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A Glaring Example of Outrageous Propaganda, by Raymond Zwarich

This long essay was posted in response to a rank propaganda piece in today's Boston Globe. The article to which it responds can be read here: 

Richard North Patterson is a liar. He is a man totally devoid of any shred of personal honor. Even worse, he has sold his very honor to serve a purpose that is abjectly evil. He serves the cause of US world conquest and war. Make no mistake, this cunning man is fully self-aware. He is not an unwitting dupe. He is not “just following orders”. He KNOWS he serves evil for his own gain.  

He chooses to foment his web of lies because he has wholly aligned himself, in full heart and spirit, with the evil Cabal that has openly declared that the US must rule the world.

Russia is a strong and proud nation. The depth of the patriotism of its citizens is renowned. 15 – 25 million Russians died fighting Hitler, (no one knows the exact number), and never was a whisper heard suggesting surrender. Yet this evil Cabal that controls our nation wants us to believe that we can subjugate these people, this strong and proud nation, to our will.

We must not even THINK of even TRYING to negotiate peace, this evil man, Richard North Patterson, tells us. They are evil monsters, their leader is a two-headed green-eyed demon, and we must destroy them. Richard North Patterson wants us to believe that a war of conquest, against a nation whose nuclear arsenal matches our own, is a much better option than negotiating peace with that nation. This evil man, and his cohorts in the evil Cabal he serves, are a direct threat to ALL of us, to our children, to everyone we love, to all our friends, to everyone we know.

This evil man, Richard North Patterson, is completely devoid of all honor in his shameless purveyance of lies and propaganda, as he argues here against even the possibility of peace. He vomits up a litany of sinister lies in his evil attempt to forestall us from even thinking for a moment that peace is even a remote possibility. WAR! We must have WAR! These Russian people are demons, and we must DESTROY them!

We must have Full Spectrum DOMINANCE!

America Uber Alles!!

This evil man is NOT merely ‘mistaken’. This purveyor of evil KNOWS the truth. His lies are FULLY self-aware. He knows the actual history of events, as he advocates for US world conquest, and uses outright lies to build his argument. He is an American version of a Joseph Goebbels. He is not  ‘minister’ of propaganda, (as Goebbels was to Hitler), but he serves the US Cabal that is determined to rule the world every bit as faithfully, and malevolently, as Goebbels served Hitler. Richard North Patterson is an exceedingly evil man using outright lies to promote an exceedingly evil purpose.

The communist Soviet Union no longer exists. Communism was proven out to be a tragic failed social experiment, and the Russians reached the point where they could actually admit it. They actually said, “this isn’t working, and we’re going to make a major change”.

It is tragic that my fellow citizens, the American people, are so ignorant of the facts, and of the actual events of History. It makes us easy prey for evil ghouls like this Goebbels-like propagandist, Richard North Patterson, as he purveys his lies in order to lure us into a war that could likely be apocalyptic.

A brief primer:

Totalitarian communism ceased to exist in Russia over a quarter century ago. Russia voluntarily pulled back from control over its Soviet empire. Even as it abandoned communism, Russia voluntarily set free the peoples and nation’s which the communist regime had dominated.

Russia was not defeated. Nobody forced its troops and tanks back. There were no large uprisings and/or revolutions that forced it back. Russia simply decided voluntarily, of its own accord, that it no longer wanted to dominate these nations and peoples, and simply pulled all its forces out. Likewise Russia voluntarily decided that it would abandon communism and transform itself into a constitutional democracy, and a capitalist economy.

Russia was immediately flooded with pirate capitalists. Supported by the most powerful US and Western banksters, these pirates acquired into their own few hands all Russian assets that had until recently been the property of the communist state. They became billionaire oligarchs virtually ‘overnight’. All this was overseen and more or less ‘supervised’ by the CIA. The US and Western banks poured large amounts of money, in the form of loans, 10 billion and more, to assure the election to the new Russian presidency of Boris Yeltsin, a malleable man of weak character, and a notorious alcoholic. While he drank vodka quite literally all day long, every day, the capitalist pirates looted and pillaged.

The Russian people, who under communism had all their basic human needs met, (food, shelter, health care, education, etc), were suddenly reduced to penury. People were going hungry. Nobody had any money. They were on the very thinnest edge of survival. This is when Vladimir Putin rose up to ‘save’ Russia. He had ingratiated himself to the drunk Yeltisn, and used that position as Yeltsin’s deputy as a springboard to power.

Many people greatly enjoy calling Putin a “KGB thug”. The reality is that Putin had a very nondescript career as a middle management desk jockey in the notoriously stifling KGB bureaucracy. He rose to the rank of colonial, in a bloated upper management structure that was bursting with various ranks of generals. In a corporate structure, his position would be roughly analogous to a lower level “assistant vice president”. For years, while he was stationed in Germany, (he is fluent in German), Putin’s primary job was to sit at his desk all day and read German newspapers, to glean any information he could that the KGB bureaucracy might find useful. His personnel file contains reports revealing that he was considered to be a “substandard officer” by his superiors. One report comments that he “lacked sufficient motivation to promote the cause of the communist state”. When he was elected to the Russian presidency, he set about to defeat the pirate oligarchs who were continuing to rape the nation.

Putin’s doctoral dissertation presented his own theory of the role of corporations in a nation. Corporations were bad, he argued, and their power must be abridged, if they functioned in a manner that was injurious to the Common Good of the nation. They were good, however, and government should assist them, if they functioned in a manner that served the Common Good.

When he was elected to the Russian presidency on that platform, he then set about to put his theory into actual practice. Many of the billionaire oligarchs who were raping the nation were prosecuted for their crimes. Under this threat, many others simply fled Russia, (a very large percentage to Israel). The work was then begun, with the cooperation of those oligarchs and corporations that wanted to function to serve the Common Good, to rebuild Russia as a capitalist economy in which its citizens could find good jobs and earn prosperous lives.

Between the time that Vladimir Putin was first elected Russian president in 2000, (he was already ‘acting president’ for three months after the chronically drunk Yeltsin had resigned), and now, the average earnings of the average Russian citizens has increased TENFOLD. The Russian people quickly rose from penury, from the edge of survival, to having the ability to earn and live dignified lives.

It is no surprise that these events have made Vladimir Putin the most popular nation leader, (in any leader’s own nation), of any leader on Earth, by FAR. No other leader is even CLOSE! Putin’s approval rating among the Russian people has stayed constantly above 80%, as measured by Western polling agencies, like Gallup, and even by US Intelligence agencies. His popularity rating often bumps 90%.

Putin is therefore an immensely powerful leader, but he is NOT a dictator. Russia has a free press, an independent elected legislature, and an independent judiciary. Is Russian democracy perfect? Or even ‘good’? Most definitely not, but it is certainly no worse, no LESS democratic, than democracy in the US. Putin is immensely powerful because he is immensely popular. Any American president who had 80%-90% approval ratings from the American people would be every bit as powerful in the US as Putin is in Russia.

Had an American president ‘taken on’ the Wall Street pirates in 2009, after they had gone on a criminal orgy and raped and pillaged our nation, had she or he prosecuted them for their crimes, seized their assets to pay back those they had robbed, and acted to prevent millions upon millions of American people from losing their homes, imagine how popular that president would have been. Then imagine how powerful a president that popular would be.

THAT is how popular and powerful Putin is. He is immensely powerful, but he is NOT a dictator. Russia is a constitutional democracy whose constitution provides a system of checks and balances just as does ours. Putin cannot do whatever he wants. He must work withy the legislature and the judiciary to accomplish shared goals. With his immense popularity, he has been very successful in getting these other branches of government to agree with his policies.

Let’s look at the specific litany of lies perpetrated by this evil Goebbles-like character Richard North Patterson. The KGB thug accusation that is always so popular among the war monger Cabal has already be addressed above. Let’s look at the rest of these self-aware lies.

1) Putin’s regime has killed or jailed dissidents.

There is no evidence at all that Putin has killed any dissident or political opponents. There is MUCH more evidence that the 9/11 attacks were a false flag operation run by the CIA and Israel, than there is of Putin having had anyone killed. Is it possible? Sure. A lot of things are possible, including that the CIA deliberately killed 3,000 Americans to advance its agenda of attacking and blowing up the entire Middle East. Is either possibility proven, (Putin having killed opponents, or 9/11 having been a false flag operation)? Absolutely not, but as I said, there is MUCH more evidence supporting the 9/11 false flag conspiracy theory than that Putin has had anyone killed.

Have dissidents in Russian been jailed? There most certainly have been dissidents jailed in Russia for crimes they committed in the course of their dissent, just as dissenters in the US have been arrested and jailed, often for long prison sentences, for their activities. We could cite multiple cases in which dissenters have been imprisoned for long terms for destroying draft board files in the 1960s. In the 1980s people were sentenced to prison terms as long as 17 years for symbolically trying to damage missile silos in Kansas, with their bare hands. In 2004, more prison sentences were handed out for these same activities.   

One of the most celebrated of cases dissenters in Russia being imprisoned is that of Pussy Riot, (whose very name is not even allowed in the Boston Globe comments section). Members of this ‘dissident group’, Pussy Riot, were arrested, tried, and imprisoned because a group of them stripped completely naked inside a church, and began having full on sex with each other, claiming to be exercising their “freedom of speech”, and “freedom to dissent”.

Not only are dissenters commonly imprisoned in the US, many US dissidents are treated with naked brutality, even when they are acting peacefully, such as being sprayed with painful pepper-spray when just sitting peacefully, as they ere during the Occupy events in NY. Last winter, dissidents trying to make a stand against the Dakota access pipeline were pepper-spayed, subjected to poison gas, and blasted with a water cannon in sub-freezing temperatures.

Do any of us recall the adage about stones and glass houses?

2) Putin’s regime “invaded Georgia”.

This is an egregiously deliberate and self-aware lie, and like Ukraine (discussion follows), was deliberately engineered by the CIA, as a Big Lie, for propaganda purposes, and is repeated here by this evil purveyor of rank propaganda, in order to promote deadly and disastrous war.  

The former Soviet state of Georgia was subjected to intense CIA political operations, leading to one of the notorious CIA fomented “color revolutions”, which brought a corrupt CIA stooge named Mikhail Saakashvili to power in 2004. This guy was, and still is, one first class creep, as venal and corrupt as they come. (He is now actually still working for the CIA as its stooge, only now as an official in the CIA junta in Ukraine. It seems his great ‘patriotism’ for Georgia has now given way to his ‘patriotic’ passion for Ukraine. You couldn’t make this stuff up, folks. Look it up).

The region of South Ossetia had declared its independence from Georgia in 1991. This was right after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, at a time and in a place when borders and nations were greatly in flux. (Both Georgia and South Ossetia had previously been part of the USSR). The circumstances of this territorial and jurisdictional dispute are complex, of course, (as all such disputes always are). For many years Russia acted as a peacekeeper, disarming groups on both sides, and trying to prevent violence.

Saakashvili, elected with CIA assistance as Georgia’s president in 2004 , and representing CIA interests against Russia, advocated for asserting the authority of Georgia over South Ossetia, and finally launched an all out invasion of South Ossetia in 2008. At the time of that invasion, South Ossetia had already established itself, and had operated as an autonomous self-governing region for some 17 years.

The invasion of South Ossetia by Georgia was in the form of a sneak attack. Preliminary skirmishes along the border had been taking place. Georgia declared a unilateral cease-fire one evening, and then launched the sneak attack invasion in the dark early morning hours. Tanks and artillery were set up in positions in the hills around South Ossetia’s capital, and many civilians were being killed by the Georgian forces’ heavy shelling.  

Russia responded by coming to South Ossetia’s aid, helping them quickly repel this attack by this tin-pot CIA stooge. When the Georgian troops retreated into Georgia, tails well wrapped up between their legs, all Russian forces immediately packed up and went back home to Russia, and were replaced by an EU peacekeeping force.

This war, which this evil lying propagandist, Richard North Patterson, tells us was an invasion of Georgia by “Putin’s regime”, lasted five days, in August of 2008, and Putin was not even the Russian president at the time. His second term had ended earlier that year, (in May). The Russian constitution limits a person to two consecutive terms as president. Dmitry Medvedev was Russian president in August of 2008. (Putin ran again in 2012, when it was constitutionally legal for him to do so, and was easily re-elected).

3) Putin’s regime annexed Crimea and supported Ukrainian separatists.

Until the dissolution of the Soviet Union is 1991, Ukraine was a federated state of the USSR. Many Ukrainian citizens are ethnic Russians. They speak Russian, for example, rather than the somewhat similar but distinctly different Ukrainian language. Crimea has been a part of Russia for centuries. Russia’s most important naval base in Sevastopol, it’s only deep water year round port, has been a Russian naval base, in continuous operation, since it was established in 1783. 

Crimea was only put under Ukrainian administrative authority, as an administrative formality, in 1954, less that 70 years ago, when both Ukraine and Russia were federated states of the same nation, the USSR.

Just as it has done in all the states that were formerly part of the Soviet Union, the CIA has used all its immense skills to foment unrest in Ukraine. The US spent over $5 billion dollars to destabilize Ukraine. Much of that money went to support the powerful neo-Nazi parties in Ukraine, people who hate Russians with great passion. These Ukrainian neo-Nazis proudly tattoo themselves with swastikas, fly Nazi symbols on their banners, use the Nazi stiff armed salute at their rallies, and lionize Hitler himself. These people are actual hard core “Nazis”.

These neo-Nazis’ hatred of Russia dates to the 1930s, when the depraved monster, Stalin, murdered millions of Ukrainians by engineering a famine. He stole their grain, and prevented them from escaping. As many as 10 millions Ukrainians, (some say more), starved to death. It was only a matter of a few years later, in the late 1930s, and 1940s, that Ukrainians not only aided Hitler’s attack on Russia, but actually supplied personnel to help run several of the Nazi death camps.

This hatred of Ukrainians for Russians has festered all these years, and has resulted in some of the ugliest political groups on Earth, actual Nazis, being deliberately empowered by the CIA. The CIA used these people’s virulent hatred of Russians to engineer the overthrow of the legally elected democratic government of Ukraine. A CIA hand-picked junta, in which the Ukrainians Nazis, (often called UkroNazis), hold considerable power, was set up to rule over Ukraine.

This was a BIG threat to both the people of Crimea, who are almost all ethnic Russians, as well as the people of Eastern Ukraine, commonly called the Donbas region, who are also mostly all ethnic Russians. The new junta in Kiev almost immediately passed a law outlawing the speaking of Russian in any government building or proceeding.

As a matter of self preservation against this Nazi Russian hating junta, both the people of Crimea, and those of Donbas, voted in a public referendum to be annexed by Russia. Both these territories had previously been part of Russia for centuries, and for their own protection, these people wanted to become part of Russia again.

Because of its major naval base located in Crimea, Russia has always had a powerful permanent garrison of troops in Crimea. To protect this base, one of its most important strategic assets, Russia assented to the annexation of Crimea, after over 90% of the people had voted in favor of it. Russia did NOT ‘invade’ Crimea. Russian troops were already IN Crimea. The few Ukrainian police, and various authorities, were simply escorted out of Crimea. Not a single shot was fired. No violence at all took place.

Russia considered that the Donbas region must be regarded differently, since Russia had no strategic assets there. Russia could easily have also annexed this region. There was no force that could have resisted it had that been their will. The people of Donbas, like the people of Crimea, are almost all ethnic Russians, and also like the Crimeans, they had voted by over a 90% margin to be annexed by Russia. But Russia said no. Donbas must remain a part of Ukraine. But the people of Donbas refused to recognize the Nazi dominated junta in Kiev as their legitimate government.

Private Nazi battalions, not the armed forces of Ukraine, but private armies financed and armed by billionaire Ukrainian warlords, then launched vicious attacks on the civilian population of Donbas. They were armed with heavy artillery, and began merciless shelling of residential neighborhoods. Within a few days, almost 3000 civilians were killed. These people quite naturally quickly organized to defend themselves from this UkroNazi onslaught, and Russia was instrumental in helping them do so.

The ‘separatists’ were fighting on their own ground, with their families and loved ones immediately at their backs. They were fighting against hate filled Nazis who came from hundreds of miles away to attack them. Quite naturally, with that kind of motivation, the people of Donbas managed to stop the Nazis in their tracks.

Russia advocated consistently for peace. Putin was instrumental in convening peace talks in Minsk, Belarus. After two rounds of talks, a cease-fire agreement was reached. The agreement called for Donbas to remain a part of Ukraine, but required that the Kiev junta must revise its hastily written constitution to allow for Donbas to be an autonomous self-governing region. But the junta has never been able to do that, because the powerful UkroNazi political parties will not allow them to. Just about every observer can see that any attempt to rewrite the junta’s constitution to allow autonomy for Donbas would only result in another violent coup, through which the Nazis would take over completely.

Of course the lies and propaganda fomented by people like Richard North Patterson have accused the Russians of not implementing the Minsk Agreement, when the exact opposite is the case. The Minsk Agreement resulted from Russia’s consistent advocacy for peace, and Russia very much wants it to be implemented.

4) Russia has pressured the Baltic States.

The Baltic States, formerly part of the USSR, are immediately on Russia’s border. The US dominated NATO has stationed garrisons of troops in these states, right on Russia’s border. In a starkly Orwellian reality warp, Russia’s defensive concerns and reactions, as it finds belligerent forces stationed on its own borders by the US, are characterized as “Russian aggression”, (just as Russia’s assistance to people in Ukraine against the forces of naked US aggression were characterized as “Russian aggression”).

Here’s ‘the rules’ according to evil propagandists like Richard North Patterson. The US can do whatever we want in regard to Russia. We can station troops right on Russia’s own border, within mere yards of actual Russian soil.

But ANYTHING the Russians do in response, even moving their own forces WITHIN THEIR OWN BORDERS, is labeled as Russian aggression. Orwell warned us about this propaganda technique of turning reality directly on its head. This Orwellian absurdity is captured by the often told ‘joke’: “How dare those dastardly Russians put their country right next to our armies?” 

5) Slaughtering civilians in Syria.

War is always horrific and tragic. And civilians ALWAYS suffer the worst. It is the height of the most tragic irony that an evil war-monger like this Richard North Patterson would cry like a crocodile for civilians in Syria.

It was the CIA that has engineered this horror in Syria, in which hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed. In our eagerness to overthrow the legal sovereign government of Syria, the US has armed and supported some of the most murderous butchers on Earth. In the fighting against these extremist radical jihadi Islamists, who have been armed and empowered by the US, civilians have been killed. Much of this horrific warfare has taken place in densely packed urban areas, where the extremist jihadis use civilians as human shields.

It is a deliberate self-aware lie that Syria forces, as assisted by Russian air power, have deliberately and intentionally killed civilians. Right now, as I sit and write this, and as anyone might read this, the US is doing exactly the same thing in Mosul, in Iraq, as the Russians did in Aleppo, or anywhere else in Syria. Large numbers of civilians are being killed by US bombing of enemy targets, as US air power is applied in the fight against extremist Islamists.

When the Russians do it, we scream to the high heavens at the top of our lungs to accuse them of “slaughter”, of “war crimes”.

When we do it, the American people hardly even hear about it at all, and few of us are even aware that it is happening.

6) Cyber-warfare, and hacking the Democrats.

Every nation on Earth that has the ability to do so is engaging in cyber-warfare. There is no nation on Earth that is doing so to a greater degree than is the US. Like so many examples pointed out above, this is just one more instance of the throwing of stones from inside a glass house.

There seem to be no bounds to our rank hypocrisy. If we do it, it’s fine. If they do it, it’s horrible behavior. 

The accusations of alleged hacking of the Democratic Party will be looked back upon in amazement by future generations as an example of how crazed and divorced from all reality our era is. There is, to this very moment, NO evidence of any hacking of the Democratic Party by the Russians. NONE. ZERO. ZILCH. The ONLY evidence that has been presented is “the CIA says so”. 

High US intelligence agency officials are now telling us, in appearances on the major Sunday news shows, not to expect that there is ever going to be any evidence. Even as the hysterical mob clamors for an ‘official investigation’, the same intelligence agencies who poured gasoline on the spark of this hysterical craziness are now trying to dampen expectations by warning us that “there just ain’t never gonna be no evidence, folks”.

Someday people are going to look back on our era and shake their heads in amazement, as they wonder how we got this crazy. 


So that’s it. That’s the entire ‘case’ that this evil warmonger, Richard North Patterson makes against Russia. This is the case on which this rank liar, this man totally devoid of personal honor, builds his argument that we MUST risk apocalyptic war against this nuclear power, rather than seek avenues that might lead to peace.

This evil man is a direct spiritual descendent of other evil men, like Joseph Goebbels.

Russia, in the meantime, patiently, constantly, and consistently advocates for peace between the US and Russia. Every day.

Their elected president, Vladimir Putin, constantly advocates for peace between Russia and the US. 

There are hundreds upon hundreds of hours of video available, right on Youtube, as well as on many other sources, of Putin, and other Russian officials, advocating for peace.

But how many of us have EVER heard Putin speak? How many of us have EVER heard a single word he has ever spoken?

It’s a complete media blackout. All we get is these evil war-mongers, like this evil man, Richard North Patterson, advocating for apocalyptic war against a nation that is CONSTANTLY advocating for PEACE. 

This is evil, folks. This is pure unadulterated evil. This Richard North Patterson is advocating for war. For death and destruction on an unimaginable scale. Richard North Patterson is an exceedingly evil man. Joseph Goebbels is clearly his spiritual inspiration.

p.s. I'm not all that proud of this piece. It was written in a single sitting, off the top of my head. As such, it may contain some inaccuracies that some time to do a little brush-up research would have forestalled. And at almost 4400 words, it was quite a lot to bite off and try to chew in one sitting, but when the venue is a daily newspaper, the cycle goes by quickly. It's the best I could do without more time and polishing.