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Dominion Engineer told Antifa he’d "Made Sure" Trump wouldn’t win, Report says, from Peter Myers

(1) Dominion Engineer told Antifa he’d "Made Sure" Trump wouldn’t win, Report says(2) Eric Coomer revealed that Dominion Voting does not go back for recertification of software(3) Dominion Voter Systems VP Eric Coomer ties to Antifa(4) Why Newsmax has not declared Biden winner - Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax(1) Dominion Engineer told Antifa he’d "Made Sure" Trump wouldn’t win, Report says Engineer Told Antifa He’d "Made Sure" Trump Wouldn’t Win, Report Sayswritten by Neon Nettle November 15, 2020Vice President of U.S. Engineering Eric Coomer shared anti-Trump posts onlineDominion’s top engineer told Antifa he’d ‘made f**king sure’ Trump wouldn’t winDominion’s top engineer assured Antifa activists that he had "made f**king sure" that President Donald Trump wouldn’t win the presidential race, according to reports.Dominion Voting Systems’ Vice President of U.S. Engineering Eric Coomer allegedly spoke with Antifa members on conference calls and reportedly assured the other participants by saying:"Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f**king sure of that!"Dominion Voting Systems is one of the largest voting technology companies in the United States.It provides voting machines and tabulators to many local governments.More than 30 states use these voting machines to scan ballots in US elections and tabulate votes.Eric Coomer’s profile as director at Dominion Voting Systems was recently scrubbed from their websiteCoomer joined Dominion as VP of engineering in 2010, according to the < GWP.His < bio says he graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics.Eric Coomer was later promoted to Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and Security although Coomer has < since been removed from the Dominion page of directors.In a stunning interview conducted by Michelle Malkin, FEC (Faith Education Commerce) United founder Joe Oltman reveals how he infiltrated Antifa.While working undercover, Oltman says that he was involved in a conversation with Antifa members when he discovered "Eric from Dominion" was allegedly part of the chat during the week of September 27, 2020.Oltman explained that "Eric" was telling the Antifa members they needed to "keep up the pressure."When Oltman asked, "Who’s Eric?" someone answered, "Eric, he’s the Dominion guy."Oltman said that as the conversation continued, someone asked, "What are we gonna do if F**king Trump wins?"Oltman paraphrased how Eric (the Dominion guy) responded: "Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f**king sure of that!"After Oltman, who runs a data company, finished the call, he started to investigate "Eric from Dominion," in Denver, CO, and came upon Eric Coomer.Oltman admitted that it didn’t make sense that Eric Coomer would be the Antifa member on the call and that at the time, he knew nothing about Dominion Voting Systems.It wasn’t until after he started hearing about Dominion Voting Systems in the news following the election that he remembered the remarks made by "Eric from Dominion" on the Antifa chat.Oltman began digging into Eric Coomer, trying to find anything he could about him.Oltman finally < hit gold when he was able to (legally) access what he claims is Dominion VP, Eric Coomer’s Facebook page.What he found was stunning.Joe Oltman said he never saw such hate and vitriol coming from someone who has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics.Oltman explained to Malkin that Coomer actually re-posted the Antifa manifesto to President Trump on his Facebook page.The Gateway Pundit posted a copy of < that Antifa letter to Trump in a previous report.Joe Oltman was removed from Twitter this week.His tweets on Eric Coomer upset big tech.Oltman admits that by revealing this information about Coomer, he is putting himself in danger.WATCH:He may have a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, but when it comes to hiding his hatred for President Trump, Trump supporters, law enforcement, or even for Texans, Dominion’s Eric Coomer isn’t very smart.In 2017, when Coomer was in Nevada, he mocked President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission on Facebook.Coomer shared a < Washington Post article titled, "The voting commission is a fraud itself. Shut it down."The article, written by the unhinged Trump hater Jennifer Rubin, was an attack on President Trump’s May 11, 2017, < Executive Order on the Establishment of Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.What about Trump’s Election Integrity Commission triggered Coomer?Was it the part about "Vulnerabilities in voting systems and practices used for Federal elections that could lead to improper voter registrations and improper voting, including fraudulent voter registrations and fraudulent voting," that caused Coomer to have a childish meltdown on his Facebook page?Dominion’s Director of Strategy and Security’s response to Rubin’s article appears to be a bit unhinged: "And in other news…There be some serious fuckery going on right here fueled by our Cheeto-in-chief stocking lie after lie on the flames of [former Kansas Sec. of State Chris] Kobach…"You want something serious to worry about? This is it."Here’s what Coomer had to say to his "friends" on Facebook on July 21, 2016, who are Trump supporters (language editted):Facebook friend land- open call-If you are planning to vote for the autocratic, narcissistic, fascists, ass-hat blowhard and his Christian jihadist VP pic, UNFRIEND ME NOW!No, I’m not joking.I’m all for reasoned political discourse and healthy debate- I’m looking at you ( 3 names of friends).I disagree with you three on many philosophical grounds but respect your opinions.Only and absolute F**KING IDIOT could ever vote for that wind-bag f**k-tard FASCIST RACIST F**K!No bulls**t, I don’t give a damn if you’re friend, family, or random acquaintance, pull the lever, mark an oval, touch a screen for that carnival barker—UNFRIEND ME NOW.I have no desire whatsoever to ever interact with you.You are beyond hope, beyond reason. you are controlled by fear, reaction, and bulls**t. Get your s**t together.Oh, it that doesn’t persuade you, F**K YOU! Seriously, this f**king ass-clown stands against everything that makes this country awesome!You want in on that? You deserve nothing but contempt.Coomer then appears to have second thoughts about covering his tracks, and edits his post to include a disclaimer:These opinions are rational and completely my own.They are based in reason and highly credible.Though they are not necessarily the thoughts of my employer, though if not, I should probably find another job.Who wants to work for complete morons?None of my personal opinions affect my professional conduct or attitudes.I am non-partisan.According to Oltman, Eric Coomer isn’t a big fan of the police.During his interview with Malkin, he shared several screenshots of anti-police rhetoric like an image a link to YouTube from the hip-hop song "Dead Prez."Here’s a portion of the lyrics from the "Dead Prez" song in case it’s not on your personal playlist:Is there heaven for us hip-hop heathensBig Pop and Pac, even Eazy had ’em leanin’We all children lookin’ for a reasonWhat do you believe in, betrayal, treason?I’m out for dead presidencyI’m out for dead presidencyI’m out for dead presidencyI’m out for dead f**kin’ presidents that represent me(2) Eric Coomer revealed that Dominion Voting does not go back for recertification of software Eric Coomer who is responsible for the strategy and Security of Dominion Voting Systems at Dominion Voting Systems.But if you search the company’s profile Eric Coomer has since been removed from their page of directors.In 2016 Coomer < told the Illinois States Board of Elections that it was possible to bypass election systems software.Here is more from the 2016 article at < the Post and Email:Dr. Coomer’s statement brings to light a very serious issue all voters should understand. Voting systems must be re-certified each time they make changes to the hardware or software. Recertification is an expensive and time consuming process. What Dr. Coomer told the Board is that Dominion Voting does not go back for recertification of software when threats to their code are discovered. Rather, they rely on post-election audits and providing advice to election jurisdictions about security. I have reviewed all of the recertification documents produced by Dominion, and I do not recall any software adjustments for security purposes.This is the reality of the security of your vote. Software systems that count and record the vote across Illinois and throughout the USA are not updated to address security problems, and even if they were, the software can be completely bypassed by going to the data tables that drive the systems.Here is the video…Dominion was written about by the Clinton Global Initiative.The AP mentioned Coomer in their September article.AP article on the Georgia machines from sept 29,2020, exec with dominion <— President elect Julie Fox (@jlfgetserious) < November 13, 2020Joe Oltmann also posted other anti-Trump Facebook posts by Dr. Coomer including a YouTube video titled "Dead Prez."Twitter removed Joe Oltmann’s account last night for some reason.It is very interesting that Twitter would remove the one account that was investigating Coomer, his far left background and his role at Dominion.(3) Dominion Voter Systems VP Eric Coomer ties to Antifa Does a former Dominion Voter Systems VP and current patent holder have ties to the terrorist group (or idea) known as Antifa?By  Stephen OatleyNovember 13, 2020Social media is swarming around the claims that a current (or former, as his position has been scrubbed from the internet) vice-president with Dominion Voter Systems who previously admitted that it was possible for hackers to hack into their voting systems, allegedly, posted several anti-cop, anti-Trump and, frankly anti-American social media posts.According to the < Conservative Daily Podcast host Joe Oltmann, Dominion Voting Systems co-owner and inventor, Dr. Eric Coomer has made social media posts in the past directly connecting him to Antifa. Dominion Voting is based in Denver, Colorado. Coomer graduated with a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from the University of California, Berkeley, and began working in the elections industry in 2005 with a company called Sequoia Voting Systems as their Chief Software Architect. In 2008, after Sequoia was acquired by Dominion, Coomer took the position as the Vice-President of US Engineering, overseeing development in the Denver, Colorado office.Coomers most recent title was Director of Product Strategy tasked with creating the "next generation" of voting products for Elections departments throughout the world. Coomer is < listed as an Inventor on 12 patents registered to Dominion. Social media sleuths captured Coomer’s alleged Facebook posts before his social media accounts were scrubbed when the election controversy involving Dominion Voting machines and software broker. Dominion Voting machines and software were linked to a "glitch," which caused roughly 6,000 Trump votes to be credited to Biden in a Michigan county and is used in many swing states.With so many questions swirling about Dominion Voting, there are clearly issues if the co-inventor and owner of that company might be connected to the Antifa (idea, myth, organization, way of life, terrorists…You choose).According to Oltmann, Coomer’s now-deleted Facebook < posts include his sharing songs tilted "Dead Cops," "Dead Prez," and "ACAB." One post of particular interest is a long "statement" from Antifa he shared in June in response to President Trump declaring Antifa a terrorist organization.THESE ARE POSTS THAT ERIC COOMER POSTED IN MAY. NOTICE THE ANTI-AMERICAN SENTIMENT, THE UNDER-MESSAGE IN THESE POSTS. ERIC COOMER IS, A MAJOR SHAREHOLDER IN DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS, HOLDER OF ELECTION SYSTEM PATENTS AND AN ANTIFA SUPPORTER. BUT HE SOUNDS SANE, RIGHT? < #RECKONING < PIC.TWITTER.COM/SKNRMND1QZ— Joe Oltmann (@JoeOltmann) < November 12, 2020PT News Network was unable to independently verify the posts’ authenticity; however, Oltmann, the CEO of a tech company and outspoken critic of Antifa, who recently < threatened to release the names of suspected Antifa journalists in front of a cheering crowd, confirmed the authenticity of the posts via Twitter.I WANT TO ADDRESS THOSE ASKING TO VERIFY IF THESE FB POSTS ARE REAL. I RUN A LARGE TECH CO, I SIGNED AN AFFIDAVIT CERTIFYING EVERYTHING I PUT OUT TO BE THE TRUE. I AM  POSITIVE IT IS THE REAL ERIC COOMER, WHO IS ALSO CURRENTLY TRYING TO PURGE THE INTERNET. < #RECKONING < #TOOLATE— Joe Oltmann (@JoeOltmann) < November 13, 2020Another post, allegedly captured before the page was scrubbed shows a clear bias towards the President and interestingly enough, refers to the then-presidential candidate as a fascists’ and tells anyone on his friends list to "unfriend me now" if they plan on voting for him.One of the most interesting, and possibly concerning, social media posts appear to be a copied and pasted post reportedly found on Coomer’s Facebook page: A long…. and, well, almost ranting June Facebook post titled a "PUBLIC STATEMENT FROM ‘ANTIFA’ IN RESPONSE TO THE THREATS ISSUED BY UNITED STATES PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP" signed, "Best Regards, ‘AntiFa’".The "statement" was seemingly issued because "both the ‘president’ and the media insist on acting as though ‘AntiFa’ is this big, scary organization." The post is contradictory at times. Early in the post, the author writes Antifa "supports and defends rights." Later says it "isn’t a thing" because, "’ Antifa means ‘Anti-Fascism. The only position that opposes that is fascism. In the end, there is no ‘organization that you can ‘declare terrorists’". The author threatens war and says, "none of us wants to see the death toll" from such a conflict. Read the full post below.(4) Why Newsmax has not declared Biden winner - Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax Newsmax Won't Project Joe Biden Winner, Here's WhyBy Christopher Ruddy    |   Wednesday, 18 November 2020 09:44 AMWhile all major broadcast and cable news outlets have declared former Vice President Joe Biden the 46th president of the United States, Newsmax has not.We are doing so for good and prudent reasons.This was an extremely close election in which one of the contestants, President Donald Trump, is challenging the results in as many as five states, in races that are as close as 1% or less.Under such circumstances, it is Newsmax's view that the voters and their respective states should decide the election, not media companies.Consider that in Arizona, Biden brought home 49.40% of the vote to Trump's 49.08%, a difference of 0.32%.Biden also was declared the winner in Georgia by taking 49.52% of the vote to the president's 49.24%, a difference of just 0.28%.And Tuesday, one Georgia county discovered an additional 2,600 votes that were yet to be counted, with an apparent strong majority going for Trump.Biden also won Wisconsin by carrying 49.57% of the vote to Trump's 48.95%, a difference of 0.62%.Finally, Biden took Pennsylvania by wooing 49.89% of the electorate to Trump's 48.96%, a difference of 0.93%.Other disputed battleground states include Nevada, where Biden was declared the winner carrying 50.15% of the vote to Trump's 47.58%, and Michigan, where Biden reportedly won 50.56% of the vote to the president's 47.91%.ABC News projected Saturday that when the Electoral College meets Dec. 14, Biden will be awarded 306 electoral votes to the president's 232. Of those states having less than one percentage point in difference:Arizona has 11 electoral votesGeorgia has 16 electoral votesWisconsin has 10 electoral votesPennsylvania has 20 electoral votesThe president would need to flip states totaling at least 37 electoral votes for an outright win.However, if he reverses the outcomes in Georgia and Pennsylvania, that would bring the candidates to a tie at 269 each.In that event, the election would be determined by the U.S. House of Representatives when the new Congress meets in early January.Professor Alan Dershowitz sees another possible scenario where neither Biden nor Trump wins more than 269 electoral votes.This could happen if a particular state fails to certify its electors and they do not vote at the Electoral College in December.Pennsylvania is ripe for this type of challenge.There have been clear-cut examples of voting irregularities. State authorities took clear liberties with their mail-in ballots and may have violated the law.For example, Republicans allege that in several counties Democrats blocked their ability to actually observe and monitor the initial counting of mail-in ballots.And, across several contested states, we saw strange patterns related to mail-in ballots.Last week, John Solomon's Just the News <> reported that states were not rejecting invalid mail-in ballots at the same rates they did in the 2016 election.In 2016, Georgia had a rejection rate of faulty ballots — with no signature, no signature match, damaged ballots, etc. — of over 6%. In 2020, it was just 0.2%.In Pennsylvania, 2016 saw a rejection rate of 1%, this year it was only 0.3%. Michigan fell from a 0.5% rejection rate to a 0.1%.This is not proof of vote fraud, but it is highly suggestive of vote manipulation.Put another way, if rejection rates in 2020 were consistent with 2016, Trump would have easily won this election.Trump's team also raised issues related to the use of software and voting machines provided by Dominion Voting Systems.Dominion's products are used by some 2,000 jurisdictions in 30 states, and early on, problems were discovered in Michigan and Georgia.Trump legal team coordinator Rudy Giuliani discussed those issues during his appearance on WABC's "The Cats Roundtable."Curiously, in the very, very close states where Trump lost by less than 1%, it's those machines that are being used," <> Giuliani said. "Nevada, Michigan, and Georgia use those machines. Those machines should not be used in any American election. Again, they're foreign machines.On Nov. 7, ABC, NBC, CNN, and Fox News all projected that Biden had accumulated the 270 electoral votes necessary for victory. Although the president had not conceded the election, Biden took his cue from the media and declared victory that same day."I am honored and humbled by the trust the American people have placed in me and in Vice President-elect Harris," Biden said in a statement.Since Nov. 10, Biden has made a number of brief announcements in front of signage stating "Office of the President Elect," even though the Electoral College won't meet to decide who that person will be until Dec. 14.We are witnessing some dangerous presumptions. The media should not be determining the next president.In a contested race, no candidate should assume an office for which they were not officially declared.In the 2000 election, Democrat Al Gore contested the presidential race in Florida.No media organization made a projection of the winner until the race had been certified, which took until December.No media demanded Gore concede.Today Trump is exercising his legal right to challenge the results.He should be allowed to do so.Newsmax will await the state certifications. If they give a clear indication of the winner, we will accept those results and project a winner, whether that's Joe Biden or Donald Trump.We strongly believe that voters decide election in America. The way it used to be.Michael Dorstewitz contributed to this article.Christopher Ruddy is CEO of Newsmax, one of the country's leading conservative news outlets.