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In Peril in the Land of Peril, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

Well ... Times do come when plain speaking is called for. 

People who should be allies must first stop being enemies. 

But every one of us knows that we cannot do that without facing up to and sorting out the issues that brought us to enmity.

Caliban laid out this objective, VERY clearly, early on. We cannot so much as even BEGIN to oppose our Enemy, because this idiotic cult-troup of jerky Bolshevik Marionettes, spouting confused contortions of marxism while they hatefully demonize our own nation's working folk, actually form a skirmish line to protect the Enemy's weak flank. These people are SO stupid in their crazed cult beliefs that they are completely blind to the obvious. They are blind to the strings that we can ALL see they dance on, as they help our Enemy keep the Common People hopelessly divided into warring factions.

Copied below is a letter just posted to a group of these people who consider themselves as 'somebody' in the Bolshevik Marionette Cult. 

Hope all are well and strong, or have someone if yer not.


To my friends in peril on the Left:

In reference to the article by Flaccavento, (an ironically curious name), as I encountered it on 'Portside', copied below please find the comments I posted on 'The Stansbury Forum'. They're "awaiting moderation", of course. It's certainly interesting that ALL Left forums are censored. I don't visit too many Right wing forums, but I've never encountered one that was censored. (Isn't that funny?)

Anyway ... I have a tremendous advantage over you. I can 'see' through your eyes. I've been you. I drank that kool-aid once. I know what this Bolshevik Belief Cult feels like from the inside.

I can feel the evil righteousness that you use to elevate yourself above all others in moral stature. You think you know everything. You think everything you think is truth itself. You think anyone who thinks anything different than you must be 'banned'. When people like you do actually gain power, the 'banning' takes the form of death, and, on multiple occasions, even genocide.

This poor guy Flaccavento is scared to death he's going to rub you folks the wrong way, in which case he'll be called vile names, labeled a traitor to the Cult, and banned.

It's the Bad Spirit in your hearts that is my Enemy. NOT you. Do you HEAR? ... People who should be allies must first stop being enemies.

Surely it must be clear to you that I would make a MUCH better ally than an enemy. 

Yea ... Boys and girls ... like he said .. like this Flakyventi guys says ... 'Cept us country boys ain't scared to say it it plain language. These people hate YOUR guts, with GREAT passion, because YOU have demonized them in their suffering. You ugly hateful people, have demonized your own nation's working people.

Well ... Yer sure sum tricky-dicky 'marxists', aintcha'? Hating working people? You KNOW the meaning of GFU, dontcha'? THAT's how working folks feel lookin' at you ugly hateful self-righteous clowns.

A MUCH better ally than an enemy. 

Caliban 'sees' more than one 'bad moon rising', but NO other is worse than the ugly Bad Spirit of hateful racism and raw hateful sexism that infects the American Left like stinking gangrene.

THAT is what Mr. Flaccavento seems to be trying to explain to you people with his "pussyfooting" two part essay.

A MUCH better ally. We have the same goals, you know ....


My comments awaiting moderation on The Stansbury Forum.

Okay, then … Decent start, I guess. (This guy’s fear of triggering the Left’s hair trigger exclusionary PC hatefulness is palpable. The people he’s writing about would have called what he’s doing here “pussyfooting”. He’s obviously afraid of being seen as a ‘dissenter’ from the Party Line. He doesn’t want to be ‘banned’.

He does manage to actually ASK, “How did country people come to see themselves as so alienated from and dissed by their fellow citizens, to feel like, as Arlie Hochschild put it, “strangers in their own land”? ”

And then, after a few hundred words of mollifying left wing bigotry, to placate the ferocious hateful Beast of Bigotry this American Left is, ready to tear into any dissenters like a pack of hyena’s once the blood flows, he does actually muster up all his courage, and he does manage to actually come out and SAY, “What I’m asking us to do is to look closely at our own role in fostering this divide, our own failures of policy, action and words.”

But then he IMMEDIATELY buries that in a fluffy pile of cottony empty wordification. Whoa … This poor guy is scared t’ death to be writing what he’s writing. His knees are palpably knocking to be daring to challenge Left Identitarian Political Correctness.

What? Does he think the Left will hate him less if he dissents more obsequiously?

So … Best I can see, that’s his “theme sentence”, (he even was SO bold that he put it in italics), buried there so timorously in his droning piles of wordifications.

But other than that one sentence, he doesn’t even mention it, he doesn’t even mention his mere THESIS again, at least not in this Part 1.

Well … Let’s hope the poor man can calm his shaking knees and say what he wants to say in the second half.