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Indonesia & Malaysia say they will not meddle in China's suppression of Uighurs, from Peter Myers

(1) Dr. Olsi Jazexhi says "There's no Muslim block"(2) China is treating the Uyghurs like Israel the Palestinians(3) Dr. Olsi Jazexhi’s visit to Chinese "re-education" centers: Came out exposing the concentration camps(4) Malaysia won't intervene, because it's too small to face up to the Asian powerhouse(5) Indonesia says it will not meddle in China’s Uighur debate(6) Xinjiang: A Clash of Creeds(1) Dr. Olsi Jazexhi says "There's no Muslim block"- by Peter Myers, January 17, 2020As you know, there are many viewpoints in this mailing list. I hope you won't be disappointed when some speak their mind, and express opinions contrary to yours. Feel free to reply.Today's topic is especially sensitive, dealing with the Uighur issue in Xinjiang. Several people left this mailing list because China's persecution of Uighurs was covered recently. There is a view that  a 'united front' is needed against the Anglo-Zionist empire, and thus we should turn a blind eye to the failings of lesser bullies.Dr. Olsi Jazexhi is a journalist from Albania, which was one of the few countries to side with Mao against the Soviet Union. It also happens to be a Muslim country.In his youtube videos below, he explains how he went to Xinjiang to expose what he thought was "Western Propaganda", but came away shocked at China's treatment of the Uighurs.He says that "There's no Muslim block". Although some Muslim countries, eg Turkey, criticize China, Saudi Arabia and most others have been cowed into submission by the need for Chineses trade and investment.Muslim countries are weak, he says. Malaysia and Indonesia are not beholden to the Sunni Arab block, but dare not come out against China because of its power in their region.China should learn from Putin's handling of the Checken uprising, and find a solution that does not involve genocide and the destruction of priceless Silk Road heritage.(2) China is treating the Uyghurs like Israel the PalestiniansFrom: Ken Freeland <>Subject: Watch "Discussion with Halmurat: China is treating the Uyghurs like Israel the Palestinians" on YouTube confirmation of your concern for the Uyghurs(3) Dr. Olsi Jazexhi’s visit to Chinese "re-education" centers: Went in to expose "Western Propaganda", came out exposing the concentration camps’s-visit-chinese-"re-education"-centers-went-expose-"westernDr. Olsi Jazexhi’s visit to Chinese "re-education" centers: Went in to expose "Western Propaganda", came out exposing the concentration campsPublished Mon, 08/26/2019 - 19:58Dr. Olsi Jazexhi (Olsi Yazeji)Uighur TimesAug 26, 2019"I am sorry my Chinese friends, what you are doing to these people there is no law in the world that can justify it." This is what Dr. Olsi Jazexhi said after his recent trip to the "re-education" camps in East Turkistan, which was organized by the Chinese regime.Dr. Olsi Jazexhi is a Canadian-Albanian historian who is specialized in the history of Islam, nationalism and religious reformation in Southeastern Europe. His interest covers nationalism, radicalism, religious and ethnic identities in the Balkans. He holds a fairly negative attitude against western powers led by the US, especially their policies and influence in Albania. This is probably one of the reasons why the Chinese regime invited him as one of the reporters on the pre-arranged "visit" in Xinjiang (a.k.a. East Turkistan) to tell the world via these reporters that concentration camps are just a false "propaganda"  of the west.However, Dr. Jazexhi and other reporters from India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Turkey have all witnessed modern-day concentration camps and a model of George Orwell’s "1984" in the real world.In his video testimony published on Youtube, Dr. Olsi says that his original intention when he visited Xinjiang (a.k.a. East Turkistan) was to obtain proofs for the American led international "propaganda" against the Chinese government on the issue of Uighur concentration camps. On the contrary, he has witnessed prison-like camps and mass detention of innocent Uighur people.This was a pre-arranged orchestrated "visit" and all the reporters were only allowed to visit designated areas and interview people that were approved by the Chinese officials. Wherever the reporters went, they were always followed by the Chinese officials. If these reporters are horrified by what they have seen, then how much worse the real situation is?"When I went to Xinjiang, I did not intend to report anything bad about you. I came with a good intention. I wanted to understand what is going on and to defend you against the Western propaganda" tells Dr. Olsi to the Chinese authorities, "But when I saw what is going on I was shocked, how can you tolerate these things?"Dr. Jazexhi also compares the current persecution of Uighurs and the so-called "re-education centers" to the persecution of Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians by Yugoslavia. He and other reporters were ‘threatened’ not to report anything negative about China by a Chinese official named Mr. Li prior to their departure from China.Finally, Dr. Jazexhi calls on the Chinese government to learn from the history, to accept Islam as part of China, to close the concentration camps and to leave the Uighurs and other ethnic groups to live freely and respect their rights. He says that China’s current policy of mass detention of Uighurs will lead to worse violent resistance movement by Uighurs against China.Links to Dr. Olsi Jazexhi’s YouTube videos:Part 1: 2: Malaysia won't intervene, because it's too small to face up to the Asian powerhouseFrom: Eric Walberg <>Subject: Re: Left Denial of Uighur Genocide is like Left's Denial of Ukraine   Famine in the 1930si've had good debate with greg godels at marism leninism today.A couple of links explaining the dust up over Indonesian Muslims being accused of being bought off by the Wall Street Journal: are the Seven Official Messages of Muhammadiyah to Address Uighur Muslim Issues - Nusa Dailymy response:the indonesians are still in suharto-land.mahathir is more forthright:he refused to interfere becauseMalaysia is too small to face up to the Asian powerhouse, even though Chinese ships surveying its waters for oil and gas in South China Sea do so without permission, he told an online news service during a visit to New York this week. "We watch what they are doing, we report what they are doing, but we do not chase them away or try to be aggressive," Mahathir told BenarNews. "The Malay states have existed near China for the past 2,000 years. We have survived because we know how to conduct ourselves."L ike i said, everyone (except US and euro lackeys) is afraid to speak out. china is the new kid (ie bully) on the block. just wait till they really start flexing their muscles.i hope i'm wrong. > Western media may be making the PRC the bad guy to cover the documented and intensifying slaughter of Muslims at the hands of the US, Israel, and response: yes! but it's the logic of the system. media must do what the deep state thinks. when i see a nyt editorial 'the reasons for targeting soleimani' i could scream. but the talking head is so warped, he thinks he's enlightening us!i write now more to make the case not just for postmodernism for postsecularism. china's brave new world is not my goal. it's foolish of china. looking at history, you can't wipe out islam. it always springs back.reply: The same could be said for Communism. I may be deluded, but I believe that sectarianism is receding in the Middle East and a genuine secular and Islamic progressive movement may be on the rise (Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq...).(5) Indonesia says it will not meddle in China’s Uighur debate says Indonesia will not meddle in China’s Uighur debateThe Jakarta PostJakarta   /   Mon, December 23, 2019   /   06:21 pmIndonesia will not meddle in the alleged persecution of Uighur Muslims in China, a presidential advisor has said, in the latest statement to indicate Chinese pressure on the world’s largest Muslim-majority country.Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko told reporters Monday that the government would not be poking its nose in another country’s business, framing the plight of the Uighur as China’s internal affairs."Every country has the sovereign right to manage its own citizens, so the Indonesian government will not meddle in the internal affairs of China," Moeldoko said at his office in Jakarta, as quoted by statement comes following fresh scrutiny against some of Indonesia’s largest Muslim groups, including Nahdlatul Ulama, Muhammadiyah and the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), for accepting the advances of the Chinese government in the alleged internment of the Uighurs, a minority distinct from China's ethnic Han.A recent Wall Street Journal report alleged that the organizations had been "persuaded" by the Chinese government to remain silent on the issue by sponsoring visits to the Xinjiang region, the location of the controversial Uighur "reeducation" camps.Beijing has denied allegations of human rights violations against the Uighurs.Opinions in Indonesia are split on how best to approach the situation, amid perceived discrimination of Muslim minorities around the world.Muhammadiyah chairman Haedar Nashir said that in the case of the Uighurs, the organization insisted the government had to be fair, even when relations with other countries turned complicated.If there was discrimination involved, Haedar said, Indonesia should act in accordance with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution to maintain world peace based on independence and social justice. "We ask that Indonesia also take a firm stance," Haedar said in Yogyakarta on Sunday.However, Moeldoko insisted the government would not get involved. "I think it is internationally accepted not to meddle in another country’s affairs," he said. (tjs)(6) Xinjiang: A Clash of CreedsFrom: MichaelAll question of "human rights" aside, the fundamental issue with the Uyghur vs. Han Chinese is the incompatibility of two totalitarian creeds in collision. The essential nature of each is so grounded in certitude and righteousness that it will not, cannot, accommodate the other.The difference today is that the PRC has much more force in terms of numbers and firepower, and will not abide any challenge to it. Thus Uyghur are forced to eat during Ramadan, for example.Islam plays nice when its numbers are small and communities in a position of vulnerability. Once numbers reach a critical mass and influence grows, its adherents become first assertive, then demanding and finally set on conquest.The Chinese Communist Party has no intention to conform to such an alternative totalitarian stance.I offer this appraisal as someone who has lived with Muslims for many years. We get along very well and are mutually supportive; I have nothing against the faith and keep my mouth shut about it. I am, however, a careful observer.Comment (Peter M.):Incompatibility of creeds would be more acceptable than a clash of races. But Clash of races does also occur in China - with the Tibetans for example.