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Bernie Sanders's Bernie, by Clancy Sigal | ODS

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat from Hawaii, is Bernie’s spine-stiffener when it comes to foreign wars and the military.  
Until a couple of days ago Gabbard was vice chair of the Democratic National Committee which functions solely to 
promote Hillary Clinton and kill off Sanders.  Now – a day after Sanders’ landslide defeat in South Carolina – 
Gabbard has resigned from the DNC to endorse him because “As a veteran, as a soldier, I’ve seen firsthand the 
true cost of war.”  Translated: she doesn’t trust Hillary not to drag us into another quicksand in the 
Middle East or anywhere else.
If Gabbard was a man, I’d say, What balls. 
She’s a rising young ambitious politician with a bright future and knows perfectly well that Hillary’s 
nomination is a done deal among top dog Democrats who she’ll have to work with and depend 
on for promotion, like the appalling DNC chair-hatchetwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. 
But Gabbard wants us to have a real choice for commander in chief “who has foresight, 
who exercises good judgment” and will end “the interventionist regime change policies 
(in Libya, Iraq, Syria) that have cost us so much.” 
Major Gabbard – who may be the only currently serving military woman in Congress – 
had two tours in Iraq and the Mid East with a field medical unit (so she knows about 
blood and amputated limbs) and has the Combat Medical Badge earned only under fire.
She is also Don Trump’s worst nightmare as a mixed race (Samoan and Anglo white) pro-choice, 
pro-LGBT and and pro-gay marriage Hindu.  O wow, get her on your ticket Bernie.
Bernie is terrible on “foreign policy” and dodges war-and-peace and military costs to laze around in his comfort zone of the “rigged economy”.  Wake up, Bernie, and listen to Tulsi, your better half.