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Evil Personified: Michael Moore - The Demon in Disguise, by Ray Zwarich

Once the clown jester, now the Demon in disguise. [Symbolic language. I'm not a religious 'nut'] 

I hope all are aware of the brilliant and prolific work of Philip Giraldi. He is a military veteran from the Vietnam era, and then served for 18 years as a CIA "operations officer". He has a PhD in Modern History. His work appears widely. I read his latest brilliant piece on the Unz Review. I'm sure there is no more prolific professional writer plying her or his trade anywhere today, and his prolific writing is always spilling with insight. 

All prophecies have told us that when the Devil comes, that horrid beast will cunningly take a comely form. It will come disguised as something custom-designed to seduce Its victims.

A hearty "Bravo!" to our good citizen Mr. Giraldi for identifying this horrid tyrannical ghoul, Michael Moore, as the very personification of The Demon Itself. He didn't used to be. He's actually a decent enough guy at heart. But The Demon has seduced him, and the poor man feels 'righteous', he truly feels morally superior, to those he hates so passionately, which is anyone who disagrees with the crazed Woke Cult Identitarian Ideology, the most nakedly evil and blatantly racist ideology that has been set loose on Humanity in three generations.

There are at least two important things we must try to understand and always remember. 

One is that Evil has come in disguise to capture these good people's hearts. These good folks have adopted a crazed cult ideology. Like all cult 'true believers', be they in Jonestown, or following Charles Manson, they are oblivious to the inherent Evil in their ideology. A cult ideology is a fortified breastwork of circular reasoning. It's a closed feedback loop. They prove the thesis with the premise, and the premise with the thesis. This Woke Cult is a 'classic' cult closed feedback loop ideology in this regard.  There is no greater threat to any nation on Earth right NOW than the deadly threat this dangerous and deadly racist and hateful Woke Cult Identitarian ideology CLEARLY presents to our nation, and to our families' very security. 

What makes them so dangerous is that like ALL the mass murderers in all History, they feel RIGHTEOUS, they feel moral superiority, as they spew the most vicious and deadly hatred.

Michael Moore smiles through the pointed jagged teeth of a human ghoul, as he tells his fellow citizens that any who don't agree with the Deranged Woke Cult better take off running, lest they be captured by The Woke Inquisition. "We are coming for YOU", this hirrid deranged ghoul says out LOUD! For who? For all the racists. Who's a racist? Whoever we SAY! THAT's who. Look in the mirror. You see a white person? We're coming for YOU if you haven't yet drunk the Woke Cult Kool-Aid.

God said t' Abraham, "Kill me a son". Abe said "God you must be puttin' me on". God says, "No", Abe says "What!!??" God says "You can do anything you want, Abe, but, next time you see me, you better run!". Abe says, "Where you want this killin' done?". "On out on Highway 61".

That's where the Woke Cult has set up headquarters, On out on 61. These people are more than merely dangerous. They are SERIOUSLY dangerous. And the danger is growing rapidly, with even the sad sack senile puppet serpent throwing gasoline on The Mob Fire. 

This crazed Woke Cult Mob has been deliberately set loose on us, and is now a direct and dangerous threat to the safety of ALL American families, of EVERY race, creed, or color. They are issuing open public threats, as exemplified by this vicious totalitarian ghoul, Michael Moore, of hunting down and doing harm to their fellow citizens. They feel no restraints on their own crazed sense of 'righteousness', their self-assumed cult sense of moral superiority. 

The most dangerous Mass Murderers in all Human History, the most cruel and bloodthirsty, those that killed millions, ALWAYS felt 'righteous'. They ALWAYS felt morally superior to those they killed, whom they demonized and dehumanized EXACTLY like this dangerous crazed Woke Cult does anyone who won't 'drink the Kool-Aid' of their evil and blatantly racist cult ideology. 

The Devil [this is symbolic language I use, I'm not some kind of religious nut] always comes in deep disguise. It should NOT surprise us that this racist evil dangerous Woke Cult would disguise itself behind the gossamer thin, easily seen-through mask of anti-racism. 

This is naked evil racism, cunningly disguised as anti-racism. This is raw naked totalitarian hate and violence cunningly disguised as freedom and democracy. 

The second important thing we must bear in mind is that although the nation has been deliberately given over to The Woke Mob, the Ruling Elites are still in FIRM control. Believe me. The Rich are not going to 'defund the police' in THEIR neighborhoods. Noooo! They're gonna make poor miserable families' lives even poorer and more miserable. Nobody suffers more from crime in their own neighborhoods than poor people, and those folks are not going to have the Police to call once these crazed Woke Warriors have totally (as in totalitarian) ruined our entire nation...

Someone's breaking in the house, or even just making some noise outside, Rich People are going to call well paid and highly trained armed professionals with badges to come take care of such business. Poor folks won't have anyone to call, except maybe during business hours Monday morning they can call their local neighborhood Social Justice Center, and talk to a Woke Cult 'true believer' with a degree in sociology and a look of fanatical sincerity in her eye, who has torrid pen pal affairs going with several brutal murderers on Death Row, and believes that we should empty all our prisons.  

The Mob is no threat whatsoever to the Ruling Elites. They live in heavily fortified compounds, under the guard of their own private security forces, as heavily armed as military units.  

The Means of Communication are the means of power. The Mass Media have set The Mob free to rampage. Any time the Goebbels Committee decides that this crazed Woke Cult has served its purpose, to dangerously divide the nation to its maximum degree possible, (divide and rule), thereby rendering the Common People completely powerless and at the Elites' cruel mercy, the Goebbels Committee can destroy the Woke Cult with the same deft touch they used to empower them. 24 hours... 48 tops...And the Ruling Elite Powers that own and run ALL our Mass Media could bring a terrible reactionary storm down on these poor stupid crazed Woke Cult people's heads.

It would not be pretty. It would very likely be bloody. And Wolf Blitzer would simply drone like a trained Zombie about the 'wokes gone bad' that the nation had to get rid of. 

It's true enough that the Ruling Elites can now do whatever they want. They have us perfectly divided. They can do anything they want. We are powerless against them with these Woke Cult crazies on our backs and sinking their crazed jagged teeth into our necks, like crazed woke mindless zombies.  

Here's the thing. That's all just dramatic 'symbolic language'. A majority of our fellow citizens now see that this crazed Woke Cult has 'jumped the shark'. We occupy the moral high ground. We are dug in on favorable terrain, behind well-hewn fortifications, but we are surrounded. We must take care that every move is a sound move. We can defend this position, if we ALWAYS remember to ACT! Don't React! A single mistake, a single breech in our moral position, and we could be over-run. If we stand our ground, hunkered down, at the ready, if we stand solid, keep the circle of fortifications unbroken, we'll be fine.

Mobs always run out of steam. Our time will come.

We must not forget that this crazed mindless Woke Cult is NOT our primary enemy. It would be MUCH better to 'deprogram' these people than to have to fight them. We must first try to 'wake up' these woke crazies. They're not bad people. They have just been seduced by a Crazed Cult. Who hated those poor schmucks in Jonestown? The cult 'members' are themselves The Demon's victims. 

If they bring the fight to us, well ... Let's talk about that should the time come. Old Betsy is always dancing somewhere. Eh?

Michael Moore is a ridiculous clown. Fuck him. (This is not intended for children).