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Bombs Away, Hillary! by Clancy Sigal

If you want to know about politics, read the business pages.  Forget all the media static about Trump, Syria and Lamar Odom’s troubles.  As Deep Throat taught us, Follow the money.
The money is coming to the Mojave desert in southern California to pump new life into our moribund aircraft industry.  Bless the U.S. Air Force for conning us into a $60 billion investment for an already obsolete, ultra-new “stealth” bomber to replace the perfectly serviceable death-deliverers B-52 (I’ve been in one), the nearly new B-2 and now the nameless but probably B-3 which won’t be flying until 2025 and, according to the LATimes’s business reporters W.J. Hennigan and Melody Petersen, will cost about $606 million per plane.   Based on past Pentagon “cost overruns” the B-3 will probably cost billion bucks apiece.  You heard it here first.
And for what?  These days the heavy lifting is done more by cheaper unmanned drones than these big, pricey sky elephants whose sole virtue is keeping Air Force Academy grads fully employed.
Quote the Air Force spielmeister Gen. Mark Welsh III, o boy I love their metaphors (or is it simile?):
"The idea that we would run a Formula One or a NASCAR race with a car built in 1962 is ridiculous, but we're going to war with airplanes built in 1962."
Yes sir, general.  How can we bomb the crap out of ISIS or the Taliban or the next Kunduz hospital’s “collateral damage” with a 1962 NASCAR vehicle? 
The good part is no matter who wins the contract, Boeing-Lockheed or Northrup, the assembly will be done here in the Mojave and take on thousands of new workers in Palmdale outside Los Angeles.  What a relief.  Can’t have these jobless men and women building bridges and hospitals.  Bombs away!
That’s what is wrong with Hillary and what’s right about Bernie.  He has the imagination to believe this billion-dollars-a-plane might be better spent improving American life.  Hillary has a notoriously cozy relationship with Boeing, aggressively pushing its war products while she was Secy of State and getting paid off with a Boeing nearly million dollar “donation” to her William J. Clinton Foundation.
Be clearheaded when you cast a vote against a Republican crazy: Voting for Hillary is also a vote for death rained down from the skies from her corporate sponsor.