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BDS update, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Racist Zionists are using all the guns in their arsenal from Violence(killing activists here and attacking and beating activists abroad) toverbal assaults (calling human rights advocates anti-semites etc).Emboldened by a racist US government to their liking . The US governmentnow openly disdains human rights and considers international law irrelevant and will not allow discussion of the Palestine issue at the UN. "Moderate"(read subservient) Arab leaders like coup leader Sisi are happy with Trump.Below items deal with BDS and the attack on Omar Barghouti and other humanrights advocatesTwo Jewish Activists Charged With Assaulting Arab Teacher Outside AIPACConference. Police say Yosef Steynovitz and Rami Lubranicki beat up KamalNayfeh after a 'verbal altercation' broke more: similar demonstration against the Zionist lobby in France took place/Below is a letter from Israeli Jewish activists to the French government ontheir attempts to silence free speech in obedience to the Zionist lobby.Israel Bans Palestinian Products Inside Occupied Palestinian Territory To Fight BDS Have Failed, Says ADL Air Canada: Tell Them We are not On-Board with Human RightsViolations with Nazi mentality torture Palestinian prisoners the campaign against Omar Barghouti (by Haidar Eid) Drop the charges on Omar Barghouthi from Omar Barghouti:Dear friends and colleagues,Finally, I was allowed to access my email account after 12 days of beingbanned from doing so during the most intense phase of the ongoinginterrogation I am subjected to by the Israeli authorities. The BNCstatement on this issue accurately sums up this latest chapter in theIsraeli regime's war on the BDS movement.Due to a gag order, I am not allowed to delve into any facts about thecase. I am thus denied the ability to even refute the vicious liespublished by Israel's regime against me. I am in no hurry to do so, though,as their main objective -- attempting to tarnish my reputation and, byextension, hurting the BDS movement -- has clearly failed. Their campaignof repression has, to an extent, backfired. By preventing me fromtravelling to the US to receive the Gandhi Peace Award, jointly with RalphNader, Israel's regime has inadvertently increased the publicity aroundthis award.Before anything else, I read the many moving messages of solidarity thatmany of you have sent, and this gave me even more strength and hope toresist the McCarthyite witch hunt against me. I deeply appreciate yourletters and the sincere sentiments of support that they convey. I am sograteful to everyone who wrote an article and every organization thatissued a petition in this respect.Nothing empowers human rights defenders facing political persecution likethe warm feeling that there is a whole community of activists and people ofconscience standing with them and carrying on the struggle no matter what.For more than a year now my colleagues in the BDS movement and I have beenwarning about the "tarnishing unit" established by the Israeli Ministry ofStrategic Affairs as a key organ in fighting BDS. As I have personallywritten and argued many times, this devious unit's key function is summedup in "digging up dirt" against human rights defenders and networksassociated with the BDS movement and if no dirt is found in fabricating it.McCarthy would be proud of his loyal heirs in Israel's regime of oppressionand repression. Many of you have asked how best you can support me to facethis latest persecution. My answer is, without hesitation ... more BDS!We need to expand, mainstream and build on our many inspiring BDScampaigns, academic, cultural and economic, as the most effective way torespond to the new McCarthyism designed by Israel's regime of occupation,settler-colonialism and apartheid and exported to states where its lobbygroups enjoy massive influence.Further growing our movement for freedom, justice and equality is theanswer. Highlighting and popularizing the recent, unprecedented verdict bya UN body that Israel is guilty of apartheid -- the second most seriouscrime against humanity in international law -- is the answer.Countering their racism, hate, "black lists" and ugly colonial repressionwith our inclusiveness, categorical rejection of all forms of racism, andour boundless passion for freedom and justice is the answer. Furtherstrengthening our principled intersectional alliances with movements forindigenous, racial, economic, social, gender, climate and other forms ofjustice is our loudest response to their xenophobic, far-right,fascist-leaning agenda and their draconian laws.As they desperately attempt to sow fear and despair, to chill our freespeech, to tarnish our records, and to bully us into silence, we nourishour well-founded hope with generous doses of effective, strategic,morally-consistent campaigns for justice and equality and insist on ourright to freely express ourselves and to defend our rights.As humans, we need permission from no one to pursue our inherent rights. Ashuman rights defenders, no degree of intimidation and bullying can deter usin our passionate, nonviolent resistance to injustice, inequality andcolonial slavery.Alone, we fail. Together, we prevail. The latest savage, even irrational,attacks on our movement indicate, more than anything else, that we areindeed prevailing.In gratitude and hope,Omar========March 10th, 2017Dear Excellencies, Mr. François Hollande, President de la Republique Mr.Bernard Cazeneuve, Premier Ministre Mr. Michel Cadot, Préfet de Police deParisWe are writing to you as Jewish citizens of the State of Israel who areopposed to the illegal and immoral practice of the Israeli governments overthe years. It has come to our attention that attempts are currentlyunderway in the city of Paris, to restrict and even ban altogether theongoing demonstrations in support of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment andSanctions) campaign against Israeli human rights violations. It istherefore of utmost importance for us to state, as clearly as possible,that the BDS campaign is not anti-Semitic and is clearly opposed to allforms of racism. Rather than being racist, it is founded on the strongbasis of adhering to international law and universally respected humanrights. Only recently, on March 7th, 2017, the campaign unequivocallystated1 that :Adhering to the UN definition of racial discrimination, the BDS movementdoes not tolerate any act or discourse which adopts or promotes, amongothers, anti-Black racism, anti-Arab racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism,sexism, xenophobia, or homophobia. We strongly condemn apartheid, genocide,slavery, colonial exploitation and ethnic cleansing, which are crimesagainst humanity that are founded on racism and racial supremacy, and wecall for the right of their victims, including descendants, to fullreparation. We equally condemn and stand in solidarity with the victims ofother human rights violations including human trafficking, workers’exploitation, and sexual exploitation. Furthermore, we are appalled by thefalse accusations made by Ms. Kosciusko-Morizet, in a letter of February15th 2017 to Mr. Cadot, le Préfet de Police, where it is claimed that theBDS discourse amounts to hate speech.We are clearly opposed to Israel’s grave violations of international law,including its practice of the Crime of Apartheid as defined in the RomeStatute and we are unapologetic about it. Our demand to end Israeliapartheid is a clear expression of love towards all the residents ofIsrael-Palestine, along with our insistence on the most basic values ofequality, freedom and justice for all. It would be outrageous if France, ofall states, would ban freedom of expression of its population who insist onrespect of the law and on these fundamental human values which are the veryfoundational elements of the French constitution and the Declaration of theRights of Man and of the Citizen.We therefore urge you to respect and protect the rights of those whochallenge Israel’s severe human rights violations and to protect yourFrench citizens who campaign on behalf of the BDS movement to be able tofreely do so, without being intimidated with legal persecution or withphysical threats as had happened in the past.Sincerely,Ronnie BarkanEinav Kaplan-RazMaya RotemLia TarachanskyGuy DavidiRon Merom Lizi SagieTamara Traubmann De-ColonizerOfer Neiman Herzl SchubertMichel WarschawskiShir HeverLorien NewmanStavit SinaiSergio YahniYudit IlanyJonathan OfirEyal SivanYael Kahn=================Stay Human
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