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For the greater glory of Eretz Israel, by Ray Zwarich

Ahhh.....It's good to see that Hasbara is here....pouring out the litany of lies that are issued from Hasbara headquarters in Tel Aviv as the daily Hasbara talking points.

As Israel remains intently focused on using its highly organized power over the US Congress, and over the US President, to lure our nation into a war that will very likely devastate our economy, and cause great suffering among our citizens, it sends out its highly trained Hasbara operatives to try to convince us that fighting Israel's wars for it is a great idea. (It is far too cowardly and weak to fight its own).

How's the weather in Tel Aviv....err....Sudbury.....this morning, Hasbara?  

I personally think we are foolish to spend any time wondering about "whodunit", as far as the attacks on the tankers. But as the entire world is aghast as we watch the unfolding of this dangerous scenario, with the threat of apocalyptic war hanging over us that makes the Sword of Damocles look like a miniature boy scout knife, we could ask ourselves one question:

Out of all the nations in the entire world who fear and dread this war, out of all the billions of people who can foresee the human suffering, of apocalyptic proportions, it will cause,  which nation is the ONLY nation on the ENTIRE Earth that is EAGER for the US to go to war against Iran?

Which nation routinely sends its leader to address the US Congress to advocate that the US should shed the ever more of the blood of our sons and daughters, and pour ever more TRILLIONS of dollars, (an estimated $5.7 trillion already), purloined from the paychecks of hard working American people, into the thirsty sands of the Middle East, all for the greater glory of Eretz Israel?

Which nation has organized a powerful foreign lobby that operates unhindered, bribing Congress, and even the President, and threatening them with crippling financial retributions if they refuse to do Israel's bidding?

Which nation has such a powerful network of unregistered foreign agents operating freely and unhindered, throughout our entire nation, that they can reach into the community and threaten university administrators, and newspaper publishers with financial retributions, if they do not silence voices of people speaking the truth about Israel?

Which nation is using its coast-to-coast network of highly organized unregistered foreign agents to threaten legislators at every level of government, from the US Congress, to local city councils, with financial retributions if they refuse to pass laws brazenly taking away American citizens' most basic democratic right to freedom of speech, by making it illegal (ILLEGAL!) to criticize the behavior of the brutal and murderous nation state of Israel?

Always great to ‘see’ you, Hasbara. Where’s yer colleague, h2m? Maybe Hasbara headquarters thinks the Boston Globe ‘beat’ is so important that they pat fore two subscriptions? Hey….maybe you and h2m, cowering behind your fake identities, as you so courageously attempt to bamboozle American citizens whose intelligence you seem to hold in complete contempt, are even the same person?

Go ahead….Pour out another generous helping of your deadly evil lies. Only fools make an enemy of truth and think they will prosper.