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Comment on 'Trump, Flynn and the Politics of Credibility,' from a friend

Trump, Flynn and the Politics of Credibility

Clearly a successful sting setup. The Obama administration had no real business setting up those sanctions when it did except to help fuel the meme that the Russians helped get Trump elected. Naturally there was some back-channel communication (via Flynn) between the incoming administration and the Russians during which, as the transcripts apparently show, a brief discussion of the sanctions ensued, namely that Flynn responded to a query about it by saying they would look over all that stuff once they got in. Perhaps even this much is inappropriate officially speaking, but in common sense land, it's perfectly reasonable. I suspect that along with announcing the sanctions etc. the US intelligence agencies were put on high alert to monitor traffic and (no doubt without explicitly saying so) with the hope of bagging some Trump operatives to finally make the Trump-Russia connection story legit. They have succeeded, and indeed this story will be used as a basis for impeachment proceedings which will probably take place in a few months, as many Dems have been threatening. Clearly there is a concerted move to reject the election and the Trump presidency. They have the power to do this, the good of the country be damned. And there are enough fools, dupes and simply mean-minded partisans out there so convinced of the righteousness of their cause and the clear and present Evil Personified of their target (Trump and every member of his administration and family) that they are blind to how much damage they are doing to the country both at home and abroad.

This is a coup, folks, and the power that comes in after such a coup will be far worse than the power currently in place. We will all get what we deserve. This whole ongoing debacle is probably the single worst thing that has happened to the country since the JFK assassination, the last leader who was about to openly challenge the Deep State status quo, aka 'them' or 'the system.' The relative ease with which they are bringing this new President down is both impressive and depressing.

But Trump's been counted out before; he might confound his critics and enemies again. Personally, I think the country will be much better off if he prevails, flawed as he is. They cannot put the country back together again by getting rid of him. It will descend into a dysfunctional, oligarchical tyranny with millions under the poverty line and no end of talking heads on TV telling us how fantastic everything is. Is that really what we want? I don't think so. But if the current shenanigans succeed, we will be lucky indeed to get even that much. Far worse is possible.