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January, 2017

(The Social/Political Fabric Appears to be Unraveling)

Mortar and Pestle: Israel and Palestine

This is where rock meets bone, the age-old epic struggle between
the people and the PTB *,

- those with compassion for all of suffering humanity and those loyal to the USraeli Empire,
- those who have taken the red pill and the others the blue,
- those who defend the Shire and those who toil for Mordor,
- those who identify with what is truly sacred and those who are mere opportunists serving the Dark Side,
- tribal Jewry and their shabbas goyim vs. the rest of us

Zionists are morally, ethically and spiritually sick, and very dangerous..

Silence is complicity

White House calls outrage over omitting Jews in Trump’s statement on Holocaust ‘pathetic’
(Let us all kneel at the alter of the new Judaism - and the new, improved secular religion - the Holycause)

Gideon Levy Says Palestinians Now ‘Fair Game’ for Soldiers

Army will Go ‘Full Force’ in Future Wars, Collapsing EU Shouldn’t Lecture: Israeli Defense Chief

Gisha: Gaza’s Infrastructure on Verge of Collapse, Time is Running out

‘Never the Twain Shall Meet’: Kaukab Al Dayah, Anne Frank and Hollywood Genocidal Asymmetry, by Denis Conroy

Paris and the End to a Western-dominated Era in the Middle East, by Ramzy Baroud

A Synopsis of the Israel/Palestine Conflict (If Americans Knew)

Palestinians, Zionists, Jews and Israel, by Nasir Khan

Who’s Afraid of Nonviolence?

(N.B., who do the Western media serve? or if you prefer, Who's your Daddy?)

*PTB: The Powers That Be

Jan  12, 2016

Only One Democratic State is Possible in Palestine and Israel, by Ramzy Baroud

Britain’s Most Undesirable Immigrant: Why Was Shai Masot Given a Visa? by Craig Murray
[Elementary, Dr. Watson, if you know who's actually in charge of the British Govt]
The Plot Against Britain, by Gilad Atzmon
Israel is a Rogue State, by John Wight
The Danger and Challenge of Jewish-Zionist Power, by Mark Weber

What the Azaria Trial Tells Us (Again) about Israel, by Jeremy Salt

Shadow play: the New Great Game in Eurasia, by Pepe Escobar

The Deep State Goes to War with President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer, by Glenn Greenwald
US Intel Agencies Try to Strong-Arm Trump Into War with Russia, by Mike Whitney
Memo to US Spy Chief Clapper: When Deep in Hole, Stop Digging! by Thomas Knapp
Douglas Valentine on “The CIA as Organized Crime,” by Kevin Barrett

CIA has escalated its attack on the president-elect, by Paul Craig Roberts
Incoming! Neocon Elites Lob Kitchen Sink at Trump in Desperation Move, by Charles Bausman
Trump conducts his own sting operation to ensnare intelligence briefers

Obama The War Criminal Butcherer of Women and Children, by Paul Craig Roberts

Have Israel put on the U.N. list of abusers of children

Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago, by Philip Weiss

OMG! FAKE NEWS and CIA Fell for Incredible “Golden Shower”Fable about Trump

Elitist snobbery of Meryl Streep vs democratic populism of Donald Trump, by Adam Garrie

Grim Reaping, by George Monbiot

Jan  11, 2016
The Times They Are A'Changin'

The Real Face of Washington (and America) by Tom Engelhardt

The Real Purpose of the U.S. Government’s Report on Alleged Hacking by Russia, by Chris Hedges

The Decline and Fall: Seeing the Obvious, by Allen Jasson
A Changing Balance of Power in the Middle East

America's Aristocracy Is Terrified that Trump Will Up End Their World, by Eric Zuesse
Failed Mainstream Media terrified of Alternative Media, by Debbie Menon

America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016: What a bloody end to Obama's reign, by Medea Benjamin
New York Times busted making up “fake news” about journalist and one time RT host Abby Martin

How many British MPs are working for Israel? by Jonathan Cook
'Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself,' - Really? by J. Ofir
A Short Film On British Forgiveness, from Gilad Atzmon
George Galloway: Treason and Plot: The Israel Scandal

‘UK has blueprints for partitioning Mideast’

Israelis grab five relatives of dead lorry attacker

George Clooney comes out in support of ISIS-Al-Qaeda terrorist organization The White Helmets, calls them “heroes”

Hungary Plans to Crack Down on All Soros-Funded NGOs

Jan  10, 2016
Here’s How Goldman Sachs Became the Overlord of the Trump Administration
[Somos todos totalmente jodidos (transl: We're all totally fucked.) But it ain't over yet, baby blue. At least it's better than Clinton turning the biosphere into radioactive burnt toast. Now here's another stark choice - just pull down your underpants and bend over or get in the trenches and fight.]

The inevitability of the one-state solution, by Mohammed Ayoob
The Oded Yinon plan for the Middle East
Secretary Kerry, there could have never been a two-state solution

Why Has Israeli Spy Shai Masot Not Been Expelled? by Craig Murray
Revealed: £1,000,000 Israeli Plot To Take Down Corbyn & Other MP’s
British rabbi: War is Coming, Zionists Can Take Christian and Muslim Women As Sex Slaves

Israeli witness in Gaza: No water, no electricity and children dying unnecessarily, by Ayelett Shani   
Ethnic Cleansing by Other Means, by Ilan Pappe
New Cold War: Israel Seeks Revenge, by Sajjad Shaukat
Israelis teach their children to hate
How a tweet about Gaza children went viral round the globe, by Philip Weiss

Humor Dept?: Trump To Declare George Soros 'National Security Threat,' by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

China Ignores Obama In Favor Of Direct U.S. Job Creation Discussions W/Trump, by DW Alsterman

Deputy defense minister wants to give IDF soldiers a license to kill, by Haggai Matar

WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton Earned $100k From ISIS

Open Letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne
("A particular example of what much of the climate change agenda boils down to in practical terms - increased taxation (and not covered in this one, centralisation/undermining local/national sovereignty). The climate, being a global issue, trumps local/national concerns so is great for promoting para-national groups who then assume powers and legal authorities superior to mere nations.​" ~ APH)
Science Death Spiral
Water Scarcity – Liquidity crisis!

Jan 9, 2016
"Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.."

~ Robert Frost

We’ve been hacking elections for more than a century, by Stephen Kinzer

Meddling in Elections, by Mazin Qumsiyeh
The Western MSM and bad ‘fake news,’ by Adam Garrie
US Deep State in Deep Trouble, by Finian Cunningham
What a Flop! Even Professional Russia Bashers Forced to Admit New Intelligence Report Is Worthless, Offers No Proof
Russian hacker logic summed up in 5 bullet points that make Obama look like a sore loser child

Not by fire, but by Ice: The next ice age could begin any day
(Not even a peep out of the MSM re the current record low temperatures)
The Gift of Death, by George Monbiot

Palestinian refugees and the right of return (AFSC)
The Headlines from Palestine
By Condemning UN's Anti-Settlement Resolution, House Democrats Side With Israel's Far-Right Over President Obama, by Ben Norton
Why Palestinians Need an International Protection Force
Benjamin Netanyahu accused of offering newspaper owner commercial favours in return for positive coverage
Facebook closes accounts of Palestine activists

The Sisterhood and a Profound Weariness, by Fred Reed

Labour calls for inquiry into extent of political 'interference' by Israeli embassy
Let's imagine that the Russian embassy had been caught red-handed drawing up a "hit list" of British MPs it wanted to take down, by Peter Oborne
Israeli diplomat who plotted against MPs also set up political groups

End of the US Empire: Russian Warships Just Arrived in the Philippines, by Darius Shahtahmasebi
Dave McGowan: Wagging The Moon Doggie
(Talk about Fake News! It's becoming clearer every day that most "news" emanating from DC and the compliant media has been a pack of lies, going back at least to Pearl Harbor)

Did Israel assassinate JFK? by Syed Mujahid Kamran

What Trump Can Do To Be A Successful President, by Lance Schuttler

German intelligence agent drove alleged perpetrator in Christmas market attack to Berlin

Jan 8, 2016
The Cold War Is Over, by Peter Hitchens

Insane USIC report blames Russia for telling the truth, by Kevin Barrett
  (That's why it's becoming known as the Post-Truth era)
Here Is The US Intel Report Accusing Putin Of Helping Trump Win The Election By "Discrediting" Hillary Clinton, by Tyler Durden
McAfee Antivirus Founder Devastates FBI Report, Says Russia DID NOT Hack the DNC, by Philip Mollaret
DNC Refused to Give FBI Access to Its Servers - Instead Gave Access to..
Is that all there is? by Bob Boldt
Donald Trump tweets for peace with Russia, by Adam Garrie
Fake News: Ignoring King Family civil trial verdict that US government assassinated Martin with OVERWHELMING evidence

Yes, We Can, by Uri Avnery
  [Avnery, a great man for whom I feel affection and respect, just can't let go of his utopian Zionist fantasy. He's sticking with the long moribund "two-state solution," something he cooked up with his buddy Yassir Arafat. I hope the Palestinians give him his due and honor him when they finally, mercifully, take over.]
The two-state solution is just empty talk, by Joseph Croitoru
With Only Three Hours of Electricity a Day, Gaza Is 'On Verge of Explosion'
"No Christmas in Jerusalem for you," by Mazin Qumsiyeh
Israel’s parliamentary plot against UK politicians
Judith Butler’s Statement of Support for an MLA Academic Boycott Resolution
Palestinian women prevent West Bank home demolition, by Natasha Roth
Palestine before Occupation فلسطين قبل الإحتلال 1948 (Video)
Why Israel and Russia remain chums, by Dmitry Maryasis

Why Conservative Women Are So Pretty, by Henry Scanlon
​  ("Intelligent article about the effects of NOT being PC-enslaved.​" 15 yrs ago, while I was still a knee-jerk liberal, I was shocked when a woman I liked said that conservative men were SO much better in bed..)

Shut Down America’s Refugee Programs Before They Turn Us Into Germany, by James Simpson

More than 1,200 homeless veterans living on Los Angeles streets still need housing [Hoo-Yah! USA, USA! Support the troops!]

The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time (Part XI)

Government by Faculty Lounge Subject to Repeal

Jan 7, 2016
Confused at the root by clinging to the imaginary Self,
Driven by unbridled passion, aggression and ignorance,
We are like an impulsive five year old
Playing with a loaded gun with a hair trigger;
Without a Great Spiritual Awakening
We don't stand much of a chance..

The mainstreaming of Palestinian genocide, by Yoav Litvin
Atrocities in the Promised Land: The 'Insane Brutality' of Israel, by Kathleen Christison
Knowing and acting, by Mazin Qumsiyeh
Memo to Kerry: Support for one state is growing among Palestinians and Israelis, by Jonathan Ofir
On BDS, Israeli Fascism and Globalization: Interview with Haider Eid
More Americans Support UN Resolution On Israel Than Oppose It, Poll Shows
Help bring the ‘Palestinian Advanced Physics School’ to Jerusalem

Hard left, communist radicals launch de facto coup attempt in America, by Alex Thomas
(Calling them Communists is a bit over the top. They would be better described as a mix of hardcore Hillary supporters who include
post-modernist, post-truth, politically correct, neoliberal, radical feminist, gay and lesbian, diversity and multiculturalist etc. elements.)

Europe’s loathing of Donald Trump is symptomatic of a wider cultural malaise, by Adam Garrie
‘Identity Politics’ and Chicago’s race hate crime, by Alexander Mercouris

A Case Study in the Creation of False News, by Paul Craig Roberts
Ten basic forms of fake news used by major media, by Jon Rappoport
Here’s why the US elites fear RT, by Adam Garrie

Creator of NSA’s Global Surveillance System Calls B.S. On Russian Hacking Report
Murdering the Innocent in Order to Support the Lie, by Paul Craig Roberts
Hacked or Leaked? by Jack Speer-Williams

Capitalism: A General Logic of Crisis, by Adam Tooze

The Trump Bubble, by Mike Whitney

Happy New Year Donbass, from Killer John McCain and Co.

New 90-Day Rat Study Destroys Corporate GMO Propaganda, by Brandon Turbeville

Bank of England admits dire Brexit predictions were total hysteria

Jan 6, 2017
Under the Weimar Republic the Hard Left and the Hard Right
fought it out on the German streets.
We know how that turned out.
Is history about to repeat itself,
this time in America?
If so, expect the same result..

On Loving Another Country, by Andrew Bacevich
Washington is Complicit in Israel's Crimes, by Paul Findley
A Blessing in Disguise?  The Trump Presidency May be Better for Palestine, by Ramzy Baroud
Condemning Israeli Settlement Expansion: UN Security Council Resolution 2334 and Secretary Kerry’s Speech, by Richard Falk
Finkelstein: In ‘breathtaking’ UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime
Exposing Real Friends and Enemies of Israel in the Arab World
The Simon Wiesenthal Center: A Bastion of Jewish-Zionist Power, by Mark Weber
Jason Greenblatt Is Headed for Trump's White House. His Brother Is in Prison.

Elor Azaria case: ‘No hope of equality before the law,’ by Jonathan Cook
Netanyahu calls for pardon of convicted soldier Azaria
  (when the time comes, will they pardon Bibi? No way!)
After Israeli soldier is convicted of manslaughter, Times and Post portray case as isolated incident
Your Killing is ‘Inevitable’: Activist who Filmed Hebron Shooting Fears for His Life after Israeli Soldier Convicted

Donald Trump Plans Revamp of Top U.S. Spy Agency
  (if he actually regains presidential control over the rogue 'intelligence' agencies, the election will have been a significant victory for the people of America and the rest of the world)

Glenn Greenwald Rips Jeff Bezos' Neocon Rag for Shameless Lying on Russia, by Dean Parker

Denying Denial, by Jonas Alexis

Obama, Kissinger and Nuland: Cyprus 1974 – Cyprus 2017

Obama’s Deadly Afghan Acquiescence, by Ray McGovern

In Syria, Western Media Cheer Al-Qaeda, by Rania Khalek

Organic Farmers Beat Monsanto, GMO Seeds Now Banned

False Witnesses: How Doctors Without Borders Spread al-Qaeda's Propaganda, by Adam Hill

Black Humor Dept (PC Desk):
A rare and noteworthy appearance of John McCain among his constituents

Printing Money? It’s all in the Name, by Eve Mykytyn

What the %&*# Are US Troops Doing in Lithuania on Russia's Border? by Simon North

Jan 4-5, 2017
America or Israel? by Philip Giraldi
Israel Made 2016 Deadliest Year for Palestine in a Decade
John Kerry picked the wrong timeline for the Jewish state,by Jonathan Ofir
Defamation: Excellent Israeli Documentary on "Anti-Semitism"
The Headlines from Palestine
Love in the Age of Trump, by Robert Cohen
Kill Them All, by Jonas Alexis
Another Fifty Years of Mideast Strife, by Eric Margolis
Archbishop was ‘icon of resistance’ to Palestinians, by Jonathan Cook
The challenges of being a Palestinian doctor in the ‘Jewish state,’ by Hatim Kanaaneh

The War Against Alternative Information, by Rick Sterling
Russia's Legitimate Nuclear Fears and How US' Provocative Nuclear Strategies Could Lead to Armageddon, by Jonathan Marshall
America's Lynch Mob 'Democracy' by Finian Cunningham
'Putin Did It' Is the World's Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory, by Tim Black
Julian Assange says Wikileaks DNC emails source is NOT Russia, by Adam Garrie
Racism Rigged by A&E: KKK “documentary” was entirely scripted
Washington Post: We lied about Russian operation hacking the US, by Jonas Alexis
Consigned to the memory hole: the content of the DNC leaks
Systematic 'fake news' Planted By Britain's Intelligence Services
Fusing Identity and Class Politics in “Trumpland,” by Ray Zwarich
Defying Donald Trump’s Kleptocracy, by Chris Hedges
Ready for the Jawboning Presidency of Donald Trump, by Ralph Nader
RT CrossTalk: Trump vs the Media

The Real Syria Story, by Kurt Nimmo

Under Cover of Christmas, Obama Establishes Controversial Anti-Propaganda Agency

How a United Iran, Russia and China are Changing The World - For the Better (ICH)

Jan 3, 2017

The Illusion of Knowledge, by Scott Adams

On the death of the Left and the Identitarian.. from Gilad Atzmon

Behind the Real US Strategic Blunder in Syria, by Gareth Porter

Robert Steele: DHS-FBI Report Against Russians is Crap — Our Own Traitors, Not the Russians, Are the Real Enemy, Faking Evidence

How Hillary Clinton Stole the Democratic Nomination from Bernie Sanders — and Did Not Legally Win the Popular Vote

The House Of Saud: It’s Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown, by David Livingstone

Israel First or America First, by Patrick Buchanan

Building Totalitarianism in Europe: The Last Coup of Victoria Nuland

Jan 2, 2017
Out with the old, in with the new,
Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose,
Vanity, vanity, all is vanity
  and a striving after wind..
So saith the oracle..
The Great Bell Chant (The End Of Suffering)

Humor Dept:

Adam Garrie: Predictions for 2017

Climate Heretic: to be or not to be? by Judith Curry

Flotsam and Jetsum after the USraeli manufactured tsunami..

John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s war against Russia and against Donald Trump, by Adam Garrie

Think that 2016 was a tough year for Saudi Arabia? Wait till you see 2017, by James Dorsey

Jan 1, 2017
A New Year’s Perspective: John Steinbeck on Good and Evil, the Necessary Contradictions
of the Human Nature, and Our Grounds for Lucid Hope

Seems like everyone has been saying goodbye and good riddance to 2016, in most cases with the aid of copious amounts of holy water,
and now are too hung over to manage the keyboard. There will be some nudes at the end of today's post
 but I'd like to salute the best of the best from recent years, those who fearlessly speak truth to power.

 First a list of names and then a bunch of the go-to websites, both in alpha order.
Apologies for inadvertent omissions - I'm sure there are quite a few:

The Truthtellers Honor Roll

Special Distinction: The Whistleblowers, all of them

Abby Martin

Alan Hart

Allison Weir

Brandon Martinez

Dmitry Orlov

Chris Hedges

Craig Murray

Ellen Brown

F. William Engdahl

Eric Walberg

Eric Margolis

Erik Zuesse

Finian Cunningham

George Monbiot

Gideon Levy

Gilad Atzmon

Glenn Greenwald

Israel Shamir

James Petras

James Wall

John Chuckman

John Pilger

Jonathan Cook

Juan Cole

Ken O'Keefe

Lawrence Davidson

Michel Chossudovsky

Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Eisen

Peter Lavelle

Phillip Giraldi (and the rest of the VIPS)

Ralph Nader

Richard Edmondson

Richard Falk

Robert Fisk

Ron Paul

The Saker

Sharmine Narwani

Sophie Shevardnadze

Stephen F. Cohen

Stanley L. Cohen

Stephen Lendman

Stuart Littlewood

Tony Cartalucci

Uri Avnery

Wayne Madsen

William Blum



The Best of the Best

AlterNet - Antiwar - Consortium News - Counterpunch - The Duran - Global Research - Information Clearinghouse - Middle East Monitor - Mondoweiss - OpEd News - Palestine Chronicle - RT - Russia Insider - Sputnik - Tom Dispatch - Unz Review - Vineyard of the Saker


+972 Mag

21st Century Wire

Crazy Country (Adam Keller)

Activist Post

Alternative Information Center

Alternative Insight

The American Conservative

American Herald Tribune

Amer Zahr

Asia Times Online

Australians for Palestine

The Barnes Review

Black Agenda Report

Blacklisted News

Breaking All The Rules (BATR)

Club Orlov


Defend Democracy Press


Dissident Voice

Facilitate Global

Fire Dog Lake

Future of Freedom Foundation

If Americans Knew

International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC)

Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRMEP)

The Intercept

Intifada Palestine

Israeli Occupation Archive



Ma'an News

Media Lens

Media with Conscience

Middle East Eye

Mint Press News

Moon of Alabama

The National Interest

Natural News

New Eastern Outlook

Occidental Observer

One Democratic State - Gaza

Opinion Maker

The OtherSite

Palestine Telegraph

Press TV

Project Censored


Race for Iran

The Radical Press

Ralph Nader

The Real News


Redress Information and Analysis

South Front


Strategic Culture Foundation

Tikun Olam



Video Rebel

Veterans Today

Voice of Palestine

Voltaire Network

War in Context

Washington Report (WRMEA)

Washington's Blog

What Really Happened

Wide Asleep in America

World Beyond War

Zero Hedge

The Zionion

Israel's Genocidal Violence Goes Far Beyond Settlements, by Stanley Cohen

RT CrossTalk: Fake News

The media we need in 2017, by Rachel Shabi

‘Russian hackers’ penetrate US power grid with ‘outdated Ukrainian malware’
(About the only way America is different from a Banana Republic nowadays is that it's not a major crop there)