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By Being Dumb - The 'Case' Against Trump, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, to all my friends in so many places, and to all in peril throughout the land or out on the sea:

"Finish what you start, Raymone". 

Ain't it funny how such key words still resonate over so many years? My grampaw, my Ozark backwoods grampaw, who was born on a farm about as deep in the Missouri backwoods as it's possible to get, (not anywhere NEAR a hospital), always said that. When some 'elemental man' I never knew, his pappy or grandpappy, was teaching him that lesson he taught me, "get the job done", Geronimo was still alive, and Wyatt Earp was a still a relatively young man in his early 50s. 

Robert Owen, (a Welsh (Cymry) name). The blood of the Celtic druids, who fought so fiercely that even Caesar took note of their wild free spirit, had found shelter in the Missouri Ozark backcountry. He was a real talker. He sure liked to teach people things. Left home when he was 16. He was a crack shot with a rifle. I saw him shoot a hawk out of the sky, from a moving car, with a .22 pistol. And he was just as good with a pool cue. He could hit what he pointed at. 

Went into the Big City, Joplin, Missouri, a headstrong rake with black curly hair, hustling pool in saloons, when he should have been in high school. (No 'diplomas' on that side of the family). My mama told me that when he was a young man, he was the most handsome man she ever saw. 

The young Cymry Ozark rake, shooting down grown men (with a pool cue), for cash, cigarette dangling from insolent lip with a long ash, (he moved so smoothly), in a Big City Joplin saloon; that's where he met my grandmother, (Streeter, English folk), who was a Big City Girl (secretary) from down Tulsa way. (If I recall, they got married in Pittsburg, Kansas, (way down in the corner, not far from Joplin, and Tulsa). My mother was born in '27, two years 'fore ole Wyatt Earp finally died, (only 19 years before I was born). 

Grannymaw, who I was scared of because she had no teeth, (she hated wearing her dime store dentures), was the matriarch of the Streeter clan. When  was a child, she lived in a little one room cabin on the shore of the Lake of the Ozarks. I caught a nice bass out of the lake, right off her tiny cabin's shore, when I was three. My father grabbed the rod away from me, and reeled it in, a nice three-pounder, (or so), it must have been.

Finish what you start. Grandpaw taught me a lot of things. That was one of them. (Groan, but I don't wanna. I wanna do something else. Cue the stomping foot, and fists clenched at sides ... LOL... And here I am an old man, and I still hear that petulant child's voice argue against Grandpaw's Cymry Ozark wisdom. Which do I listen to? Well ... I'm just a poor dumb human ... depends on the day... LOL).

Anyway ...

I think it is crucial to our nation's future, and to our success in rebuilding America in New Spirit, into a nation of justice for ALL its people,  that people on the Left must awaken from what folks on the Right call "Trump Derangement Syndrome", (which they shorten to TDS). 

It's a VERY real thing. Believe me folks, it's as plain as day to anyone who isn't 'one of you'. 

You folks have gotten yourselves whipped up into such a lather of passionate hatred, cunningly focused on Trump, by the people who control ALL our Mass Media, that you've long blown clean out of the top of yer skulls, like a bunch of little 'manchurian candidates'.

Caliban is NOT 'one of them'. I'm a leftist, but I'm sure NOT 'one of you', neither, since I gagged on the Stalinsit Identitarian Politics, spit it out, and don't want to try any more.

I'm sure the heck not 'one of you'. And through my lenses, (old eyes grow weak, just as they come to 'see'), the people shrieking in hysterical hatred of Trump, like Robert Reich, sure look, and sound, clinically 'deranged' to me. 

No ... Really ... Literally ... This is a social pathology. Well ... You read about other nations where huge blocks of the people went plumb crazy, as they all started believing to most idiotic fool-ass things. Now we know what it looks like as it happens around us.

These Stalinist Identitarian Politics folks have gone plumb 'crazy'. This is every bit, and THEN s'more, as crazed as McCarthyism. This is "bolshevism". It's a crazed cult 'belief system'. We've seen this ugly and dangerous Spirit fly free before, soaring like Nazgul, spreading dread and fear, and even terror, everywhere it flies.

Our nation is locked into a deadly fight between two sides, but I think that most of the nation's Common People are in distress because WE don't have ANY 'side' to be on. 

"A pox on both yer frackin' houses", seems to be the MAJORITY opinion to me. (Did folks know that Hitler never had the support of more than barely about 40% of the German population?)

People on the Left demonize people on the Right. They de-humanize them. ('Cockroaches' was the term used in Rwanda) Vice versa is also true, of course, but anyone who reads the Unz Review likely knows that thoughtful people on the Right don't demonize and HATE people on the Left, the way Sir Robert the Third Leg Reich hates HALF his OWN nation's Common Folks.

The Left rages blind against a mass of its own fellow countrymen and countrywomen, whom the Left demonizes so intensely that it regards them as subhuman creatures.  

People on the Left never listen to, they never even hear, what all those suffering people in the American working class have to say. The Left demonizes them ALL, as a mass group, as racist Nazi scum white superemacists, without every even listening to what they actually have to say. ("Should we listen to cockroaches?", the Mass Media in Rwanda blared out.)

Well ... Caliban does ... I listen ... And I hear ... And I 'see' a LOT of good folks who are VERY angry, and heavily armed. Their kids are dying of hopelessness. Do folks on the Left think all those good old boys cain't shoot them squirrel guns?

"We looked down the river and we see'd the British come. Musta' been a hunnert of 'em beatin' on a drum. They looked so pretty and they stepped so well, 'til we opened up our squirrel guns and really gave 'em ... They ran so fast that the hounds couldn't catch 'em .. " J Horton

Yea ... well ... they ARE heavily armed. Some of them went into the military, went to Ranger school, just so's they could learn those skills to bring back home. No shit, all me fine Sherlocks like Sir Third Leg. Real life 'Rambo's', with hideouts already laid out. They could likely have 100 billion rounds, or more, already cached. 

Ya know, folks, there's just folks that are best not to 'mess with'. They don't 'do' the 'yo mama' stuff. They just walk right up and start fighting, and it's generally a VERY short fight. Ya know? 

Better to make friends with them if ya can. Yea ... They're a bunch of stinky ass brutes. And tell ole Caliban again, how's the bathroom smell when a bolshevik finishes up her or his 'business' every day? 

Yea, YOU .... Sir Bob the Third Leg. How's folks 'business' smell up in an ivory tower? 

When was the last time folks on the Left cleaned and oiled up your assault rifles? How many 'a them Antifa Dragoons did you folks say you have? How many rounds they got cached?

You think you have the US Army on your side? Well ... lotsa military folks think it's likely, (though they admit they don't know for sure), that a majority of the officers' corps would obey the DPM, but the rank and file soldiers are maybe a whole different story. Lotta them girls and boys signed up because it was the ONLY 'deal' open to them, as poor people. 

Does Sir Reich the Third really think those boys will obey when ordered to fight their own kin? 

There certainly are some, likely many, on the Right that idolize Trump. But I've heard MANY explain that they like Trump about as much as so-called 'progressives' like Biden. They are overtly demonized by the Left, even though most of them want the same justice and fairness for people of ALL races as they want for themselves and their OWN families. The VAST majority of these people, whom the Left de-humanizes, as 'evil Nazi scum racist white supremacist cockroaches', are NOT racists at ALL. They want a fair shake for everyone, for all our nation's people, of ALL races.

No one else speaks to defend them, or their rights, or their humanity, or their families, except Trump.

Some of them will even say that they know full well that Trump is a lying two-faced charlatan, but it's better, they will tell you, to have a charlatan speaking for you than no one at ALL.   

Many people on the Left, (and Robert Reich has so generously provided us with an excellent example, with his published Writ of Prosecution against Trump), are so 'crazed' that they cannot think straight. This really IS a kind of social pathology. It's a kind of 'social craziness'. 

We've seen this MANY times before, in many places. It's one of History's most grimly tragic, yet oft-told tales. It ALWAYS leads to great violence and social ruin. 

In the past, Humanity has been able to recover. When another tribe stole your territory, your tribe went and stole some weaker tribe's territory. But the world is full up. Every territory is spilling with Humanity, with hungry babies, loving mamas, and men to whose deepest souls a baby's cry is worse than any torture. Humankind has realized that stealing territory is 'immoral'. It's now actually 'against the law', according to International Law. 

Ahhh ... But the US Ruling Elites flout The Law. "Here's yer frackin' International Law", sez ole Uncle Sam, once a hopeful lad when he was younger, but now grown to be Demon Sam.

Anyway ... Folks is just folks ... These poor crazed folks on the Marionette Left justv need to 'wake up' from their Blue Pill trance. These people were rather easily led into this crazed state of mind by their own Enemy. The Enemy 'egged them on'. Gave them 'ink'. Put their pictures on the screen. Made them 'famous'. Financed their "tax-deductible charity organizations", (From 'Ballad of a Thin Man').

Ohh ... You can just imagine how they liked ALL that .... Can't ya know? 

Well ... Caliban is meself just a crazy old ape of a chicken farmer who used t' swing a hammer ... 'Scuse while I scrape the chicken shit off me boots ... Maybe the Enemy just ain't as smart as ole Caliban? Ya figure? 

I don't! I believe that the Enemy is likely WAY smarter than me. (Who's shoveling shit, anyway?)

But I can 'see' what a brilliant 'move' the whole Trump Gambit sure looks like to a dumb old broke down carpenter out here in the Massachusetts boondocks. 

Oh ... Okay ... Yer gonna tell me that these folks who have gained centralized control over ALL Mass Media, and are running The Empire, were just stupid when they gave this 'patsy' all that free media time that got him elected? 

According to people who analyze such things, it was $BILLIONS and $BILLIONS of dollars worth of what every other candidate had to laboriously raise money from voters, and/or beg from rich people, to get. It was 50 times more, at least, than most candidates could possibly even raise. 

And you all figure that those nice folks running The Empire, who own and control ALL the Mass Media, just gave Trump all those $billions worth of 'free access', which clearly was a, if not THE primary factor in his victory, because they were just too stupid to imagine what might happen?

Well ... LOL ... Okey doke, then.. Maybe, I s'pose .... You really figure that folks THAT stupid somehow came to run this whole Empire? Can anyone quote what Sun-Tzu said about how stupid it is to assume your enemy is stupid?

It's not that Clinton was not their girl. They wanted to keep the Obama-Clintonista DPM in power, but they saw where they were vulnerable. The Common People were growing VERY angry. The Elites 'saw' they could lose. So they did what they always do. (Are they playing chess in a game of checkers? Or is it the other way around? Are too many folks playing checkers in a game of chess?). They used a brilliant ruse, a 'gambit', some might call it, to 'control the opposition'. 

That's what they strive to do in every other nation on Earth, to try to execute their determination to rule the world. They have learned that 'controlling the opposition' is the crucial key to their success.

Our Enemy, The Elite Ruling Syndicate, would be very weak and politically vulnerable now, if its critical weak left flank, the American mythology of 'democracy', were not being so capably protected by the Marionette Left. 

We, the Common People, could EASILY defeat The Elites politically, with a Basic Message that could UNITE the Common People.

But the Marionette Left won't allow it. The Marionette Left won't allow ANY attempts to unite the Common People to even exist, or go forward, at ALL. 

The Marionette Left will not even so much as permit the Common People to even form up behind our own Banner. The Marionette Left herds us, with its bullying Stalinist PC Party-Line cattle-prods of enforcement, (demonizing, de-humanizing, anyone who dares to disagree with them about anything), back into the Democratic Party Machine's Big Corral, where it keeps all its cattle, to bleed them slowly, living on their lifeblood, rather than just slaughtering them and easting them.

Was Trump a 'gambit' perpetrated at a level we'll never have access to? Answers to questions like that are hardly ever found. I don't waste much time on 'conspiracy theories'. because they almost never lead to anything definitive. (Historians still have impassioned arguments about the Cataline Conspiracy in ancient Rome). But I do try to 'see' all motives that could possibly exist that are consistent with events as they have unfolded. What motives are consistent with the facts?

"Qui bono?", is ancient wisdom. They were already ancient words of wisdom when Caesar spoke them to his lieutenant commanders, to teach them what he 'saw'. If you want to identify the perpetrator(s), look among the people who had motive. 

Which seems more likely. Trumpty-Dumpty was SO smart that after his business empire went belly up, he made himself a TV Star, and then craftily outsmarted the Mass Media, and won the Oval Office, (talk about Gecko-caliber bragging rights in the steam room at the club).

Or.. when Trump Inc went belly up, the Big Guys already saw a use for the chump, and decided to float him, and made him a TV Star, and then stroked his narcissist's ego, and coaxed the idea into his head that he should be POTUS. 

They lured him into running, to serve as a 'patsy', as part of a larger long range political power maneuver. 

Did you folks know that the 2014 coup was planned by thew CIA since the years immediately after WW2? This is my own family's ethnic legacy. The CIA saw that Ukraine was Russia's 'weak underbelly', and that eventually that was where they would 'attack'. They actually brought key leadership people from among the followers of Ukrainian Nazi Stepan Bandera, to the US, and helped them get their lives and careers established here. 

The first time I ever saw the famous portrait of Stepan Bandera, it was when a Ukrainian roofer took it out of his wallet and showed it to me, as he 'recruited' me, in the basement of the Urainian Orthodox Church in Jamaica Plain, Boston, (right up the hill from the Forest Hills T station). 

Was Trump a cunning Big Gambit? We'll almost surely never know, and it doesn't even matter much anyway, (whether we know or not, not whether it happened that way), but it is perfectly consistent with the motives and behavior we have seen from both The Elites, and from the American 'Marionette' Left.

It all could have just happened by accident, (or for other reasons not being considered in this discussion), but if it WAS a 'gambit', I think they lost (big time) a LOT more than they bargained for, (after all, they would have preferred to keep the Clintonista DPM in power, for sure), but still, even so, even if they've paid a high price, look what they've gained. 

They now have someone over whose head they can dump loads and loads of their own stinky doo-doo. A classic political Whipping Boy upon whom to cast ALL blame. Geez ... How much is THAT worth? (If you could buy it by the pound?)

They now have again seized full power over the nation, while posing as 'heroes' for having subverted democracy, (having suspended the First Amendment, for example, as poor Glenn Greenwald can tell us).  

But the even MUCH bigger prize is that they have rendered the entire American Left into marionettes spinning 'round in such confused pirouettes that folks on the Left are senseless 'dizzy'.

Thanks to the Trump Gambit, (or by whatever other cause), they have captured full control of the opposition. It's there bedrock MO. They do it in EVERY nation that they can. 

Control the Opposition. It's pretty much right up there, right after 'divide and rule', in their 'Book of Ruling Priorities'. 

Believe me ... It's NOT a good feeling when your OWN frackin' side acts THIS dumb.

The Left has just finished throwing all its energy and resources into getting its OWN Enemy back fully into power, and is now doing some kind of jerky weird 'celebration', even as it starts to realize how completely stupid it's been, kind of like a girl whose heart still flutters over how handsome he was, even as she realizes he got up early and snuck out, and that she'll never see him again, or if she does, he'll have that disgusting smug smirking sneer on his face. 

Let's 'see' ... If we were (hypothetically) offered a Faustian bargain, and could choose between fighting one of two enemies, which should we choose? And why?

One enemy is a weak lone wolf. He has few friends. About half the population hates him with great passion, so he has GREATLY energized our own forces. The Centralized Mass Media has turned itself, in unprecedented totalitarianism, into a blaringly powerful and bluntly partisan political club, to beat this staggering lone wolf half senseless. A few old business cronies and hags stand for him, but with the Mass Media controlling the 'narrative' that the public 'sees', this enemy's representatives are drowned out by the mindless growling rage of The Mob that hates him like a pack of vicious hyenas that smells blood.  

The other enemy is a powerful National Political Machine. It is HIGHLY organized, down to the local precinct and 'district judge' level. ALL the centralized Mass Media is fully supporting them, (even to the mind-exploding extent of burying the Laptop Story, thuas fully suspending the actual First Amendment). ALL the nation's 'intelligence community' supports them, and likely, (though there is, reportedly, significant doubt), most of the US Military command structure supports them, (the rank and file troops are a 'whole other matter', however). 

So ... That's your choice. Which enemy should you choose? Which is the 'lesser evil'?

And the Left fell perfectly into line, as 'they', The Elites, pulling the levers and running the show, had determined it would. The Left danced the pirouette-dances that The Elites wanted the Left to dance. The riots. The looting. Street people and ghetto dogs were warning on youtube that the whole BLM thing "was a set-up". I actually saw several such videos, hardly more than selfies, or a guy in tghe ghetto on hisd moldy couch in front of his computer on the banged up living room coffee table. Yep.. Folks in The Ghetto still put coffee tables in front of the couch, but they can't afford to fix the roof, and the landlord won't, so the couch gets damp, and soon goes moldy. (Ask me how I know that 'mold' is the smell of the Demon Poverty. I wonder if Sir Bob the Third Leg knows that?)

Yea ... Well ... Caliban communicates with all kinds of people, in many different places, all over the nation, and indeed, all over the world. I got the emailed youtube links. Young ghettos dogs posting video selfies. "This BLM shit is a set-up y'all. They're tryin' to trick US into rioting, so's when The Man comes it's US gonna get clubbed and shot"

I wonder how long it takes them to censor such videos? Yea ... well ... I saw several videos just like that. 

Create chaos under Trump. Wasn't that The Elites' primary objective? Wasn't it just a campaign strategy, to win back power? 

Run the Floyd Video wall to wall 24/7. Enrage The Mob. And as the Marionette Left twirled through its deadly pirouettes, in orgies of rage and raw ugly hatred, silhouetted so 'romantically' against the fiery orange night sky. The preening marionettes were suddenly "famous". They were 'on TV'. They were highly energized, excited, and happy. As the nation burned, and most of the Common People huddled in dread, they preening marionettes of the American Left could barely disguise their raw naked 'glee'. For a brief 'warhol' measure of time, they were 'famous'.

And for a brief time, those ghetto black kids, (they sure looked like 'kids' to an ole silverback), were posting videos saying, "Hey, I smell a set up".

Why? Because it just don't make sense. That's why. 

It just don't add up. Why is The Man giving these people all this publicity? Naw ... The Man is a mean-ass muh-fugger, but he ain't dumb. He didn't get to be The Man by bein' dumb. People who think The Man is dumb don't last long out here in the ghetto jungle. Yea ... Ask ole Caliban sometime, how a white boy from Kansas came to learn about all that first hand. I did not merely see it with ne own eyes, I lived it. I know what it like to wake up at two am, turn on the light, and see yer Rolaids half eaten away by cockroaches. I know what every room like that in the nation smells like. They all smell pretty much the same. (And an old man has surely had many adventures, fer sure).

Okey doke ... Well ...anyway ...Sigh, (people don't know ... folks is just folks .. sigh ..) ..

Well ... Let's get to it. Get it over with. (Cue the dramatically rolling eyes. "BORing" the petulant child inside the old man sez.)

Sir Reich the Third-Leg's Writ of Prosecution against Trumpty-Dumpty: 

The General Charge surely amounts to treason. Treason is a capital offense under US Law, is it not?

"Trump has brought impunity to the highest office in the land, wielding a wrecking ball to the most precious windowpane of all – American democracy", delareth Sir Reich. 

Oh geez ... Where have you gone, Lewis Carrol; a nation turns its lonely eyes to you, woo woo woo...woo woo woo. -('Pologies t' P Simon).

Sir Reich the Third charges Trumpty-Dumpty with plotting to destroy American democracy itself. He is apparently accusing him of plotting to take-over the nation under a fascist dictatorship, (or something), "wielding a wrecking ball to the most precious windowpane of all – American democracy".

Whoa! ... That sure sounds like the worst sort of treason to me. Is Sir Robert the Third-Leg suggesting that Trumpty-Dumpty be put on trial for his life? 

Is Sir Bob the Third-Leg organizing a Lynch Mob to clean up the DemoParty Machine's mess? (All they did was cancel the First Amendment for the crucial last three weeks of an 'election', which we're now supposed to play dumb and officially 'believe' (wink wink) was 'on the level', or else they'll make fun of us on TV and call us vile names.

"Ain't that America, Land of the free?" -J Mellencamp. "Ain't that how it is?", my friend Thaddeus always said. "It's a heckuva thing, man. A HECKuva thing", he'd most always say next.  

OK, then. Okey doke ... Poor ole broke up (all-gooey and eggy) Trumpty-Dumpty stands accused of a Capital Offense, which Sir Third Leg describes, with the steamy passion of rage gone to pure hatred, as his "vilest" crime. 

Well ... As romantic Handsome Jack Dawson said when the Titanic hit the iceberg, "This is bad!" 

Shall we stage a public execution? How 'bout the Bud Clydesdales could 'quarter' him, like they used t' do in England? (Poor William Wallace, Eh? Though I heard they were Percherons, rather than Clydesdales. And they "cut off his privy parts" first, as his written sentence directed).

My, how FAR we've come since THOSE days. Ehh? 

Well ... Let's take a look. Let's see what we can 'see'. 

Here is the Bill of Particulars of Sir Reich's Writ, and some brief comments in initial response:

Trump is accused of "wielding a wrecking ball to the most precious windowpane of all – American democracy", because he:

1) Obstructed special counsels’ investigations of his wrongdoing. 

Comments: Which among all 330 million of us would not try to shield oneself, and one's business and affairs, from the attention of a hostile prosecutor's investigators? Have we repealed the constitutional right to privacy? Didn't the Clintonista DPM's investigation amount to a massive fishing expedition? Show us EVERYTHING, because we KNOW you're hiding something?

Ands Trump reacted to defend himself. And that shows that he's a criminal fiend dictator? 

LOL ... Okey doke ... I'm pretty sure I 'see' what ole Bob Third Leg is sayin' here. "When we attack, the very fact that you defend yourself is PROOF that you are a criminal". (Hey ... Any poor man KNOWS that there is no such thing as 'self-defense' against a cop, and "assault on a police officer" is a felony. The Man beats you up, he's then gonna tell the judge to send you 'up river', to live in a cage, unless you 'git yer mind right', like ole Cool Hand Luke had such a hard time doing

What looks like 'obstruction' from the prosecutor's point of view, sure looks like constitutionally protected rights of self-defense from the accused's point of view. 

Apparently Sir Reich thinks that anyone presenting a defense against obviously malicious prosecution is guilty of 'obstruction'.

Wasn't Trump, in fact, simply asserting what appeared to him, as it surely would to anyone in his position, were his constitutional RIGHTs, (and especially his Fifth Amendment rights)?

If a citizen defends herself or himself against government power, especially power wielded for partisan political purpose, is Sir Robert telling us we should take that as evidence of plotting to destroy democracy?  

Really? What does Sir Third Leg think most of the Common People think about his assertion? Anyone who defends themselves against malicious government power, is now to be accused of treason? Of plotting to destroy democracy? Really?? How far into Orwell must we read before we get 'the moral of the story'? 

But OBVIOUSLY Sir Third Leg needs to read it yet again. He just doesn't 'get it'. 

2) Pushed foreign officials to dig up dirt on political rivals

O geezus h ... lordie lordie, please forgive us, we're just poor dumb humans and we're doing the best we can ... Sigh ....

The US and Ukraine actually have a treaty, negotiated and signed by Clinton, and duly ratified, in 1998, that actually REQUIRES the very sort of cooperation between the two countries, in investigating crimes by each other's citizens, that Trump solicited in a rather informal/offhand way, during a friendly and informal conversation, whose purpose, (if I recall, and I'm NOT looking, you guys look it up), was just to congratulate the new president of Ukraine for his election.

These DPM rabid dogs impeached the POTUS for an off the cuff remark during an informal telephone call. 

This 'charge' against Trump is such a black pot cursing black kettle absurdity that it is difficult to believe that Sir Reich would advance such an obviously hypocritical argument. 

Skinny Joe Biden is on videotape, which anyone who hasn't been in a coma for several years has surely seen, actually bragging about getting Ukraine Attorney General/Minister of Justice fired because the guy was investigating a company that was paying Hunter Biden $millions$ to do absolutely nothing.

And Hunter Biden's laptop, which has magically just 'whooshed' and disappeared from the consciousness of the deranged Left, contains PROOF of the Biden Family's stinking corruption in Ukraine, (China, as well, but let's not go into that).

But smoking gun PROOF just doesn't matter to these deranged people. They INSIST that there is no reason to suspect poor ole Skinny Joe, who has been a bagman for Big Money over his ENTIRE career, for ANYTHING he and his drug-addict boy, Hunter, did in Ukraine, (and China).

In leveling this charge, as supporting evidence for a charge of Treason, Sir Third Leg only exposes the astonishing degree of his own Hypocrisy, and/or his patrhological delusionary blindness to his OWN behavior.

3) Fired inspectors general who found corruption

Oh geez. He fired people he had the authority to fire because he saw that they were aiding the DPM's intense and constantly blaring offensive against him. 

The DemoParty Machine found the biggest loudest siren on Earth, and blared it 24/7, right outside poor Trumpty-Dumpty's window, wherever he went, anywhere on the planet.

Is that now how our 'democracy' functions? The Mass Media serves as a giant club to beat any and every political opponent senseless, while every government jackal is set upon him to try to disembowel him? 

He fired people he had the authority to fire, because in his judgment, as POTUS, they were not acting to serve the nation's best interests, they were acting to serve the DemoParty Machine.

4) Ordered the entire executive branch to refuse congressional subpoenas.

Well ... What did The Supremes have to say. Who blinked? Who was 'ready'. Who backed down? 

In the balance of powers government that we have, (at least in theory), the powers will sometimes dispute where the separating boundaries of power truly lie. 

Rational people would file that under, "democracy sometimes gets messy", or "that's justb thye way it is, the powers sometimes bump heads"

But in his obviously irrational hysteria, Sir Third Leg is sure that when this happens, it is evidence of capital Treason, if it is perpetrated by a POTUS his beloved DPM hates with raging passion. 

5) Flooded the Internet with fake information about his opponents

Okey doke ... Here Sir Third Leg appoints himself as Lord Minister of Truth. (Lewis. Lewis. Fer crissake, where ARE ye lad. We NEED ya NOW! LOL ... Let's see.. How did it go? There was TweedleDee and TweedleDum. And there was Sir Robert, the Stool's Third Leg. 

6) Refused to release his tax returns

Yea ... well ... sure ... Would Jeff Bezos want to release his? Would ANY of the Billionaire Oligarchs who sit at The Syndicate's table want to release theirs? 

When the tax returns WERE released, apparently by means of an illegal but deliberate government leak, a government invasion of poor Trumpty's privacy, what did they show? Nothing illegal. Nothing that EVERY Baron Oligarch's tax returns would not show.

It is NOT illegal, (do you HEAR?), to be a wealthy powerful tax dodger in America. "Is this a great country? Or what?" --A Capone.  

7) Accused the press of being “fake media” and “enemies of the people”

OK. Here's where the rubber of the Left's craziness meets reality's hard rough concrete road. Poor Sir Reich the Third Leg has clearly gone 'over the edge' of ANYTHING that could POSSIBLY define 'The Left' in our nation, in our times.

Surely the American Left is not now vouching for the very 'free press' that just censored freedom of the press itself, by completely, acting in totalitarian unison, to bury a crucial story at a crucial time, under the incredibly lame stinky doo-doo "The Russians did it! The Russians did it", (repeat a gazillion zillion times into the Mass Media echo chamber that defines the Blue Pill Matrix). Thew Centralized US Mass Media acted in totalitarian unison to bury a crucial story over a crucial period time, immediately leading up to the election. 

Are we supposed to now pretend like we didn't ALL see that happen right before our very eyes? Isn't that what these people, like Sir Robert Reich the Third Leg, tell us we must do? "We must all pretend together that we did not see what we all just saw", Sir Third Stands up in public and declares, "and anhyone who sees different is a no good racist Nazi scum white spremacist cockroach".

Thanks, Sir BobbyBoy. I think we got it. Sir Reich doesn't just lick hands. Ole Third Leg knows what boot-leather smells like, (don't you, 'Mr. Jones'?)

8) Made money off his presidency.

Ah lordie. The Clintons were broke when they left the White House. Now their pile of gold is measured in hundreds of millions. (Not quite $200mil, last I heard). Huh? Where d'ya s'pose all that money come from? (Follow the money. It still works. like it always has).

Do folks not even know what that ole Rascal Barry and his lovely wife are doing these days, planning to build Barry's taxpayer funded palace to himself. Brilliant gentrification scheme. (Tony Soprano actually did this too). Gee, ya think any 'a Barry's and Michelle's friends and loved ones happened to know anyone who's brother in law, twice removed, bought up a whole bunch of Chicago South Side Ghetto property for pennies, right before rascally ole Barry decided that Chicago's South Side was the best place for a Taj-Mahal palace for a white mama's boy, raised by his white gramma, among mostly white folks, in Hawaii. 

Is Sir Robert the Third Leg going on a picnic today with Miss Pollyanna? On that grassy knoll, by the pond, where the butterflies flutter, and rainbows are in the sky? 

Can Sir Reich please name the LAST POTUS who did NOT "make money off his presidency"?

Hmm ... Learned man, he claims to be. But he talks hypocritical nonsense, just like those Tweedle boys always did. 


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm