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Addressing Robert Scheer, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

Copied below is a note to American Leftist Robert Scheer, who is regarded as a 'personage', (as 'somebody'), on the Left. 

Mr. Scheer and I have gotten a bit crossways over his support for Andrew Stern's lucratively profitable union business, SEIU. I just discovered yesterday that Mr. Scheer's own activism business, ScheerPost, is censored. I'm sure he'll argue that his blog is merely 'edited'. He owns it. It's his private property, and he apparently makes a tidy little profit from allowing his readers to comment as long as they don't say anything he doesn't like.

The entire American Bolshevik Left, (those nice folks who advocate and organize for Race War, and looting and burning, and hating police, and hating white people, and especially hating white men), remains mute. 

They cannot respond to one brokedown old carpenter from Kansas City to defend their position. (Believe me, they're all reading along here). They remain in their cowering public posture. I suspect they know better than to even try to defend their losing position. (But we'll see, I s'pose). 

But just because they are intellectual cowards does NOT mean they will stop trying to impose their crazed ugly racist Identitarian cult ideology on us. 

Caliban is reaching for the 'good' in people. It can be pretty dang deep in some, but it's THERE, in ALL of us. In EACH of us.

Hope all are well and strong, and are taking good care of any who are not.


Mr. Scheer:
(This is a public letter.)

Where are the truth's allies? What faction, or force, or party in our nation is committed to the truth?

None of us, as mere humans, can claim to know the truth. We certainly cannot command the truth. But if we would 'serve' the truth, we would find that the truth is our most powerful ally. 

Who does that? Who? Which institution? Which people? Where? Who, in the USA, in 2020, serves the truth at ALL?

Self-Awareness is a means of serving the truth. We cannot access the truth at all while we remain imprisoned in our own subjectivity. 

As far as I can see, the truth has no organized support in our nation. Every existing 'side' has fully embraced its own subjective blindness to anything other than its own subjective 'vision'. 

Which 'side' is trying to understand its opponents' points of view? Which side is even TRYING to become Self-Aware?

Our nation is in such a 'state' of spiritual confusion, having lost sight of ALL the best spirit that once guided us, that we are no longer even CAPABLE of solving ANY of our problems.

No 'side' even exists that the Common People could even possibly all be on.

This is a 'spiritual' problem, first and foremost. We cannot even BEGIN to address our political problems with the degree of Bad Spirit that currently enjoys so much freedom in so many people's hearts.

I have tried to address the American Left because I am a leftist. (Since not long after the Tet Offensive). I support the interests of the Common People against those of the Elites. I believe that the highest purpose of governance is to protect the interests of the Common People against the Elite's greed and lust for power.

There will ALWAYS be the Common People. And there will ALWAYS be the Elites. This is just the way Humanity is made. The average intelligence of average people is really not sufficient to understand the complexities of modern society and modern governing technology. And, of course, it's a classic 'bell curve'. There are as many people of below average intelligence as above average. 

Well ... Surely it will be best for ALL of us if the smartest people run things. But Human Nature is defined by Desire. Desire is born from Appetite. Unrestrained, Appetite becomes Lust, Gluttony, (our two primary physical appetites), and their ugly evil step-child, Greed.  

Being more intelligent very clearly does not serve to make people less subject to elemental Human Nature. And when people gain power, they begin to have their appetites more generously served. Well ... We all know that 'power corrupts'. Indulgence in Appetite becomes Lust and Greed if it is left unrestrained. All power corrupts.

The best form of human government is a wise monarch. A benevolent and wise totalitarian dictatorship will always govern best. The problem is, very few humans can fulfill the job qualifications. And even the ones that do come along, always die, and their successors are hardly ever nearly as wise, or even wise at ALL, but they still have totalitarian power. 

Wise monarchs are always the rare people that can exercise power while restraining their own appetites. Octavian, Caesar's heir, was a person of simple habits. He ate porridge, and basic meals of mostly grain and vegetables. He did not indulge in drink. He was not promiscuous. He ruled wisely because doing so was what he wanted. That was his Desire. Not wealth. Not rich food. Not promiscuous gratification of beastial compulsions. 

Yea ... well ... How many people like that come along? They do ... But rarely, and then they're gone, and you end up with Caligula and Nero. 

So ...We haven't yet discovered the best means of governing ourselves. How can we restrain Human Nature in government? Our innate sense of our own Human Nature tells us that the Common People must have some means, some mechanism, some power in government, to restrain the raw Greed and Lust of the Elites.

Well ... Only a pitiable imbecile could fail to 'see' that in the United States of America, in 2020, the Common People have NO means at ALL to restrain the Lust and Greed of The Elites. The US Constitution has clearly proven to be inadequate to restrain the Greed and Lust of a few, The Elites, from savagely victimizing the lives of the Common People. 

It is the Preamble to the US Constitution that sets out the spiritual framework of the purposes and motivations that the particulars, the rules themselves, will try to accomplish.

Well ... C'mon ... Our 231 years of experience has taught us VERY clearly that the rules set out by The Elites who wrote those rules, do NOT fulfill the Preamble's spiritual mandate. The set of rules laid out in the US Constitution very clearly do NOT adequately restrain the raw Greed and Lust of The Elites.

As long as we live under these rules, our lives are NOT going to get better. They are only going to get worse. How could anyone who is not a complete imbecile not 'see' that? 

Only an imbecile could possibly think that the Common People have ANY hope of restraining the raw Greed and Lust of The Elites through these Clown Show Elections run by the Mass Media, which are totally (as in totalitarian) owned and controlled by The Elites.

Well ... Obviously, the people whom the current rules benefit with ALL the wealth and power are not going to want to allow the rules to be changed. They want to 'conserve' these rules because these rules benefit THEM, and these people just do not CARE about the miseries of the Common People, other than the ways those miseries come back to haunt them, (like crime, violence, the occasional school shooting, etc).

The Common People had NO participation in writing the US Constitution, other than having fought, bled, starved and died to win 'freedom' and 'liberty' from King George. There were no farmers, no carpenters, no millers, no tinkers nor pot makers, even present when the US Constitution was 'framed'. 

The Common People had NO voice, no representation at ALL, when the US Constitution was written.

Well ... It's surely no surprise then that when the Wealthy Elites wrote the US Constitution, the rules they set out were, and remain, all to THEIR benefit.

I personally don't think our government needs all that many changes. The one key change would be to either negate or balance the power of the Senate. This, the US Senate, is The Elites' primary imbalance of control. Eliminating the US Senate would make the US Government much MUCH more democratic, but I think The Elites should be represented in government. They just cannot be allowed to have 'controlling' power. 

Various rules changes could provide a balance for the Common People against The Elites' controlling power. For example. If the House of Commoners, (which is what the US House is designed to be), passes legislation, but the Senate, (the House of Lords), vetoes it, let there be a means for the Common People to vote. If the two-houses of the legislature cannot come to a negotiated agreement in legislating, then the direct voice of the Common People can easily and quickly be consulted to break any deadlocks.  

Anyway ... Those discussions are all 'down the road'. The FIRST discussion must be how in the heck can we get new rules written that will protect the Common People from the savage Greed and Lust of The Elites who now use the current rules to rule over us?

Isn't THAT our problem? The rules themselves, are 'rigged', deliberately so, against the Common People. Does anyone argue that the current rules allow for the possibility for the Common People to somehow restrain the savage raw Greed and Lust of The Elites? Seriously? If so, speak up! Now's the time to make your argument, because to most people it has become very obvious that 'The System' we live under is stinking rotten to its very core. It's RIGGED! Only the very stupidest people don't 'see' that yet.

"You want fresh fruit? You don't go to the barrel. You go to the tree". --Malone

You can't 'fix' rot. You just can't. You gotta get it hacked outta the way and cleaned up, and you gotta build new from the foundation. What we have now is WAYY gone, even past, merely 'rotten'. It's sewage scum. It's become a grotesque evil reality TV clown show.

It is completely delusional to think that the Common People could ever challenge and defeat the Health/Medical Industry Complex through the system we live under. This behemoth 'balrog' is almost 5 TIMES the size of the Military Industrial Complex. They will NEVER allow Medicare for ALL to simply just 'pass' and become law. If we started to gain ground politically, they would start a war somewhere, or something of that magnitude, to distract the nation.

"Understand your Enemy" ... What will our Enemy do to try to prevent us from passing a law that takes away our Enemy's primary Cash Cow? 

How do we get the rules changed? Over a half century later we STILL haven't developed our crude concept for which ole Mario Savio pleaded so passionately. Throw ourselves on the gears to stop the machine? Riot in the streets? Burn it down?  

56 years, it's been, since ole Mario gave that famous speech. And what has the American Left learned? How far has the American Left come in advancing its own political position and power? Senseless rioting, and shouting hateful racist epithets? That's the BEST the American Left can do 56 years after Savio's speech? 

Caliban addresses the Left because the Left is the province of the Common People, and I am a carpenter and farmer. I am a Common Citizen. A Common Man.

I advocate for the Common Good. I advocate for ALL the Common People, everywhere, anywhere, in all nations, all over the Earth.

The Common People cannot prevail while we are divided. People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies.

Who speaks for the Bolshevik Marionette American Left that advocates for race riots and Race War?

Who speaks for this clown show American Left that advocates for overt racial hatred of white people? 

Who? Where ARE you? Show your FACE! Who speaks to defend your spiritual bankruptcy, (the ugly hatred that very obviously animates your entire 'movement'?) Who speaks to defend your ugly racist Identity Politics ideology? Who speaks to defend your incredibly STUPID behavior?

This Marionette Left guards our Enemy's vulnerable flanks. This Marionette Left is the PRIMARY factor that prevents the Common People from building our own Political Front, (constantly helping the Enemy herd us back into the Democratic Party corral).

And as we can ALL see, this Marionette Left is helping The Elites keep the Common People hopelessly divided, and therefore weak. We cannot even BEGIN to build a credible Political Front with this blatantly and overtly racist and sexist Stalinist Identitarian Left, these bozo Bolshevik Marionettes, continuing to serve as our Enemy's OWN forces.

The American Marionette Left has fashioned itSELF into the Common People's most immediate 'enemy' ... sigh ... 

How did this happen?

I'm asking YOU, Robert Scheer. You've seen a pretty fair size slice of our History. How did the American Left come to decide to be the American Common People's own enemy, by fashioning itself into our Enemy's primary force guarding its weak flanks? 

How did the American Marionette Left come to promote the ugly hateful spiritual message of racial and gender hatred?


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030