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Genuine Journalism Anyone? by Ray Zwarich

Dear Globe Publisher John Henry, Globe managing editors and staff, Globe writers, and others:

Copied below are comments I posted in this morning's Globe, attached to this fluffy churn-piece from the Washington Post, which the Globe saw fit to republish. Things must be getting pretty desperate for the dud Mueller investigation if these dregs are being dug up and 'reported' in lieu of actual 'news'.

Is anyone at the Globe interested in engaging in actual journalism? Does anyone care that in 2014, while Joe Biden was cracking the whip on the US junta government in Ukraine, (serving as the junta's US overseer), the US sitting Vice President's son, Hunter, (who had been kicked out of the US Navy due to his cocaine addiction), was the Chief Legal Officer on the Board of Directors of a Ukrainian company owned by Ukraine's most powerful billionaire oligarch and warlord, Ihor Kolomoisky? (Ihor is a real charmer who maintains his own private army of over 2000 battle ready troops, whom he has armed, at his own private expense, with tanks and heavy artillery). 

Does anyone care that Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz, (Heinz the stepson of then US Secretary of State John Kerry), formed a lucrative capital investment company, Rosemont Capital, to parlay their father's/step-father's high government connections, and positions, into cold hard cash?

Does anyone think there's any chance that any of Rosemont Capital's lucrative profits were fungible within the Biden and Kerry clans, or might have greased a palm or two of anyone else in the Obama regime, er...administration?  

If Trump's children or family owned Rosemont Capital, do you think you'd be interested then?  

Does anyone at the Globe care about genuine journalism? Does anybody take all that 'stuff' about the vaunted Fourth Estate being an "essential pillar of democracy" with more than the proverbial grain-of-salt? 


The Boston Globe clearly considers that this article is important enough to re-publish it from the Washington Post. The article reports that in August of last year, (8 months ago), a Justice department official authorized Mueller to investigate someone.

And? And?? Where’s the ‘story’? 

Well....There IS no 'and'. That’s it…..That's the entire story that the Globe thought was so important that this article should be republished from the Post. 

It seems that despite the fact that after nearly a year of intense investigation, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has yet to turn up any evidence, at ALL, that Russia made any attempt to interfere in our election, (let alone that there was any collusion with Trump to do so), those who want to keep Mueller’s major dud of an investigation ‘in the news’, (like the Globe’s owner, billionaire oligarch John Henry, and his staff of managing editors), have to reach way down to the bottom of their bag to pull out this non-story 'big story'. (EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! Bureaucrat authorizes 'Sherlock' Mueller to investigate Trump crony!) 

'They', (the Elites who own and control ALL our mass media), are clearly desperate to keep public interest in the dud Mueller investigation churned up. 

You mean….Mueller hasn't found anything on this guy after being authorized to investigate him for 8 months? 

Well....yea....Like most sleeze-ball wealthy businessmen, (including his buddy in the White House, Ole Pom-Pom Yella Hair), this Manafort guy was probably 'dirty'. Mueller has accused him of laundering money and stashing it offshore. (Do we think that any of these sleeze-ball rich guys don't launder money and hide it offshore?) But Mueller hasn't turned up any evidence (at ALL, after months of intense investigation), that Manafort had anything to do with any 'collusion' to interfere in our election. 

After all these months of intensive sleuthing, ole ‘Sherlock’ Mueller has also accused Manafort of doing some business deals in Ukraine with some people who actually knew some Russians. 

Was Manafort dealing with ‘the Russians’? 

Well....No….no…At least there’s no evidence, so far, that he was. None at all…..He just knew some people who knew some Russians, and in the ongoing Mueller witch hunt, which ‘they’, (the Elites who own all our mass media), want to keep whipped up into frothing anti-Trump mob hysteria among US citizens, knowing some people who know some Russians seems to be grounds for public condemnation. 

(Let’s gather some sticks around the stake, folks, and ready our torches to light the fire.This guy knew a guy whose brother in law used to know someone whose uncle’s 2ndcousin had an affair with a woman married to an ex-KGB agent, and rumor has it this ex-KGB agent’s wife liked to urinate on American business moguls in Moscow hotel rooms).
If ole ‘Sherlock’ Mueller wanted to squeeze some real juice out of stories of sleeze-ball US business people doing business with Ukrainians who know some Russians, he maybe ought to investigate Joe Biden, and maybe even John Kerry, and their kids. Ole Uncle Joe, and Honest John, and their kids Hunter and Christopher, got a VERY lucrative gig going in Ukraine ,before the Dems were ousted from office by Trump. 

Ya’ think they’re not pissed that Hillary lost? 

Joe Biden, then the sitting US VP, served as the Obama administration's de facto 'colonial governor' of Ukraine after the CIA and the Obama State Department, under Kerry, worked together to engineer the violent coup, in 2014, that overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine. 

In the days leading up to the coup, Biden himself gave a rousing speech calling for the ouster of the democratically elected Ukrainian government, which provided much inspiration for the neo-Nazi forces that  perpetrated the violent coup in February of 2014. 

With the help of US Wall Street financier Natalie Jaresko, a US citizen with Ukrainian ethnic heritage, who went to Ukraine after the coup to serve as Finance Minister in the Kiev junta that the US had installed to help US Elite business interests purloin Ukraine’s most valuable assets, Joe Biden was the guy cracking the whip on the corrupt gang of oligarchs and “right sector” neo-Nazis that comprised the junta.

Monsanto is prominent among the US trans-nationals taking over Ukraine's most lucrative assets and natural resources, (i.e.:currently engaging in the ’rape’ of Ukraine), because Ukraine’s most valuable natural resource is it’s vast plains of deep fertile black soil.Ukraine is the Iowa/Nebraska/ Kansas, (the “breadbasket”), of Europe. (US energy corporations are deeply involved as well, of course). 

While Joe Biden, the sitting US VP, was serving as de facto 'colonial governor' of Ukraine, and John Kerry was managing the State Department, Biden's son, Hunter, and Kerry's step-son, Christopher Heinz, went into business as partners in Rosemont Capital, a brand new ‘capital investment group’ specializing in foreign investments, (with a particular focus, needless to say, in South Eastern Europe). 

Gee….It must have been a real ‘problem’ for Chris and Hunter to attract elite Big Money investors. Ya’ think the fact that Hunter’s was the sitting US Vice President, and Chris’s step dad was Secretary of State, might have induced anyone to invest in a capital firm specializing in foreign investments? 

Ya’ think these boys must have worn holes in the soles of their wing-tips, going door to door on Wall Street giving sales pitches, before landing their first ‘big tuna’ investor? 

Ya’ think there might have been any ‘inside information’ involved, passing between Joe and John and their boys, (maybe over Thanksgivings dinner?), concerning investment opportunities, maybe even a stock tip here and there, in Ukraine? 

Is there no suspicious odor anywhere near Rosemont Capital that a diligent Special Prosecutor investigating foreign business ties of prominent US politicians might at least check out? 

But wait….There’s more…..Even while Hunter and Chris were getting Rosemont Capital set up, Daddy Joe got Hunter, (a rather wayward boy who had been kicked out of the US Navy for being a cocaine addict), a lucrative job serving on the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine's largest private energy company, as Chief Legal Officer. Hunter took his seat as Burisma’s ‘consigliere’ less than 60 days after the February coup. 

Burisma Holding’s ownership is well obfuscated within a byzantine labyrinth of well-layered corporate ownership, but it’s well known that the Big Money power behind Burisma is Ihor Kolomoisky, a Ukrainian mega-billionaire/oligarch, and Ukraine’s most formidable warlord. Ihor maintains his own private army, (armed with tanks and heavy artillery), of 2000 battle ready troops, and over 6000 active reserves.