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Indonesian Caliphate? A Color Revolution in USA? - Peter Myers Digest

(1) Not 24/25 billion Muslims, but 24/25% of the world population(2) Indonesian Caliphate?(3) Koran punishment of sexual sins(4) Christianity to Islam via Atheism(5) China's tough approach(6) A Win for Soros(7) A Color Revolution in USA?(8) Kamala the real President?(1) Not 24/25 billion Muslims, but 24/25% of the world populationSubject: Re: Islam debate continuedFrom: Paul Austin <>Peter, et al.....I believe I stated that there were approx. 24/25 Billion Muslims world-wide!Of course I made an elementary error.The figure should be in the region of 24/25% of the world population........which equates to 1.8 to 2 BillionsI apologise for my 'schoolboy' error and will take greater care in future.Kind regards,Paul F Austin, UK(2) Indonesian Caliphate?From: Byron Allen Black <>Subject: Re: Islam Debate continued. Hackintoshes and HoonsMost insightful mailing, Peter - as always.The Hackintosh bit I tried to plow through but my eyes began to cross at about 40%. I am a very heavy computer user but do not dabble in that part of the occult doings (software). I simply assume that the authorities everywhere will find a way to look at my data as they please sooner or later and act accordingly.One thought I had when reading your spot-on comment about "...culture war against Christianity..." (actually against everything non-Islamic and a lot of alternative interpretations - like Sufism or Ahmadiyya). I reflected that poor France has to struggle to get rid of the opprobrious Catholic theocratic tyranny and now they're facing the same challenge with aggressive Islam (which may indeed be a pleonasm).I'm watching closely to see what happens to places like Dearborn Michigan or Minnesomalia, when the Muslims begin to form an organized bloc of economic or political power. I suspect it will not be pretty.I also suspect that Indonesia, my home for the past 33 years, is finished as a multicultural archipelagic republic, though I'm turning 80 in a couple of weeks and will hopefully not be around to see the breakup of the Republic and establishment of their wonky "caliphate" (laugh track here).From: Byron Allen Black <>Subject: Re: Islam Debate continued. Hackintoshes and HoonsI should add that it is possible, if unlikely, that Islam could come a cropper and be confronted with its own (long-overdue) Reformation. More likely there will be a few nuclear exchanges between the Shia and the Sunni, along with spectacular social collapse, and that will rattle their bars.I think I may have mentioned to you my theory that the tragedy of the Uyghurs in Sinkiang is that of "unstoppable force meets immovable object", or more specifically, two  robust and successful totalitarian ideologies on a collision course. The difference is that the Han Chinese and CPC / PLA have considerably more firepower and population to face off with resurgent Islam.(3) Koran punishment of sexual sinsFrom: Kevin Barrett <>Subject: Re: Islam debate continuedHi Peter,Why would you share the opinion of a moron like Paul Austin who says "I don’t need any books to know Islam wants to exterminate everyone, I can just dream it up myself?"  Tell Paul I don’t need any evidence either to know he is a serial killer and child rapist who needs to be caught and executed. (I am being ironic, of course.)Lasse is 99% right that the Qur’an authorizes violence only in self-defense against oppression and aggression. The other 1% is the penal code. It sets 100 lashes as the punishment for fornication, which I am sure many depraved and/or tender-hearted people today would see as barbaric, since fornication, adultery, sodomy, gender-change mutilation, consensual intra-homosexual murder in order to devour the lover’s corpse, etc. are de rigeur in our advanced, progressive society.Islam is all about caring for children and other helpless and weak individuals. The sexual/family code is designed to ensure that every child knows who his/her father is, so (alongside the mother) he/she is entitled to full financial and emotional support. Any society that doesn’t strictly prohibit and punish extra-marital sex quickly becomes a society of vicious/pathetic father-deprived bastards and momma-whores, which is pretty much what ours is. The ridiculous crime rate in the black community here in the US was produced by liberals who created a welfare system that rewards women for staying unmarried and having children. And the pathetic whiny depraved gender-bending antifa-loving younger generation of white kids today is also the product of a system in which faithful lifetime marriages are rare, and most kids come out of disturbed and/or broken homes.Claire Khaw is correct that the 100 lashes punishment for extramarital sex should be universally applied in all societies, including non-Muslim ones, if we want children to be well-taken-care of so they can grow up to be happy, responsible adults. <> Christianity to Islam via AtheismFrom: Ibrahim Soudy <>Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2020 02:48:32 -0800Subject: Re: Islam debate continuedPeter,Please do watch this. Thanks. Ibrahim (Muslim) (Peter M.): Jeffrey Lang describes his conversion, first from Christianity to Atheism, then from Atheism to Islam.I argue that ending the Culture War against Christianity will reduce the numbers taking this path.(5) China's tough approachFrom: alfred giannantonio <> (Peter M.): Chinese academic supports "Human Rights", but says that China's tough approach, in dealing with Covid, worked better than the West's.Unstated, is that said "tough" approach leaves the population still in need of a vaccine, while the approach in Sweden and Britain led to herd immunity. See the statement of the World Doctors Alliance: . They claim that countries that reached herd immunity do not need a vaccine. Perhaps government policy is aimed at maintaining fear and lockdown so as to justify a mandatory vaccine and Great Reset.(6) A Win for Soros election: feeble-minded man and a woman who votes to the left of BernieBy M. DowlingNovember 7, 20200More than 70 million Americans voted for President Trump, more than voted for Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, anyone but Joe Biden apparently or allegedly. That is a lot of Americans.It’s not surprising. President Trump succeeded in greatly improving the economy, and salaries increased under him. He was very successful in restoring American values with almost no help whatsoever. Donald J. Trump brought in minorities and women like no other Republican, and he succeeded in restoring the desire to make America great again with half the country.The anti-Trumpers also increased his creds. They tried to destroy him with a fake Russia hoax, a totally irresponsible impeachment over a call with the Ukraine president that was a no-never-mind, 24/7 media attacks, riots we are forced to call ‘mostly peaceful protests,’ looters, and threats of socialism and communism.Trump exposed corruption in the media, corporations, and the government. We see the swamp, and they will never be seen the same. Who could trust the media? They hid the Hunter Biden scandal and Joe’s possible involvement.What is more surprising and unbelievable is the number who allegedly voted for the hack and the communist.Ordinary Americans were smeared day and night by commentators on these news channels, and that now includes Fox News. They’re very nasty and why? Because they disagree with us.There are Soros-tied fake fact-checkers everywhere.The media is wholly corrupt. They will now be state media. No one will be able to trust a thing they say.Social media is destroying our free speech rights with their subjective hate speech rules and vague community standards aimed at conservatives.There are many reasons to believe there was fraud in the election. This election will go down in history as corrupt, whether it is or not. And 70 million people will doubt the legitimacy of this new president.The massive numbers of votes rolling in from drop boxes made it all suspect. Keeping Republicans out of observing counting, which is their legal right, is suspect.Americans voted for nearly enough Republicans in the House to take over the majority. They are only two short. Republicans kept the state houses too. They appeared to have control of the Senate, but those ballots kept rolling in from God-knows-where. If Republicans lose the Senate, we will become socialists, and our leadership will likely destroy the economy. They will destroy our history and all we stand for as they flood the country with foreigners coming for the wrong reasons, lured here by Democrats. And as they tear down our statues, teach critical race theory, which says whites are all evil bigots, more and more youth will hate America. And the hate law enforcement movement will return over false, unproven allegations of systemic racism.It’s historic, you know. The alleged vice president is the first woman of color and the first communist. It’s a first. Now, you’re going to tell me I don’t have evidence for calling her a communist, but I do. Her voting record is to the left of Bernie Sanders and, while he calls himself a Democratic Socialist, his policies are communistic.Kamala Harris, the new — allegedly — the soon-to-be vice president, is known as the female Obama. We should have learned our lesson with the first one.It’s historic too in that the president doesn’t even know what he’s saying most of the time and appears to be senile.Those of us who hate the establishment hate them more now than ever before. And it will only get worse as the socialists/communists ruin our country. It’s inevitable, and Donald Trump might well be our last American president.Joe Biden said he would be an American president, but he won’t be. He’s a liar, plagiarizer, and a hack who will do whatever the far-left says. In fact, his days are likely numbered.As for it being historic because Kamala is a woman of color, who gives a hoot? That’s an irrelevant characteristic. We should be more concerned about her hard-left agenda.Michelle Obama warned today that the Democrats must win over tens of millions of Americans. After trashing us for four years and ruining basically every day with hate and lies, lots of luck with that. Besides, nothing in the socialist agenda appeals to us.(7) A Color Revolution in USA? Follies: the mother of all color revolutionsIn this gaming exercise the incumbent president, Buffoon, was painted red; the challenger, Corpse, blueBy PEPE ESCOBARNOVEMBER 6, 2020A gaming exercise of the perfect, indigenous color revolution, code-named Blue, was leaked from a major think tank established in the imperial lands that first designed the color revolution concept.Not all the information disclosed here about the gaming of Blue has been declassified. That may well elicit a harsh response from the Deep State, even as a similar scenario was gamed by an outfit called Transition Integrity Project.Both scenarios should qualify as predictive programming – with the Deep State preparing the general public, in advance, for exactly how things will play out.The standard color revolution playbook rules usually start in the capital city of nation-state X, during an election cycle, with freedom fighting "rebels" enjoying full national and international media support.Blue concerns a presidential election in the Hegemon. In the gaming exercise, the incumbent president, codenamed Buffoon, was painted Red. The challenger, codenamed Corpse, was painted Blue.Blue – the exercise – went up a notch because, compared to its predecessors, the starting point was not a mere insurgency, but a pandemic. Not any pandemic, but a really serious, bad to the bone global pandemic with an explosive infection fatality rate of less than 1%.By a fortunate coincidence, the lethal pandemic allowed Blue operators to promote mail-in ballots as the safest, socially distant voting procedure.That connected with a rash of polls predicting an all but inevitable Blue win in the election – even a Blue Wave.The premise is simple: take down the economy and deflate a sitting president whose stated mission is to drive a booming economy. In tandem, convince public opinion that actually getting to the polls is a health hazard.The Blue production committee takes no chances, publicly announcing they would contest any result that contradicts the prepackaged outcome: Blue’s final victory in a quirky, anachronistic, anti-direct democracy body called the "electoral college".If Red somehow wins, Blue would wait until every vote is counted and duly litigated to every jurisdiction level. Relying on massive media support and social media marketing propelled to saturation levels, Blue proclaims that "under no scenario" Red would be allowed to declare victory.Countdown to magic voting Election Day comes. Vote counting is running smoothly – mail-in count, election day count, up to the minute tallies – but mostly favoring Red, especially in three states always essential for capturing the presidency. Red is also leading in what is characterized as "swing states".But then, just as a TV network prematurely calls a supposedly assured Red state for Blue, all vote counting stops before midnight in major urban areas in key swing states under Blue governors, with Red in the lead.Blue operators stop counting to check whether their scenario towards a Blue victory can roll out without bringing in mail-in ballots. Their preferred mechanism is to manufacture the "will of the people" by keeping up an illusion of fairness.Yet they can always rely, as Plan B, on urban mail-in ballots on tap, hot and cold, until Blue squeaks by in two particularly key swing states that Red had bagged in a previous election.That’s what happens. Starting at 2 am, and later into the night, enter a batch of "magic" votes in these two key states. The sudden, vertical upward "adjustment" includes the case of a batch of 130k+ pro-Blue votes cast in a county alongside not a single pro-Red vote – a statistical miracle of Holy Ghost proportions.Stuffing the ballot box is a typical scam applied in Banana Republic declinations of color revolution. Blue operators use the tried and tested method applied to the gold futures market, when a sudden drop of naked shorts drives down gold price, thus protecting the US dollar.Blue operators bet the compliant mainstream media/Big Tech alliance will not question that, well, out of the blue, the vote would swing towards Blue in a 2 to 3 or 3 to 4 margin.They bet no questions will be asked on how a 2% to 5% positive ballot trend in Red’s favor in a few states turned into a 0.5% to 1.4% trend in favor of Blue by around 4am.And that this discrepancy happens in two swing states almost simultaneously.And that some precincts turn more presidential votes than they have registered voters.And that in swing states, the number of extra mysterious votes for Blue far exceeds votes cast for the Senate candidates in these states, when the record shows that down ticket totals are traditionally close.And that turnout in one of these states would be 89.25%.The day after Election Day there are vague explanations that one of the possible vote-dumps was just a "clerical error", while in another disputed state there is no justification for accepting ballots with no postmark.Blue operators relax because the mainstream media/Big Tech alliance squashes each and every complaint as "conspiracy theories".The Red counter-revolution The two presidential candidates do not exactly help their own cases.Codename Corpse, in a Freudian slip, had revealed his party had set up the most extensive and "diverse" fraud scheme ever.Not only Corpse is about to be investigated for a shady computer-related scheme. He is a stage 2 dementia patient with a rapidly unraveling profile – kept barely functional by drugs, which can’t prevent his mind slowly shutting down.Codename Buffoon, true to his instincts, goes pre-emptive, declaring the whole election a fraud but without offering a smoking gun. He is duly debunked by the mainstream media/Big Tech alliance for spreading "false claims".All this is happening as a wily, old, bitter operator not only had declared that the only admissible scenario was a Blue victory; she had already positioned herself for a top security job.Blue also games that Red would immediately embark on a single-minded path ahead: regiment an army of lawyers demanding access to every registration roll to scrub, review and verify each and every mail-in ballot, a process of de facto forensic analysis.Yet Blue cannot foresee how many fake ballots will be unveiled during recounts.As Corpse is set to declare victory, Buffoon eyes the long game, set to take the whole thing all the way to the Supreme Court.The Red machine had already gamed it – as it was fully aware of how operation Blue would be played.The Red counter-revolution does carry the potential of strategically checkmating Blue.It is a three-pronged attack – with Red using the Judiciary Committee, the Senate and the Attorney General, all under the authority of codename Buffoon until Inauguration Day. The end game after a vicious legal battle is to overthrow Blue.Red’s top operators have the option of setting up a Senate commission, or a Special Counsel, at the request of the Judiciary Committee, to be appointed by the Department of Justice to investigate Corpse.In the meantime, two electoral college votes, one-month apart, are required to certify the presidential winner.These votes will happen in the middle of one and perhaps two investigations focused on Corpse. Any state represented at the electoral college may object to approve an investigated Corpse; in this case it’s illegal for that state to allow its electors to certify the state’s presidential results.Corpse may even be impeached by his own party, under the 25th Ammendment, due to his irreversible mental decline.The resulting chaos would have to be resolved by the Red-leaning Supreme Court. Not exactly the outcome favored by Blue.The House always winsThe heart of the matter is that this think tank gaming transcends both Red and Blue. It’s all about the Deep State’s end game.There’s nothing like a massive psy ops embedded in a WWE-themed theater under the sign of Divide and Rule to pit mob vs. mob, with half of the mob rebelling against what it perceives as an illegitimate government. The 0.00001% comfortably surveys the not only metaphorical carnage from above.Even as the Deep State, using its Blue minions, would never have allowed codename Buffoon to prevail, again, domestic Divide and Rule might be seen as the least disastrous outcome for the world at large.A civil war context in theory distracts the Deep State from bombing more Global South latitudes into the dystopian "democracy" charade it is now enacting.And yet a domestic Empire of Chaos gridlock may well encourage more foreign adventures as a necessary diversion to tie the room together.And that’s the beauty of the Blue gaming exercise: the House wins, one way or another.(8) Kamala the real President?by Peter Myers, November 8, 2020There's no way we can tell if voting fraud put Biden over the line. Voters should have to provide identification, but with postal voting that's impossible.Kamala may be the real President; expecially if Joe does not last 4 years.She's going to reverse Trump's Zionist policies, so that's a benefit.Does not seem to advocate Sex Change, does not talk about 'Gender'. She's a strong character unlikely to be swayed by street activists.I can't imagine her insisting on Trans Men using womens' toilets and competing in womens' sport.Biden will raise taxes on the rich - another good thing.He does seem soft on Antifa and BLM - not so good. Can be presumed to exacerbate the Culture War.On the other hand, those who voted against the Dems are unlikely to be won over. They will give the same kind of resistance to the Dem government that the Dems gave to Trump.