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Environment, conflict, Nakba and more, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

"The ego is ill for the very reason that it is cut off from the whole, andhas lost its connection with mankind and with the spirit. The ego is indeedthe ‘place of fears’ but only if it has not returned to the ‘father’ and‘mother’ i.e. translated spirit and nature" (Jung, 1933: 125).Our own motto at the institute here is respect (for ourselves, for others,for nature ) and that is the essence of curing ego and arriving atsustainable human and natural communities. Join us!Yesterday we held a very interesting and important meeting to strengthencollaboration between the West Bank (especially our team of young staff andvolunteers at Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability atBethlehem University) and the team of Dr. Haidar Abdel Shafi Center in Gaza( with over 40 young people attending(most university students). We discussed collaboration on issues ofenvironment and environmental justice under Israeli occupation. It was avery fruitful meeting. Let us know if you like to liaison with us.Palestine: Environment and conflict - Call for research papers. TheEditorial Board of Africana Studia is now opening a call for articles fornumber 37 on "Palestine: Environment and Conflict." More details and whenand how to submit here:   [ team is proud to be sponsoring this issue]We are also going to edit a book on environmental justice to be publishedin 2022 and have many other opportunities for publications. Please let usknow if you are interested.The Palestinian Environment under Israeli occupation (Wednesday) we have an event (both physical and online) regardingconvention on biological diversity. Let me know if you like to attend andeither way and I will send details.Ilan Pappe and I spoke at this event commemorating Nakba. You can watchhere was at Yale University as an associate professor for >5 years(1999-2005). Pleased to see that Yale students approved a statementdenouncing Israeli 'apartheid' and 'ethnic cleansing' Expert Says Illegal Israeli Settlements Amount to War Crimes: "It is atragic paradox that, while the Israeli settlements are clearly prohibitedby international law, the international community has been remarkablyreluctant to enforce its own laws." and colonialism: Patrick Wolfe’s lecture is important.See especially his concluding remarks about settler colonialism in Palestine Human and come visit us in PalestineMazin QumsiyehA bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at homeProfessor, Founder, and (volunteer) DirectorPalestine Museum of Natural HistoryPalestine Institute of Biodiversity and SustainabilityBethlehem UniversityOccupied Palestinehttp://qumsiyeh.orghttp://palestinenature.orgfacebook pagesPersonal newsletter