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Jeffrey Sachs, Roger Waters On Syria, from Peter Myers

Jeffrey Sachs stuns MSNBC Panel On Syria; Roger Waters brands White Helmets 'fake'(1) Jeffrey Sachs stuns MSNBC Panel on Syria: admits CIA invasion killed 1/2m, displaced 10m(2) Roger Waters of Pink Floyd brands White Helmets 'fake'(3) Roger Waters branded 'anti-Semite'(4) West poses as moral crusader in Syria, but stands by Saudis in Yemen(5) Skripal poison is BZ, a Nato nerve-poisoning agent(1) Jeffrey Sachs stuns MSNBC Panel on Syria: admits CIA invasion killed 1/2m, displaced 10m 19, 2018 - The Jimmy Dore ShowJeffrey Sachs appears on MSNBC Morning JoeInterviewer: This is not just a war between two countries. This ...could get out of control ...Jeffrey Sachs: It's true. But I think we have to step back. and not put this in partisan terms. This is a US mistake that started seven years ago. And I remember the day on your show when President Obama said, "Assad must go". And I looked at you and Joe, and I said, "How's he going to do that? Where is the policy for that?" And we know they sent in the CIA to overthrow Assad,. The CIA and Saudi Arabia together in covert operations tried to overthrow Assad. It was a disaster. Eventually it brought in both Isis as a splinter group to the Jihadists that went in, and also brought in Russia. So we have been digging deeper and deeper and deeper. What we should do now is get out., and not continue to throw missiles, not have a confrontation with Russia. Seven years has been a disaster, under Obama, continuing under Trump. This is what I would call the 'Permanent State' - this is the CIA, this is the Pentagon, wanting to ... no way to do that. And so, we have made a proxy war in Syria. It's killed 500,000 people, displaced 10 million - and I'll say, predictably so, because I predicted it seven years ago, that there was no way to do this, and that it would make a complete chaos. So what I would plead to President Trump is, "Get Out". ...(2) Roger Waters of Pink Floyd brands White Helmets 'fake' Waters Slams Syria's White Helmets: 'A Fake Organization Fronting for Terrorists'During a concert last Friday in Barcelona, Waters denounced the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize nominee rights group a 'fake organization' that provides propaganda for 'jihadists and terrorists'Haaretz Apr 17, 2018 12:14 PMFormer Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters denounced the White Helmets, a Syrian volunteer group and a 2017 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, during a concert last Friday in Barcelona, calling them a "fake organization" that provides propaganda for "jihadists and terrorists."The rocker and BDS activist claimed that listening to "propaganda of the White Helmets and others we would be encouraged to encourage our governments to go and start dropping bombs on people in Syria," in a video posted on YouTube by a group called Hands off Syria.In the video, Waters begins by addressing the audience with a claim that someone wanted to come on stage and make a speech about last week's chemical gas attack in Douma."He is one voice, I personally think he is entirely wrong, I believe the organization that he purports to represent and who he supports, the White Helmets, are a fake organization that is creating propaganda for jihadists and terrorists, that’s what I believe," Waters said.The White Helmets, also known as the Syrian Civil Defense, have saved over 80,000 lives since it began operations in 2012, according to aid organization reports. The NGO was established that year after a Syrian Air Force attack on Syrian civilians. Within two years it became a national center for civil defense activities. The group, nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2017, boasts 3,300 volunteers operating over 110 centers around Syria. A documentary about their work won the 2017 Academy Award for best documentary short.@MaxBlumenthal  Spanish crowd erupts in cheers as @rogerwaters calls the White Helmets a "fake organization" fronting for jihadist insurgents and denounces the Western bombing of Syria. Bricks in the wall of imperial deceptions are crumbling. Roger Waters branded 'anti-Semite'11:55 AM - Apr 15, 2018'Wish You Weren’t Here': Is Roger Waters a Peace Activist or an anti-Semite?The ex-Pink Floyd front man’s passionate calls for a cultural boycott of Israel are the subject of a new documentary. Director Ian Halperin says Waters must be held to account for his actionsBy Nirit Anderman Nov 01, 2017He’s written some of the greatest songs of all time, fronted one of the most influential and successful groups in the history of rock’n’roll and his "The Wall Live" tour was the highest-grossing for a solo artist. Yet despite this, Roger Waters infuriates a lot of people.The decision by the former Pink Floyd singer-bassist to become a political personality and exploit his fame and status to fight Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians drives ardent Zionists crazy – they see him as an enemy of Israel who is damaging the Jewish state’s reputation.Now, a Jewish-Canadian filmmaker has decided to take off the gloves and go head-to-head with the venerable musician, stating unequivocally that Roger Waters is an anti-Semite.Investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker Ian Halperin, 53, calls his new film "Wish You Weren’t Here," riffing on one of Pink Floyd’s biggest hits while launching an unapologetic, all-out assault on a member of one of the most respected rock bands ever.In the documentary – which just toured select Canadian cinemas – Halperin conducts a long series of interviews with subjects who each explain why Waters isn’t a performing artist touring the world with a legitimate political agenda, but instead is an anti-Semite who uses the stage to spread hatred and lies about Israel, and about Jews in general.The documentary also tries to sketch a contemporary portrait of global anti-Semitism, which is raising its head in various countries, marking Waters as the undisputed leader spearheading this focused assault. ... 19, 2018Roger Waters Denounces White Helmets as 'Fake Organization'During a Barcelona concert on April 13, Roger Waters denounced the Syrian White Helmets as "a fake organization that exists only to create propaganda for jihadists and terrorists." Warning that the groups’ unverified claims about chemical weapons attacks across insurgent-held territory were aimed at triggering Western military intervention, Waters cautioned his audience, "If we were to listen to the propaganda of the White Helmets and others, we would encourage our governments to start dropping bombs on people in Syria. This would be a mistake of monumental proportions for us as human beings."In fact, Waters had first hand experience with the powerful pro-war PR operation behind the White Helmets. Back in October 2016, a public relations firm representing the White Helmets called The Syria Campaign attempted to recruit Waters by inviting him to a lavish dinner organized by a Saudi-British billionaire, Hani Farsi. The rock legend and renowned activist was told that by signing on to the organization’s mission, he could help "elevate the voices of Syria’s peaceful heroes"Just days before his recent concert in Barcelona, Waters was lobbied again to support the White Helmets, this time by an eccentric French photojournalist affiliated with what he described as a "very powerfull [sic] syrian network." The activist demanded to join Waters on stage and deliver a message for the "children of syria."Waters did not respond to either request.These emailed solicitations from White Helmets representatives and activists were provided by Waters to the Grayzone Project, and are published in full at the bottom of this article. The documents demonstrate how the organization’s well-funded public relations apparatus has targeted celebrities as the key to the hearts and minds of the broader Western public.Unlike many other A-listers, however, Waters took time to research the White Helmets and investigate its ulterior agenda."I was quite suspicious after I was invited to that [White Helmets] dinner," Waters told the Grayzone Project. "And now my worst suspicions have been confirmed."The Syria Campaign’s initial approachThe October 2016 dinner invite was delivered to Waters by a representative for the Corniche Group, an international holding company belonging to the family of the London-based Saudi billionaire Hani Farsi. Farsi was seeking Waters’ presence at a fundraising dinner he had organized on behalf of The Syria Campaign.The Syria Campaign is a well-funded public relations front established to promote The White Helmets as a group of heroic rescuers who require the protection of Western militaries. Through series of petitions and public demonstrations, The Syria Campaign has unsuccessfully pushed for a No Fly Zone in Syria that would have likely resulted in the kind of Western military intervention that toppled Libyan President Moammar Qaddafi and destabilized Libya.The slick PR firm has also resorted to astroturfed public stunts like a pro-White Helmets flash mob and orchestral performance at New York City’s Grand Central Station where participants were paid up to $600 each.  Participants in astroturfed White Helmets concert & flashmob were paid up to $600 each by a public relations firm, Ubers were paid for too ...(4) West poses as moral crusader in Syria, but stands by Saudis in Yemen'Double standards: US, UK, France stand by Saudis in Yemen but pose as moral crusaders in Syria'Published time: 15 Apr, 2018 10:14 

The Syria attack reveals the hypocrisy of the West – which fuels the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen despite documented abuses – but relies on unverified claims to punish Syria, journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark told RT.As Riyadh's campaign in Yemen enters its fourth year, it has been repeatedly accused by rights groups of civilian casualties during the bombardment. However, in Syria's case, reports of a chemical weapon attack in Douma that are yet to be independently corroborated became the trigger for a coordinated military action, Clark pointed out."On the one hand, they are rolling out the red carpet for Saudi leaders and they are supporting, either directly or indirectly, the Saudi bombing of Yemen, which is causing a great humanitarian catastrophe – and how many children has that conflict killed?"On the other hand, they pose as moral paragons, as moral crusaders when they claim children have died in Syria's chemical weapons attack without evidence," he said.Clark argued that by continuing its weapons sales to Riyadh, the West "has been feeding and supporting that conflict."Between March 2015 (the start of the Saudi-led campaign) and February 2018, almost 6,000 civilians were killed and 9,500 wounded, according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. In its report in March, Amnesty International said it has documented at least 36 coalition airstrikes that appeared to be carried out in violation of international humanitarian law, many of which may constitute a war crime. At least 513 civilians perished in their raids, including 157 children, it said."So, on one hand we have got documented evidence of children dying in huge numbers in Yemen through cholera and through bombing. That's true, that's evidence, actually. And the same powers responsible for that are bombing Syria in response to unverified claims of attacks on children in Syria," Clark said. "The double standards are totally, totally off-the-scale."Just last month, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, US President Donald Trump, and French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Gulf country's defense minister and de-facto ruler who is on a charm offensive in Europe and the US.As a result, the UK, which has provided a steady supply of arms to the ultraconservative kingdom, signed a huge arms deal with Riyadh that will see it purchasing 48 Typhoon jets from British firm BAE Systems.In his own meeting with bin Salman in Washington, President Trump boasted about $12.5 billion in finalized sales of American weapons to Saudi Arabia. In May 2017, he chose Saudi Arabia for his first foreign trip as president and signed a record $350-billion arms deal.France, which according to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) was Saudi Arabia's third biggest weapons supplier between 2013 and 2017, might soon also conclude a new series of deals with the kingdom.Last week, a French defense minister official told Reuters that France had agreed on a new arms export strategy with Saudi Arabia. According to reports in French media, Paris can soon start selling navy patrol boats and Caesar artillery canons to Saudi Arabia, manufactured by CMN and Nexter respectively.(5) Skripal poison is BZ, a Nato nerve-poisoning agent Experts Identify the Substance used on the SkripalVOLTAIRE NETWORK | 15 APRIL 2018According to the Swiss Institute for the Protection of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons (Schweizerisches Institut für ABC-Schutz), the poison found at Salisbury by OPCW investigators looking into the Skripal affair, is the toxic agent known as "BZ".The name "Novichok" refers to a Soviet research programme rather than a substance that resulted from this programme."BZ" is a Nato nerve-poisoning agent that takes 30-60 minutes to act and whose effects last for two to four days. What was then the USSR and what is now Russia, have never worked on this type of substance.The Swiss Institute for the Protection of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons is a world-renowned centre of excellence. It proceeded to analyse the substance found at Salisbury at the request of the OPCW.TranslationAnoosha Boralessa-- Peter Myerswebsite: