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Israel lobby a bit shaky as new poll says 25% of U.S. Jews think Israel is apartheid state, by Scott Roth

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall,” is a cliche that ought to be apt for recent developments regarding the Israel Lobby, but like most things that involve Israel, normal rules cannot and do not apply.

When one of Washington’s most powerful PACS cancels its annual meeting this ought to be big news - especially when literally hundreds of American politicians would make an annual pilgrimage to the Washington convention center in order to prostrate themselves in support of a foreign country’s most despicable misdeeds. The silence behind this event’s cancellation speaks loudly, but only to those who know about it.

Likewise one of the individuals most responsible for quashing any meaningful criticism of Israeli behavior is stepping down. This man, David Harris, should go down in history as one of .the greatest villains the pro-Israel community has ever produced. Harris used his pulpit as head of the American Jewish Committee to justify what is by definition unjustifiable. He also gleefully participated in the tar and feathering of anybody of a certain prominence who was audacious enough to argue for Palestinian rights.

What I find spectacularly egregious is the manifest failure of these groups/people and the utter destruction left in their wake. If the polling here is correct, it would suggest that a great deal of AIPAC’s and AJC’s subterfuge has been for naught. And there are other bits of evidence that would back up that hypothesis. Aside from the wasted money and careers destroyed what do these major lobby institutions and folks have to show for it? Nothing but millions of stories of human despair, the result of the daily business of what is one of the modern era’s most belligerent and chauvinistic states. I wonder if they think it was all worth it in the end?