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Cara Mia, Mi'ja Corazon, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

"Vanity is my favorite sin", (Pacino, as The Devil, be-deviling his advocates).

There she is. Ms. Bolshevik. She loves people who speak English as a second language much more. (C'mon, girl ... anyone can see). There she is, oozing indigenous glamor. The dark blood. Mystery. ("The girl's dang lucky I'm an old fart, else she'd be in BIG trouble" --P Newman).

The cover of Vanity Fair is it now? Ruby-red lips all aglisten. Inviting all to ravish her beauty. Ahh ... But the silkenly glowing white suit ... angelic ... maid or maiden? What does she pretend to be? And how many yearning hearts want to become her pretensions?

AOC is a good DPM puppet. She has clearly assented to the role. She serves The Machine ... (Ever since Boss Pelosi lashed her 'cross the face that time, ole Sandy from the block has sure found a secure niche). If they make her a 'star', if they make her what young girls yearn to be, more than a mere star, if they make her an Icon, she will be a MUCH more useful puppet.

The Cover of Vanity Fair? Bon graci'mia ... Surrounded by the very fragrance of roses wafting all 'round her? 

Days before the election, the DPM whomps down the Race Card, meat-of-the-fist first, with a slam on the table, and the card whipped down skillfully when thumb releases. She sounds EXACTLY like Netanyahu, when Bibi Joffrey shrieked his horrified warning that "The Arabs are voting in DROVES! In DROVES I tell you!!!" 

Yea ... Ain't it a real bitch, anyway? When you demonize people, they don't take kindly t' such ... Gee ... Who woulda thought that? You mean to tell me that when we stick people's noses in dead people's shit, they get to their feet fighting mad, their shitty nose rubbing shit on our face? Yea ... A real bitch ... Ain't it Sandy, m'girl?

The ever more exalted AOC pleads that the Democratic Party Machine, to which she has attached her own fortunes, "has to do better". 

Yea ... No shit, Ms. Sherlock Ocasio-Cortez. For starters, just to get warmed up, the DPM could stop demonizing the nation's yeoman folk. Maybe it might help if you'll 'd quit tellin' most of the nation's working folk, and most of the nation's poor people, (there are TWICE as many poor white people in America, (almost, and it depends on how you count), as poor African Americans), that they are demon scum that should kiss other people's feet?

Good ... Good 'strategy'. Great concept. Pursue your own political fortunes by telling the nation's working people, (and 75% of African Americans 'strongly oppose' immigration, even legal immigration), to go fuck themselves (we're all adults here, right?) because you care about foreign poor people more.

Ole Sandy From The Block echoes ole Bobby, right 'fore they gunned him down. "We have to do bettah ... We MUST do bettah ... We CAN do bettah ...And blah .. blah . blah."

It has been the DPM all along, financed by The Syndicate, and therefore representing The Syndicate's priorities, that has played the Race Card. This crazed cult-like tribe of humans, this Obama-Clintonista DPM Juggernaut, thinks it can use Race War as a springboard to seize power.  

This evil DPM, this SorosGang, these corrupt Sheriffs who do the Barons' every bidding, had this planned since at least the early 90s. The Racism Ruse was central to the Big Scam, all along.  

Clinton signed NAFTA in December of '93, in his first year in office. It was the crux of the campaign that this unholy Clintonista Regime rode to power. Ole Ross Perot spent his own damn money tryin' t' warn us. He tried to warn folks about what we'd have left after we heard the "Giant Sucking Sound" of jobs leaving America.

But NAFTA went FAR beyond what even ole Ross ever imagined.

The ink wasn't yet dry on ole Slick Willie's signature, when The Syndicate threw open huge iron floodgates, to set their nefarious plan in motion. They had exported all the jobs they could, just as ole Ross predicted. Now they had a plan to reduce American Labor to penury. (Classic Pirate, Cut-Throat, Iron Heel Capitalism). They would throw open our nation's borders, to import tens of millions of destitute and desperate foreign workers, to do any jobs that by their nature cannot be exported. 

The nation was drowning in surplus corn. We had subsidized corn since the gasoline shortages of the 70s, to make ethanol. The subsidies far outgrew all need. The nation's grain storage capacity was overflowing.

The Mexicans actually pushed back against NAFTA's 'corn clause', when the treaty was being negotiated. They saw the danger. But there were so many luring advantages.

The ink wasn't dry on NAFTA before those huge iron gates opened, as surplus US corn was dumped on Mexico. Millions of Mexican farmers soon could not even afford to plant a crop. Millions of Mexican food industry workers lost all income. Dump excess food on a nation to starve it? Hey ... We're talking top caliber cunning, here. (Never be so foolish to think that The Enemy won power by being stupid).

Millions of good hard working Mexican people, people with hands like leather, men and women both, were driven to the edge of actual starvation. They were forced to migrate to survive. 

THIS is 'the game' that The Syndicate is playing. THIS is the level on which these ruthless people play. Too many are still laying out a 'checkers' strategy. The game is chess. In fact, it's actually 3D Chess.    

Within 10-12 years of the signing of NAFTA, approximately 10% of the entire population of Mexico, the poorest, most desperate 10%, had migrated to the US. The effect this had on American Labor was entirely predictable. Excess labor always lowers the value of labor. (It's Natural Law, like inertia, and gravity. Supply and Demand).

For those out there who don't even know what 'hands like leather' means, here's what folks started hearing on Friday, when the BossMan still had all the checks in his hand:

"Awright. Listen UP! Come Monday there's gonna be some changes. I'm paying you guys $25/hour. And you're complaining how hard it is to live on that? Hey ... These Mexicans are carrying sweat-rotted toolbelts over their shoulders. They're lined up around every corner. They say they'll do your job for $15. Yea ... Well ... Come Monday, we're gonna start seeing a LOT more work get done, or else we're gonna start seeing what these Mexican fellas can do."

Plenty of folks know that's how the real world works. Race got nuthin' t' do with it. It was the same when it was the white Celtic people fleeing famine, arriving on our shores in large numbers. Humans are territorial. We are organized, to exert control over territory, into Nations. 

All sovereign nations have a sovereign right to control their borders. The interest of every nation's Labor, the interests of all a nation's working people, depend on sovereign national control of our borders. Open Borders are enthusiastically promoted by The Syndicate. The Pharaohs did it, and people thousands of years before them. Bring in excess labor to keep Labor desperate and powerless.  

If we open our borders to all the world's destitute who can arrive here, that always puts an iron pot lid on working people's hopes, and on their children's dreams. Even the immigrants hope the border closes, as soon as they get their whole family situated. (Everybody always wants to be the LAST member admitted to an 'exclusive' club, even if yer just the mook who pulls up the ladder). 

Yea ... Sure ... We're gonna build a better world, and all ... but meanwhile, out here 'round most parts, that's the steel-hard reality right now.

The DPM, the deadly (deadly!) ruthless Democratic Party Machine, now puts its Star 'People-of-Color' Icon 'on stage',  dripping oozing glamor, a mainline shot to primitive mainline Desire, like a jerky ruby-lipped marionette. "The DPM must do better", saith Congresswoman AOC.

Yea ... Like quit telling the largest faction of the nation's yeoman folk to go fuck themselves. Quit telling people that they are 'demon racists' because they object to allowing foreigners to come to our nation to take our jobs. Ya think that'd help, Sandy? (Look at you, girl, all gussied up in the klieg-light ... to better serve the downtrodden? Pray tell? )


R Zwarich
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