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Comment in the Boston Glob re Jewish control in America, by Ray Zwarich

Yes....yes.....Look what a nation we have become. We must armour teachers? We must arm ourselves in church?

I guess we all somehow realize, then, that Evil Spirit is flyingfree, like the blue-fire dragon, among us?

One good citizen (in comments above) complained about areference to Hitler. Hitler is a dramatic reference that most all of us share,representing what can happen to a nation whose citizens collectively embrace anevil spirit. Collective insanity is a trait that humans are fully capable of.Look around you.....take a good look....what more evidence could you need thatan entire nation can become dingbat crazy?

Hitler focused the anger and the humiliation of a defeatednation, punished by foolish victors who relegated that entire nation to misery,as 'reparations’, on Jewish people. The Treaty of Versailles was most def “anoffer they couldn’t refuse”. It was signed with a revolver-at-the-head’surging.

Jewish people then were doing what Jewish people have alwaysdone since the days of Claudius, who first expelled them from Rome, and thenVespasian and Titus, who banished their leaders and extremist followers fromPalestine, from their own homeland.

Jewish people have always held themselves, (and still do), asGod's "chosen people". They have lived according to extremely insularcultural/tribal taboos, forbidding marriage outside their own tribe, tomaintain their ethnic purity as special humans, superior beings, in the eyes ofGod.

The Jews lament their thousands of years of 'suffering' as ifthey are innocent of any provocation. Every people they have ever lived amonghave come to resent them, and often to hate them. (It seems that lots of folkslike to think that God loves them just as much as He loves Jewish people).

But that basic tribal insularity is only part of the problem.The intense tribal bonds between and among Jewish people have been focused oncollective goals like no other culture has been able to do and maintain for solong.

A Jewish youth will find that her or his every talent will beeagerly advanced by any and every other Jew. This is an exceedingly admirablecultural trait, for all to lend a hand to a tribe's youth, but no other tribehas been able to maintain anywhere near the degree of cultural insularity and solidaritythat The Jews have been able to maintain, in exile, for two millennia.

It's an amazing and heroic story. Who does not admire and envythe culture of Tevye's tribe? "Tradition!".....A reverence for 'theculture', for the Tribal Ways, held at the level of religious fervor.

But look at the result…..

Acting collectively, as a culturally strong and unified tribe,identifying itself as insular and apart, and superior to in the eyes ofGod,……. helping each other achieve success, and highly focused on COLLECTIVEgoals, (yet another among our good Jewish people’s ABUNDANTLY admirablecultural traits)…. focused on not just each Jewish youth’s success, but wellaware that the whole tribe’s success will follow each individual tribalmember’s success. (One for all. All for one. All same.)

The Jews have always been intently focused on tribal success,and thus rose collectively to socially and economically commanding positions,dominating people they lived among, who lacked the same intensity of culturalbonds.

The Jewish ‘tribe’, (Jewish people commonly call themselves “TheTribe”), is characterized by high intelligence. Everywhere they have lived, fortwo thousand years now, acting collectively among culturally more disjointedsocieties, they have focused on Jewish people rising to key positions,controlling the key levers of power. They seek and acquire control of money,banking, finance. They seek and acquire control of communications systems. Theyseek and acquire control of laws and courts.

As an example….It’s widely reported that 35% of the topexecutive management of the small handful of mega-corporations that own andcontrol ALL our mass media are Jewish Americans. Well….Jewish Americans areonly 2% of our population. (It is nothing short of idiotic not to understandthe obvious).

Years ago ole Mel Gibson was ridiculed for his angry drunkenrant against “The Jews”, and their control of Hollywood…..Jewish people DOcontrol Hollywood…..Everybody KNOWS that….. No one disputes it….And in keepingwith the culture traditions of The Tribe, the Jewish people in control ofHollywood are highly attentive to advance other Jewish people into seats ofpower in Hollywood.

Acting collectively among societies divided intoindividuals…..That’s how this tribe has gained controlling influence over everysociety they have ever lived in, since the Romans sent them, ‘collectively’, ondown the road in 70 AD.

It’s relatively easy for a magnetically charismatic personalitylike Hitler to focus the ire of a suffering people on The Tribe that controls anation’s key levers of power. Desperately suffering people easily abandon allrationality. (Humans are capable of Reason, but our passions have much morepower over us).

The Jews are NOT ‘unique’ in the degree of their suffering, atthe hands of Hitler or any other in a long line of monstrous tyrants whosestories these 100 Centuries tell. 

6 million Jews. The tragedy is IMMENSE…..But lets us measurethat against 25 million Russians who blood was on Hitler’s hands. What aboutthe 10 million (or more) Ukrainians that Stalin deliberately starved to death?The Cambodians in The Killing Fields? The three million Japanese civilians weimmolated? (And we haven’t even yet gone back through a single century, out ofall the 100).

When The Jews hold up their own suffering as unique among thatof all people, that itself glaringly exposes their attitude of being ‘moreimportant’. Being superior. They’re Gods “chosen people”.

The “entire Jewish community is shocked”, (“absolutely shocked”?),that once again, as they have for thousands of years, Jewish people have gainedcontrol of key levers of power over a nation, and are using their power toadvance the fortunes of The Tribe over those of the other 98% of the citizenryof that nation, and among the 98% are a few people crazed with hatred againstthose they perceive, with considerably good reason, as controlling their ownmiserable lives.

C’mons, folks….Addressing our fine Jewish American citizens……Youthink that you can promote a nation as the “Jewish State”, and as the Homelandof ALL Jewish people, (as ole Bibi does), while that nation maintains millionsupon millions of people under brutal and murderous martial law, and some peoplewon’t come to hold Jewish people responsible for what Jewish people do?

What part of 2+2 has you so confused here?  

Thankfully, the insular power of The Tribe is breaking. This isan Historic event taking place. Young Jewish people are rebelling. They arebreaking taboos. They are inter-marrying. They are (gasp) ASSIMILATING, (justlike every other ethnic groups tries to do)…

And Jews of all ages, all over the world, millions of Jews, evenin Israel, have broken their tribal bonds with this nation that is built upon afoundation of the abject misery and blood of millions of people.

But the terrible thing about cultural hatred is that it is‘generalized’. People are no longer recognized as individuals. They are ratherpre-judged. They are held responsible for what other people do, which they hadnothing to do with.

Shocked? (“Absolutely shocked”?)

C’mon…..drop the ruse…..You’ve been doing this for two thousandyears, and now you pretend to be “shocked”?

It ain’t a gonna work, folks….We, (meaning us folks that ain’tJewish), ain’t THAT stupid……Now you want to take my freedom of speech?(LOL….You probably already have a ‘brigade’ organized to all contact the Globeand have these comments banished as anti-Semitic?.......LOL…..)

You want to take our freedom of speech?.....You’ve gone a bridgeWAY (WAYY!) too far, folks…….

This violence is tragic……It’s WRONG!.....But don’t stand beforeus and pretend that you have never heard this bell’s toll before……The uglyhateful violence against Jews in America is WRONG!....How does it compare tothe violence against the people of Gaza?