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Left Warriors trash Western Civilization, from Peter Myers

(1) 20 anti-Putin covers of The Economist; 12 anti-Putin covers of Newsweek

(2) Letter from Israel Shamir: is The Economist really owned by the Rothschilds?

(3) Economist: "The Rothschilds and the Agnellis are represented on the board of directors" - Wikipedia

(4) Letter from Bill: If Putin is such a big supporter of Jews, how come he is so “hated” in the Jewish owned press?

(5) Reply to Bill: Winston Churchill's 3 kinds of Jews

(6) Economist Intelligence Unit - gives Putin a poor rating

(7) Inverted crosses on the Hobart waterfront

(8) 'State-sanctioned blasphemy': Anger over Hobart Dark Mofo art

(9) Sacrilegious Symbols Have No Place in Hobart - Coptic Bishop

(10) Leftist warriors upstage Western civilisation at Australian universities

(11) The threat to Western civilization is not Putin, but Left warriors in media and universities


(1) 20 anti-Putin covers of The Economist; 12 anti-Putin covers of Newsweek

In yesterday's email, one of the links was wrong. Here they are again, both correct. Both of these magazines are Jewish-owned.

20 anti-Putin covers of The Economist:

12 anti-Putin covers of Newsweek:


(2) Letter from Israel Shamir: is The Economist really owned by the Rothschilds?

From: israel shamir <>

Peter, it is long time since I've read the Economist (it became extremely right-wing for me) but in 1970s I was an avid reader and admirer of its then objectivity and good style. Anyway then the Economist had no Jews at the top, no owners, no major writers, and it was quite open about it. The Economist was the only magazine that published the data regarding ownership in apartheid South Africa: Blacks 10%, Boers 20%, Anglos 30%, Jews 40% or suchlike. It was not friendly to Israel. I do not know about its status now, but I would need verification whether the Economist actually moved into Jewish hands.



(3) Economist: "The Rothschilds and the Agnellis are represented on the board of directors" - Wikipedia


> I would need verification whether the Economist actually > moved into Jewish hands.

It's a different magazine now from what it once was; don't know when it changed. I've been saving samples of its editorial line for some years.

Basically it takes the Obama / Hillary line.

Here's what Wikipedia says:

 It is 50% owned by the English branch of the Rothschild family, the Schröder family, and by the Agnelli family through its holding company Exor. The remaining 50% is held by private investors including the editors and staff.[9][10] The Rothschilds and the Agnellis are represented on the board of directors.[11]

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Also search Google for "Economist Intelligence Unit".

Its website is

Wikipedia has this:

The EIU is very political & probably very influential, yet we never hear about it. Businesses subscribe to its reports.



(4) Letter from Bill: If Putin is such a big supporter of Jews, how come he is so “hated” in the Jewish owned press?

Hi Peter

Thanks so much for continuing to send me your remarkable emails.

I’m particularly interested in this latest one which concentrates on the Jewish connections in Russia today and for generations back, as well as the background of the citizens of Israel today. It is fascinating to me. If Putin is such a big supporter of Jews, how come he is so “hated” in the Jewish owned press? How on earth do you come up with all these "facts”?

Trump is a real enigma. I just can’t reckon on what he will come up with next. His bluff and bluster seems to be cowering many leaders into submission, yet he is such a damn bully. It must be hell trying to work alongside him.

What is your take on his constant disparaging of Obama?

I hope all is well with you and your family Look after yourself and kind regards


(5) Reply to Bill: Winston Churchill's 3 kinds of Jews


> If Putin is such a big supporter of Jews, how > come he is so “hated” in the Jewish owned press?

Winston Churchill distinguished 3 kinds of Jews:

- Bolshevik Jews. After Stalin, they became Trotskyists. Today they are the 'Green Left' (pro Feminism, Gay Marriage, Unisex Toilets, Refugees, Global Warming, Diversity & Minority Rights) - In this camp are George Soros, New York Times, Washington Post, Economist, Newsweek. They hate Putin and Trump. Backed Obama's withholding the Veto at the UNSC vote on Settlements. One might applaud them on that, but these Left Warriors are doing their best to destroy Western Civilization.

Whilst Lord Rothschild shuns publicity and rarely publicises his views directly (but he did come out against Brexit), one can gauge his views by studying the editorial line of The Economist. It is clearly in the 'Green Left' camp.

- Zionist Jews - the Netanyahu faction, including Neocons eg David Horowitz and Jewish writers at Spiked Online (eg Frank Furedi, Melanie Phillips). Nice people, except when it comes to Israel. They back whatever Israel does, and demonise Iran and the Palestinians. They may criticise Putin, but they hate Soros and the Green Left. They prefer Trump to the Democrats. Spiked Online supported Brexit. David Horowitz accuses the Left Warriors in the universities of destroying Western Civilization. On social issues, one might feel common cause with them, but their price is that one accept Zionism.

- National Jews - these are the good Jews (or ex-Jews), who expose the other 2 kinds. They defend traditional values (against, say, Soros), and oppose Zionism (against Netanyahu). Eg Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir. These are the kinds of Jews (or ex-Jews) on my mailing list.

> How on earth do you come up with all these "facts”?

I bookmark a lot of news agencies, both 'mainstream' and 'alternative', and check them from time to time.



(6) Economist Intelligence Unit - gives Putin a poor rating

Wikipedia's article on Putin notes his high approval rating in Russia, but accuses him of moving Russia away from Democracy. In other words, Democracy is not Majority rule, but Minority rule; Minorities and activist lobbies should get their way over the Majority. Such an assessment is attributed to

- the Economist Intelligence Unit (what's that? it's an elephant in the room)

- Freedom House (supposedly an NGO, even though it is mainly funded by the US Government)

 - Western analysts (with Jewish names, eg Larry Diamond).

Under Putin's leadership, Russia has scored poorly in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index and experienced democratic backsliding according to both the Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index and Freedom House's Freedom in the World index (including a record low 20/100 rating in the 2017 Freedom in the World report, a rating not given since the time of the Soviet Union). Western analysts no longer consider Russia to be a democracy. Human rights organizations and activists have accused Putin of persecuting political critics and activists, as well as ordering them tortured or assassinated; he has rejected accusations of human rights abuses. ... Putin has enjoyed high domestic approval ratings during his career (mostly above 70%) and received extensive international attention as one of the world's most powerful leaders.

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(7) Inverted crosses on the Hobart waterfront

Three 20-metre inverted crosses stand on the Hobart waterfront.

Supplied: Mona/Dark Mofo/Rémi Chauvin

Petition against Hobart's Dark Mofo inverted crosses demands removal

By Carla Howarth

The four 20-metre-tall inverted crosses erected for Hobart's Dark Mofo have prompted an outcry from the Australian Christian Lobby, which said they were "highly offensive".

Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) owner David Walsh has defended the crosses, and said there were "about 50 things" he could say as to why they are upside down.

An online petition created on Monday morning is calling on Hobart's Lord Mayor Ron Christie to take the crosses down.

"We are asking you to arrange to immediately REMOVE the inverted crosses that were erected by Dark Mofo around Hobart for the winter festival," it reads.

"The cross is a deeply meaningful and important symbol for all Christians in this nation, and indeed across the world.

"Other religions would not tolerate this type of demeaning behaviour, and we request that you immediately have them removed as a sign of respect."

Dozens of people who signed the petition have left comments slamming the use of the inverted cross.

Jackson Monteath said they were "anti-Semitic".

"Other religions would not tolerate it, and Australia coming from a Christian/Catholic background especially should not," he said.

"I'm shocked someone actually approved this. I'm not even religious but this is ludicrous." [...]

Yvonne McAskill said installing the inverted crosses was a sin against the Holy Spirit.

"All Christians are shuddering at this diabolical sign," she said.

Leanne Fry said it was disrespectful.

"It is totally disrespectful to the Christian faith. If something is disrespectful to other religions, it's just not tolerated. Fix it now," she said.

In a statement, Alderman Christie said anyone with complaints should contact MONA.

"It is not the role of the council to censor free speech," he said.

"The council supports MONA and the discussion that Dark Mofo engenders each year, whether it be Mike Parr buried under Macquarie St or the other events."

Festival continues with a refugee focus

Dark Mofo festival events have continued with strong messages about refugees.

Hip Hop artist Lawrence Gino performed at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, and spoke about his journey from living in a detention centre to enjoying freedom in Tasmania.

"I was born in Sudan and three months later the war started. So mum fled Sudan to Uganda, where I sought asylum, but when I was 12 mum got killed," he said.

"My sister was out here, and then she spoke to the Australian Government and they agreed to bring us out here."

He said music was an important way of getting a message across.

"It's very important to me because there are a lot of things going on out there that [haven't] been taught or heard," he said.

"Everyday we see on the news there's a bomb been dropped in whatever country, and we see that but we don't really take the time to investigate what happened there.

"Music is peace and music is a language for everyone, and it's something you can deliver a huge message with."

A squad of volunteer swimmers have protested against Australia's offshore detention policies as part of 'Landing' during Dark Mofo's prelude weekend.

The volunteers swam 431 kilometres, equivalent to the distance between Australia and Manus Island, in a continuous relay at the Hobart Aquatic Centre.


(8) 'State-sanctioned blasphemy': Anger over Hobart Dark Mofo art

'State-sanctioned blasphemy': Anger over Hobart Dark Mofo art

Giant red inverted crosses installed in Hobart as part of annual festival Dark Mofo have outraged some in the state's Christian community.

Updated 2 days ago Giant red upside down crosses erected in Hobart as part of Dark Mofo have been lashed as "state-sanctioned blasphemy" by a Tasmanian church leader.

Several 20-metre high crosses were installed this week at the city's waterfront as part of the annual winter festival.

It has attracted the ire of several Christian groups including the state head of the Anglican church, but event organisers aren't perturbed.

The inverted Cross of Saint Peter can be seen as a satanic symbol.

"The cross of Jesus Christ is very special to all Christians. I understand why they would be confronted by this," Anglican Bishop Richard Condie said.

"I am left wondering if this kind of state-funded blasphemy would be tolerated if the symbols were Buddhist, Hindu or Islamic? I would hope not." [...]

The state government contributes $2.1 million to Dark Mofo per year.

Photo: Dark Mofo is no normal festival, with participants seen during the Nude Solstice Swim, 2017.

A spokesperson said the government supports Dark Mofo and curation decisions are a "matter for the organisers".

Festival creative director Leigh Carmichael wouldn't take questions, but released a statement.

"The cross is a powerful and deeply significant historical symbol," she said in the statement.

"For many, this symbol evokes an emotional response for reasons that we don't fully understand.

"While we respect and understand different interpretations, we cannot be responsible for attitudes that people bring to the festival."

Smaller red crosses will be used throughout the city to guide people.

This year's Dark Mofo, which runs from June 8-24, has already drawn headlines over performance artist Mike Parr's plan to be buried in a container under a busy Hobart street for three days to acknowledge colonial violence against Tasmania's indigenous people.


(9) Sacrilegious Symbols Have No Place in Hobart - Coptic Bishop

An Insult to the People of the Cross: Sacrilegious Symbols Have No Place in Hobart

Bishop Anba Suriel

ABC Religion and Ethics

 8 Jun 2018

His Grace Anba Suriel is the Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Melbourne.

As part of Hobart's annual winter festival, Dark Mofo has installed a public display of several large inverted red crosses around Hobart's waterfront.

This act has come as an offensive shock to millions of Christians around Australia. For more than a millennium, inverted crosses have been used by Satanic worship groups as an anti-Christian symbol in mockery of Jesus Christ.

From the early centuries of Christianity, Christians were not able to display the cross publically as it could have led to persecution. Other symbols where more commonly used such as peacocks, doves and particularly fish - which, in Greek, forms an acronym for "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour."

It was only after the conversion of Emperor Constantine to Christianity in the fourth century that the cross was promoted as a Christian symbol.

While many churches, particularly throughout the West, enjoyed a peaceful existence during the middle ages, the Christian Copts in Egypt, being the native descendants of the Ancient Egyptians, were soon the minority in their native land following the Arab invasion of Egypt in the seventh century. The central Christian symbol of the cross could no longer be freely displayed publicly; instead, Christians were forced to wear blue or black clothing and to wear heavy metal crosses that caused severe bruising, causing the Copts to be referred to as "blue-necks."

Even today, many Copts in Egypt have small cross tattoos on their right wrist or hand as a way of witnessing to their Christian identity as a minority group in Egypt. The tattooing of these small crosses serves as a reminder to the Coptic Christians, one of the oldest Christian groups in the world, that they are called to witness to Christ as their fellow believers have done in the past, sometimes suffering persecution and even death for their faith.

Persecution is not a distant memory in the hearts and minds of the Copts, it is a living reality. Earlier this year, a young Christian man named Bassem Attallah was killed when Islamic extremists in Egypt saw his cross tattoo and asked him if he was a Christian, to which he boldly answered, "Yes, I am a Christian."

In February 2015, Islamic State militants searched a workers' compound in Libya looking for Copts - whom they labelled "people of the cross." The graphic video which shows their death, depicts the 21 Coptic hostages in orange jumpsuits being beheaded by their captors on a Libyan beach with the video captioned, "The people of the cross followers of the hostile Egyptian church." This was followed by a number of attacks on "the people of the cross" - the Copts, such as the bombing of a church in Cairo in December 2016, and two other bombings in Alexandria and Tanta on Palm Sunday in 2017 during packed Church services, killing dozens of worshipers.

The Copts are not the only Christians in recent times to be persecuted. Countless Christians have been martyred in recent years in Iraq and Syria by Islamic extremists. Many Russian Christians were martyred by the Communist Party in the Soviet Union in the twentieth century. 1.5 million Armenians were killed in the Armenian Genocide 100 years ago, with many Christian women dying by crucifixion.

The cross - being the central symbol of Christianity - is a symbol of victory, love, sacrifice and hope, and serves as a daily reminder of the reality of a longstanding history of Christian suffering and persecution. [...]

The display of such anti-Christian sentiment around Hobart is deeply offensive to me as a Christian, a Coptic Orthodox Christian bishop who has witnessed the living reality of persecution, and many other Christians who have lost loved ones or suffered themselves for their faith. Even today, in many parts of the world, people risk their lives by secretly carrying or displaying crosses.

It would not be acceptable to use an Islamic crescent or the Jewish Star of David, or the symbol of any other faith as a form of mockery against their respective faiths in the name of art today. Nor should it be appropriate to use the most central Christian symbol in this way.

I urge the government authorities and particularly the mayor of Hobart to intervene immediately to remove these offensive inverted red crosses from Hobart's tranquil and beautiful harbor and not continue offending the millions of Christians in Tasmania and Australia.

His Grace Anba Suriel is the Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Melbourne, and the Chancellor and Dean of St. Athanasius College.


(10) Leftist warriors upstage Western civilisation at Australian universities

Australian National University sacrifices Western civilisation for leftist warriors

Jun 7 2018 at 11:00 PM

by Bella d'Abrera

Last week, Australians were once again shown just how appalling our universities have really become. They discovered – yet again – that the humanities departments in particular are occupied by left-wing ideologues who insist on feeding their students a diet consisting entirely of class, gender and race rather than nourishing them with the history and substance of rational inquiry bequeathed to us by Western civilisation.

The trigger for this latest round of discontent was the news that after six months of talks with the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation – whose stated purpose is "to advance education by promoting studies and discussion of Western civilisation" – the ANU has decided to pull out from its partnership to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation.

In a letter to former prime minister John Howard, the chairman of the Ramsay Centre's board, ANU vice-chancellor Brian Schmidt stated that it had decided to withdraw because "the autonomy with which our university needs to approve and endorse a new program of study is not compatible with a sponsored program of the type required by the Centre".

Despite the fact that the curriculum had nearly been finalised with the approval of both parties, Schmidt implied that the issue was essentially one of control about the curriculum's content.

"As is true of all great civilisations, that of the West was Janus-faced; capable of nobility and yet also capable of turpitude," said British historian Niall Ferguson.. James Brickwood The truth is, however, that members of both the National Tertiary Education Union and the Australian National University Student Association did not want there to be any curriculum at all. The ANU's rejection of a Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation is simply the latest proof that the concept of Western Civilisation has gone from being just deeply unfashionable to beyond the pale, among many academics in Australian universities.

Irrational antipathy

In the meantime, ANU is happy to accept donations for its thriving Centre for Arab and Islam Studies. Its rejection of the Ramsay Centre's generous offer simply confirms academia's profound and irrational antipathy towards its own civilisation.

As published in the Institute of Public Affairs audit The Rise of Identity Politics: An Audit of History Teaching in 2017, the substance of Western civilisation is simply not being taught in our universities. Instead, undergraduates are being offered a version of the past looked at exclusively through the narrow lens of class, gender and race.

Last year the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Newcastle stated that Western Civilisation is "past its use-by date because, quite simply, it does not reflect the diversity of the classroom". The dean is part of a coterie of academics who believe that Western civilisation is too white a unit of study for non-white students and thus there is no place for it within the confines of the university.

It is not surprising, therefore, that collaboration between the Ramsay Centre and ANU was rejected by some academics.

While no one these days would seriously argue that Western civilisation, or any civilisation for that matter, has been perfect, this does not mean that it should be ignored or discarded. The history of Western civilisation naturally has both good and bad aspects, and it is vital that we understand both. As British historian Niall Ferguson points out, "as is true of all great civilisations, that of the West was Janus-faced; capable of nobility and yet also capable of turpitude".

Western civilisation is unique because it acknowledges rather than ignores its own "turpitude" and learns, or at least endeavours to learn, from it. It is constantly moving forward, examining itself and adapting itself to the passage of time. It has a remarkable ability to take the best and absorb from other civilisations. If it were a person, it would be adventurous and open-minded, rather than insular and bigoted.

But while other civilisations have claims to particular virtues and achievements – as well as their own failures and horrors – there are aspects of Western civilisation that have universal importance because they give the human race (even imperfectly) rights and freedoms which apply to all. They are part of a world heritage.

Christian foundations

These rights and freedoms are neither confined physically nor geographically, nor are they available only to certain groups. Its Christian foundations placed the individual at the centre, and gave us the notion of equality of man and individual dignity.

Through a combination of circumstance and luck, it has established ideas and institutions that  manage to simultaneously practise and protect, even imperfectly, what are the general beliefs and aspirations of all people and cultures. The liberal values of equality before the law, freedom of speech, property rights and the economic foundations of modern prosperity  are aspired to by people around the globe.

Western civilisation has also  given the world inquiry, rationalism, the scientific mind, and the empiricism of the scientific revolution. It has combined the science and technology, in accord with social ideals, to improve our material condition with modern medicine, electrical power, communication and so on. No other civilisation has done quite so much for the world, yet no other civilisation is as difficult to defend because of its very amorphousness.

ANU should look to Colombia University in the US. Every undergraduate, irrespective of their degree, is required to take "The Core Curriculum" which includes courses in the "Masterpieces of Western Literature and Philosophy", "Contemporary Civilisation in the West" and "Masterpieces of Western Art".

We should lament the fact that academics at ANU are depriving future generations of students in this country the priceless opportunity to benefit from the knowledge, wisdom and follies of Western civilisation.

Dr Bella d'Abrera is the director of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program at the Institute of Public Affairs.

AFR Contributor


(11) The threat to Western civilization is not Putin, but Left warriors in media and universities

Prager: Nukes Threaten People; Ideas Threaten Civilizations

The real threat to Western civilization is Western civilization ceasing to believe in itself.


Dennis Prager

Last week, I tweeted, "The news media in the West pose a far greater danger to Western civilization than Russia does."

To my surprise, the tweet went viral. And while there were more likes than dislikes, 99 percent of the written reactions were negative.

Typical reactions were:

--"F--- you."

--"Move to Russia."

--"Your very full diapers pose a very great danger, please change them." That received 1,880 likes.

--"I've wiped s--- off my shoes more trustworthy and patriotic than your sorry a--." That received 606 likes.

You get the idea.

But it wasn't the ad hominem insults that I found troubling. What was troubling was the low state of logical thinking that so many responses reflected. This was exemplified by their reminding me how important a free press is to democracy (as if attacking the behavior of the media were the same as denying the need for a free press); their asking how many nukes the media have compared with Russia (as if a threat to lives were the same as a threat to a civilization); and their thinking that my tweet was about President Donald Trump (he was never mentioned, and the words were just as true when Barack Obama was president).

My tweet was about the Western left undoing Western civilization. My one regret is that I did not mention universities along with the media.

The tweet had nothing to do with the existence of a free press. Attacking what the media is doing is not the same as attacking the existence of the media -- any more than attacking Trump is attacking the existence of the presidency.

With regard to Russia having more nukes than the media, those who noted this fact so missed the entire point of the tweet that it is almost breathtaking. When one speaks about dangers to a civilization, one is speaking ideologically, not physically. Of course, if Russia were to unleash its nuclear weapons against the West, it would kill vast numbers of Westerners. However, that would no more mean the end of Western civilization than the Holocaust meant the end of Jewish civilization. Civilization connotes a body of ideas and a value system.

Furthermore, a Russian nuclear attack threatening the West's physical existence is an utterly remote possibility. Russian leaders, just as Soviet leaders before them, fear what is known as MAD (mutually assured destruction).

The real nuclear threat comes from North Korea and, above all, Iran, which constantly announces its intent to exterminate Israel. But while The New York Times cannot stop writing about the threat Russian President Vladimir Putin poses, it accuses Trump of "demonizing" Iran.

The real threat to Western civilization is Western civilization ceasing to believe in itself. And, in that regard, Russia poses no danger, while the left-wing-dominated media and universities pose an existential threat.

That's why the most depressing of the negative reactions were those from people calling themselves conservatives. If conservatism isn't about conserving Western civilization first and foremost, what is it about?

Students in college have voted the American flag off their campus. Where did these students learn their unprecedented contempt for America and patriotism, if not from their schools and the media?

European countries continue to welcome in millions of Muslims, adding to the tens of millions of Muslims already in Europe -- many of whom, if not most, have no interest in adopting Europe's values. Do the critics of my tweet conclude nothing about the left's role -- meaning the role of Western media and academia -- in promoting multiculturalism, the doctrine that holds that no cultural, religious or value system is superior to any other?

At the University of Pennsylvania, its left-wing English department has removed its long-standing portrait of Shakespeare because he was white and male. Is that not a direct hit on Western civilization?

The left-wing prime minister of Canada has proudly announced, "There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada," and that Canada is "the first postnational state."

What produced him? Putin?

Is it Putin who is removing American flags from American campuses?

Is Putin destroying the notion of male and female?

Has Putin convinced half of America's millennials that socialism is preferable to capitalism?

Did Putin convince Pope Francis that Islamic terrorists are no more of a threat to Europe than baptized Catholics who kill their girlfriends?

Is Putin the reason Oxford University students voted that Israel is a greater threat to peace than Hamas?

Putin is indeed a murderous quasi dictator. But all this contempt for Western civilization comes from the Western media and the Western universities.

The smoking gun was provided just two weeks ago in the media's reactions to President Trump's speech in Warsaw, Poland, in which he called for protecting Western civilization. Virtually the entire Western media said it was a call to protect white racism -- because the media deem Western civilization to be nothing more than a euphemism for white supremacy.

That's what my tweet was about.

Peter Myers