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Dr. King's Dream - A Reply to ScheerPost's Dan Siegel, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all adrift at sea:

I hope that any who have not heard Bob Dylan's old song, 'Only a Pawn in Their Game', will take the time to do so, (or if you have not listened to it lately, I hope you will do so). LittleBobby was invited by Dr. King himself to sing this song from the same stage, on the same day, (August 28th, 1963), that Dr. King gave his resounding and morally uplifting "I Have a Dream" speech. 

Mr. Dylan, (I think of him as 'LittleBobby' out of my deep and very personal affection for his body of work), had just recently written this song, constructed around the tragic murder of black civil rights activist Medgar Evers, only two months previously, (in June of 1963), and had just recorded it, (for release on his The Times They Are a-Changin' album the following year), two weeks before the historic day of the March on Washington, (so the song had not even been released yet, and wouldn't be until the following year, but Dr. King apparently heard it and invited LittleBobby to sing it on that historic day).  

The song captures the powerful spiritual message, "hate the sin, but love the sinner", that is the moral root of Dr. King's uplifting message, just as it is the moral root of all Humanity's major religions, and has been preached by all Humanity's greatest prophets, from Jesus, to Mohammed, to Gandhi-ji, to Dr. King himself.

We all have good spirits and evil spirits in us. Every one of us. In some of us the evil spirits come to dominate us. But even those people still have the same good spirits in them as we all do. And those of us who manage to allow our good spirits, (Lincoln called them "the better angels of our nature"), to guide us, still have evil spirits in us that constantly try to influence and even to dominate us.

If Humanity is to survive, it will only be through overcoming our deep tribal instincts, to embrace all Humanity as One Great Tribe, "one great soul", as Steinbeck had Tom Joad call it, in describing it to Ma Joad in 'Grapes of Wrath', as he bid her farewell. (Woody Guthrie sang a 7 minute version of Steinbeck's epic tale. "Us workin' folks gotta all stick together else we ain't gotta chance anymore", ole Woody sang, but the mega-STUPID American Left has clearly forgotten such basic lessons).  

In order to overcome our primitive human tribalism, ( of which 'racism' is only a subset; if all humans were the same race, we'd find other tribal identifiers to hate each other over), we must embrace this root moral edict. 'Hate the sin, but love the sinner'.  

But our bleeding nation is now divided into two hateful warring camps, which each embrace a version of 'reality' which negates and excludes the 'reality' embraced and projected by the other camp.  

I am in NEITHER camp. The ONLY 'reality' I try very hard to embrace is the objective reality of truth itself. As a mere 'poor dumb human', I claim no special capacity for discerning the truth, other than my stringent desire to have the self-awareness to be as 'objective' as a mere human can be. I have no way of knowing, but I have the sense that with these two mutually hateful 'sides' gnashing their teeth and cursing each other in bitter deadly hatred, the largest faction of my fellow American citizens are not on EITHER side. This faction, whatever its size, (which I think is possibly a majority of us), have NO 'side' to be on. "A pox on both your houses" could be this faction's thoroughly disgusted motto.  

I think Donald Trump is a charlatan, a liar, and a poseur, who is only cynically using manipulation of white people's suffering reactionist angst and rage, (their childfren are dying of hopelessness, for crissakes, but rank bigots like Dan Siegel HATE them and demonize them, and want to hold them "accountable", for 'demonstrating' their pain), to further his own narcissistic ambition. But I also see that Joe Biden is a slithering swamp creature who has been a shamelessly corrupt bagman for Big Money over his entire 50 year career. 

I do think Trumpty-Dumpty is 'bad', but I also recognize, as Dan Siegel clearly does not, that people like the Clintons, and Obama, and now Biden, are much MUCH worse. 

From my position as a proponent of neither polarized side, as one who is a proponent of True Democracy's moral obligation to protect the Common People from the cruel and often murderous exploitation by the Elites, it is VERY obvious to me that this clown circus 'election' was very much 'crooked', and in reality amounted to a Mass Media orchestrated 'coup', an illegitimate and illegal seizure of power over our nation by the Democratic Party Machine, (DPM), which has suddenly transformed us into a totalitarian nation where many look furtively over their shoulders, (to see who might be listening), before daring to speak an opinion that might displease the totalitarian DPM that now rules over us on behalf of the Elites. 

Freedom of speech simply no longer exists in America.   

Under the cover of egregiously disingenuous rhetoric claiming to want to "unify the nation'', this highly organized DPM, with the eyes and ears of agents in every precinct neighborhood, (the now Gestapo'-like Democratic Party Machine has an 'operative' for every 500 or so people, under the authority of a "precinct captain", in every voting precinct in the nation), is now executing an attempt to purge from government any who dare to hold the opinion that the election was stolen. They want any Congresspeople who hold that opinion expelled from Congress, for example, and are demonizing them as "traitors", (treason is a capital offense, do they want them executed?), seeking to bring the full power of the American Imperial Corporate Establishment to bear against the DPM's political 'enemies'.

Our nation is now under the control of Mass Media orchestrated Mob Rule, using 'cancel culture' to have people fired from their jobs in the private sector, if they hold the opinion that the recent 'election' was rigged, and thus stolen. According to various polls, this amounts to as many as 85-100 million of us, including some 15 million registered Democrats, and 14 million registered as Independents. The DPM Gestapo, with eyes and ears in every neighborhood, wants to purge people from society itself, by making it impossible to make a living, for any who dare to hold an opinion that the suddenly all-powerful DPM does not approve of. 

Dan Siegel, (to whose essay I am responding here), posing as a 'leftist', clownishly asserts that Biden wants to "unify the country", a desire he is pursuing by accusing anyone who can see that the election was OBVIOUSLY 'rigged' as being "dangerous domestic terrorists". Can Mr. Siegel possibly be that stupid? Given that he is a practicing attorney, it seems more likely that he is merely blinded to actually reality by the intensity of his own hatefully delusional bigotry. 

These hateful bigoted people like Mr. Siegel are so 'crazed' in their hysterical blood-lust caliber pursuit of punishing anyone who dares to disagree with them, that they actually believe that they are 'protecting our democracy' by forbidding citizens to hold or speak opinions that differ from theirs. (Stalinism for Democracy anyone? This is dingbat craziness writ VERY large).

I HATE what these deranged and delusionally crazed people are doing, but I do NOT hate them. I also hate the racial hatreds that have been widely engendered on both sides, but I don't hate ANY of the people on either side. I do realize that such people, on both sides, are "only pawns in 'their' game". 

Whose game? Who's running this game? C'mon ... We ALL know ... Even a rank bigot like Dan Siegel knows perfectly well. The Elite Ruling Class, which now own ALL our Mass Media, are running the 'game'. They don't want the nation to be 'unified'. These Ruling Elites WANT the two warring factions to hate each other. Dan Siegel has fashioned himself into a perfect dupe of these Ruling Elites. Pretending to be a 'leftist', he is stupidly helping the Elites maintain their cruel and murderous rule over us. 

It's still the same old story. It's been going on for 10,000 years. "Divide and rule", saith the Elites. "Ooo ... That sounds like fun. I'll help", says Mr. Siegel in reply, like some stupid brainless marionette. 

We are divided into two hateful camps which have lost all sight of the very obvious fact that they have  a COMMON Enemy, which is the very Ruling Elite Class that is so cunningly manipulating both sides. 

People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies.

Below is a long (and rather pedantic) essay responding to the hateful crazed rhetoric of prosperous Oakland Attorney Dan Siegel, who is clownishly posing as a 'leftist' as he pours his whole heart and soul into helping the Ruling Elites maintain their Iron Fist control over the Common People. Mr. Siegel is related to the Robert Scheer family/clan, which runs the Scheer entertainment business. Robert Scheer, who once was a brilliant Left political activist, has, in his dotage, settled into his current role as an entrepreneur in the 'entertainment business', entertaining specious 'liberals', and thereby helping to preserve and maintain our nation's status quo powers 


My longgggg (sorry) pedantic reply to Mr. Siegel's scattershot shotgun blast of an article:

Again, (as I have said recently), I 'feel', (although I have no way of knowing), that I am writing mostly to address my international readers, who, judging from the 'feedback' I get, seem to be eager to receive these dispatches from the 'belly of the beast'. Not too many of my fellow Americans ever seem to even stop and think of how most of the world's 8 billion people are watching this craziness unfold in our nation, aghast in abject horror, seeing that our Humanity-exterminating nuclear arsenal is now under the control of a nation that has clearly gone completely dingbat mad. 

I have to give Oakland attorney Dan Siegel the credit he is due. He is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he at least has some rocks to throw, and 'the stones' to throw them. This is the second time that an article from him has appeared the very day after I have re-stated my open challenge, to a public debate, issued to the stupidly misguided American Left. Mere coincidence? Perhaps. Mr. Siegel has not made any reference to me in these articles. But ... This IS the second time this 'coincidence' has occurred. 

Anyway .. Mr. Siegel's most recent article, appearing on his wife's ex-husband's website, ScheerPost, (Mr. Siegel is married to the mother of one of Robert Scheer's sons, the ScheerPost Head Censor, Christopher Scheer), is a poorly researched mish-mash re-statement of the Left's feverishly insane and blatantly racist Identity Politics narrative, which overtly demonizes white people for daring to  try to defend their own lives and families against the suffering that the American Left itself has helped the Ruling Elites wreak on them. 

His article presents such a 12 gauge scattershot blast, however, touching shallowly on so many subjects in the author's child-like grade school analyses, that it will be tedious to rebut, (I was really hoping for better than this, even from the woebegone sad-sack Left), but having issued that challenge, I do feel obligated. Thus, in trying to reply to his #7 birdshot blast, (it was 00 buckshot that killed James Rector, Mr. Siegel, after YOU PERSONALLY directly incited the deadly People's Park riot in '69), this essay may be too 'pedantic' to be of interest to many. (I'm certain that Mr. Siegel himself, and the rest of the Scheer entertainment site's 'crew', will read it).    

As people can read for themselves, in Mr. Siegel's presentation of the American Left's feverishly idiotic Race War narrative, (which demonizes and dehumanizes ALL white people alive now for all the 10,000 years worth of the sins of humankind), we are still fighting the American Civil War, although his analysis of that tragic war seems to be rooted in lessons he seems to hazily remember from grade school. 

He writes, for example: "...and by the time 600,000 had died on both sides at the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1865, the war was effectively over". The Battle of Gettysburg took place in July of 1863, Mr. Siegel. (I'm remembering this from 8th grade, when I wrote a term paper about the Reconstruction period). There were a total of about 50,000 casualties, (dead and wounded on both sides), and a total of about 7,000 killed. (I've walked the battlefield itself). Although Gettysburg was a pivotal turning point in the war, it was Sherman's deadly genocidal March to the Sea, (from Atlanta to Savannah, about 300 miles), over a year later, in late 1864, an outright genocidal attack on the civilian population, (which set the American precedent for the 'total warfare', the outright genocidal warfare that America would wage against the civilian populations of Germany, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, Latin America, and now the Middle East and Central Asia), that broke the back of the Confederacy. (The US Ruling Elites have killed or directly caused the deaths of an estimated 6-10 million civilian people since the end of WW2).   

Many may recall the gripping song lyric. "Winter of '65, we was hungry, just barely alive". That was in the immediate aftermath of Sherman's 'total war' march, which was not merely murderously brutal, but left the population starving. "Spring had come, Richmond had fell. It was a time I remember oh so well". 

The Civil War was an act of authoritarian dominance which destroyed a culture that was rooted in honor, (a man's word was his bond, etc), duty to the collective, (duty to the society), chivalry, (outright 'reverence' of women, gentlemanly behavior by men, etc), and other admirable social traits, to impose a crass commercial culture, at the hands of what were called 'Carpetbaggers', the Snake Oil Peddlers who STILL dominate our now pornified and thus brazenly misogynistic culture and society over 150 years later. ('Playboy' was first published in 1953, while a few people who had actually fought in the Civil War were still living, and now today all our children, once they figure out how to defeat the 'parental' restrictions on their home computers, view all the most depraved sex acts of which humans are capable. Our boys are all learning that the normal culmination of a human sex act is for the man to ejaculate on the woman's face, all thanks to the 'victory' of the capitalist Carpetbagger Snake Oil Peddlers, (what sells better than sex, eh?), that the victorious Union sent to 'reform' the culture of honor and chivalry of the agrarian South). 

Slavery was NOT the overriding issue in the Civil War. It simply was NOT. 

Lincoln himself said this, (responding to American newspaper publisher Horace Greeley): "If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone, I would also do that." In actual fact, the Emancipation Proclamation did exactly the latter. It was motivated by the desire to weaken the South's economy, and thus weaken it militarily. It was also anticipated that freed slaves would join the Union Army as cannon fodder, (which an estimated 200,000 did). It was a military strategy, devoid of any true moral impetus.

Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation very specifically ONLY freed slaves in the states that had seceded from the Union. It very specifically did NOT free the well over 100,000 slaves in states like Maryland, which had almost 90,000 slaves at the time, but did not secede, or West Virginia, which had actually seceded from Virginia to remain loyal to the Union, which had over 20,000 slaves. There were over 3,000 slaves in Washington, DC itself whom Lincoln's Proclamation specifically did NOT 'free'. NONE of those slaves in the North were declared 'free' by the Proclamation.  

It's interesting to note that the same influential publisher mentioned above, Horace Greeley, who was a 'liberal' abolitionist, also coined the social slogan "go west young man", encouraging the dispossession and genocide against Native Americans.

Few people even know that at the time of the Emancipation Proclamation, almost 10% of the population of Africans living in the South at that time, about 400,000 out of a total of about 4 million, were NOT slaves. Most were poor farmers, but many were business owners. Moreover, only about 6%, (some say far less), of the population of the South owned slaves. Including their extended families, this amounted to only about 25% (or much less, according to some) of the people in the South who directly benefitted from slavery. Working people in the South, the Common People, were the victims of slavery, which allowed the class of Elites to own vast plantations, instead of farms being worked by small landholders. (This had been an issue in the Roman Republic nearly two millennia before, where the plantations were called 'latifundia', and were run using slave labor, (most all of them white people), which dispossessed the Roman Common People of their land, and became a major issue in the Roman Civil War that destroyed the Republic and initiated the Roman Empire).

As Lincoln's statement quoted above clearly reflects, the primary issue in the American Civil War was the anti-democratic dominance of centralized federal authority over the states, the formerly independent British colonies. The Southern States had ratified the Constitution, and thus joined the Union voluntarily, through a democratic process. When they did so they had NO idea, none whatsoever, that it was a Mafia-style pact, (once in, you could never get out). They had voted themselves in, (ratifying the Constitution), and thus just naturally assumed they had the right to vote themselves out. Lincoln's determination to "save the Union" was in fact his resolve to enforce this Mafia-style compact, blatantly subverting the democratic will of the people of the South, (or at least those who held voting rights, land-owning males, but there was little opposition). 

It is among the many self-contradictions that the American Left now presents, that the Left claims to favor decentralization of authority, except when it expects the all-powerful centralized federal authority to enforce the Left's agenda on others, (as it did during the Civil Rights Movement, and as it does now). 

Slavery was certainly a MAJOR economic issue of contention, but it was mostly cynically exploited by the Northern Industrial Capitalists, (who didn't give two hoots about people being enslaved), whose fortunes were deeply rooted in textile manufacturing. These industrial capitalists sought to dominate the agrarian South, which grew the cotton that was the raw material for the Northern Industrialists' mills. These Northern Industrialists wanted to gain control of those raw materials, (just as they still do today). They wanted to use tariffs, for example, to prevent Britain from buying up American cotton, for British textile mills to compete with the American capitalists' textile mills. The American industrialists wanted to remove the element of competition, and thus lower the price of American cotton.  

Tariffs were the real issue. From this article: "Tariffs were also used for protectionist purposes, benefiting largely northern manufacturing businesses and effectively raising the costs to southern agricultural exporting industries"; and "...tariff arguments continuously attracted the attention of Congress from its first meeting in 1789 until the Secession Winter session of 1860-61. The last great antebellum tariff battle, the Morrill Tariff of 1861, was adopted only two days before the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln". 

The genuinely morally rooted Abolition Movement was indeed growing at that time, but that was an ancillary parallel factor, and not the direct casus belli. It was the attempt by Northern Industrialists to dominate production and marketing of their raw material, (the 'grist' for their mills), that was the dominant, by FAR, casus belli. 

At that time, and continuing into the early 20th century, the conditions in the Northern textile mills were so horrendous that the workers, almost ALL of them white people, were literal 'wage slaves'. Just as most of the entire population of white people in Europe had been enslaved in some form of indentured servitude to a cruel class of Elites for millennia, the people working in those mills were so impoverished that they had no ability to escape their horrific wage enslavement, and their actual living conditions were MUCH worse than those of most of the 'chattel slaves' of the South. 

As the word 'chattel' indicates, the Africans in the South were owned as 'cattle', and as such, they were the slave owners' valuable property. From this article: "In 1850, an average slave in the American South cost the equivalent of $40,000 in today’s money". Only the stupidest farmer, (I'm a farmer myself), does not take good care of his or her valuable cattle, (or his tractor and harvesting equipment, etc). There ARE stupid farmers, of course, and given the depravity of which we humans are capable, there is no doubt that many African slaves suffered horrific mistreatment, (including, as with Thomas Jefferson himself, and his dalliance with Sally Hemmings, sexual mistreatment. And it's interesting to note that our very word 'slave' derives from the fact that white Slavic people were long considered the best slaves in previous eras, in part because slavic women are so beautiful).

For the most part, the African chattel slaves were well cared for, as the valuable property they were. They were well-fed, and well-housed. Maintaining their good health, their general good physical condition, was obviously in the slave owners' best interests.

The Northern Industrial Capitalists had no interest whatsoever in caring for their wage slaves. American writers like Upton Sinclair, in 'The Jungle', and Jack London, in many of his works, both writing during the same period of the early 20th century, ('The Jungle' was published in 1905, if I recall, and London's 'The Iron Heel' a couple or so years later, around 1908), wrote about the horrific conditions these wage slaves worked and lived in. Poor destitute and desperate white immigrants, fleeing their indentured slavery in Europe, were being imported 'wholesale', (then, just as desperate immigrants are now), to undercut ANY possibility of working people organizing to improve their lives.

Erecting the Statue of Liberty, which was 'dedicated' in 1886, with its hokey cunningly deceptive mythology, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free", was a 'public relations stunt' meant to keep the stream of desperate indentured white 'slaves' from Europe pouring in, to provide the constant supply of excess labor that undercut the lives of working people then, just EXACTLY like importing destitute Hispanic people does today. The Ruling Elites of that day also wanted to import these destitute indentured white slaves from Europe to "go west", to complete the genocidal eradication of Native Americans by stealing their land and exterminating them.

African chattel slaves grew and picked the cotton, but in the Northern textile mills European white wage slaves spun it into thread, and then wove it into cloth. Children were forced, (by the specter of actual starvation), to go to work at an average age of about 9 years old. Those children worked 12 hour shifts to earn their daily bowl of thin gruel. They lived in filth. They fell exhausted into bug ridden beds, then rose the next morning to do the next day's shift. They lived short hellish lives. They were no more than 'work beasts', (Jack London's term), and there were MANY more of them, white wage slaves in the North, than there ever were African chattel slaves in the South. 

Conditions in the mills were deadly. The constant din from the machines was so loud that it was hard to be heard even shouting directly into another person's ear. The lint in the air was so thick that you couldn't see the windows as more than hazy orbs of light across the mill floor. After going to work as children, people commonly died in their mid to late 30s, of various lung diseases, after 25 years or so of laboring like galley slaves of ancient times rowing Roman warships.

Most of the white people who have EVER lived on this Earth, certainly before the 18th century revolutionary era, have been slaves of one sort or another. (I am of 'Slavic' heritage myself). In all of History, it is almost certain that FAR more white people have been enslaved than Africans, (though I can't document that).   

But Mr. Siegel's child-like, and historically revisionist grade school caliber analysis of the Civil War notwithstanding, the abolition of chattel slavery in the US, AFTER the Civil War had ended, by the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments, was indeed one of the most important events in Human History. It represented a resounding advancement in Humanity's concept of itself. Slavery had existed, shamelessly, as simply an accepted part of human life, among virtually ALL humans, of EVERY race, on EVERY continent, for some 10,000 years, since the misty dawn of Human Civilization. But slavery was abolished in America within 75 years of the nation's founding. 

Slavery existed in America before white people came here in the late 15th century. Particularly cruel forms of slavery were practiced by the Maya and Aztec civilizations. From this article: "It is possible that around 20,000 people were sacrificed a year in the Aztec Empire. Special occasions demanded more blood – when a new temple to Huitzilopochtli was dedicated in 1487, an estimated 80,400 people were sacrificed".

We all know that Jefferson himself, the author of the ringing words, "We hold these truths to be self evident ....", which have inspired so many, (even people like Ho Chi Minh, the great hero of the Vietnamese people, spoke about the irony in that he had been so inspired by Jefferson's words, but now was fighting for his nation's freedom against the cruel genocidal power of American Empire), was a slaveholder. Indeed, human tribalism, (of which 'racism' is but a sub-set), instinctively causes humans to form such intense loyalties to their own 'tribes' that they consider all other people to be sub-human. 

One of the most starkly depicted examples of the 'racism' that clearly underlies the Ruling Elites' murderous Imperial cruelties was an interview with the commanding American general in Viet Nam, William Westmoreland, which appeared in the soul-gripping film, 'Hearts and Minds', (which I first saw in the Early 70s). Here's the 3 minute clip that juxtaposes a Vietnamese child weeping uncontrollably for his dead warrior father, with the interview with the horrific ghoul, Westmoreland, telling us that "life is cheap in the Orient".

Even among the indigenous plains tribes of North America, which experienced little territorial pressure, (there was plenty of uninhabited territory), tribes considered people in other tribes to be sub-human, and they enslaved any that they could capture and subjugate. 

Racism has ALWAYS been a primary tool that Elites, of ANY race, and EVERY race, have used to 'divide and rule', EXACTLY as is happening today in our bleeding nation, as fully aided and abetted by the incredibly STUPID American Left, which has COMPLETELY abandoned Leftist thought and ideals, and has demonized it's own nation's working people, in favor of adopting the EXACT twisted neoLiberal ideology that has become the base philosophy of the murderously cruel US Empire, which now uses the evil ruse of 'spreading democracy', and "human rights", and such evil dictates as the "responsibility to protect", to enslave billions of people under US Imperialism. 

(I feel CERTAIN that Dan Siegel knew all this perfectly well in the 60s. When, exactly did he forget all this to become a stupid marionette dupe of the Elites?)

Slavery has not yet been eradicated. From this article: "Researchers estimate that 40 million are enslaved worldwide, generating $150 billion each year in illicit profits for traffickers." Wage slavery, of course, is still prevalent. Tens of millions of people today, right here in the US, and billions around the world, (people of EVERY race), toil for wages that are impossible to live on. They don't earn enough to keep a human being alive, with a shelter to live under. Even before the Covid 'pandemic' began, there were an estimated 41 million people in the US who were 'food insecure', (an official government classification). There very well could be twice that now, (or more), but the American Left still wants to invite more tens of millions of destitute immigrants to come compete with our wage slaves for survival, on top of the tens of millions who have come here since NAFTA was signed in late 1993. (Some estimates run as high as 50 million). Even by conservative estimates there are 12 million undocumented immigrants now living in America, but that same figure has been used for over 15 years now, and an estimated 2 million immigrants per year, about half of them illegal, have come here since then.  

The greatest prophet our nation has yet produced, Dr. King, specifically invited a then peach-faced Bob Dylan to sing his powerful song, 'Only a Pawn in their Game', from the same stage, on the same day, that Dr. King gave his morally resounding and spiritually uplifting "I have a dream" speech in August of 1963. Dr. King's prophetic vision was rooted in the concept of lifting African Americans up, and lifting racists up from their hatefulness, not in demonizing white people, and tearing them down so black people could be 'equal' by making white people literally kiss their feet.      

Will African Americans not be satisfied until hateful reactionist white Americans are so enraged by black people's delusional antics that they start slaughtering them? Do they even understand that the entire nation is heavily armed, and that white people outnumber black people about 6-1, (and Hispanic people, many of whom consider themselves 'white', are every bit as racist against black people as white people are).

But the mega STUPID American Left has completely abandoned Dr. King's powerful uplifting vision and spiritual message, and instead of making efforts to build on the CONSISDERABLE progress already made to continue to make progress toward progressive goals of Justice for ALL, the Left has fallen for its OWN Enemy's age-old 'divide and rule' gambit, and thus, like the stupid Marionettes they are, they are dancing the dance that their Enemy wants them to dance. The Left is avidly and enthusiastically promoting toxic hatefulness between citizens, among the Common People, which only keeps us ALL 'enslaved' under the cruel authority of a small handful of Ruling Elites. Under the absurdist ruse of "anti-racism", the Left has joined the Elites to promote and engender as much 'divide and rule' hatred among and between our nation's people as possible.  

When populism rises on the Right, it only points directly to the miserable abject failure of the Left. It was the Left's mega-stupid support for the Elites' deliberately engendered mass immigration, which has DEVASTATED American working people's lives, (their children are DYING of hopelessness, for crissakes), that allowed the slick talking charlatan Snake Oil peddler, Trump, to rise. 

It was the duped Marionette Left that provided Trumpty-Dumpty with the opportunity to dupe American working people. 

I've heard some of these mega-idiotic people on the Left talk about 'revolution' for over 50 years. (I've known some of these people personally for that long). I have NEVER before, in my entire lifetime, seen conditions exist in this nation that could make an actual 'revolution' against the Ruling Powers even REMOTELY possible. Now it IS possible, (and WAY more than 'remotely'), if this mega-STUPID edifice of the American Left could just awaken from its twisted, blatantly racist, blatantly sexist, and blatantly Stalinst Identity Politics cult-ideology. 

But at the very moment when the Ruling Elites became vulnerable to a General Uprising, with the lockdown of the economy due the the 'pandemic', (with tens of millions who suddenly had no way to pay their rent, or feed their children), a potential uprising that had the clear potential to UNITE the nation's Common People, (of ALL races), this idiotic Marionette Left was cunningly duped into 'dutifully' initiating a stupid self-defeating Race War instead. 

The sheer magnitude of such idiocy just staggers the mind. If Humanity survives the near-term crises directly ahead of us, historians will still be discussing the staggering stupidity of this early 21st century American Marionette Left edifice for thousands of years, (just as those of us aware of Human History can still easily draw direct parallels between the end of the Roman Republic and events of our day).

I made some early efforts, (last March and April), to make people 'see' that the 'correct' move, as the economy was shut down, was to organize a General Moratorium on ALL Debt, even broader than a 'rent strike', a general 'debt strike', to strike at the very HEART of Capitalism itself. Even now, if the mega-STUPID Left could awaken from its staggering idiocy, that potential STILL exists. (The dollar WILL fall, folks, and when it does the American Capitalist economy will fall in utter ruin).

But by May, the Marionette Left was already dancing its stupid jerky Race War dance on the ends of its own Enemy's strings.

What are the Ruling Elites going to do, evict tens of millions of families from their homes to walk the streets homeless, as they did in Britain in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? Have any even read Jack Londons accounts of 'The People of the Abyss'? A General Debt Strike  would see people of ALL races marching together in the streets. It would UNITE the Common People. We could organize an 'army' of forces, millions upon millions of people barricading themselves in their own homes, (not marching in the streets to be gassed, clubbed, and shot).  

The Ruling Elites' power would collapse. Who would evict these tens of millions of families to walk the streets homeless? The Elites' troops, including Police, are themselves drawn from the Common People. The Elites are already VERY worried about the loyalty of the rank and file troops. The officer corps is split. A slim majority of the officer hierarchy reportedly still maintains its loyalty to the Ruling Elites, but a large faction of the officer corps itself feels conflicted motivations. (I happen to have a passing acquaintance with some US Military Flag Officers, (Generals and Admirals), as a result of my wife's past employment, and a GOOD number of them are avid Trump supporters). 

We could have done this, (and still can, if the good people on the idiotic Left could awaken from their starkly racist Race War idiocy), but noooo, the cadres of the incorporated 501(c) entrepreneurs of the American Left Activism Industry have been fully co-opted to become an intrinsic part of the evil Ruling Elites' status quo Establishment. New wars are great for the 501(c) corporations of the Left's 'anti-war industry'. Tax deductible donations will start pouring in after a new war starts. This Race War is great for the cadres of the incorporated 'leaders', the charlatan Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons, and their ilk, who make their lucrative livings from tax-deductible donations in the 'racism bid'ness'. 

Look at ScheerPost, the lucrative 'Scheer Fambly Activism Bid'ness', apparently run by and for the extended Scheer clan, (like this prosperous attorney, Dan Siegel). According to various online sources, Robert Scheer's net worth is $1.9 million. Siegel's net worth is reported here to be as much as $5 million, or even possibly as much as $10 million. Christopher Scheer's net worth is reported at as much as $5 million. Chris Hedges, who is listed as a 'principal' on the ScheerPost masthead, has a reported net worth of $7 million. Well ... Gee ... Seems these self-styled 'firebrands' of the American Left, this one small clan of them, may have a net worth of as much as $22 million. Yea .. right .. No wonder they feel so little connection to the nation's Common People.

The Racism Bid'ness has been so good to 'the reverend' Jesse Jackson that his net worth is $9 million. Gee .. Preaching religion to the poor is a lucrative bid'ness, aint' it though? You think ole Reverend Jesse hasn't 'wet his beak' in Obama's shamelessly disgraceful gentrification scam that Chicago's Black Elite are currently running down in Chicago's South Side slums? (Half-Black Barry Boy, raised by his white mama and gramma, (his African father was little more than a sperm-donor for his sexually adventurous mother), in primarily lily-white Hawaii, (the population of Hawaii is about 2% black), has decided to build his taxpayer funded palace to himself, (his 'presidential library'), smack dab in the middle of one of the poorest black slums in the nation. Gee .. Ya think people like ole Reverend Jesse didn't get a 'heads up', before Barry-Boy announced his decision, so they could buy up slum property, kick little old black ladies out of homes they've lived in for decades, (with nowhere else now to go), so that Barry and his 'main boys' could 'make a killing', (ever wonder where that phrase came from?), gentrifying those properties?

Aren't we, the Common People, lucky to have such 'heroes' as these successful incorporated Activism Industry entrepreneurs, running their lucrative incorporated businesses to help foment a Race War by demonizing and dehumanizing the largest faction, by FAR, of the nation's working people whose lives have been, and are being destroyed? (Full disclosure. I do own property myself, a 16 acre farmstead in the boondocks of rural Massachusetts. I'm NOT impoverished. My net worth, most ALL of it being equity in my property, may be $100-150k, at least until the overheated real estate market collapses again. 

I can't vouch for the accuracy of these people's 'financials' linked above. I'm just doing quick Google searches here. If these figures are inaccurate, these people can inform me of that, and I will be glad to post corrections. The point being, (which hopefully is obvious), is that this clown show American Marionette Left is being 'led' by successful incorporated entrepreneurs in the US Activism Industry, who are so deeply vested in the status quo Establishment that they are actively working to further the cunning and evil designs of the Ruling Elites who coddle and support them.

Can any of us possibly still not know that Black Lives Matter, the primary vehicle promoting the ruinous Race War now victimizing the American Common People, (which is victimizing black Americans equally as much as it is victimizing the suffering white working class), is primarily financed by Billionaire Oligarchs? What is half-Jewish, (her father is a white Jew), Alicia Garza's net worth? (Ms Garza is one of BLM's cofounders). What is her annual income? How does she pay for her 'glamorous' $3500 hairdos? And with her 'sexy' ruby red lips, her glamorously lustrous pancaked make-up skin, her painted on eye-liner, her mascaraed lashes and tweezed brows, does she excoriate evil 'toxic' men for being men, (and thus treating women as the 'sex objects' that women spend so much time and energy trying to be?) She self-identifies as 'queer' herself, but is married to a transgender 'man', who is a 'man' except for minor detail of not having a penis. I'm sure a girl like Alicia must buy 'only the finest' in false hair weaves, which no doubt enhances her capacity to use Billionaire Oligarch George Soros' money to fight for the downtrodden, and to inspire young African American girls to make themselves as sexy as they can so they can excoriate 'toxic' men for responding like natural men to their often bizarrely exaggerated sexiness, (what do boob-jobs go for these days? $10k? Almost two million are performed each year.)  

(In Boston, in 2017, a major racial incident forced a high performing school, which was accused of 'racism' for not allowing girl's to wear expensive hair weaves, (or makeup, or nail polish, or 'sexy' designer clothing styles, which their poorer students could not afford, and because the school believed that artificially exaggerated 'sexiness' has no place in school because it detracts students from actual 'education'), to rescind its 'racist' hair-weave policy, which I guess just shows how effective Ms. Garza has been in inspiring young black girls to be as sexy and glamorous sex objects as the heroes of the downtrodden are, (like her), so they can pretend to hate 'toxic' men for responding to their laborious efforts to be 'sexy'.     

How much of the total funding for the entire incorporated Left Activism Industry comes from 'Charity Foundations', rooted in Oligarchic fortunes, which the Elites use to co-opt genuine anti-Elite Establishment activism by steering it into activities, and into the cult-ideology of hate-based, and starkly racist and sexist Identity Politics, that serve the Ruling Elites primary 'divide and rule' strategy for maintaining their Iron Fist control over the divided and therefore powerless Common People?  

For an entire generation, the American Marionette Left Activism Industry, supporting the status quo Establishment with the Left's idiotically self-defeating 'lesser of two evils' electoral 'strategy', has been the PRIMARY factor that has prevented the Common People from even forming up into a credible political front. Look how these people demonized Ralph Nader for his candidacy in 2000. Citizen Nader, surely among the greatest citizens our nation has yet produced, has single-handedly done FAR more to improve the lives of the nation's Common People than the entire edifice of the status quo corporate Establishment of the Professional Left Activism Industry.    

This child-like Dan Siegel, for whom engaging his powers of Reason is obviously a major challenge, opens with the clownishly absurd, lauding this slithering sewage scum swamp creature, Joe Biden, for his thinly transparent ruses. "President Biden wants to unify the country while extending justice to all", he ridiculously writes. 

Yea .. Right .. He's re-loaded the government with old Bush and Obama Regime neoCons and dedicated Zionists, to make sure we continue to do Israel's bidding, (as Israel's idiot pit bull attack dog, spilling our young people's blood, and spending trillions of dollars of taxpayers' hard-earned money, for the greater glory of six million Jews in Israel), and he's reset a hard course to risk WW3 by continuing with the Ruling Elites' crazed desire to rule over all Humanity.

But this ridiculously self-styled 'leftist', this prosperous multi-millionaire attorney with a lucrative legal practice in Oakland, thinks its just great that "President Biden", (I wonder if he ever referred to Trumpy-Dumpty as "President" Trump), is 'unifying the country' by calling the 85 to 100 million people who remain outraged over the recent clown circus crooked election "domestic terrorists".

But Mr. Siegel, who so clownishly calls himself a 'leftist', is pleased as punch that his new president, (the half-senile figurehead propped up to do the bidding of the Elites who run the nation), is "unifying the country" in renewed support for murderous US Imperialism. (Geezus .. These people's crazed idiocy just staggers the mind). 

From what I hear, our borders are again being thrown open, so that more hordes of tragically unfortunate destitute people can pour in, to continue to make American working people's lives ever more miserable, as they are forced to compete for survival with these desperate immigrants, many of whom are themselves being enslaved by the Ruling Elites. From the same article linked above, listing the primary causes of the horrors of modern slavery: "Migration: Millions are on the move from impoverished rural areas to cities, and from poorer countries to wealthier ones, in search of work. Traffickers are able to trick them by posing as legitimate labor recruiters. Migrants are especially vulnerable—they are often very far from home, don’t speak the local language, have no funds to return home, and have no friends or family to rely on".

In America, the Ruling Elites first exported all the jobs they could, (starting in the mid-1980s), then they used the terms of NAFTA to manipulate Mexico's economy by dumping massive quantities of heavily subsidized US corn on that nation, reducing millions of Mexican farmers and agricultural and food industry processing workers to the brink of starvation, to deliberately cause a sudden and massive wave of immigration. Within about 12 years of the signing of NAFTA in late 1993, fully 10% or more of the ENTIRE population of Mexico was forced by impending starvation to migrate to the US. 

The Left has been duped into not only supporting uncontrolled immigration, which has been a major factor, (along with the offshoring of jobs), in the destruction of American working people's once middle class lives, but they have also used American workers' opposition to having their jobs stolen and their wages cut by the massive waves of deliberately engendered immigration, to demonize American workers as "racists", simply because the immigrants are Hispanic people. The same kind of bitter angry feelings are ALWAYS engender among any and EVERY nation's working people, whenever massive immigration, by people of ANY race, undercuts and/or destroys their wages and lives. When the immigrants were Caucasian Irish in the 18th century, or Italian and Eastern European Slavic people, (like my own grandparents), in the early 20th century, the bitter angry feelings were EXACTLY the same.

These bitter feelings among working people when masses of excess labor are imported are the same regardless of the race of the immigrants. And these bitter angry feeling occur among the working people of EVERY nation where masses of immigrants pour in, to lower working people's standard of living, which they ALWAYS do. (The populist Right has risen in Europe, in reaction against massive immigration by Arab and other Muslim people, for the EXACT same reason it has risen in America).  

But in its mega-STUPIDITY, the Marionette Left attributed the bitter feelings of American working people, now relegated to watching their children literally die of hopelessness, (often in filthy alleys, or moldy abandoned houses, with needles still stuck in their arms), to "racism".

Irony abounds. Fully 75% of African Americans strongly oppose immigration. Even about 30% of Hispanic people have said that immigration has negatively affected their lives, and 13% of American Hispanic people think all immigrants should be deported. 

Mr. Siegel, the prosperously wealthy attorney masquerading as a 'leftist', is demonizing American working people as "racists" simply because they are crying out in their pain as they've seen their lives and families destroyed by the impact of immigration, and the offshoring of jobs.

The delusional Race War mythology of white supremacy simply does NOT stand up to examination of the actual demographic facts. It is true that most all the American Ruling Elites are white people, but most American white people are NOT 'elites' of any kind. Then ancestors of most American white people were indentured slaves in Europe. Moreover, as mentioned above, historically, most white people in Europe, since ancient times, have lived lives of indentured slavery to a small class of Elites. 

Post pandemic figures aren't yet available, (to my knowledge), but looking at the economic demographics of American society before the onset of the lockdowns, the following things are true: 

Most African Americans today are NOT poor, and most poor people in America are NOT African Americans. If we don't consider undocumented immigrants, there are more poor white citizens in America than poor citizens of every other race combined. Even considering the desperately poor immigrants, (many of them beyond poor, many of them actually outright enslaved, as mentioned above), just slightly less than half, (about 48%) of all poor people in America are white. 

There are about 8.5 million African Americans living below the 'official poverty line', while just over half of African Americans, (about 52%, about 22 million), are either middle class or upper middle class. 

There are almost 17 million white people living below the official poverty line.

If we adopt a more realistic definition of 'poverty', to include all people living in crushing economic anxiety for their ability to keep their families housed and fed, there are about 20 million African Americans living 'sub middle class' lives. There are about 55 million white people in American living sub middle class lives.

So ... 22 million black people in our nation are more prosperous than 55 million white people. There are 2.5 times as many white people as black people living in crushing degrees of economic anxiety. 

How could it be any wonder, to anyone, why poor white families resent the children of much more prosperous black families benefitting from the advantages of 'affirmative action'?

Dan Siegel, who demonizes and dehumanizes the intense suffering of white working people, whose once middle class lives have been devastated by the one-two punch of the offshoring of jobs and the importing of massive degrees of excess labor (destitute immigrants), is NOT a 'leftist'. He is a privileged upper middle class 'liberal' who is loyal to his own class, and who now is helping the Ruling Elites maintain their evil murderous control of our nation.

There is so much more to 'say', but this is already so long that few in our expertly 'engineered' population, trained like animals by the brilliant Goebbels Committee, which controls ALL our Mass Media, to have short attention spans, will likely read it.

In closing let me point out Mr. Siegel's own massive degree of rank clownish hypocrisy. He wants some 85 - 100 MILLION of his fellow citizens to be "held accountable" because we saw, with our own damn eyes, that the clown circus 'election' was, in truth, a rigged Mass Media Coup.

He wants Trump to be "held accountable" for inciting an insurrection, (which was not anything even resembling as insurrection), because he gave a speech that specifically, right out loud, in plain English, exhorted his supporters to be "peaceful". 

Does he want the people who rioted last summer "held accountable? Most people arrested over the moths after months of riots and looting, had charges summarily dismissed, despite causing an estimated $2 Billion in damages, much of it uninsured, (policies routinely specifically do not cover damages from war or insurrection), and much of it victimizing small 'mom and pop' business, causing people top lose their entire equity/life savings?

In 1969, then law student Dan Siegel spoke into a microphone connected to a powerful sound system, whose loudspeakers were aimed directly at a riotously aroused and angry crowd, "Take the Park!", (at People's Park in '69), whereupon that riotous crowd IMMEDIATELY attacked police guarding the park, (California University property), and in the subsequent riot a person was killed.

Mr. Siegel was initially denied admittance to the CA Bar, (as a practicing attorney), for having incited a fatal deadly riot. He had to pursue his case to the California Supreme Court, where his prominent fellow Jewish attorney, Malcolm Burnstein, won his case. I did some light research, but without spending an undue amount of time, I could not determine how many CA SC justices in 1970 were Jewish, and as we all know, Jews are among the most intensely tribal people on Earth. They take care of their own, and they are so highly organized in American that they virtually control our foreign policy, and organize Jewry in America have been instrumental in the destruction of our freedom of speech itself. 

There is SO much more to say ... I hope Mr.Siegels rebuts, to provide me the opportu8nity to say more.


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