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J.K. Rowling returns Human Rights award after Kerry Kennedy calls her 'transphobic,' from Peter Myers

(1) J.K. Rowling returns Human Rights award after Kerry Kennedy calls her 'transphobic'(2) formerly most trans were male->female ie, extreme gay; now female -> male(3) Racial 'fluidity' like Gender 'fluidity'(4) Trans indoctrination of Kids in Australian schools(5) Can’t Be Fired for LGBT Status, U.S. Supreme Court Says(6) Japanese-Soviet 1939 war on Manchuria/Outer Monglolia border led to Hitler-Stalin pact(1) J.K. Rowling returns Human Rights award after Kerry Kennedy calls her 'transphobic' Rowling returning human rights award after Kerry Kennedy called her statements 'transphobic'Rasha AliJ.K. Rowling has decided to return the Ripple of Hope award, a Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization honor, she was given in 2019.The "Harry Potter" author said she decided to give back the award after Kerry Kennedy, president of the organization and Robert F. Kennedy's daughter, wrote a statement to the organization's website criticizing Rowling's views on gender and sex as "deeply troubling transphobic tweets and statements.""Trans rights are human rights. J.K. Rowling’s attacks upon the transgender community are inconsistent with the fundamental beliefs and values of RFK Human Rights and represent a repudiation of my father’s vision," Kennedy wrote. "Women’s rights are not degraded by the recognition of trans rights. On the contrary: A commitment to human rights demands a commitment to combat discrimination in all its forms."In a statement posted to her website Thursday, Rowling responded to Kennedy's criticisms saying that she "incorrectly implied that I was transphobic, and that I am responsible for harm to trans people."Rowling added that she's long been a donor to LGBTQ charities and she, along with "thousands of women" who've reached out to Rowling, disagree with Kennedy's claims that "there is no conflict between the current radical trans rights movement and the rights of women.""In solidarity with those who have contacted me but who are struggling to make their voices heard, and because of the very serious conflict of views between myself and RFKHR, I feel I have no option but to return the Ripple of Hope Award bestowed upon me last year," Rowling wrote. "I am deeply saddened that RFKHR has felt compelled to adopt this stance, but no award or honour, no matter my admiration for the person for whom it was named, means so much to me that I would forfeit the right to follow the dictates of my own conscience."Kennedy's comments come after Rowling made headlines earlier this summer with multiple posts online voicing opinions on the trans community that conflated biological sex with gender.Less than six months after the writer was slammed for showing support for Maya Forstater, a researcher who lost her job at a think tank for stating that people cannot change their biological sex, Rowling made a similar stir in criticizing a headline on the website The op-ed piece included the phrase "people who menstruate" in an effort to be more inclusive."I’m sure there used to be a word for those people," Rowling tweeted in June. "Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?"Rowling continued to double down even after the posts were widely perceived as transphobic, misinformative and hurtful.Contributing: Hannah Yasharoff(2) formerly most trans were male->female ie, extreme gay; now female -> maleFrom: Eric Walberg <>Subject: Re: J.K Rowling Defends Biological Sex Again, Gets Hate Againmany thanks for all this peter. rowling is great. what a trooper.-formerly most trans were male->female ie, extreme gaynow female -> malefascinating. i understand. sorry, but it's better on the whole to be male in our capitalist society and always will be. capitalism is a man's world. aggressive, bullying.those women think they can get on the bandwagon. sadly, it backfires 'boys don't cry'. macho men don't like's also easier to pretend you're a (short, small adam's apple) guy than a 6ft muscled, bearded's the latter that are the real problem. if you want to pretend you're a woman, you have to go the full monty, a eunoch with major plastic surgery, change your name and move away. otherwise, you are just a pain in the behind.the peer pressure groups wanting trans en masse is terrifying.(3) Racial 'fluidity' like Gender 'fluidity'From: Eric Walberg <>Subject: racial fluidityRachel Dolezal, who self-identified as black for 10 years before being found out to be white, has called for ‘racial fluidity’ to be recognized in the same way as transgenderism. Dolezal was head of the Spokane chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) until she was outed by her parents as being "biologically Caucasian," in 2015. Convicted of welfare fraud.we’ve evolved to understanding gender is not binary, is not even biological.there is a netflix documentary about her (before her fundmanetalist parents exposed her as a faud).also thisAfrican studies professor Jessica Krug of George Washington University has come out of the race closet, admitting she has faked being black much of her adult life after growing up as a "white Jewish child in suburban Kansas City. Every move I've made, every relationship I've formed, has been rooted in the napalm toxic soil of lies." She said her appropriation of a black Caribbean identity not only was "unethical, immoral, anti-black, colonial – but it means that every step I've taken has gaslighted those whom I love. You should absolutely cancel me, and I absolutely cancel myself."do you knowThe Human Stain (2003) Coleman Silk (Anthony Hopkins), a former dean and professor of classics at local Athena College, who was forced to resign after being accused of making a racist remark in class. Flashbacks of Coleman's life reveal to the audience his secret: he is an African-American who has "passed" as a white Jewish man for most of his adult life.brilliant expose of this in reverse. based on novel by roth. the movie panned and didn't even make a profit. too close to the truth.all this a perfect expose of fraud of americanism and gender politics.From: Eric Walberg <>Subject: Re: racial fluidityhi peterdo you get RT daily news? it's actually zionist inspired but that's 'russia today'. it dismissed the kenosha victim's father as viciously anti-semitic, but when i followed the leads on twitter, the poor guy said things like 'jews are just like anyone else' and 'jewish big business controls the US'.here are the leads't find the article with tweets from jacob, but this >Jacob Blake Sr. made a slew of antisemitic and anti-white posts on Facebook in 2018 and 2019, including comments that refer to ......snip... >... worshippers. He also expressed support for Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader whose rhetoric includes virulent antisemitism. Trans indoctrination of Kids in Australian schools Latham's OutsidersJune 22, 2020SAFE SCHOOLS BY THE BACK DOOR:The Ongoing Sexualisation of Young ChildrenIn 2017 the NSW Government ended the teaching of the Safe Schools program.But what if teachers are now being trained to teach gender fluidity (boys becoming girls and girls becoming boys) by other means, as a regular part of their classroom practice?While the formal stand-alone program might have been abolished, Safe Schools has actually more dangerous, as it has been adopted as a regular part of teacher professional development (PD) and pedagogy in NSW.The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) accredits organisations for teacher PD and training.One such accredited body is ‘Multiverse’, run by someone named Red Ruby Scarlet (who changed her name from Miriam Giugni).In August 2017 she came to prominence campaigning to rename Father’s Day as ‘Special Person’s Day’, so as not to upset children without dads.Scarlet now runs NESA-accredited school-teacher training courses, and also accredited courses for preschool/child care staff through the Australian Education and Care Workforce professional body.She also claims to have had a role in developing the National Quality Framework for early childhood education in Australia.One of her course offerings is ‘My Friend has Two Mums: Gender and Sexuality in Early Childhood’. It has modules in ‘Queer Thinking in Early Childhood’, ‘Queer Pedagogies’, ‘Intersex Identities’, ‘Living Non-Binary’ and ‘Aboriginal Queerness and Queeness’. This is for teaching children as young as three years old.Scarlet’s course outline tells participants they will be taught through "a secret Facebook group".The only public transparency about the detail of course content comes from those who have provided testimonials as to what they were told and taught.Tash Cook, the Director of the Cooks Hill Preschool in Newcastle, says the course helped her to look "through a queer lens to build our inclusive practice".A Kindergarten teacher, Sylvana Li, says that Scarlett showed her how to "put my queer lens on, especially in children’s play".The Director of the Evans Head Preschool, Allyson Cuskelly, said the course involved "reflecting upon the way we use language to reinforce binaries and causing offence or distress and now we have alternatives". This means alternatives to binary words such as boy/girl, father/mother and man/woman.Cuskelly also said, "There has been a lot of reflection around celebrations such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and the way we cater for diverse family groupings".Scarlet has also edited and published a text, straight from the Safe Schools playbook, called ‘The Anti-Bias Approach in Early Childhood’ (2016). It’s 150 pages of gender fluidity propaganda, a textbook for this approach in early childhood education.Gender is said to be a ‘social construct’ (where children are indoctrinated by society and families into being male or female) rather than a biological, scientific reality.Red Ruby Scarlet is a self-declared post-structuralist, believing there are no observable truths in life, that everything we see and know about ourselves has been constructed and manipulated by the neo-liberal capitalist, ruling class system.Her book is pure social engineering, with very young children taught things that should be left to discussion with their parents much later in life.The ‘star product’ of this process is a 6 year old girl called Liv, who is quoted as saying, "I think that a man and a man, and a girl and a girl, and a gender queer and a gender queer can all marry each other both together."This is the type of outcome Safe Schools hoped to achieve.Here are some further examples from the Anti-Bias book of the sexualisation of small children through their teachers:At page 60: "When children are involved in family role playing, don’t be afraid to challenge gender and sexuality stereotypes. Present the possibility of boys marrying boys".Page 61: "With pictures and posters, try to ensure pictures of families include lesbian and gay families. Also find pictures showing people involved in non-gender-traditional activities".Page 61: "Try to ensure that the stories you read include all sorts of families. Don’t be afraid to change the gender of a character from time to time, and use this as a starting point for conversations about difference. Remember that any character in a storybook can be read against the usual assumption by seeing them as transgender."Thus preschool storybooks are to have their contents changed to include transgender characters – again, a Safe Schools staple. Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood are to be re-imagined as transgender boys.Page 65: "Create an anti-heterosexist environment" – that is, all types of LGBTIQ relationships must be taught in classrooms and preschools.Page 62: Most aspects of child’s play are to be manipulated, as teachers are told to "regularly set up a variety of family structures in the doll house".Trying to indoctrinate small children in this way runs against the interests of the children themselves. It inevitably causing confusion and distress about their sexuality and the type of family to which they belong.In the Multiverse world, children are not seen as youngsters to be cared for according to the values of their parents. Rather, they are treated as malleable entities to be moulded in the early education system for radical political purposes.Scarlet’s book is also based on a series of false assumptions:At page 42 that, "By four years of age many children have very sexist understandings of what it means to be male and female in Australian society."At page 56 that, children this young "have a sense already" of being "lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender".At page 58 that, "very young children are increasingly questioning their assigned gender".Then there’s the language control of children. Examples of PC instruction to teachers from the Anti-Bias book include:Page 61: They should "talk about ‘families’ rather than mothers and fathers". And "Refer to ‘children’ rather than boys and girls".And it is also recommended: "Using gender neutral terms such as ‘children’, ‘people’ or ‘folk’ helps de-emphasise gender as a divider of groups. Think of other ways to divide a group if you need to, such as hair colour, or colour of socks!" (Page 61)Red Ruby Scarlet also runs the ‘Social Justice Early Childhood’ group, which on its Facebook page is currently running a campaign against ‘Whiteness’ and ‘White Privilege’. This is hardly teaching young people ‘tolerance’, to pick on a certain kind of skin colour. It’s just a different form of bigotry.On her Multiverse website, Scarlet promotes her ‘Keynote Speeches’ to conferences, including one called "The Ethnicity of a Spoon".It is worth noting the contents of her speech to a 2016 QCOSS conference – a case of send in the clowns.She believes preschoolers should participate in an endless series of ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies to build ‘tolerance’. She said she had one group of little kids believing, "Anyone who did anything wrong on Gadigal country, you were dead meat".She describes her work as not strictly about education, but "all about social justice", using a definition from the Labor-aligned activist Mick Dodson.When she talks about our country she says, "Australia – not its real name".She says she has "white privilege" because when she gets out of bed in the morning, nobody looks at her.She talks about the complexities of life as: "I’m driving a car, I’m running over an ant, yet I’m a vegan".She’s into strangely paranoid theories of how life unfolds: "The table we sit at, the spoons we eat from at lunchtime, the colour of the cup you drink from all have a massive impact on who you get to be and who you get to be with."When making a presentation, she says she likes to speak two languages, so as to undermine English, which she describes as "the language of business and power". So there’s not much hope there of children being encouraged and taught to master English in their education.In short, Scarlet is an eccentric politically-driven figure who should not be allowed anywhere near the NSW education system.How has someone like her been accredited for anything?How has she been allowed to teach the teachers new forms of Safe Schools and other wacky political theories?Instruction of this kind (regarding gender and sexuality) is a job for parents primarily; certainly not for the teachers of 3-4 year olds in NSW preschools and 4-5 year olds in NSW schools.That someone like Scarlet could be involved so heavily in education in our State tells us, yet again, how standards, focus and purpose have fallen away inside the system.NSW has the fastest falling school results in the world, and this is one of the shameful reasons why.NESA must de-register Multiverse and conduct a fall audit of gender fluidity PD and teaching, removing such content and training from the NSW education system.If the banning of Safe Schools is to mean anything, this must become NSW Government policy from the Premier, Minister, Mark Scott and Peter Shergold (Chair of NESA) down, through to preschool and classroom level.I urge this immediate action by the Government. I will be campaigning as hard as I can until it happens.Mark Latham MLC(5) Can’t Be Fired for LGBT Status, U.S. Supreme Court Says Greg StohrJune 16, 2020, 12:03 AM GMT+10 Updated on June 16, 2020, 2:58 AM GMT+10Roberts, Gorsuch join high court’s liberals in 6-3 majority Decision gives millions of LGBT people new civil rightsA divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled that federal law protects gay and transgender workers from job discrimination in a watershed decision that gives millions of LGBT people in dozens of states civil rights they had sought for decades.Justice Neil Gorsuch and Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court’s four liberals in a 6-3 majority Monday, interpreting the longstanding federal ban on sex discrimination in the workplace to cover sexual orientation and gender identity.The decision will have a broad impact. More than half the U.S. states don’t cover sexual orientation and gender identity through their own anti-discrimination laws. More than half the nation’s 8 million LGBT workers live in those states, according to the University of California at Los Angeles School of Law’s Williams Institute.The dispute tackled a central irony in the fight over LGBT rights: Even though the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in 2015, LGBT people still could have been fired from their jobs in much of the country. [...](6) Japanese-Soviet 1939 war on Manchuria/Outer Monglolia border led to Hitler-Stalin pactSTUART D. GOLDMANNomonhan, 1939THE RED ARMY'S VICTORY THAT SHAPED WORLD WAR IINaval Institute Press Annapolis, Maryland. 2012{p. 1} INTRODUCTIONThe Halha River flows from south to north near the tip of a flat, grassy finger of Mongolian territory that pokes eastward into Manchuria. In the 1930s Manchuria's Japanese masters regarded the river as an international boundary line: Manchuria to the east, Outer Mongolia-the Mongolian Peoples Republic (MPR), then a protectorate of the Soviet Union-to the west. Those on the Mongolian side claimed that the border ran some ten miles east of the river, roughly parallel to it, near the tiny hamlet of Nomonhan. While the precise location of the border meant little to the Mongol nomads who had led their herds back and forth across the river for centuries, the Kwantung Army, the elite Japanese force that occupied Manchuria, had a different view.In April 1939 Major Tsuji Masanobu of the Kwantung Army's operations staff drafted an inflammatory set of "principles" for dealing with the skirmishes that had been troubling the border region since Japan had seized Manchuria in 1931 and created the puppet state of Manchukuo. Tsuji's border principles declared that "if the enemy crosses the frontiers .. annihilate him without delay ... To accomplish our mission, it is permissible to enter Soviet territory, or to trap or lure Soviet troops into Manchukuoan territory... Where boundary lines are not clearly defined, area defense commanders will, upon their own initiative, establish boundaries.... In the event of an armed clash, fight until victory is won regardless of relative strengths or of the location of the boundaries. If the enemy violates the borders, friendly units must challenge him courageously ... without concerning themselves about the consequences, which will be the responsibility of higher headquarters!"In mid-May, the Kwantung Army officer responsible for the Halha River area, Lieutenant General Komatsubara Michitaro, commander of the 23rd Division, was meeting with his division staff to discuss implementation of the new border principles when he received word of an incursion by MPR cavalry across the Halha River near Nomonhan. In keeping with the new orders, the usually cautious Komatsubara reacted sharply. Irked by the bothersome skirmishes and hoping that a tough response would get the Mongols (and Soviets) to back off, Komatsubara{p. 2} decided on the spot to destroy the invading Outer Mongolian forces. That snap decision and the conflict it ignited would have far-reaching consequences. [...]{p. 3} Spurred on by Major Tsuji and other hotheaded staff officers at headquarters, the Kwantung Army command resolved to avenge this defeat with a major ground and air offensive across the Halha River, into indisputably Mongolian territory. The assault force was built around Komatsubara's 23rd Division, reinforced by a regitnent from the crack 7th Division, several hundred attack planes, and the Imperial Army's only independent tank brigade. But the Japanese buildup again was detected by their Soviet-MPR foes. Moscow too dispatched powerful reinforcements to the region, designated as First Army Group, under the command of an as-yet-untested leader named Georgy Zhukov. The Japanese offensive in early July was repulsed by Zhukov, with heavy losses on both sides.Kwantung Army continued to escalate the conflict but was checked each time by ever-more-powerful Soviet forces. Josef Stalin decided to send massive reinforcements to Zhukov's First Army Group, which launched a decisive counteroffensive in August. Intermittent fighting continued into mid-September 1939.This conflict was no mere border clash. Nearly 100,000 men and a thousand armored vehicles and aircraft engaged in fierce combat for four months.{p. 124} Finally, the Japanese July offensive confirmed Zhukov's initial judgment that the Nomonhan incident was no mere border clash. To the Soviets it appeared evident that the Japanese, who had initiated the fighting in early May and had escalated the scope and intensity of the combat on May 28, June 27, and July 3, were intent upon further aggression. The highest leadership in Moscow now agreed with Zhukov`s assessment. They were privy, through Richard Sorge's espionage ring in Tokyo, to Japan's redoubled efforts to draw Germany into an anti-Soviet military alliance. It was a danger that now had to be taken in deadly seriousness. At this point, Stalin and Vyacheslav Molotov began indicating explicitly to Joachim von Ribbentrop and Adolf Hitler that Berlin's attitude toward the Soviet-Japanese conflict was one of the crucial factors in the Soviet evaluation of a possible rapprochement with Germany.{p. 136} Meanwhile, in the rational, objective, and scientifically preeminent West, the Nazi war machine stood poised at the Polish frontier, ready to unleash a new dimension of horror. The Wehrmacht was held in check by an impatient Adolf Hitler, who now was urgently importuning Stalin to conclude a nonaggression pact immediately. The German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact would neutralize the Russian threat of a two-front war against Germany and clear the way for Hitler's invasion of Poland. But if the Hitler-Stalin pact was a 'green light," the signal flashed in two directions' east as well as west. It also would neutralize the German threat of a two-front war against Russia and clear the way for Zhukov's offensive at Nomonhan.On August 18-19 Hitler virtually begged Stalin to receive Ribbentrop in Moscow without delay to conclude the pact that would be, in effect, a military alliance. Thus reassured in the West, Stalin dared to act boldly against Japan. Zhukov supervised final preparations for his attack. [...]BUY THE BOOK ==Nomonhan ruined Strike North Nomonhan WarPosted On: 6/26/09Written By: Sam Ghaleb, Ridgecrest, Calif.Seventy years ago, a massive border clash in Outer Mongolia between the forces of the Soviet Union and the Imperial Japanese Army sent shock waves across the world, which eventually decided the course and outcome of World War II. From May to September 1939, Japan and the Soviet Union fought a fierce, large-scale undeclared war on the Mongolian Steppe that ended with a decisive Soviet victory. The outcome of that conflict was that Japan reoriented its strategic emphasis toward the south, leading to war with the United States, Britain, and the Netherlands. As a result of the Japanese defeat, the Soviet Union was able to free itself from the fear of fighting on two fronts, thus vitally affecting the course of the war with Germany. In Japan this undeclared war was known as the Nomonhan Incident, while in the Soviet Union it was known as "The Battle of Khalkhin Gol." [...]Also see Pacific War Online EncyclopediaNomonhan