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Everybody Knows Where the Booze Is, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

“Mr. Ness, everybody knows where the booze is. The problem isn’t finding it. The problem is who wants to cross Capone”… Malone...

Caliban has just read an article by Dr. Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, decrying the full-on outright lapse into full-on centralized totalitarian censorship of all Mass Media in the United States of America.

Many thanks to Professor Turley for his brilliant elucidation of the obvious, (which can sometimes be the hardest thing to 'see', a forest-and-trees type thing).

ALL our highly centralized Mass Media have been highly censored for a very long time. It is heartening that people like Dr. Turley are coming to realize it. 'They', those who own and control ALL our Mass Media, are now only showing their fear and desperation in dropping all pretenses. The Mask has fallen away. The Curtain is pulled aside. There is where The Enemy shows its naked face.

The full social engineering power of Mass Media is being brought to bear. The Goebbels Committee clearly thinks it has the power to erase events from human consciousness. This Unholy Committee has dropped its masks and pretrenses. It clearly now thinks it can prevent History from being 'recorded' at all.

Obama, while in office as POTUS, used the powers of government agencies to spy on a political opponent in order to gain political advantage. This dwarfs anything Nixon did, by several orders of magnitude. Nixon just hired some neighborhood burglars. Obama used the FBI and the US Judicial System as campaign assets for his Party.

Biden came back from Ukraine dripping brown-green stinking sewage swamp scumm, from his squishy shoes, with every squishy step, and oozing corruption from every gilded family pocket.

It is only our own agreed-upon self-delusions that have struck us blind to the magnitude of these events. 

It has seemed very obvious to Caliban all along that Trump's people, (Giuliani), seemed to have 'the Ukraine goods' on Biden. They were 'too quiet' about it. You could just kinda' tell. They've got proof.

It's no surprise that they'd save this for mid-October. Will it help ole Trumpty Dumpty? Can The Syndicate erase these foul ugly deeds from our minds?

Ahh ... but The Iron Heel rings on the pavement ... in every Public Square ... Whew!! ... They think they can do this?? ... REALLY?? In broad daylight? Right before our very eyes? And then convince us that we didn't see what we just 'saw'? (Do they think they have inherited the MIB 'little flashy thing' ? Or what??)

Well ... Okey doke, then..

The thunderclap lightning-bolt of jackboot fascism, of hob-nailed steel striking sparks on the concrete in every Public Square in the land, has resounded. The peal of THIS unholy bell will echo up and down every holler and valley ... for a VERY long time.

The Syndicate of Powers that wears that jackboot, they who own and control ALL our nation's Mass Media, are The Enemy. They are The Enemy of our nation. They are The Enemy of the welfare of our people. They are The Enemy of the welfare of Humankind itself. They have clearly stated, OUT LOUD, (it is official 'codified' US Policy), that THEY are determined that THEY must rule over all other nations and peoples of Earth.

These people ... (and they ARE individual human beasts, just like every man-jack and woman-jill among us, and you don't wanna rush right into the bathroom after they've just done their daily business) ... these people are 'crazed'. These people hold to a belief system that tells them that THEY must rule over all the others. That, in itself, is 'craziness', writ VERY large ... It clearly appears 'crazed' to all reasoning and reasonable human people.

Yea ... Well ... Folks is just folks. They's all different kinds. Some may take to bondage. Some may be easy to distract by using their Appetites to manipulate them. But some folks do like being 'free'. Don't they, though?... 

Capone. The Thugs. The War Lords. The Oligarchs. The Banksters. All these two-bit hoods only rose to rule the roost because they were the most brutal. They are, indeed, stupid brutes. They are IMMENSELY powerful, but they are so stupid that they think they can quash the Spirit of All Humanity under their hob-nailed Iron Heel.

These people have captured a degree of power that is IMMENSE, but it is FATALLY vulnerable. They already know this, as the waters rise steadily around them. Any who look can see the fear, plain as day, in their eyes. That is the most dangerous look to see in the eyes of any powerful but cornered creature.

They've already exposed themselves. And We, the Common People, those of us who harbor Good Spirit in our hearts, have not yet even taken the field. And there they stand ... waiting ... Waiting on us ... Just as we wanted them to ... Standing there waiting ... Gleaming in leather and gold, an evil desperate snarl on their lips, and dangerous fear in their eyes. 

I speak as a Common Man, a Common Citizen among the Common People ... Why? Why should these people rule over us? Do they have any qualities or talents that can benefit us? Do they offer us wisdom? Do they have a plan for the future? (Besides them getting ever RICHER, of course, while the rest of us grovel in ever-increasing misery)... Why should all Humanity, including a growing majority of the American Common People, 'bend the knee' to this particular outfit of thugs, who just want to keep running The Big Scam on us?

These people are sucking our nation's lifeblood. They are ghouls. These evil ghouls are choking our children's dreams on the poisonous stinking fumes of their raw animalistic Demon Greed.

The means of communication are the means of power. ALL our Mass Media, (ALL of them!!!), are under the highly centralized control of the Syndicated Powers that run our nation; the same relatively small (in number) Syndicated Powers who are 'crazed' in their determination that they must rule the world.

Well ... Geezus H ... Can these people REALLY be this foolish? Do they REALLY think they can quash the Spirit of Human Freedom?

Good Spirit has not yet even taken the field. And there stands our Enemy before us, for all to see, in all its evil power and glory, its very eyes gleaming with a Demon's pathetic helpless raw Lust for Power.

Why listen up here, folks, ole Uncle Joe Biden may be already half gone into senility, (as all can see, with the thick-necked Black Woman, whats-her-name, waiting to be ushered into the Oval Office by those in power), Why listen here, folks, you can trust what we're telling you ... ole Uncle Joe is as honest as an instant is long. Lying just comes natural t' Skinny Joe ... He lies with no trace of shame, as easily as he breathes. He's been doing it since he was a skinny kid. Big Money slathered his piece of bread with sweet butter when he was just a callow and hungry young lad, and he licked the hands that fed him, and lick-spittle polished their boots clean. Joe Biden has been a power boot-licker ever since, over his entire public career.

Trumpty-Dumpty? ...

Or the Sewage Swamp Scumm Creature Obama/Clintonistas back in power? ...

And fools are lining up to vote on which gun The Enemy should shoot us with?

C'mon, folks ... Let us go not as babes among wolves ...

Welcome to reality, Professor Turley. I'm sure it was nice and cozy up in that gilded ivory tower. Now that it has started 'coming on', now that you are starting to feel the effects of the Red Pill starting to expand your awareness of what is actually happening around you, I am confident that you will have the courage to plunge ahead, rather than reach for the Blue Pill Bliss antidote of renewed collective delusions.

The time has not yet come when Good Spirit will take the field. We all have fine sensor hairs, neck hackles and such. They sense things beyond what our ears can hear or our eyes can see. When it's time, when the moment has come, all who harbor Good Spirit will use these instinctive sensory organs to sense the crackle in the very air around us.

When Good Spirit takes the field, we will take it by storm. 


R Zwarich

Bent Birch Farm

63 Webber Rd

Brookfield, MA 01506

774 449-8030