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Even Our Finest Now Dancing On Strings, by Ray Zwarich

I hope that people won't think, (at least not too much), that I am beating an already distressed horse, here, but I think we are seeing an extremely insidious development in the ongoing Weinstein Affair. I have never seen the Elites use their immense power with greater skill. It appears that this is going to be a "full court press". I don't think some of us realize where this is headed, or the far reaching effects it is going to have, unless we are able to head it off. 

I fear that we haven't yet even begun to see the full extent of this ongoing social insanity, this continuing mob hysteria.

My comments below address a recent article from Chris Hedges, whom I respect and admire a great deal. As I discuss below, it is very distressing to see even people of Mr. Hedges caliber being taken in by this obvious ruse. 

People can read Mr. Hedges' article here:

I hope all this reaches are well,

R Zwarich

Bent Birch Farm

Even Our Finest Now Dancing On Strings 

I doubt if anyone anywhere admires Chris Hedges more than I do. His eloquent command of the language gives him the power to get many people to understand, to ‘see’, what they otherwise might not, and his commitment to the cause of defeating the power of the evil Cabal of the  Super Wealthy Elites who rule over us, (who rapaciously exploit our lives here at home, and cause the deaths of huge numbers of people around the world), is unassailable.

Among the flood of written material that crosses my desk and attention each day, whenever I see Mr. Hedges’ byline I always make time to read what he has to say. I certainly don’t agree with his analyses in every particular, but his is a voice that everyone should clearly hear and carefully consider. (I most certainly do).

In this case, however, his analysis is so misguided that it can only be called absurd. It is painful to see such an able thinker so completely hoodwinked, so thoroughly ‘taken in’ by the latest and most brilliant of ruses by our Common Adversary, (the Elites).

People are enthralled by Mr. Hedges’ eloquence in declaring “There is a genuine uprising, and no one can find the leader to shut it down.”

It is cringingly painful to see such a marvelous mind as Mr. Hedges’ so completely taken by such a glaringly obvious ruse. It is painful to see one of our best stand before us and dance on the end of his Adversary’s strings.

It is our mass media, or rather these media’s owners, Mr. Hedges, that are VERY obviously the “leaders” of this movement.

This ‘movement’ would not exist, at ALL, in the public consciousness, if those who own and control ALL our mass media did not want it to.

The fact that this ‘movement’ exists in the minds of virtually every citizen in the entire nation is a sure-fire indication that those who own our mass media want it to.

C’mon, folks…Mr. Hedges?.... We gotta do a LOT better than this if we expect to prevail over this IMMENSELY powerful Adversary. We CAN prevail, but not until we stop being this naively foolish.

 Surely we ALL know that ALL our mass media are under the ownership and control of our Adversary. (If anyone disputes that, please speak up! tell us what new information you’ve discovered). Yet somehow Mr. Hedges has come to the contorted belief that our Adversary has decided to allow the mass media to be used for the purpose of “fighting a corporate power structure”, (the very self same power structure that owns the mass media and keeps them under rigid and very highly skilled control). Our Adversary, Mr. Hedges has somehow come to believe, has decided to help us defeat him.

(C’mon, folks….fer crissakes…..Geeez….This ain’t rocket science….sigh….). 

It is painful to see one of our best analytical minds arrive at such a bizarre and nonsensical conclusion.

This ‘movement’ is NOT about ‘fighting an Elite Power Structure’. It is about our good female citizens being cleverly and very artfully seduced into lusting for raw power, into wanting to gain power over men.

(C’mon, folks….Do we REALLY think it is coincidental that this ‘movement’ has been immediately preceded by the mass media’s prominent promotion of cultural role models for women that include being great warriors and kicking men’s butts, and wearing cute sexy little outfits while doing so, a la Wonder Woman?).

Women have been seduced by the media attention showered on them into such an hysterical state of mind that all Reason, and even all simple human Common Sense, has been completely set aside.

Look, folks….Sexual harassment and assault, (against both men and women), are SERIOUS social problems. If we want to address these problems in a commensurately serious manner, in a manner that might have some actual chance of at least working toward a solution, then we ALL, both men AND women, need to examine our OWN behavior. We all need to look in the mirror to discover the role WE play in our hyper-sexualized culture.

As we ALL know, the human sexual instinct, in both men and women, is very powerful. It is a major, (perhaps ‘the’ major), determinant of human behavior. Male lust is programmed into our DNA, just as the intense desire to have babies is biologically programmed into women’s DNA. In order to have babies, women must (obviously) ‘acquire seed’. In order to do that, they must be ‘sexy’, they must attract and arouse male lust.

Being ‘sexy’ is as deeply programmed into human females’ DNA as sexual aggression is into men’s. 

We have fallen into such a state of mass mob hysteria that we have somehow lost sight of even these most basic ‘birds and bees’ realities of our human condition.   

C’mon, folks. The behavior of men intricately affects the behavior of women, and vice versa. We ALL know this. C’mon….Let’s regain our powers of reason, or at least our simple common sense, and quit bellowing out that women are privileged to behave in any manner they please, and that to address aberrant sexual behavior, it is only MEN who must control and change our behavior.

That contention is so massively stupid, (there’s no better word for it), that it is highly distressing to see how easily so many of our good female citizens have been seduced into believing it. Women are actually claiming that they are completely free to be as sexually provocative as they can make up themselves to be, at pretty much ALL times, and it is 100% men’s fault if we are provoked.

That’s just dingbat crazy! It’s so laughably idiotic that it just staggers the mind that so many of our good female citizens have come to believe it. “Blaming the victim!!” “Slut shaming!”, they shriek/bellow out these knee-jerk ideological inanities, these completely nonsensical ideologically derived declarations, as if Moses carried them down from the mount graven in stone.

C’mon….(Geez)…Does it make any sense to think that if we stroll around a bull’s pasture aggressively brandishing a red cape, it is 100% the bull’s fault, and he must be destroyed, if he charges?

Yet that is what our good female citizens have been seduced into thinking. Women are, and must be, completely free to be as sexually provocative as they can be, at all times, and it is 100% men’s fault if we are provoked.

Women can be as sexually promiscuous as they want to be, but they are beyond the reach of cultural shame. Don’t “slut shame” a woman just because she behaves like an alley cat in heat. That is ideologically Verboten!. She’s just “exploring her sexuality”.

(Really….It just staggers the mind….sigh…..)

We can’t live in a hyper-sexualized society, folks, we can’t intentionally keep ourselves and each other ‘riled up’ sexually all the time, and think that some disturbed individuals are not going to adopt perverted behavior. Some individuals will exhibit perverted behavior no matter what we do, but if we want to minimize the incidence of such behavior, then both men and women have to place some kind of reasonable cultural limits on our sexual behavior.

This is NOT a problem solely resulting from the behavior of men. It is a problem inside EACH of us, male or female.

“The Devil inside

The Devil inside

Every single one of us

The Devil inside”


Every single one of us is an imperfect human. Every single one of us is animated by bestial instincts that are programmed into our DNA. Every single ONE! There are NO exceptions.

There was a truly brilliant video made, which graphically captures the powerful message in this old pop song, which is powerfully relevant to our subject at hand:

Mr. Hedges quotes a woman named Lee Lakeman in his article, whom he identifies as a “feminist”. Mr. Hedges first quotes her declaring that, “Women are carefully choosing the men who are at the pinnacles of power to address race and class and sex.” 

But in he next paragraph the woman drops all pretenses and openly declares, “…this is an alliance of younger women and older women. This alliance sends men a message. It may take us 20 years, but we will get to you. It says this behavior will not go unmonitored. We may not get every guy, but you could be the one we get.”

Got the message boys? THEY will “get” you. They may not get us all, but YOU could be the next one they “get”. That’s the message that this charming “feminist” firebrand wants women to follow. They have to “get” all us no good nasty men.

This is NOT genuine ‘Feminism’, folks. It is rather a bizarrely contorted anti-humanist ideology from a shrill shrieking man-hater.

In ’69 I was 21, when I first called myself a “Feminist”. (I remember the day, and the place, and who I said it to). Only a decade or so on, I was the devoted father of three beautiful brand new female human spirits. I was awe-struck by this gift. I did everything in my power to teach these brand new female humans, my beloved daughters, that they are the equals of ANYONE, male or female, and that they can accomplish ANYTHING they set their minds to.

I AM a “Feminist” still, and as such I know that the bizarre man-hating ideological anti-humanist knee-jerks this shrill man-hater is spewing is NOT genuine ‘Feminism’.

This very unpleasant person is spewing a bizarrely warped and contorted man-hating ideology that is being aptly called “Cutthroat Feminism”, (and sometimes “Black Widow Feminism”).

This hateful and vengeful man-hating ideology plays directly into the hands of our Adversary, the Elites.

“Divide and rule” has been their commanding strategy for millennia. It works as well today as it ever has. Much better, actually, because today’s Elites have the most powerful tools of social engineering and control that have ever existed, under their complete control, at their constant and complete disposal. They command the attention of each (and virtually every) citizen of our nation for an average of well over 5 hours each and every day.

They use these mass media to exacerbate every social division they can. They stir up as much racial animosity as possible. They are so brilliantly skilled in the use of these powerful tools that they have most of the entire American Left at the throats of the American working class. (Geez! How sad, but how tragically true. These people’s skill at social engineering staggers the mind). They have people so thoroughly bamboozled that Republicans are viciously at the throats of Democrats, and vice versa, without any of them realizing that both these parties represent the interests of the Elites, (and the Elites alone).

What better division could there possibly be than to destroy the love, trust, and total interdependence, both cultural and biological, between men and women.

But boy…I’ll tell ya…they’re doin’ it, folks. They’re doin’ it.

They are doing it VERY effectively, right before our very eyes. And they’re so highly skilled, so gol’ durn GOOD at it, that most of us cannot even ‘see’ what is happening right in front of us, in broad daylight, right before our very eyes. 

C’mon, folks….these Elites are being advised by the most brilliant minds in mass psychology in how to best use the IMMENSE power of mass media to manipulate us.

How many women are posing in front of their mirrors in Wonder Woman costumes? Gee…They get to be ‘sexy’ and ‘great warriors’ both, and at the same time, no less.

Gee….what woman could resist being seduced by that? Do we REALLY think it is no more than an amazing coincidence that the release of Wonder Woman coincided so handily with this “powerful new movement”. 

Shrill man-hating extremists, like Lee Lakeman, spewing rote ideology, are a-dime-a-dozen.

But it is VERY distressing to see one of our best minds, Chris Hedges, dancing like an undignified marionette, on the end of our Common Adversary’s strings. 

Who’s leading this ‘movement’? It could not possibly be more obvious who is leading this ‘movement’.  The Ruling Elites, who own and control ALL our mass media, are leading this ‘movement’.

In gilded palaces, in dens richly lined with the finest dark walnut from the deepest forests, before roaring hearths hewn from the rarest pink granite and blue-gray carrara marble, in the flickering light of the flames, bony fingers stir the ice in very old whiskey, as demonic chuckles reverberate down statue-lined hallways, to the kitchen, where the staff huddles in terror.