class Analysis in favor of adopting their completely twisted Identity Politics ideology.

These working class white people could not possibly just be so sick and tired of being demonized for all the sins of History, which they had absolutely NOTHING to do with, or bear ANY blame for, that they feel compelled just to proclaim their own sense of their ethnic self-worth. 

That's just not possible. Right, Antifa? It just doesn't conform to Antifa's logically tortured ideology.

Identity Politics is the heart and soul of the neo-Liberal strategy the Oligarchs are using to try to rule the world. Everyone must be “free” to express the nth degree of raw unbridled individualism, (with the help of capitalist consumer culture, of course).

The Antifa Goon squads have swallowed this bait, hook, line, and sinker.

It’s the perfect ruse.


And thus, while the world teeters on the very brink of apocalyptic nuclear war, the Oligarchs use their complete control of mass media to whip the entire citizenry into heated paroxysms of hysteria over such crucial issues as where transgender people go potty.

With the Oligarchs driving us to the very brink of apocalyptic war, Antifa has taken up the ‘heroic’ struggle against a few deranged neo-Nazis, as if this were the most crucially important aspect of our dangerous predicament.

I’ll tell you for sure…I’ve been a committed leftist for nearly 40 years, and Antifa’s rank and clownish hypocrisy looks alternately ridiculous, and tragic, to me.

Ain’t it ‘funny’ how laughing and crying express such similar emotions? 

It takes both masks to represent the eternal Human Drama. One laughs while the other weeps.