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Bozo the Clown vs. The Wicked Witch of the West

  Politics as usual will once again have tens of millions of people opting for lesser-evilism. What a shame. Is it really a choice between a stinking ditch awash with red-colored effluent or the blue-colored one? If ever there has been an opportunity to break up the stranglehold of the oligarchy, this election is it. Not that there is a chance to defeat either of these scumbags, but there is finally a chance to bust open the insidious duopoly that has kept Wall Street, the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Media Complex, the Israel Lobby, etc. (aka the 1%) in power for seemingly time out of mind.
  Let me pose a question for you. Can you really stomach either one of them? If the answer is no, read on. Otherwise, all I can say is that you will no doubt get exactly what you deserve.
  Imagine that you’re hungry and looking around for somewhere to get a decent meal. Within sight are two joints of dubious repute, one tries to grab you with names like “natural” and “low calorie.” The other one uses terms like “hearty,” “home cooked” and “family friendly.” But you’ve sampled their fare before and you grimly know what to expect. The familiar phrase “America is paved with con” comes readily to mind. So you decide to be a little adventurous and go outside the familiar, depressing choices. After walking a couple of blocks you discover a couple of places that look intriguing. They don’t have the Establishment Seal of Approval but that’s actually promising and you’re willing to take a risk.
  There are actually other choices. As Einstein put it, making the same choice over and over again without success is the definition of insanity. New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is running on the Libertarian Party ticket, currently polling at better than 10%. Jill Stein of the Green Party has about 5%. Neither of them has a ghost of a chance of winning but that’s not the point. The only reason to vote at all is to build up these two parties for the next go round. In any case, you won’t have wasted your vote.

Roger Tucker
July 23, 2016