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Donald's Ulcer, from Clancy Sigal | ODS

  I’m not Catholic, but watching the Republican “debates” in South Carolina, and comparing their lunacy with reports of the 
Pope’s descent on Mexico, I’m tempted to convert. 
Kissing disabled children, plunging into the ethnic morass of Lower Chiapas (56 linguistic groups) and reminding his 
indigenous audience of Tzeltal and Tzotzil and mestizos how their lands have been stolen and ruined by the rich, 
and even touching on the touchy subject of the priesthood’s collusion with narco-killers, I don’t care if it’s done 
for “optics”.  It’s terrific, speaking to hearts, which we almost never do on a political platform. 
Donald Trump is right when he condemns the Pope as “a very political person”.  Today or tomorrow 
Francis travels to the US-Mexican border to deliver an ancient Biblical message about welcoming 
the stranger and protecting the refugee.  It drives Donald, and the other nuts, nuts.
In the middle of this year’s squalling presidential fight which of our candidates – including the Democrats – 
travels to the margins as a witness for all of us?  Even Bernie and Hillary are too busy promoting themselves.  
This at a time when Obama is deporting more immigrants than any other president in US history, and Hillary 
describes the crackdown on families running from Central American violence as “sending a message”.  Wow.  
That’s why we need a woman president she’s so full of heart.
We’re all aware of how conservative and backward looking the church can be.  The hierarchy won’t even 
consider pregnancy-termination in Latin American countries struck by the astronomical rise of the brain 
disordering virus Zika.   And let’s not get into the covered-up virus of sexual abuses.
Given that, it’s thrilling to have a Pope who proudly preaches, “A good Catholic meddles in politics”.  He certainly has meddled, with positive results, in Cuba, Iran, Iraq and Israel/Palestine. 
Anything that gives Donald an ulcer is good.