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Latest Newsletter from Mazin Qumsiyeh

In this weekly newsletter: Vanunu ordeals, Naddaf scandal, Livingstonetruths, Zionism lies, hoping Trump wins, resisting positively, hike inBattir Sunday.Mordechai Vanunu exposed Israel’s development of nuclear weapons and paid aheavy price in decades of jail in solitary confinement. He continues to beharassed, prevented from leaving to any other country and just this weekwas arrested again and charged with speaking to foreigners. He paid a heavyprice for his speaking truth to power. Contrast that with the profiteerGibreal Naddaf who became the poster boy of Zionism. He is a Palestiniancollaborator “priest” who made a lot of money peddling Israeli PR(hasbara). Telling Palestinian Christians to join the Israeli army was a PReffort directed at others because there are so few Christians who arewilling to join an army of thieves and colonizers. But now his handlers aregetting tired of him and the Israeli Channel 2 did an expose on Naddafshowing how he is not only a thief and profiteer but that he he made sexualadvances to young male soldiers and that he lied frequently [1].Unfortunately the Greek boss of Naddaf (Theophilus) refuses to listen tothe people and dismiss this lying cheating thief (perhaps becauseTheophillus himself sold church property to Zionists).Here also in the news is much controversy about an Israeli general whodared to say there are signs in Israeli society trends that should make onereflect since there were similar signs in 1930s Germany. There were alsothe expected Zionist attacks on Ken Livingstone who (correctly) pointed outcooperation between Nazis and Zionists in the 1930s. The attack on freedomof speech actually proves our point that Zionism is an anti-democraticmovement by its nature. But there is much more to this issue and there arebooks written about this that are well documented including Lenni Brenner’s’51 Documents: History of the Nazi-Zionist Collaboration’ and Edwin Blacl’s‘The Transfer Agreement’. In one of my own books ‘Sharing the Land ofCanaan’, I explained the insidious similarities. One chapter is on Zionismand it began with: “Zionism is variously looked at as a salvation or as acatastrophic power.  Yet all agree that Zionism was and is at the center ofthe conflict that now raged for over 100 years in the Land of Canaan. Nolasting solution can be approached without an honest examination of originand consequences of this phenomenon that still shapes events, not onlylocally in Palestine/Israel, but in the region and the world’ (you can readthe chapter at ). Another chapter talks aboutthe racism that is inherent in the Israeli society as a Zionist apartheidentity ( what is heartening is that discussion is being made. We are livingclose to the end of this charade called Zionism. Zionist hegemony overwestern government discourses will ironically accelerate the end ofZionism. More and more people are challenging it. That Bernie Sandersbrought up the issue of Gaza in a debate with the democratic nomineeHillary Clinton is telling. I predicted that it will be Clinton vs Trumpover 8 months ago. In the election, millions are dis-enfranchised andmillions of others choose the “lesser of two evils”. I for one would hopethat Trump wins the presidency. Let me be very clear: both Clinton andTrump support racism, both support apartheid Israel, both enjoy fosteringconflicts around the world, both oppose basic human rights and equality,and both are against policies that could really save our environmental. IfTrump wins the rest of the world will quickly understand US imperialism andthink of alternatives. Arab Gulf leaders who Trump does not need forcampaign donations will be dumped and they will have to make choices otherthan their current foolish ones of attacking Yemen and Syria. Trump willshed the fig leaf of his predecessor Obama who talked of ‘peace process’and Zionist-Arab bilateral ‘dialogs’. The “Arab world” collectively, freedfrom propaganda and illusion about US sponsored ‘peace talks’ will have tolook for real options to bring peace with justice. People like Abu Mazenwill then be forced to make the hard choices: shed the privilege and resistor quickly be removed by a people who have finally seen the light. AndTrump will have to make a choice of armed conflict with Russia and China orbacking down in places like Ukraine, Yemen, and Syria. In either case hewill behave in a way that accelerates the economic demise of the US, a nowinevitable outcome of Zionist ‘guidance’ of US foreign policy for decades.That Zionist hegemony would continue under Clinton or Trump presidencybecause there are not enough people (yet) with backbone to stand-up to thebullying and fleecing of the public. Hillary Clinton would deliver the same(Zionist) destructive power but prolong the pain. Finally, there is a 1%chance that Trump might take on the Israel lobby if he is elected presidentbut that is far better than the 0% chance that existed under Obama or thatwill exist under Clinton.  I would say let us have our bitter pill. Let ushave Trump for President!Of course we should continue building and organizing grassroots and pushfor decency regardless of who is president of the USA. After all, this ishow change really happens. We did not get civil rights, women right tovote, ending the war on Vietnam, ending government support for apartheidSouth Africa or any other rights by choosing between democrats andrepublicans: we got them by pushing whoever is in power. Public opinion isslowly shifting despite the Zionist controlled Western mass media. InEurope this is already a wave that is unstoppable but even in the US theyounger generation (not watching mainstream media) is already shifting [2].Pushing harder is our only real choice going forward. But we also need toprovide a model of life and existence that is positive. That is what we inPalestine have been doing and encouraging others to do: resist and build.In my small corner, we are building that museum of Natural History and abotanical garden at Bethlehem University not to be a center of visitationbut a hub of behavioral change towards that global consciousness changethat will ensure the new generation have real choices in resistance andpersistence (Sumud). People asked about us and how they can help. These twofilms can give you a hint:Donations are tax deductible in many countries. Check this out:Donating work this for those nearby:Please join us for a walk from Beit Jala through Al-Makhrour to Battir tohonor the beautiful land, remember Palestinian stewardship of the land andmark the 68th anniversary of Al-Nakba. The walk will raise funds forPalestine Museum of Natural History. Please support us in this effort bymaking a donation to PMNH. Follow this link: will be joined by Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh of Bethlehem University,founder and director of the Palestine Museum of Natural History.  We willmeet at the top of Beit Jala, in front of Dejavu restaurant at 4:30 andwalk the winding road that takes us through the terraced landscape ofAl-Makhrour to Battir village. On the way we will have brief stops to learnabout the natural environment and cultural traditions and stories. The fullwalk will take 2.5 hrs. You can join us for all or part of it. Please wearsuitable walking shoes and bring water with you. Also bring sun protectionif you need it. There are shared taxi services from Bethlehem to Dejavu inBeit Jala, and from Battir back to Bethlehem. The cost each way is 5.5 NIS.[1]

[2] Support for Palestinians triples among US youth, survey finds:‘Whatever happens in the 2016 presidential election, the United States hasnever been more fertile ground to build support for Palestinian rights.’ QumsiyehProfessor and (volunteer) DirectorPalestine Museum of Natural HistoryPalestine Institute of Biodiversity and SustainabilityBethlehem UniversityOccupied Palestinehttp://qumsiyeh.orghttp://palestinenature.org_______________________________________________HumanRights newsletter