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Crucial Debate Rages on the Left, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

The Mass Mob Hysteria over "racist murder by police" yet clamors.

In the background, (where History happens but klieg-lights, by design, seldom shine), a crucial debate rages. Caliban thinks a sinister force has gained control of the American Left. I think the Left is being led by a deliberately 'invisible' leadership structure, a classic 'Tyranny of Structurelessness', whose own motives, though yet hidden, clearly give the appearance of NOT being in the American Common People's best interests.

Those motives are yet unrevealed.

Hey ... I'm just a ole silverback ape-man out here, worried fer m' younguns', and their'n. I can't say what the American Left's motives might be under its current invisible 'leadership'. Outlandish explanations, such as the organized influence of foreign power, is possible. How likely? Eh? Who knows? What's it matter? Purely psychological factors, ('egoism', writ large, as an example), could explain this as well. Or it could likely be a little of one, and a lot of the other.

At any rate ... Is Race 'the issue' the Left should promote, as the point of primary contention, at this crucial cusp moment in Human History?

Or is it Class Consciousness, rather than Tribal Racial Consciousness, that unites people, politically, ACROSS tribal divisions?

Isn't UNITING the Common People, of ALL races, to gain a fair share of political power, the inherent natural purpose, by definition, of The Left?

Why is the American Left, at this portentously crucial moment in Human History, promoting a course of action that can only DIVIDE the Common People against each other according to racial and/or other fractious tribal loyalties?

Yea, I know ... This is tedious ... Words, words, words ... Sounds pretty dry ... But the stark fact is that whoever you may be, or think you are, your own lives may be hanging in the balance of that question. 

Is Race War in America, which the American Left is promoting with great enthusiasm, really good for the American Common People, of ALL races?

The comments below were posted, (and are 'awaiting moderation'), in reply to an article by Caitlin Johnstone, an Australian writer whose work I have admired

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Caliban's reply to Caitlin Johnstone in the crucial debate:

Caitlin Johnstone is a brilliant writer. She’s been one ofmy favorite writers for several months, since I first began encountering herwork. I wince now to see that under the influence of Mass Media-induced MassMob Hysteria, she has lost her composure.

I had thought that Ms. Johnstone was committed to the truth.Since the onset of the Mass Hysteria over the Floyd tragedy, however, I havelearned that Ms. Johnstone is also a brilliant propagandist. She calls herselfa "rogue journalist", but she is very obviously, (I have come to‘see’), NOT a 'journalist'. She is committed to a ‘cause’ that has forsaken thetruth.

Robert Parry was a highly committed journalist. He was abrilliant leftist journalist simply because he was so highly committed to thetruth, and to scientific objectivity in searching for the truth.

For the Left, the truth is our most powerful potential ally.If we would serve the truth, the truth would serve us well in turn. But toomany people on the Left, like Ms. Johnstone, (and apparently like whoever hastaken over ConsortiumNews after Mr. Parry's death), have forsaken the truth infavor of propaganda.

You aren’t as clever as you think, guys … You only foolthose who desperately need to ‘belong’. (Some will always gladly ‘drink the kool-aid’).Most average people, however, ‘see through’ your hypocritical posture. You’veforsaken trust.

Here I am. I agree with about 90% (or more) of youradvocacy, but I don’t trust you. Why? Because I can ‘see’ that you telldeliberate (self-aware) lies to advance your ’cause’.

My own feelings ‘mirror the macro’. A huge percentage ofAmericans favor the American Left’s primary policy agenda. Numbers were 70% to75% in favor of Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, taxing The Rich, etc, etc.But most of them, most of the American Common People, cannot STAND the AmericanLeft.

That’s why the Left can’t win an election, (Duh?) …

Many of the Common People, amounting even to just aboutexactly half the actual working class, don’t just ‘not favor’ the Left, theyhate the Left’s guts with vehement passion. (“I can hire half the working classto kill the other half” –19th Century US Industrialist, Jay Gould)

Almost three fourths of the American People favor a largechunk of your ‘program’, but don’t trust, or like, YOU!

Why? Because they can see that you’ve forsaken the truth. Theydon’t trust you because you are not trustworthy.

Ms. Johnstone often rails against the Mass Media'narrative', for example, which she accurately tells us amounts to a pack of liesbeing foisted upon us. But she is keenly focused not on the truth, to counterthe lies, but rather in foisting her OWN 'narrative', her OWN 'pack of lies',on us.

You’re not as clever as you think you are. Your posture doesnot fool people. Your own narrative does not ring true, and the Common Peoplehave the innate common sense to ‘see’ your hypocrisy.

In her enthusiastic participation in the lather ofunthinking Mass Mob Hysteria into which the Mass Media has led the Left bysensationalizing the George Floyd tragedy as "racist murder", Ms.Johnstone was shrieking "racism" at the top of her lungs just acouple days ago.

She's a very good, (meaning highly skilled), propagandist.She takes a clever twist here today.

"Yea, I know the Elites distract us and divide us with'identity issues', like racism”, she says, “to keep us from perceiving THEM asour cruel oppressor, as our Enemy. I know”, she says, “that ‘divide and rule’is still the oldest and most effective trick in their book. I'm way too smart,though”, she says, “for them to trick ME. As I've been hysterically shrieking"Racism!!!" at the top of my lungs for all these days now, I wasreally cleverly and secretly and keenly focused on the Police State all along”.   –[This is paraphrased,not an actual quote. This is just what she says ‘in so many words’]. 

Indeed … The powerful do not care about racism. They areequal opportunity oppressors. They don’t care about the race of the people theyoppress. They oppress white people with the same enthusiasm with which theyoppress people of other races. They always have. The white race has a longhistory of being enslaved by the Elites. Some form of indentured servitudedominated Europe for thousands of years. (I am ‘Slavic’ by ethnic heritage. Somany of my ancestors were enslaved that the very word ‘Slav’ became our wordfor ‘slave’).  

Police in America kill about TWICE as many white people asblack people. That’s a rather ‘key’ fact, would Ms. Johnstone not say? Let’sjust repeat it once, just for emphasis. Police in America kill about TWICE asmany white people as black people

Why? Because there are nearly TWICE as many poor whitepeople in the US as poor black people.

Bad shit happens to poor people. Their race does NOT matter.It is CLASS that ‘unites’ them, politically speaking.

There is, as yet, NO evidence, at ALL, that the tragic Floydkilling was motivated by racism. Two of the four officers facing criminalcharges are people of color.

Mr. Floyd, who was reportedly extremely drunk and belligerent,deserved to be arrested, (if the reports are true). He was not behaving in asocially acceptable ‘legal’ manner. It is illegal to be drunk and belligerentas one goes around in public.

People, of ALL races, are glad to have the police to callwhen they are confronted with the social danger of a drunk and belligerentperson, especially a very large and powerful man like George Floyd. (The guywas a ‘bouncer’, which is a sort of ‘professional bully’. He was actually aform of police himself. He was private police. George Floyd got paid to use hisstrength and power to shove people around if his boss needed them shoved around.He was ‘muscle’ for a private ‘crew’).

If George Floyd were a large powerful white man, drunk onhis ass in the middle of the day, and so belligerent to a store clerk that theclerk called the police, and then was belligerent to the police and wasarrested and handcuffed behind his back, and then resisted violently againstsimply sitting down in the back seat of the patrol car, (so he could be takento jail and ‘booked’; that’s what they do with ‘drunk and disorderly’ people,and I’ve sure been on the wrong end of that equation), the same thing wouldhave happened to him.

The same thing could have happened to any race of human manin that condition and predicament.

I don’t think that most would have died, under the identicalsame amount of force. I don’t think the police had any intention of killingtheir prisoner. George Floyd was young enough (46) to still be very powerful,but it’s likely that any man his age, living his ‘lifestyle’ for many years,could be in VERY poor physical (cardio) condition. The adrenaline from thefight he initiated, (over getting in the car), may very well have overtaxed hisheart into an arrhythmia. That could have been the cause of his extremeshortness of breath. (“I can’t breath”). The knee was not blocking hiswindpipe. If anything, it was Chauvin’s weight on Floyd’s chest that was morerestrictive to his breathing.

If it’s true that Floyd was experiencing a cardio-emergency,he needed immediate emergency medical care at that point, and might have diedanyway, unless an actual defibrillator was on hand. (Being a drunk is not goodfor anybody, and by age 46, it sure starts ‘catching up’ with a lot of folks). 

Drunk people aren’t noted for the quality of their judgmentfaculties. George Floyd did about the stupidest thing any person could do, (butespecially a large powerful man that the police were therefore cautious of). Hefought, physically, against the police AFTER he was already under arrest andcuffed behind his back.

C’mon … We all surely know better. I’ve been on the ‘wrongside’ of many encounters with police, several of which were overtly violent, twiceeven involving ‘hand to hand combat’, (when police were trying very hard to dome great harm). I learned early on that once they’ve got you under control,“yes sir” and “no sir” go a LONG way.  

I’ve been arrested for ‘drunk and disorderly’. I suredeserved it. Taking drunk and disorderly people to jail, at least until theysober up, is the best thing to do. They probably kept me from hurting myself.(I was doing toreador ‘olay’ moves, at night-time, very close to cars goingabout 40 mph).

Society can’t afford to take every idiotic drunk bum to a‘treatment facility’.

Yea … It’s too bad that we HAVE drunk bums. If we can builda more just society, with an equitable distribution of wealth, such thatpoverty does not exist, (at ALL!), such that even the least among us live in dignity,and their children have the same opportunity that all other children have, wesurely won’t have so many ‘drunk bums’.

But we sure have a LOT of ‘impaired’ people now. Whenconfronted with a drunk and belligerent person like George Floyd, most peopleare very glad that they have the police to call.

Caitlin Johnstone has now stopped shrieking “racism” at thetop of her lungs. She’s way too smart for that, she tells us herself. She’s nowshrieking “policing is the issue!!” at the top of her lungs

Well … Yea … There’s a LOT of things I don’t like about alot of police. Police are paid by The People. The police have taken to acting,they have taken to carrying themselves, with the swaggering arrogance as ifthey were our bosses. They’re NOT. They’re our EMPLOYEES!

Yea … We need to get them better trained to police ademocratic society in a democratic manner. We need to do that just as soon aswe build an actual ‘democratic society’.

What we have now is a ‘crazed’ society dominated by greed,lust, and other human moral depravities. We are a heavily armed society inwhich a major part of the Police’s job is to get between people who hate eachother with violent passion, to try to keep them from hurting each other. Thepart of their job where they catch the bad guys after they hurt somebody comeslater. “Policing” means maintaining social order, long before it meanspunishing anyone.

Ms. Johnstone does not seem to be aware that the police arenot ‘orcs’ fashioned from mud by Saruman to become Sauron’s troops. That wasjust an allegorical fairy tale. The police are just people. They’re just folks.

They are working people. They punch a clock. They draw apaycheck. They root for their kids’ little league teams, and even coach whentheir schedules allow. They sometimes drink too much. Some of them are racists.They get in fights with their wives or husbands and then walk their beatangrily.

Folks is just folks. Police are no different.

There are about 800,000 police currently ‘sworn in’ in theUS. They have an extremely tough job to do. I agree they’ve grown far tooarrogant and need to be ‘cut down a notch’, but that does NOT abnegate myrespect for the difficulty of the job we, as a society, ask them to do.

Among 800k humans, there are going to be a good number ofracists. Humans are tribal in nature, and racism is a very common tribalemotion, among all races of people.

When we build a just and democratic society, it is a ‘given’that ALL races will be equal before the law. When we have a just society, therewill be less social disharmony of every kind. Human passions will surely stillerupt, (men will still be willing to die for the love of beautiful women, andjealousies and rivalries will surely always rage), but much less so when weeliminate poverty, which gives rise to so many of the passions of our socialills.

From a ‘revolutionary’ perspective, the Left is very foolishto demonize the police. The Common People need the police. When a commoner runsinto a large powerful drunk and belligerent bully like George Floyd, they areGLAD to have the police to call.

Therefore the Left is only further alienating itself, politically,from the Common People by adopting an extremist and absurd position. Does theLeft ever even ask itself WHY it can’t win an election?

Many people agree that the police need to be brought firmlyunder democratic control. But most people roll their eyes in disgust when theyhear an hysterical Leftist shriek that “the police are the problem”, (as Ms.Johnstone does).

Faced with George Floyd, drunk and belligerent, bigger thanshit, in real life, most folks are going to think George Floyd is ‘the problem’.Unless they have a buddy big and strong as Floyd, (they can call to come dealwith this drunk asshole), most folks, in fact, almost ALL folks, are going tothink the police are ‘the solution’, (NOT ‘the problem’).

Besides self defeating political self-alienation from thenation’s ‘folk’, there is another crucial reason, (from a ‘revolutionary’perspective), that the Left should be trying to win the police over, ratherthan demonizing them, and thus alienating them.

Revolutions can take many courses. Many involve high degreesof bloodshed. Some are executed through the ‘ballot box’, however, withoutcompletely destroying the status quo political system.

The ballot box route does involve considerable ‘streetaction’ to ‘back it up’, though.

One of the most favorable outcomes for a revolution can comewhen the police refuse to obey commands to restrain, or attack, The People.

Revolution is a ‘game’ of hearts and minds. If we werepresenting the truth, rather than just shrieking out our own‘narrative’/propaganda, we could be advancing a moral and spiritual ‘cause’,and even as we advance that cause proudly among ALL the Common People, of EVERYrace, (no matter their job), we could be pleading with the police to respectdemocracy.

It would be a powerful moral appeal. When the moment comes …Will they follow the orders or not?

Gee … Demonizing them in shrieks of Mass Mob Hysteria strikes meas more likely to motivate ‘folks’ to follows orders to hit us on the head witha hardwood club, than to listen or consider anything we have to say.