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LynchMob Left Howling Again, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

Again ... The LynchMob Left is howling for blood. And the Brooks Case is exactly like the Floyd Case in one crucial particular. In both cases "first appearances" say one thing, but the actual facts say quite another. 

This Brooks Case is even MORE 'perfect' than the Floyd Case. One side will howl in Mob Outrage over "first appearances", and the other will be aroused to outrage after accessing the actual facts. 

This is "perfect" if "divide and rule" be your objective.

The Atlanta Police body-cam video is over 45 minutes long. Anyone who has not watched the entire video does NOT yet understand the Brooks Case. 

The American Left seems bound and determined to do itself the most harm possible, in regards to how it is perceived by the nation's Common People. As usual, the American Left is its own worst enemy. As an American Leftist myself, this causes me great pain and consternation. I think my family's lives are in danger, and I think this LynchMob Left, aka: the Marionette Left, is putting them in even more danger with its Mass LynchMob Hysteria.

CommonDreams is a prominent Marionette Left propaganda outlet that is currently in full-throated howling support of the Left LynchMob's raging mob mentality.

Copied below is my reply, posted on the CommonDreams site, attached to an article by CommonDreams propagandist, Jessica Corbett. (All the CommonDreams propagandists, writers and staff, receive Caliban's emails, and always have, from the outset of this 'gambit'). 

Hope all are well and strong,


R Zwarich
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My Reply to CommonDreams propagandist Jessica Corbett:

Jessica Corbett only masquerades as a 'journalist', as sheproves here, yet again, in this one-sided, (well ‘across the line’ into overt bigotry),example of what is being called, in some quarters, "resistancejournalism", but which is more widely known simply as "propaganda".

The entire police body-cam video is over 45 minutes long.The picture and audio quality are high. I watched, and listened to the wholething, carefully.

These police could not possibly have treated Mr. Brooks withany higher degree of polite respect. If people will simply access the evidence,(watch the whole 45 minute video), you will see that these two police treatedthis man with consummate respect, as due his rights as a citizen. Their comportment, tone, and general demeanortoward Brooks is exemplary, and could be used as a police training video, ofexemplary police behavior.

If you will watch the actual video, you will see and hearclearly that Mr. Brooks WAS informed that he was being placed under DUI arrest, (propagandist Ms. Corbett erroneously states, as fact, that he wasn't). Rolfe told Brooks, politely, to turn around to be cuffed under arrest for DUI.

At that point, (to resist being cuffed), Mr. Brooks launched a sudden and violentattack on the two police.

ALL this, to this point, is clearly shown on the video.

Rolfe's lawyer held a press conference/press interview. Ourgo-getter propagandist, Jessica Corbett, presenting only ONE side of the story,doesn't mention anything he had to say in Rolfe's defense.

According to Rolfe's attorney:

Brooks violently assaulted both police. He fought with onepolice and wrested a weapon from him. After violently assaulting both police heran away, with both police chasing him.

Brooks stopped running, turned and faced the pursuingofficers, and fired the taser at them. They saw the 'flash' and heard the'report' of the taser being fired, and in the heat of their instantaneousjudgment, they thought he had fired a gun at them.

It was AFTER the taser was fired that Rolfe drew his weaponand fired back. He did not 'empty his clip'. He fired two crisp shots, and whenBrooks, a dangerous man who had just assaulted two police, and had actuallyfired a weapon at them, went down, he stopped firing.

He immediately, he says, began administering first aid to Brooks, (after retrieving a first aid kit from his patrol car).

Rolfe says he never kicked Brooks, and the picturepurporting to show that he did does not show that. It looks like he's stoppingwhile running, to change direction off his planted right foot. (Put a football in the crook of his arm, and he looks like a running back).

The lynch-mob mentality intentionally being 'propagated' bypeople like Jessica Corbett, and by CommonDreams in general, is doing theAmerican Left GREAT harm.