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Folks like Ole Red, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

Sorry to belabor .... It's just such a crucial thing to understand, and so many seem to understand it very poorly, if at all. When one can 'see' oneself from a perspective other than one's own, that frees one's vision to fly with any spirit that would agree to tote you along for a bit. 

We must 'see' ourselves. And we must 'see' our Enemy. And we must somehow understand that they are one and the same.

ONLY Self-Awareness can save us. When you become self-aware, THAT is when your spirit can take wing and learn to fly. (Wasn't there a song 'bout a Blackbird? McCartney?)

So ... LOL ... In that spirit, I wanted to share this thing I wrote in response to an article on ScheerPost. (Good place, ScheerPost. Spreading branches. Very strong trunk. Many places for old apes to sit and ponder over a good banana. Very good spot ...Highly recommended).  

Hope all are well and strong, or else have someone to keep your spirit warm, if you're not.


My comments attached to the article above, (with some proof-reading):

I do agree with good citizen Yuri that this is a “shallow analysis”. Moreover it has no real purpose here, other than as a tune sung to entertain the choir while they take a break.

It would be different if he were singing to folks who are ignorant of the facts he cites, and/or ignorant of the truth he brings to our attention.

Don’t ALL here on ScheerPost already KNOW every single word that the good barrister comes to tell us about?

And in the end he just resolves to inanity. Yea … Sure … We’re gonna wade through the thick foamy sewage scum to get a law passed in Congress to get this all fixed up. LOL … Did Davy Crockett get the crack in the Liberty Bell patched up yet?

There is NO ‘justice’ in our criminal processing system. NONE! At ALL!

Cops lie their asses off. The judge ALWAYS believes them. ALWAYS!

Plea Bargaining is a ‘medieval’ social practice. You expect to see hangings taking place outside the front doors, or people stripped naked in ‘stocks’ in utter humiliation.

That’s 97% right there.

This man is a lawyer, fer crissakes. He’s WAYY too smart to be this stupid. Does he REALLY think we’re gonna roll up our sleeves, wade into the Sewage Scum Swamp, and fix up all this old leaky plumbing?

What does an old carpenter know about swamps? We should talk to some bayou folks … some Luzianna people, if we was wantin’ t’ learn a couple things about swamps. Them boys and girls know tricks their grand-folk handed down.

C’mon, Mr. Goldfarb. Good Barrister. (I'm sure your mother is proud. Your father? eh?). Do you really think any of us really think you really believe that it is possible to wade into this choking poison swamp and fix this?

Luzianna fella, name ‘a Red, taught me, (we worked together on the river), “when yer up t’ yer ass in alligators, it’s awful hard to remember that you started out wanting to drain the swamp”.

Honor is a “heckuva thing”. (Thaddeus’ voice). Many of us, maybe (gasp) even MOST of us, have never even encountered it. It used to be common.

When the Pentagon Papers came out in what? early 70s?…The nation’s people were genuinely shocked to have it actually proven that their government had lied to them so brazenly. It was a palpable thing. This shock! A quick in-rush of gasped realization. In was palpable in the faces and body language of the Cronkite/Rather types. People stared at their TVs with jaws agape. 

It was TRUE!

Public honor died rapidly after that. The Capone Corporation Syndicate just thumbed its nose. (Cue De Niro as Capone) … “Yea …. So WHATT!” (With the ‘t’ cut off with backlit spittle flying from tongue meeting teeth). “Whadd’ya gonna do about it?” That’s what they, The Capone Inc Syndicate, said back.

Aye … But when men like Red told ya somethin’, you could count on it. They’d sooner die than tell a lie. No ….. Literally ….. They would DIE before they would forswear their own Honor, just as men alive on the Earth among his fellow humans.

Believe me, folks, you don’t want to be ‘messin’ with’ folks like ole Red. He had a good wife at home. Two stout sons. And a daughter that filled his heart. 30 days up the river. Then 30 days back. Then 30 days at home. Pumping jacks to keep the steel bands tight, moving upriver in the mid-still of a hushed snowy night, the moon shining through a thin cloud, as the river current laps on the cold brittle steel plate.

We came into Cincinnati with a football game in the packed stadium, which had shone like a brilliant comet as we had crossed the now distant but still silent fields, and now radiated to fill the snowy night with a brilliant bluish diamond glow. The roar of the crowd, over events that had no meaning, at ALL, in our reality. And then we were on, and back into the hushed silence of magical snowy air, with only the lapping water, and the click of the giant steel ratchet yer pumpin’ with the six foot cheater….

Yea ... Folks best not be messin' with folks like Red, (and his'n).

“You’re gonna serve somebody” –LittleBobby

Who, or what, does Mr. Goldfarb serve here, with this tired spilling-out of what we all already know? Whose purpose does it serve, whose priorities does it advance, when we try to make people believe that all we need to do is pass a couple laws and thing'll be all fixed up?

Is this foolishness? Stupidity? Or .. hm .. cunning?

C’mon … We ALL surely know that our predicament is WAYY bigger than we can wade into this foul reeking swamp and fix.

Naw ... C'mon, folks ... Look, the main timbers are gone rotten. All the floor joists too. The plumbing is full of lead poison. Asbestos-like fibers float thickly. And the stink from the Sewage Scum Basement permeates all the walls, to the very top corners of the attic.

Yea ... We can save some stuff. The buildings are nice. The foundation stones, that liberty and justice stuff, are all jumbled up, but we can get them realigned. They'll still provide us a firm foundation. We'll save whatever artifacts are worth saving, but This Old House is WAYY beyond renovation, or even total re-hab. It's purty doggone much a tear down and start over "sitiation" --B Pitt 

We'll save what we can, but let's focus on what we plan to build. What will our True Democracy look like? How will it run? Let's plan to build the finest nation we can build. Let's make sure that we strive, as a nation, as America, and as Americans, to be as strong and proud as our fellow nations, and as our fellow citizens of Earth, our equals in our ONE striving tribe, the only 'tribe' that matters, Humanity.

Eh?!! Caliban thinks Americans can hold our own just fine ...

Once we defeat this Evil Enemy that rules over us and is consumed with the crazed desire to rule over the whole Earth.