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Every Baby's Hunger - "We All Got Kids," by Ray Zwarich

Most people on the Left are tip-toeing through minefields, trying their best to not say something that might inadvertently hit a micro-aggression trip wire, to set off a short powerful cancel-culture explosion that can take off your legs and leave you writhing in a pool of your own blood. 

It's the ethos of their 'movement'. Hatred is their primary life-blood. They see the entire world in terms of a hierarchy of people, institutions, and things they hate the most. Keeping their 'Priority of Hatreds' holy book in our face all the time is their objective. Their primary objective is to foment an irrational Race War on the American Common People. They want all 'people of color' to hate all 'white people'. 

Their primary objective rationale is 'sound'. It is rooted in the facts. African Americans are 'disproportionately' disadvantaged. All the social ills that fall on people who are 'disadvantaged' fall on African American people, when considered as a group, in greater proportion. A lower percentage of white people are poor than African American people are poor. That's true. 

But most African American people are NOT poor. Most poor Americans are White Americans. Their children are dying of hopelessness. 

It is ALSO true that there are TWO, and One Half more TIMES, (2.5 TIMES!), as many poor white people in America as poor African Americans. Over half of African Americans, about 22 million out of 42 million total, are living more prosperous lives than about 55 million White Americans.  

The PC Police are in a state of fully aroused self-righteousness. They get this way when their fear grows. Arrogance is a tell-tale posture. Only a fool would embrace arrogance as a public posture in their position.  

A growing number of "the faithful" are having doubts. It cuts as deep as culture flows. It cuts into the bedrock, into 'Identity' itself. It cuts into people's egos. Into their masks of self-righteous 'religious' zeal. It cuts into who they pretend to be. It cuts into human 'juu-juu', where our most primitive animal juices flow. 

The Blatant Racism of the American Bolshevik Left has become so starkly apparent that none can deny it. Reality is simply becoming too overbearingly insistent. 

They do not even bother to deny it. They hate white people. They just do. (Even if they ARE white people, they still HATE white people). Their hearts have been captured in useless self-defeating hatred. They want all people to identify first as their race, with their race, by their race, from their race, of their race. They want all 'people of color' to hate white people, and thus join forces with the Democratic Party Machine, which is run by white (Ashkenazi/European) Jewish people, who are the poor victims of the evil white people, (the Ashkenazi say), just like colored people are. (heh-heh-heh...)

Thus 'they', the Elites who have actual power, 'they' who control the Mass Media, (the means of communication are the means of power), want to line up people's most basic anti-White tribal passions in full alliance with the Wall Street Jewish Banksters and all their fawning wannabe-rich-too sycophants. 

If you 'see' what is happening as if observing events from a spaceship, as if studying Humankind, studying these strange irrational emotional creatures who are capable of extraordinary flights of cold sharp Reason, but act like desperate crybaby children, you will see that power is where power goes. And power does as power wills. And power's expectations are en-'forced'. She or he who pays the piper always expects to call the tune.   

It is 'gaining perspective' that matters most. Only self-awareness can save us. We must come to 'see' Humanity as if from that 'spaceship'. Objectivity is the only way to recognize the truth when we somehow stumble upon it. 

The important thing to 'see' is that 'this' is what is happening now. We must overtake the moment. We must gain the capacity to 'see' into a longer time frame because we 'see' from an augmented perspective. 

This prevailing tribal racist iconic posture is being promoted by the Mass Media. It is easy for them to do. It is easy for them to get large numbers of people thinking in a certain 'vein'. The forces that control ALL our Mass Media are 'orchestrating' this Race War, as surely as a maestro with a precise sharp baton will call out the horns when it's their time to blow. 

They are 'activating' certain sectors they have carefully cultivated for this very purpose. They plan in time-frame terms of 'generations'. Gloria Steinem was a CIA operative. She really WAS

'Control the opposition' is always a major objective for them. They haven't co-opted the Left by beating it into submission. They are MUCH more sophisticated than that. They rather have 'financed' the Left, which now gives them a controlling interest. They have 'sponsored' the Left. When One Hand is on the spigot, the other is on the club. (It's just a variation on 'the carrot and the stick'). 

The entire American Left has become an Incorporated Industry. People's paychecks come from 'donations' to "tax-deductible charity organizations", (addressing 'Mr. Jones'). Rich people pay lower taxes because they provide financing/sponsorships to the American Left Incorporated Activism Industry.

People's livelihoods depend on the generosity of Private Wealth Foundations. Yea .. Well .. She or he who butters your bread generally expects something in return. No? People don't come to control Private Wealth by being stupid. 

Hmm .. Why in the world would Private Wealth, which controls all the Mass Media, and also controls the flow of Big Money donations to the American Left Incorporated Activism Industry, want people to become aroused into their most primitive tribal passions? Hmm... That's a real brow-knitter there.. Ain't it?

'Divide and rule' is still their 'main game'. That is why 'they', (Private Wealth), finance/sponsor the Left Activist Corporations, (and earn a tax subsidy 'to boot' for doing so). They are now using the people they have cultivated, (by donating to their 501(c) corporations), for precisely the purpose for which they cultivated them.

BLM's funding mainline comes from 'the top'. BLM's primary life-blood source of funds is from THE most powerful money people, the biggest 'banks' among the Big Banksters. Those people are on a level of power that has the power to direct the flow of other people's money. When you're tapped directly into the Big Money Mainline, as BLM has always been, that juice flows as long as you dance the dance Big Money wants you to dance. 

Big Money is fine with making poverty racially proportional. Big Money is, as Big Money always has been, an Equal Opportunity Oppressor. Over the years, Big Money has enslaved way more white people than black people. WAYY more. Most white Americans can trace their own ancestry to people who were 'enslaved', who were living in indentured servitude. Just two generations back for today's older people. My grandparents were grade school children when Geronimo died. Wyatt Earp died when my own parents were in grade school.   

My grandparents were all indentured peasants working the land.

I was 'taken in' by the beautiful young India, Alexandria.  I admit it. I was. I 'romanticized' her. I should be embarrassed. An old man like me. I imagined that she represented my beliefs, my 'values'. Risen from nowhere ... a proud brave beautiful peasant girl who wants to make her daddy proud of her ... Risen like Joan of old .. possessed of an extraordinary spirit of courage ... 

Ole Woody sang a whole song about her. 

I asked her to the roundup with me would she go."

Her name was Joanne. 'Sainte' Joan. It's a mythical character. Galadriel was aware of powers she dared never touch. Lilith, Delilah, and Jezebel. The female spirit must navigate its own path.. But nature's own plan runs very deep in human 'juu-juu'. The male spirit must navigate as well. Some of us are not ashamed of being men, and as charming as 'the ladies' can be, they do sometimes try men's uhhh ... 'patience' .. shall we say. (KaPOW! .. Urgh .. there went another misogyny mine. Still got both feet, though). 

Now it's all Sandy from the Block. Female vanity, (the little darlins), is always a reliable constant. (KaPOW! .. There went another PC land mine .. Uhgp.. still got both feet). Now it's "seize the day. Find the power". (Flip the hair. Conspiratorial smirk. Girl power. Lead the boys by the nose. Keep the little brain in their trousers doing the thinking for them. Talk about your "inner beauty" being most important, as you slather an expensive selection of 'beauty products' on yourself in a kind of Kewpie Doll ritual, inducing poor girls to "Be Like AOC", to brainlessly form themselves by painting Kewpie Doll Masks on their faces. AOC has now embraced her role of being an 'operative'. She now reports to Agent Smith. (Yea.. the 'Matrix Metaphor'). She has fully embraced the operative social role of luring disadvantaged girls into following their desire for female sexual allure into the corporate web of female vanity (fair) and desire).

Flaunt your female beauty in ruby-red lipped Kewpie Doll face.  Brought to you by your sponsor. Vogue Magazine. And Vanity Fair. (No sense in subtlety in our irony at this point, I guess. Let's all set our vanity on fire). La Revolución para La Raza, sponsored by Corporate Female Vanity. KaChing! Who makes what, and who pays whom, every time one of us rubes looks at a Corporate Logo that is now forever associated with AOC in the White Silk and Ruby Red? Follow the money. Toujours ... Follow the money .. Sandy from the Block is now 'their girl'. She now 'operates' in a social role that directly serves the slick gloss of Corporate Vanity Power.   

She's a brave girl. Her parents are surely proud. She's still much more Crazy Horse than Sitting Bull, more Geronimo than Cochise. I should not have hoped she would be more than she is. She loves her people. They are mostly people who learned to speak English as a second language. They were forced to migrate. Only the most horrific conditions of hunger or danger causes people to uproot their lives. People have a right to survive. The immigrants are not to blame. They are only trying to stay alive. No blame is there to assign.

It's understandable that these people are forced to migrate, and now want to live in the US. As many as 50 million destitute people from foreign countries have crossed the border illegally to come live in our country, over the past 25 plus years since NAFTA's trade terms were used to deliberately cause a sudden mass migration. Clinton signed NAFTA in late '93. By '05 fully 10% of the entire population of Mexico was forced to migrate to the US to survive. The US used the terms of NAFTA to flood Mexico with heavily subsidized excess US corn. Millions of poor Mexican farmers and food industry workers were driven to the edge of actual starvation.    

AOC represents the just interests of foreign born poor people over those of native born American poor people. And she now has fully embraced the public posture of a moral heroine. She now 'carries herself' with the 'fasces' of self-righteousness preceding her 'litter'.  

You only get to be 'the immigrants' for one generation. Second Generation Hispanics are generally AGAINST Open Borders. Just as 3 out of 4 African Americans are. Once you have your own 'stake', your own hand-hold on the caboose railing, you don't want all those poor desperate folks running to leap and catch a hand-hold, to then try to wrest yours off the railing. Well ... There's that moment, when you face each other eye to eye, and one of you will soon be heels over hind-end rolling into the dust as the train chugs on.    

The 'heroic' immigrants' children will speak English without an accent, as my father, Wolodomir Miroslav Zwaryck, did. The children of the immigrants grow to become the established population. When new immigrants continue to pour in en masse, the old immigrants' children now see their own survival increasingly threatened. 

There is no empty space anymore. When European immigrants came to America there was lots of empty space. Still we now demonize those people, once immigrants "yearning to breathe free", who came and took the land from other people. Now these people from the South come to take the land from us, who are the descendents of the people who took the land from the indigenous Stone Age Mongol people.

Internal Empire was already established. The Iroquois held democratic ideals, in trying to group tribes and clans into a 'nation'. The Sioux. The Cheyenne. The Cherokee. The Seminole. The Comanche. The Apache. The Navajo. The Nez Perce. These were larger groupings of people sharing bonds of kinship. Direct kinship only can extend to the 'clan' level. When do clans form security bonds with unrelated people? When do clans become tribes? When do tribes become nations?  

The Maya and Aztec both practiced particularly cruel forms of slavery before the White Man ever came to America. The Incas were going in that direction. Civilization has always brought Empire. An Elite Class always rises to enslave the Common People.   

It's time to play the hand, boys and girls. Money on the table, or else turn yer cards over. All barrels are well-polished. It's time for plain talk.
AOC is a racist. She's not just 'kind-of' a racist. She is a full-out, full blown, Corporate Sponsored KKK-Kaliber racist. 

The Democratic Socialists of America is a racist hate group that openly promotes racial hatred among the American Common People.

The main 'star' of the Democratic Socialists of America is now being 'sponsored by', (er... who is sponsoring whom? ... I sometimes forget?), Corporate America.  

AOC does not care about my children, nor my grandchildren. She does not care about them because they are descended from the indentured slave stock of old Europe. They are White People. They are descended from slave stock. 'Zwaryck' is a 'Slavic' name. Owen (on me mother's side) a Celtic. 

But now they must be demonized. They must be dehumanized. They are evil white people. My own blood? My own that I have loved?  

Because poor people from the Southern equatorial regions are being forced to migrate here by the tens of millions, to take what once was 'ours', to have this be their nation instead, this young woman, AOC, is demonizing and hatefully dehumanizing my own family. 

Six grandchildren. One more on the way. 

They are all evil White People to the now enthusiastically 'glamourous' Ms. AOC, the CN-VVF (Conde Nast - VogueVanityFair) Kewpie Doll Mass Media 'star'. 

What kind of response does this glamorous young Corporate Sponsor Executive expect from White Americans? Not that her expectations matter, or should matter, to White Americans. ("For threatening my baby, unborned and unnamed, you ain't worth the blood that flows in yer veins"). But just out of objective curiosity? How does she manage to be such an ugly flaming racist and yet believe she is doing good? 

Well ... Their cult ideology is not so hard to follow along. According to their PC Identity Politics cult belief system, they deserve the license to take what's ours, just to come and take it from us, to get even with our ancestors, the evil immigrants who "yearned to breathe free", of yesteryear, who stole the land from the indigenous Stone Age Mongol people, (themselves immigrants from the opposite direction, all "yearning to breathe free", as humans always do).  

She who seeks to dehumanize my own kin, in favor of her'n, is not asking to be my friend, is she? She is defining a wall, as surely as Trump tried to. Isn't she? 

This is a purely territorial tribal dispute. This AOC GlamGirl wants to take from the mouths of my babes to feed her kin's babes. Well .. When it comes to getting our babies fed, where is 'the blame' to be assigned? Which is the good mother, and/or the good father? Which is 'the bad'? Which shall we expect should hear his babies' angry cries of hunger but not answer that demanding call?

The cry of a hungry baby will cause a physiological response in a lactating woman's body. She hears that sound, the soothing soft sound, of her baby's cry, her milk 'let's down'. So it was with Rosasharn, as with every Mary. Every woman with a babe at her breast is a Lady Madonna. 

There is a point at which a hungry baby's cry turns from pathos to mars, from asking to demanding, from begging to angry command. When the baby gets beyond mere hunger, to cry in helpless anger, a very powerful physiological response happens in a man's body.  

There is no distinction of moral righteousness on any 'side'. Is EVERY baby's hunger not a matter of moral righteousness?  

I shouldn't have romanticized her. My bad .. She is a spirited young woman. I shouldn't have imagined that she was wise as well as brave. Expecting actual 'wisdom' in someone so young was not fair, I suppose. 

"We all got kids..." Jack Callahan. (A tough-as-nails old carpenter I once knew). 

AOC is the DSA 'star of stars'. The Democratic Socialists of America. AOC and Squinty MacGoo ... This is an actual Racist Hate Group. This DSA is a politically organized group that is actively trying to foment primitive racial hatred among and between our nation's Common People. 

They would not have any power to be heard if it were not for the fact that their 'message', anti-White People hatred, serves the interests of the Ruling Elites.

Whatever else these people, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the Democratic Socialists of America, and even ole Squinty MacGoo himself, may or may not represent, whatever policies they may advocate for or against, the fact that they want to take from my babes to feed theirs makes them an old silverback's 'enemy'.  

This Desire, to take from mine, originates in them. 

You cannot have it. That is my 'reaction'. You cannot starve my babies to feed yours. I will fight to keep my own babes fed. What human man would not?  

People who should be allies must first stop being enemies.