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Interview with Senator Kennedy who visited Moscow in this "giving hope" delegation

Here is an interview of Senator Kennedy who visited Moscow in this "giving
hope" delegation. After I read it, I thought there is absolutely no hope.
His position is so hostile, that nothing less than war will satisfy him.
And this guy is more friendly to Russia than other Dems!
I did it by GoogleTranslate from, the best and rather
pro-Western Russian newspaper (belongs to the richest man in Russia,
Usmanov, who lives in Europe).

"I hope that we will not have to introduce draconian measures against
Russia" US Senator John Neely Kennedy on the outcome of his visit to Moscow

A delegation of members of the Senate and the US House of Representatives
visited Russia for the first time in many years. One of its participants -
Senator from the State of Alabama *John Neely Kennedy* told "Kommersant"
correspondent *Elena Chernenko* about what the Americans were trying to
convey to their interlocutors and what they heard in response.

*- Are you satisfied with the results of the trip?*

- Russia is a beautiful country, the people here are very friendly. They
want a better life for themselves and their children, just like the
Americans want. I was glad to know more about your country. Russians are
very proud of their country, and that's right.

The meetings themselves went well, but whether they will be followed by any
results - it's still too early to judge. I explained to our Russian
interlocutors that in America, using the word "please", a person expresses
respect. This is a sign of friendship. And then I, addressing them, said:
"Please do not interfere in our elections. And at the same time in French,
German and British. Please, leave Ukraine and let the Ukrainians determine
their own future. Please, leave the Crimea. Please help us achieve a
peaceful settlement in Syria. Please do not let Iran gain a foothold in the
south of Syria, otherwise it will lead to an escalation of the war. "

*- And what did the Russian interlocutors answer you?*

- They deny that they interfered in the presidential elections in the
United States. But we know that there was interference.

*- Evidence for this was not presented.*

- This is what the Russian interlocutors told me. To which I pointed them
to the accusations brought against the United States of 13 citizens of the
Russian Federation (involved in the work of the Internet Research Agency,
St. Petersburg.- *"Kommersant"* ). If Russia came to meet us and issued
these people to the US, so that they could appear before the American
court, the Russian authorities would see that there is evidence of the
guilt of these people. At the same time, we warned our interlocutors: if
Russia continues to interfere in the internal affairs of the United States
and does so at the November congressional elections, our reaction will be
instant and very tough.

*- But, according to the Russian authorities, and in 2016, there was no

"I heard that." But this is not so.

*- And you were upset because the Russian President Vladimir Putin did not
accept your delegation? As I understand it, you asked for a meeting with

- Personally, I did not initially believe that he would accept us. If he
(Vladimir Putin.- *"b"* ) would like to meet, he would have found the time. And
I would have told him everything straight, just as I did with his Foreign
Minister. And I was very straightforward with the Minister of Foreign
Affairs. As, however, he (Sergey Lavrov.- *"b"* ) with us.

*- After your visit to the State Duma and the Federation Council, Russian
lawmakers expressed their desire to continue dialogue and readiness to
visit Washington. Are you waiting for them?*

- This will depend on the further actions of the Russian side. Now it's too
early to talk about it. Too early. First we need to see a change in
Russia's behavior.

*- In respect of?*

- Russia should stop interfering in our affairs and elections. That would
be a good start.

*- So you are waiting for the Russian delegation not earlier than November?*

- We need to see changes in Russia's behavior, then we will make a decision.

*"Otherwise, again, sanctions?"*

- The Russian authorities say that sanctions did not hurt Russia, but it is
not. And I very much hope that we will not have to introduce very draconian
measures against Russia. But if we see intervention in November, there will
be no other way.