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Chris Hedges, Glenn Greenwald, and the 'Lonely' Truth, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

As always, (Caliban's essays are public domain), anyone may repost this anywhere you please. 

I think it is crucial, just absolutely CRUCIAL, to try to understand each other's motives. (Sun Tzu blabbered on about it a lot) Any who have happened to have read Caliban's recent writing, know that I was banned from the ScheerPost web site, which I have since learned, (since being banned), is a Family Bid'ness, 'Scheer Sr and Son', for questioning people's motives. 

I just this morning learned that I was not merely banned from all future commentary, apparently all the maybe 25,000 to 35,000 words of content I had written and posted to this Stalinist (it turns out), 'Family Bid'ness', was 'cleansed' completely from the site. (I did copy-over some of it).

This is just the Left's typical behavior. Once a 'party-line' is set, it is ENFORCED! 

Chris Hedges, Glenn Greenwald, and the 'Lonely' Truth

Chris Hedges is a liar. Chris Hedges cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Does Chris Hedges tell lies whenever it suits his purpose? I have no idea. I have admired his work so enthusiastically for many years, and I just found out two weeks ago or so that he is a liar.

 I now, of course, have no way of knowing which things that I now believe might have resulted from, or maybe just been influenced by, possible lies that Chris Hedges told before I knew he told a lie, a deliberate, self-aware lie, and published it for the specific purpose of inflaming people's emotions, which he did apparently do. 

Few of us seem to have been trained (educated) to think clearly. It is a learned skill. Someone taught me. I read assigned chapters in books. (I read all about Bishop Berkeley, and  when Des Cartes describes the relativity of thinking and being, I know exactly what he means. I sure didn't figure it out on my own. Someone taught me. I did the reading. I heard the lectures. I took the quizzes and exams. And I learned the rudimentary skills of critical thought, (aka: the scientific method, and/or scientific skepticism, and/or self-awareness). Too few of us seem to have undertaken that process.

Only self-awareness can save us. 

It's REALLY hard. It takes GREAT effort.

To think clearly, we fallible human beings, driven by our Desire, our appetites, (by what we 'want'), must set aside ALL that. If we cannot 'see' through an enemy's eyes, then we do not 'understand our enemy'. And if we fail to 'understand the enemy', we need not fear the outcome of any battle, for it is certain we will LOSE them ALL!

So anyway .... For all I know, (yet), that one lie could be the only deliberate self-aware lie that Chris Hedges ever told. But in this one glaring instance, it seems VERY obvious that his motives in telling such an inflammatory lie was to inflame his readers' emotions.

Is the highly educated harrumphing Mr. Hedges, suggesting that the American Left should abandon all Reason, and 'feel' the 'truth' in what he has to say?

In his article entitled, 'The Collective Suicide of the Liberal Class', dated December 7, 2020, Mr. Hedges wrote:

"The shock troops of the state, already ideologically bonded with the neofascists on the right, will hunt down and wipe out an enfeebled and often phantom left, as we saw in the chilling state assassination by U.S. Marshals of the antifa activist Michael Reinoehl, who was unarmed and standing outside an apartment complex in Lacey, Washington, in September when he was shot multiple times".

Whoa, Nelly .... easy there girl .... We gotta 'stop the wagon' right there and take a look at THIS! 

Chris Hedges said, out fracking loud, that people on the Left better realize that "shock troops" will "hunt them down and wipe them out", and to support this obviously (as in 'duhhh') inflammatory contention, he told what appears to me, pending his citation of a credible source, an outright, deliberate (as in 'self-aware', he knew full well he was lying when he told the lie), LIE!

I did some research. I can't find ANY source of information that supports Mr. Hedges' obviously self-aware, and OBVIOUSLY self-serving, (for the cause of American Marionette Bolshevism), and OBVIOUSLY inflammatory, LIE.  

I could write a 500-1000 word summary, but anyone can do the research as well (or better) than me. While no conclusive evidence exists, none that I could find anyway, that the police killing referenced here was NOT a 'police assassination', (and such things do, of course, tragically happen). But I never found a single SHRED of evidence that even suggests, let alone proves, anything other than that police only killed a dangerous armed man, who had murdered someone 'in cold blood', because they were following Malone's FIRST Rule of Policing: "Go home from your shift alive".

Well ... As many may know, I have publicly challenged Mr. Hedges to produce, or at least cite, his 'source'. He has not replied. Hasn't it now been two full weeks?

The only assumption to make is that he does not HAVE a source, (or ... maybe he wants to build drama? could this be a 'trap'? that's way far-fetched. idnit?..LOL), and thus he is, indeed, a self-aware LIAR, and WORSE, an effete pseudo-intellectual bolshevik charlatan.  

Chris Hedges appears to be a 'principle' in the online ScheerPost Family Bid'ness. His name is on the 'masthead'. My comments to his article from which the apparent lie quoted above was taken, which were posted on ScheerPost, (I saw them posted there), have been 'cleansed'. I probably wrote on the order of 25,000 -35,000 words of commentary on ScheerPost. Apparently, in keeping with American Stalinist Bolshevik routine behavior, apparently all that commentary has been removed from existence. 

THIS is just how 'bolsheviks' routinely behave, and they feel morally superior when they behave this way. As I have gravely mentioned before, EVERY time they have EVER come to power, (afaik, please cite historical exceptions), they start killing people who disagree with them. They have perpetrated actual genocide, (as in millions upon millions), in multiple nations. And they are 'religiously' committed to their own self-righteousness, when they do such horrific things. 

Bolshevism is a 'mindset'. Bolshevism is, first and foremost, a self-righteous belief-cult that thinks that everything the cult thinks is hallowed TRUTH itself. And they feel morally superior in that 'religious' certainty.

Now the DourCroaker, (just poking fun at Mr. Hedges constant droning intellectual nihilism), has a new article out. As far as I can see, (I've only read it once), it's pretty much a rehash of his 'usual'. The DourCroaker's overall purpose in his writing is clearly NOT to expand the consciousness of people who disagree with him. He overtly demonizes pretty much anyone and everyone who disagrees with his pathologically paranoid worldview. 

Well ... Demonizing people would certainly be an odd way of trying to convince anyone of something... wouldn't it? 

Chris Hedges is NOT trying to 'convince' anyone of anything, so the Left could expand its own power base. He is simply entertaining the more educated cadres of the "bolshevik masses", (thousands and thousands of them. Oh My! In a nation of hundreds of millions), with his public intellectual 'self-gratification'. (In the 60s, we didn't use euphemisms. We called it "mental masturbation").

Hey, we're ALL just poor dumb humans, We ALL do it. 

Are we AWARE of ourselves doing it, WHEN we do it? THAT is 'self-awareness', and THAT is the ONLY path to human wisdom.

Mr. Hedges preaches the same old (same old) warmed over sermon to the choir, over, and over, and over again. He appears to be contracted for one article every two weeks, and like clockwork, (note the article datelines), he dutifully hacks something out and throws it to the Bolshevik Mob.Throw in a different lesson from Harvard Divinity School, for some variety, but he pretty much just has a lot of ways to show-off his pseudo-intellectual hopeless 'nihilism for effete middle class bolsheviks', by repeatedly repackaging the same old (same old) material.

But the 'wise' DourCroaker, obviously a frustrated holy man, preaches the exact opposite of self-awareness. He wants people to listen not to Reason, he does not ask us to set aside our passions and THINK. He rather uses 'tricks', like lying, apparently, to implore people fully indulge their wildest passions, including their most extreme fears. (Follow us bolsheviks, or the boogey-man will "hunt you down and wipe you out" ... LOL ... Geez ... This is REAL. He wrote that, and then PUBLISHED it.

Chris Hedges' Zweig lecture, on the biblical Jeremiah legend, (in his most recent 'recycled' article, and Mr. Hedges is always fond of showing us all he learned in his Harvard Divinity School lessons), is fascinating. As an educated ruffian carpenter and farmer meself, I always appreciate learning such things. I never actually read the Hebrew Old Testament. It's always good to learn more about jewish Culture. 

LittleBobby said pretty much the exact same thing:

"Now the wintertime is coming
The windows are filled with frost
I went to tell everybody
But I could not get across
Well, I wanna be your lover, baby
I don't wanna be your boss
Don't say I never warned you
When your train gets lost"

Anyway ...  Pending citation of a 'source' I cannot find, (and I really am wary of a 'trap', maybe he has a secret source?), Chris Hedges is a LIAR, and nothing he says/writes should be 'trusted' as true. 

Well ... If his pretentiously ostentatious (yea, I know) kind of self-gratifying intellectual 'performance' lights your fire, hey ... go ahead. We're all just 'dumb monkeys'. We all do it. (The 'intellectual porn' thing). 

Pending that 'source' being produced, let's just recognize that Chris Hedges has thus clearly exposed himself as a bolshevik propagandist whose writing is intended to confuse people with LIES, for his Marionette Left bolshevik belief-cult's gain.

Glenn Greenwald is trying very hard to be a REAL 'journalist'. But he's sure in a really 'tricky' spot. Ain't he? He made a Public Stand on moral principle, on Honor itself, but in this 'case' the moral principle favors the perceived 'enemy' (Donald Trump) of an obviously deranged hysterical mob.

I know at least some are old enough to remember 'the sheriff', in ole westerns, in some backwater town in the Old West, come out in front of the jail, alone, shotgun in hand, to face the lynch-mob to guard his prisoner. 

Well ... That's the 'role' that History has offered Mr. Greenwald to play. Well ... LOL ... I'm sure as heck scratching my head, and shaking it, as I ask meself what I would do if given that opportunity. That's a real dangerous 'pickle'. Would I be so 'gary cooper' courageous? Easy to say this or that, idnit? LOT harder to step out there with that double-barrel 12 gauge, (or to leap on the back of a rampaging steer). 

Glenn Greenwald made a 'gary cooper' caliber Public Stand. He has not yet been recognized for the CLEARLY heroic magnitude of what he did. He told his 'boss; to "take this job and ....",etc He told 'em they could stick their $500kper in a dark warm place. He made a Public Stand 'on principle'. And it wasn't a matter of 'ego'. It was merely Bedrock Moral Principle. He wasn't jealous because he found out a rival's salary was higher. The principle he stood on, at the absolutely most crucial moment of the US 'election', was merely just 'freedom of speech and freedom of the press" iself. 

Merely 'democracy' itself! That's all! That was Glenn Greenwald's courageous 'Public Stand'. Whether or not fickle, (some say capricious), History will note what he did, now depends entirely on what he does next. 

Our entire nation just witnessed an event of portentous historical importance. We are in an 'eerie' state of public consciousness now, because we ALL saw this happen. It happened 'right out in broad daylight'. Right in front of us ALL. (figuratively). We are now all forced, in this EERIE and evil clownish ('chucky'-type) charade, to 'think out loud', in unison, as we publicly re-state our delusions, to again agree that the Naked Emperor's 'new clothes' are VERY stylish.

"What are you prepared to DO!". That's what Malone was always 'a sayin' t' Ness. And that's what he said to Ness with his dyin' gasp! 

Poor Trumpty-Dumpty had no fracking idea whatsoever what he was in for, when they slathered his giant ego, made him a TV Star after his business empire went pretty much belly-up. They, the BIG Guys, decided to float him. They lured him into thinking he should be POTUS. (You think a bit of flattery didn't sweep narcissistic DonnyBoy to his doom?) They GAVE him, just outright GAVE him, (literally) $billions$ worth of free media time during his campaign. (Just 'cause those people, who merely run the US Empire, were 'stupid'. Right?? .. LOL .. Geezus, folks..sigh).

Even up to the time "all of his men" played the 'laptop card', poor ole Trumpty-Dumpty, and all of his horses, (etc), thought it was the 'trump card', (irony?). Even as of this past mid-October, when they 'slammed down' that trump card at the crucial moment in the campaign, (anyone ever see a spirited game of 'Bid Whist'?), even then, Trump really had NO idea, none whatsoever, of the true vicious nature of the force he was up against. (If all else had failed, I fully believe that he would have been assassinated, with an Antifa loner, or Antifa cadre, serving as 'the patsy(ies)').  

So ... Anyway ... The entire edifice of US Mass Media, even reaching VERY deep into the so-called 'alt-media', (at least as deep as the supposedly 'alt-media'. 'The Intercept'), acted in totalitarian unison in 'burying' what was, and remains, and which History itself will record, an OBVIOUSLY 'legitimate' and well-sourced story, that was OBVIOUSLY crucial to the election.

To this moment, (to my knowledge), the Biden family has never even denied that the laptop is genuine, and/or that the emails on the laptop are genuine. 

The 'lack of denial' very obviously suggests that the laptop and emails ARE entirely genuine. 

We, our nation, as an entire polity, are in such a delusional state of thinking that we cannot even 'see' the irony in Biden's public boast that he bullied the Ukrainian government into firing its equivalent of its Attorney General, specifically because that person was investigating the company his cocaine-addled son worked for AT THAT TIME!! (Geezus, folks, this is really just way out there dingbat crazy).  

Biden actually boasted, on video, (which we've ALL surely seen multiple times), of doing what Trump was 'impeached' for doing. 

Ding! Cukoo! Ding! Cukoo! It's just dingbat nutball crazy that SO many people are THIS dingbat nutball crazy.

So ... Poor Glenn Greenwald. His own 'side' is in such a 'state' or protracted emotional hysteria, that the prospect of a 'gary cooper'-type Public Stand must surely be 'imposing', if not outright 'intimidating', (and I have not one word of advice, other than you better feel 'strong' first, or else 'live to fight another day'. I'm not the 'hold yer coat' type. If I can't step up shoulder to shoulder, I'm sure the frack not gonna tell any person what they oughta do in this kind of 'pickle').

Yea ... With people like Chris Hedges dedicating ALL his own spirit to trying to make sure the mob remains 'hysterical', I'm sure Mr. Greenwal dis thinking long and hard over how to proceed.

He's already show'd he's a full grow'd man. He likely doesn't need a broke-down ole ape's advice anyhow.

Hope all are well.


R Zwarich
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