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Emergency Reality Check (Who's Crazy?), by Ray Zwarich

To all 'the really good ones', and to all in peril on the sea,

Unless this is all some kind of very bad dream, we are witnessing a social phenomenon that has proven to be deadly dangerous every other time it has manifested in all the tragic 100 centuries of Human 'Civilization'. When whole nations embrace aggressive and self-serving mass delusion, large amounts of social violence are almost sure to soon be released. (See: "Germany, 1933").

Caliban has realized that either he has lost his own ability to process simple inductive and deductive reasoning, (he has lost his powers of Reason, his capacity to think clearly and logically), or else our nation has gone 'over the edge', (or down the rabbit hole), far into the realm of dingbat nutball craziness.

Joan Vennochi is a staff writer for John Henry's BG Rag, (aka: The Boston Globe). She once was young and hungry, eager to win "love and glory". (A Pulitzer in the 80s). Now well into middle age, her concerns have inevitably turned to the value of her 401(k), as retirement and old age loom. Like all Mass Media front line staff, she knows who butters her bread. (The salary, the good health insurance, the 410(k) matching funds).

Ms. Vennochi expresses her great excitement in an article in this morning's 'paper'. It seems that someone named Sondland has, in Ms. Vennochi's estimation, provided the 'quid prop quo' smoking gun. "Bye-bye, Trump", she ridiculously writes, as if 20 Republican senators are going to 'flip' over the nonsensical gruel of this clown circus 'quid pro quo' case. (A minimum of 20 Repub senators must vote to convict for Trump to be removed from office).

It just keeps resonating in Caliban's brain. Biden bragged about doing, (in public, on tape, as we have ALL seen with our own eyes), EXACTLY what Trump is being charged with doing. Yet Biden is a leading candidate for POTUS, while his Party tries to railroad his political opponent from office with this Orwellian clown circus.

This is pretty bad, folks. This is dingbat nutball crazy, but VERY large numbers of people are so delusional that they think it makes perfect sense.

Or ... The other possibility is (I guess) that Caliban is the one who's gone so completely nuts that I can no longer process simple Reason and rationality, or distinguish between delusion and reality.

I keep trying to get people to realize that these are VERY dangerous circumstances we are witnessing. We seemed to have crossed the line into mob rule. The rule of law cannot withstand the enormity of what we are witnessing. What these people are doing, the indelible precedent they are setting, is immeasurably FAR worse, in terms of anti-democratic destruction of the rule of law, than anything an idiotic buffoon like Trump could ever do.  

Copied below are the comments I attached to Ms. Vennochi's article.

Hope all are well and strong


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My Comments posted in John Henry's Rag (slightly edited):

Okey doke, then … I’m pretty much down to the dregs of whatever esteem I have held for Ms. Vennochi … I do believe she is a sincere person … I will assume she’s doing the best she can.

I feel like I have tumbled down the ole rabbit hole, into 'Wonderland', where things make no sense, but rather just get "curiouser and curiouser".

As the outside world looks on, aghast to see such a great and powerful nation gone completely dingbat mad, we desperately embrace our delusions, as if the very strength of our embrace can protect us from the truth's reckoning.

People can 'awaken' from delusions. When they do, it often happens suddenly. But while they are deluded, their delusions are much more real to them than mere reality is to people willing to live in it. Delusional people are passionately dedicated to their delusions because reality has become something they desperately fear.

Our nation's affairs have become a version of a Jerry Springer type 'reality' show.

People in other nations, most ALL of whom do not share our self-delusions, are very fearful of this powerful rogue beast, aggressively brandishing its weapons all over the world, causing great suffering, and even widespread death, in nations in every part of the world with our brutal sanctions, (preventing medicine from being available to sick people who will die without it, to mention but one example, or engineering famine among 20 million people in Yemen, causing large numbers to starve to death, including tens of thousands of children), and now clearly gone so mad that we have rejected both Reason and Reality.

We are living in a 'reality' where we have all agreed to suspend the actual facts. Have any of you out there actually read "The Emperor's New Clothes"?

We have ALL seen Biden’s bragging about threatening to withhold US aid to Ukraine unless the government fired Ukraine’s ‘attorney general’. “And that sum b**ch, he got fired”, Biden bragged, drawing a hearty laugh from his audience.

How is Trump being held before this Orwellian tribunal, and Biden is still a leading candidate for POTUS?

An indictment against Burisma was handed down in Ukraine yesterday, which specifically declares that the Biden family was paid millions of dollars from stolen public funds, much of these funds being US taxpayer dollars.

In a press conference yesterday, in Ukraine, the indictment was announced, specifically referencing the Bidens by name, and specifying that the money that went to the Biden family was not money that Burisma had earned from its business activities, but rather was stolen money.

Gee, Alice … Sure seems like that oughta’ be up there in BOLDED CAPS, right at the top. BIDENS GOT STOLEN MONEY!!!

Instead it’s not anywhere? ... Is it?

I don’t waste my time (and money, we ‘cut the cable’ years ago), watching TV ‘news’. Is this indictment being handed down in Ukraine yesterday, being reported by any US Mass Media? Did I miss it?

Where are the blaring headlines?

Ohh … Wait …All the people who own ALL the Mass Media are in cahoots with the Clintonista/Obama Democrats. The Mass Media are fully flexing all their immense social engineering power to blow powerful winds on the flames of hateful passions on every side, (you can fool all of ‘em some of the time, etc)

Joan Vennochi is a pretty smart ole girl, but many of the best among us are indulging our hateful passions and just can’t think straight anymore.

Our powers of Reason have ‘tripped a breaker’.

When circumstantial evidence as obviously powerful as that against Biden comes to light, every POTUS, even a disgusting bigot like Trump, (who looks like a bumbling buffoon to me), has a fiduciary obligation to the American taxpayers to pursue an investigation into criminal corruption, (in the Biden case the actual theft of taxpayer funds), by former US office holders.

The circumstantial evidence against Obama Administration officials is overwhelming.

Yet it is being ‘stonewalled’, by the Mass Media, Big Money, and Clintonista/Obama Democratic Party Syndicate.

“There’s no direct evidence” … That’s their argument? … (Geez … ). Any reasoning rational person can ‘see’ that the reason there is no evidence is because such powerful forces are using ALL their social engineering power to prevent an investigation from being conducted.

(Gosh, folks ... The reason you have an investigation is to FIND the dang evidence ... sheesh ...)

A candidate for office does not gain immunity from investigation and/or prosecution. The circumstantial evidence against Biden is cold-gooey-squid-across-the-face overwhelming. It’s as if police detectives had discovered that the murder weapon was registered to a certain person, but the detectives decided that this lead was not worth following.

Using our power to withhold financial aid and services, to achieve ‘quid pro quo’, (to force other nations to do what we want them to do), has been a central and crucial facet of US foreign policy since WW2.

What the ‘f’ do we think “sanctions” are?

Again, Biden publicly bragged, on tape, about doing what Trump is accused of doing … Folks …. Geez ……. (Sigh …) … That is dingbat nutball crazy …

Poor ole Joanie … That smudge on her nose is getting harder to cover … Her Pulitzer tarnishes on her mantle …