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Explosive Story from Giraldi and Johnson, by Ray Zwarich

To all the 'really good ones', and to all in peril on the sea:

Caliban would like to direct people's attention to an excellent article by ex-CIA officer Phillip Giraldi, entitled "John Brennan's CIA Trump Task Force - Could it become Obamagate?"

Mr. Giraldi is certainly included well within my own circle of "really good ones". (He is copied-in here). I don't know him personally, but in my estimation, people who have been 'on the inside', but at some point have had a transformational experience 'on the road to Damascus', are the very people whose testament we should be most eager to hear. 

These are also people who are trained in organizational operations, and those among them who have held positions of great responsibility have invaluable leadership experience in large organizations. (Our nation is starving for authentic 'leadership').

Mr. Giraldi is a clear thinker and an excellent writer. And very prolific. This man is spilling with creative energy and motivation. (The CIA must have highly valued his services). He lays out the outline of this potential 'game changer' of a story with his customary precision. (Any who are not familiar with Mr. Giraldi's prolific body of work are really missing out on a valuable source of both information and keen analysis). 

Since I was a young man fighting the police in the streets of Westwood, (UCLA '70, no degree), I always figured that whatever the CIA can do, they do do. 

What do they do? I always figured they probably do what I would do if I was them, if I had their motives, their unlimited resources, and was so morally depraved that I thought killing millions was worth it to achieve my objectives, as they so clearly do. (When you incinerate children in small villages with napalm, in order to achieve your objectives, only an idiot would believe that you place any moral limits on your own behavior). 

Since those days 'in the streets', (I had some 'buddies' who were Black Panthers), I always figured that the CIA was 'present' in my own immediate circumstances and surroundings.

I myself do believe that what Mr. Giraldi contends in this excellent article is very likely true. I would raise a quarrel with him, however, over his contention that this explosive story is "now known". His source is writer Larry Johnson, who is also a former CIA-analyst, and was also a counter-terrorism operative for the US State Department. Mr. Johhson's source is "a knowledgeable source", (aka: 'anonymous').

So ... As far as I can see, Mr. Giraldi is echoing a bombshell story that has no source "on the record".

What? ... We have a new 'deep throat' risking his own life to expose evil? (Has this mysterious source yet told Mr. Johnson who killed Seth Rich?) Mr. Giraldi's article is explosively informative, but presents no actual evidence. 

 My quarrel here may strike some as a nit-pick, but I do think it is a crucially important facet that we must consider. 

In the course of striving to achieve a thus-far undefined 'common objective', (Humanity's survival is about as 'common' as any objective could possibly be), we must realize that the truth is our most powerful ally. Fighting propaganda with better propaganda is not going to fool very many people for very long. 

Anyone who has studied Philosophy 101 should 'know' the difference between 'knowing' and 'believing'. I absolutely 'believe' that Mr. Giraldi's story is true, but not only is it not 'proven', there is as yet, (as far as I can see), no actual compelling evidence.

What makes me believe that this explosive story is true lies in my perception of the minutia of daily events as I have watched them unfold over a lifetime. But without proof, or even evidence, this story has no 'trigger', and therefore will not likely 'detonate'. As aware political 'activists', we may all come to believe it, but it ain't gonna "play in Peoria", folks.

We must strive to ALWAYS remember that we canNOT prevail unless we can win the hearts and minds of the yeomen folk of the nation to our cause. Preaching to the choir has its value, but is NOT gonna get this job DONE.

As informed and aware people, we can all easily see that the CIA, with its influence and operatives at the highest controlling levels of ALL the nation's Mass Media, enjoys great success with its efforts to 'create smoke'. If you just keep creating smoke, many people will come to believe there must be a fire. (We all surely have heard Goebbels' concise explanation of the Big Lie technique). But let's recognize that the CIA's ultimate objective, US Empire, is itself losing ground, (some might even say it's "crumbling"), even as the "Deep State" continues to experience success in fooling large numbers of people, with lies, a lot of the time.  

The truth has its own unique power. If we are foolish enough to believe that we can prevail against US Empire, (as I do), we must recognize that the truth is THE 'weapon' that will serve us best. The oldest most basic lessons, the ones good fathers once taught their sons and daughters, still apply. 

Our 'word' is our 'bond'. There is nothing more important to us than our credibility. We must have faith that the truth will prevail. (The truth will serve those who serve it). 

I urge all who have not yet read Mr. Giraldi's excellent article, echoing this explosive story from Larry Johnson, , to find time to do so.

Well ... Our work is now cut out for us. We must 'prove' this story to the unemployed roofers hanging out in Kansas City's titty-bars down in the river bottoms, and to the good folk at the Green Duck down on Prospect, or to the hard-scrabble men in the dives along Revere Beach or  Chelsea, and to the good folks of Roxbury, and Mattapan.   

Caliban hopes all are well. Crystal crackly arctic air hovers over Bent Birch Farm this morning, still as a frozen drip of water. The pre-dawn full moon was stunning in the diamond clear air. The woodstove reclaims its dominion. Too cold to sit on favorite branch. Nice fresh bananas in kitchen, however.


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