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A Hideous Woman (An Open Letter)

In this morning's Boston Globe, a writer named Michael Cohen, a medium caliber intellect at Columbia, ( ), wrote a gloat piece in the guise of an "Open Letter to Bernie Sanders"
You can read his piece here:
Copied below is the reply I attached to his article, (in the comments section), and also sent to him by email. I have had some previous correspondence with him. He's a decent sort. A 'liberal'. Hillary's his girl.
He was one of the cases in which I had planted a seed, and then saw it, (or thought I saw it), sprout and grow. I corresponded with him about the working people who have been duped into rallying around Trump's banners. I pointed out that these people are good people, and are just very confused. He had been writing about them with gloating derision, but after our correspondence he wrote an article in which his 'tune' was much changed. He actually showed some respect toward them.
Cause and effect? Or post hoc ergo propter hoc? One never knows for sure.
Anyway.......Here is my "Open Letter to Michael Cohen":
An Open Letter to Michael Cohen
I know that the hideous woman that is your hero is likely going to be our next president, and if gloating is your thing, now is the time to do it, since she is going to be fully exposed in the course of the coming campaign.
I really doubt if either Trump or Cruz, (or any other Republican), is going to be the high-minded gentleman that Senator Sanders has been.
You and I both know what this hideous woman did in Libya. She was always an inveterate war-monger, of course, and I shudder to think of her as commander in chief, as the first female president, and eager to show everyone that she can be 'just as tough as the boys'. I greatly fear that bloodbaths are going to rain down on many third world peoples, and that many American soldiers are going to again shed their blood into foreign soils.
Of course she was one of the primary champions of the debacle in Iraq, enthusiastically encouraging the American people to believe all the WMD lies, which were always very transparent to any reasoning person. And she was the one who brought arch neo-Con Victoria Nuland, (wife of one of the central architects of the entire neo-Con movement, Robert Kagan), into the State Department as her protege, to walk point on overthrowing the democratic government in Ukraine, (and foment civil war in which the neo-Nazis she empowered killed nearly 10,000 human beings).
She hates the Russkies, ridiculously calling their head of state, who appeals constantly for peace, and negotiations between nations to work together for the prosperity of all nations, the 'new Hitler'. That’s why all her buddies in the Power Elite, the Masters of War, have paid her over $150 million in bribes, (er…"speaking fees"). They make so much money off war, unimaginable sums, and having a bogey-man in the world is so vital to them, (to make money selling weapons to fight him), that if one doesn't exist, one has to be created out of whole cloth. (And the immensely powerful mass media they completely own and control is such a handy dandy tool for creating false 'reality').
But Libya really showed this hideous woman at her absolute 'best', (or worst, depending on one's perspective). SHE walked point on that one. It was her baby all the way.
Brilliant plan. She sent in the CIA to help all the crazy extremist jihadis organize. Even provided them money and/or weapons. And she contracted with them to murder Libya’s head of state, which they did, after they tortured him.
The man was reportedly sodomized with a large knife, which sent your favorite girl into a paroxysm of happiness and sheer glee, which she actually expressed on national TV, imitating Caesar himself, "We came, we saw, he died", she declared happily,  referring to the successful murder contract she had put out with a bunch of crazed jihadi extremists. She clapped her hands in girlish glee, and fell back in her chair at the sheer joy of it. ( ).
What a completely hideous human being, taking this kind of sheer joy in doing a brutal murder on a sitting head of state, and a fellow human being.
But then, the 'best' part, was that she was too stupid, too incompetent as a commander, too negligent in doing her duty, too careless in discharging her solemn responsibility to the people under her command, to provide basic security to the people in the American embassy in Benghazi.
And THEN, (the 'best' part), when the embassy was overrun by the same crazies she had empowered to murder Qaddafi, and four Americans, including the ambassador, were brutally tortured and killed, SHE SHIRKED RESPONSIBILITY.
You know, Mr. Cohen, I have had a personal acquaintance with many flag rank officers in the US armed forces, including Navy admirals, Army generals, and Air Force generals. I don't think I ever met a Marine above the rank of colonel, but I did sit at dinner once with the Secretary of the US Army, and had a couple hours or so of chit-chat. 
I can tell you for absolutely SURE that although incompetence that leads to the death of people under one's command is widely derided, just about the greatest 'sin' a commanding officer can commit against the 'code of honor' is to shirk responsibility.
And she wants to be Commander in Chief?
"How was I supposed to know?", she said, like a petulant teen-age girl stomping her foot. "How was I supposed to know that those crazy jihadis we armed and empowered would turn on us?"
(Geez...What a hideous woman. I shudder to behold her).
Gloat now, Mr. Cohen. Gloat well. Gloat often.
Because when Trump, or Cruz, or any other Republican tears into the woman's record, (and we haven't even mentioned that she is under investigated by the FBI, because she was perfectly willing to put our nation's security itself at risk in order that she could evade scrutiny of her own behavior, in order that she could evade Freedom of Information laws, and the ONLY reason she is not already on trial, or already in prison, as other people are for the SAME crime, is because of the power she has already amassed over and in our corrupt system), it's gonna be Katy-bar-the-door as she stammers and stutters as her carefully practiced air of confidence is broken as the facts themselves are thrown in her face like cold dead stinky fish.
Bernie was a gentleman. Foolish man. (When my daughters were about 12 and 13, they played indoor soccer with and against the boys. They told me about the advantage they had, because the boys just couldn't help being 'gentlemen' on the field).
I do think that this hideous woman is going to be our next president, but I sure don't think there's ANY chance that Trump is going to be a gentleman.
Gloat now, Mr. Cohen. Gloat well. Gloat often.