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May, 2017

May 30-31, 2017
Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Palestinian hunger strike ends with prisoners declaring victory – but Israel claims nothing happened

Do the ‘Jewish People’ Worldwide Have a Legal Right to Self-Determination in Palestine?

Israel, Zionism and the smearing of critics, by Jonathan Cook

Radical? Zionist Book Burner More Likely, by Gilad Atzmon

Fearless Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh defines popular protest

The Psychopathic Empire

The Meaning of Assange’s Persecution, by Marjorie Cohn

Reality and Its Enemies: George W. Bush’s Horrific Legacy, by Lawrence Davidson

Why Does the United States Beat Up On Capitalist Russia? by W. T. Whitney

End the Greedy Silence – Enough Already! by Ralph Nader

How the west was lost: The search for a western Deng Xiaoping, by Adam Garrie

Growing Poverty Fuels Europe’s Extremism, by Andrew Spannaus

CrossTalk: 'Seth Rich'

What They’re Not Telling You About The Saudi Arms Deal, by James Corbett

Can the Impossible Happen in Britain? by Kenneth Surin

Statement by the Syria Solidarity Movement, from Rick Sterling

Alleged Russia-Taliban Arms Link Disputed, by Jonathan Marshall

Why Pence Might be Even Worse Than Trump, by Pete Dolack

To prevent another week of terror, our state must not become a vast Isis recruiting sergeant

How Germany is benefiting from the destruction of Greece

Once Again, Mainstream Media Does Pharma’s Bidding, by Martha Rosenberg

Syrian War Report: Situation Escalates At Syrian-Iraqi Border

We cannot afford the Conservatives, by Felicity Dowling

John McCain publicly defends his ISIS army, calls Russia greater threat

The point of view of Natalya Kasperskaya: from the “Russian hackers” to the “Manchurian candidate”

Most 'New' Europeans Would Prefer to Stay Neutral Between NATO and Russia

Brazil: 150000 People filled the enormous Copacabana beach in a Historical act demanding “Direct Elections Now!”

Chiquita Corp. Papers Are Key Evidence in International Criminal Court Filing

NATO at war and other statistical marvels, by Scott Humor

Bob Kerrey Quietly Resigns from Fulbright University Vietnam Leadership Position

May 29, 2017
Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Why The Palestinian Authority Should Be Shuttered, by Diana Buttu

Thursday marks the first test of Donald Trump’s ‘ultimate deal,’ by Jonathan Cook

First Amendment, by Eve Mykytyn

March of the Zealots: a report from ‘Jerusalem Day’

Lord Rothschild Discusses How His Family Created Israel

How Israel has failed Palestinian victims

Zionist ADL Calls on Google to Remove 'Deniers' From 'Holocaust Historian' Search Results

The Empire: A Case Study in Political Psychopathology

Irreparable damage has been done, by Peter Lavelle

Angela Merkel tells Germany that depending on the US or UK is over (Video)

ISIL: Target Russia

Memorial Day RAGA newsletter, by Vladislav Krasnov

Putin the wise man meets Macron the ignoramus boy, by Adam Garrie

SS-Oberführer James Clapper: Subhuman Russians 'Genetically Driven' to Meddle in US Democracy

Non-Western Immigrants Consume 59% Of Denmark’s Tax Surplus

May 28, 2017
Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Fear as an Obstacle to Peace: Why Are Israelis So Afraid? by Ramzy Baroud

The Visitation, by Uri Avnery
Small victory: Donna Minkowitz’s incestuous Family Story Is Back on Youtube, by Gilad Atzmon

The Empire: A Case Study in Political Psychopathology

Trump and the ‘Management of Allies,’ by Alastair Crooke

The Deep State is the State, by Ron Jacobs

Alleged Secret Trump Team-Sought Communication Channel with Russia, by Stephen Lendman

The Left/Right Challenge to the Failed “War on Drugs,” by Ralph Nader

Manchester’s dead: Victims of British regime-change operations in the Middle East

Trump’s Saudi/Israeli First Foreign Policy, by Paul Pillar

Ukraine and the NATO Military Alliance, by Brian Cloughley

No Summer Holiday for ISIS as Syrian Army Launches Largest Offensive Since Start of the War

America has pushed Turkey straight into Russia’s arms

Brazil: The Continental Strikes

Venezuela is deep into civil war

5 reasons Montenegro’s PM DESERVED to be shoved by Trump


Peer review of science is a deeply tainted system, by Matt Ridley

May 27, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Netanyahu Says US Granted Israel Additional Military Aid

In groundbreaking resolution, California Democratic Party decries US support for Israeli occupation

Jewish Survival Strategies:  An Interview with Gilad Atzmon

The Headlines from Palestine

The Empire: A Case Study in Political Psychopathology

The Great White Father Comes to Saudi Arabia, by Eric Margolis

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Death of an anti-Russian terrorist

Jeremy Corbyn outshines Theresa May in the British general election

After the Confederates, Who's Next? by Pat Buchanan

The CIA and the Media, by Carl Bernstein

Donald Trump’s unhappy NATO visit as US and Europe drift apart

One City, Three Protests, by Anatoly Karlin

Justin Murphy’s “The psychology of prohibiting outside thinkers”

May 26, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Urgent Call On Day 40 of Palestinian Hunger Strike

On Gaza and the horror of the siege, by Haidar Eid

Twenty-Seven Hours: Donald Trump in Israel

Triumphalist light show in Jerusalem weaponizes the city walls to celebrate 50th anniversary of Jewish conquest

The Empire: A Case Study in Political Psychopathology

Cover Stories Are Used To Control Explanations, by Paul Craig Roberts

Notes of a Reformed News Weasel: Understanding the Vacuity, by Fred Reed

The Trump Collapse Scapegoat Narrative Has Now Been Launched

Austerity Kills! “Greek’s health deteriorating, life expectancy shrinks”

Diversity Rules, by James Thompson

Monsanto caught running massive “troll farm”

Sorry Donald, your foreign policy is a big “F”

Govt Forces Liberate Large Areas In Aleppo And Homs

US-Led Air Strikes Killed Record Number of Civilians in Syria

Critical History

Jim Douglass on the Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

May 25, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Int'l Campaign Is Criminalizing Criticism of Israel as ‘Antisemitism,’ by Alison Weir

Trump's Trip and Taking Sides in the Middle East, by Paul Pillar

The message of the hunger strike: No power can break us, by Nada Elia

The message of the Orb, by Carlos Latuff

The Empire: A Case Study in Political Psychopathology

‘Getting Trump’ with the New McCarthyism, by Robert Parry

JFK at 100, by Paul Craig Roberts

Beyond Neoliberal Identity Politics, by Paul Street

Macron: An American Trojan horse in the Elysee Palace, by Wayne Madsen

The Myopia of Trump's Foreign Policy, by John Bryson Chane

Another Housing Bubble? by Michael Hudson

Gingrich asks, “Why not look into Democrats’ relationships with Russia?” (Video)

Growing Poverty Fuels Europe’s Extremism, by Andrew Spannaus

Donald Trump has just met with the new leader of the secular world – Pope Francis

Netflix bans “The Red Pill” movie because it contains too much Truth

Jeremy Corbyn has defied his critics to become Labour’s best hope of survival

Ukraine Factions Vie for Lobbying Edge, by Jonathan Marshall

Sean Hannity once again hints at Seth Rich murder connected to Wikileaks DNC leak (Video)

May 24, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Wall of shame, by Michael Lesher

Hunger Striking for Palestinian Rights: Take the Salt Water Challenge, by Philip Giraldi

The Headlines from Palestine

Leonard Cohen song is anthem of Jewish exclusivists, by Philip Weiss

The Empire: A Case Study in Political Psychopathology

Iran's Victory for Moderation: Thoughts on Rouhani's Landslide Reelection, by Trita Parsi

Rosenstein and Mueller: The Regime Change Tag-Team, by Mike Whitney

Al-Saud’s Only Gamble Option, by Ghassan Kadi

The Left/Right Challenge to the Failed “War on Drugs,” by Ralph Nader

Saudi Arabia Uncovered: Documentary Exposes the Horror of Life in Saudi Arabia

The Most Dangerous Spy You’ve Never Heard Of: Ana Belén Montes

How can you be outraged by Assad, and a happy guest in Riyadh?

New Cracks in Russia-gate ‘Assessment’, by Robert Parry

They Killed the Tsar – Now the Globalists Target Putin

Tomgram: Mattea Kramer, Hit Him Where It Hurts
Putin Hit the Nail on the Head: US Media Is Dangerous and Corrupt

Iran: Socialism’s ignored success story, by Ramin Mazaheri

Turkey has built one of the premier foreign lobbies in Washington, by Jonathan Marshall

Trump Lets Saudis Off on 9/11 Evidence, by Kristen Breitweiser

Two conferences spotlight Muslim world’s struggle to counter militancy, by James Dorsey

Al-Awamiya: City of Resistance, by Rannie Amiri

The China-US Arms Race: If One Arm is Right, the Other Will Be Left, No? by Fred Reed

Cassie Jaye on Feminism and Men's Rights Activists

Obama Broke 78 Laws As President… Here’s The List

May 23, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Support for one democratic state grows as Palestinians lose hope in the two-state solution

Hebron settlers are trying to erase the city’s Palestinian identity

Chabad takes over Ukraine, by Oleg Tsarev

‘We learned not to leave our homes and to stay away from windows’: Remembering Operation Defensive Shield

The USraeli Empire In Extremis

Donald Trump puts US on Sunni Muslim side of bitter sectarian war with Shias

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich calls Seth Rich murder an “assassination.” Email leak “not Russians”

The Stone: Donald Trump, Our A.I. President, by Robert Burton

CIA Required to Train and Defeat ISIL

Being In Time: Gilad Atzmon’s journey through post-modern crises

Humor Dept: The Church of Satan is distancing itself from Donald Trump

Greece is Committing “Financial Suicide,” by Peter Koenig


“Mini Ice Age is here to stay,” says astrophysicist (Jeremy Corbyn's brother)

May 22, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

How Israel is targeting Palestinian institutions

Trump may want a deal, but Israeli Jews are not interested, by Philip Weiss

A Review of "Being In Time: The Post-Political Manifesto" by Gilad Atzmon

Here’s why Saudi Arabia and Israel are allies in all but name

The Headlines: Israeli settler passes out candy to celebrate killing of Palestinian

Not Remembering the USS Liberty, by Ray McGovern

A tale of two cities, by Alice Rothchild

The USraeli Empire In Extremis

Hypocrisy and Condescension: Trump’s Speech to the Middle East, by Robert Fisk
(The forges of Mordor will be working overtime)

In Defense of Tulsi Gabbard, by Gerry Condon
(The only sane, decent and courageous voice in Congress)
(The Empire richly deserves its impending demise)

May 21, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Trump in Bethlehem, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

The USraeli Empire In Extremis

Propaganda Feeds Fear and Loathing, by Brian Cloughley

The Real Aim of Trump’s Trip to Saudi Arabia, by Robert Fisk
The Gaping Holes of Russia-gate, by McGovern and Binney

“Hegemony How-To”: Rethinking Activism and Embracing Power, by Bruce Levine

Towards a « Latino Spring »? by Thierry Meyssan

Mass rallies seen as Corbyn Labour campaign takes off

How China Lobby Shaped America, by Jonathan Marshall

The power of money: how the rich took hold of our monetary systems to make themselves richer

China ‘dismantled entire CIA operation’; killed, jailed ‘score of CIA spies’

Humor Dept: ‘Penises Cause Climate Change,’ by James Delingpole

Donald Trump's extravagant trip to Saudi Arabia is a desperately-needed distraction from his crisis at home

Security is a threat-driven exercise, by the Saker

Curing the Campus PC Pox, by Robert Weissberg

Syrian Army Calls US Bluff: Advance Towards Iraq Border Continues

Donald Trump, Empire, and Globalization: A Reassessment, by Maximilian Forte

Iran’s Victory for Moderation, by Trita Parsi

May 20, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

US won’t escape Mideast wars till Israel ends oppression of Palestinians, by Philip Weiss

Being In Time: Gilad Atzmon’s journey through post-modern crises, by Adam Garrie

Reflections of a daughter of the ’48 Generation,’ by Tikva Honig-Parnass

The USraeli Empire In Extremis

Seth Rich, Craig Murray and the Sinister Stewards of the National Security State, by Mike Whitney

Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever, by Matt Taibbi

After appointing Special Counsel Rosenstein acts to close down Congressional ‘Russiagate’ probes

Trump’s First Hundred Days of War Crimes, by Charles Pierson

Is the US-Russian Race for Eastern Syria Headed for a Military Confrontation?

Putin welcomes Rouhani’s re-election, by Alexander Mercouris

NATO Returning to 'Historic Role as War Fighting Command' to Counter Russia, Says High-Level US General  

Understanding Brits: A Post-Political Analysis, by Gilad Atzmon

Lavrov: Lying US Media Would Feel Right at Home in the Soviet Union

Here’s why Julian Assange and Wikileaks should come clean on Seth Rich

I’m A Trump Guy, So What? by Clancy Sigal

Americans' Debt Back at Record High After Nearly a Decade

Collective Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Jews, Apartheid and Oppression, by Yoav Litvin

The Headlines from Palestine

Fast and Furious: Now They’re Really Gunning for Trump (guess who "they" are), by Jim Kavanagh

Jewish Nation-State Bill: Israel’s Precarious Identity is Palestine’s Nightmare, by Ramzy Baroud

Internet ‘redresses’ Miri Regev’s ‘capture of Jerusalem’ themed gown at Cannes

The USraeli Empire: A Tragicomedy

Despite Sweden dropping the case Assange’s treatment remains an outrage

A conspiracy of leaks, the perversion of truth, by Patricia McCarthy

Harvard Report: There Is A Huge Anti-Trump Bias In Corporate Media

If China Can Fund Infrastructure With Its Own Credit, So Can We, by Ellen Brown

How the NSA Can Secretly Aid Criminal Cases, by Ray McGovern

Syria calls latest US attack ‘government terrorism’

Deceit, Betrayal and the Left: The ‘Traitor of the Year Award,’ by James Petras

Gatekeepers and Starting Points, by Daniel Martin

Iran holds presidential election amid mounting geopolitical turbulence

The Death of Liberalism and the Rebirth of Anarchism, by Kim Domenico

May 18, 2017
Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Palestinian prisoners on the front lines: 69 years of resistance to ongoing Nakba

The Balfour Declaration: A Century of Jewish Power, by Gilad Atzmon

Diverting Attention From the Tragedy of Palestine, by Paul Pillar

The hunger strike should be on the front page of every paper

Who is Israel’s mole in Raqqa, by Petri Krohn

The Empire: A Tragicomedy

Seth Rich Murder Case Stirs Russia Doubts

China widens its Silk Road to the world, by Pepe Escobar

After Middle Eastern Wars End, the Medical Wars Begin, by Robert Fisk

War between 2 Koreas is highly possible, new S. Korean president warns
Trump Escalates Syrian Proxy War, by Steven Chovanec

Artist's Impression Of The Mainstream Media This Week

American/Russian Vladimir Posner on the State of Journalism, by David Swanson

The Fallacy of Demonizing Russia, by Natylie Baldwin

Donald Trump prepares for political war without the help of fellow Republicans, by Adam Garrie

The American Dystopia Didn't Begin With Trump, by Darrell Delamaide

Invasion of the Putin-Nazis, by CJ Hopkins

Most Americans Believe U.S. Losing its National Identity

May 17, 2017
Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Prisoner hunger strike takes center stage on Nakba day

Israeli Government Minister calls for assassination of President Assad and war on Iran

Courageous Israeli newspaper treated with contempt by the yellowbellied NYT, by Philip Weiss

The Zionist Terror Network, by Mark Weber

The Empire: A Tragicomedy

Professor Stephen Cohen says American hysteria is the real “security threat” (Video)

Vladimir Ilyich Trump? by Israel Shamir

Putin offers Congress transcript of Trump-Lavrov meeting

Why Is North Korea the United States' Problem? by Doug Bandow

CNN host screams at Navy Seal who dares to question credibility of “anonymous” sources

BBC Reporter gets angry and tells us the REAL news

Vladimir Putin blames U.S. for global cyber attack

How did Erdogan 'win' the referendum?

May 16, 2017
Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

How Israeli schools help sabotage peace prospects, by Jonathan Cook

On Nakba Day I want the right to be angry, by Nada Elia

Treatment of hunger strikers raises concern amongst rights organizations

Luxembourg and Belgium, from Mazin Qumsiyeh

The Truth at all cost: The Great Divide, by Michael Hoffman

Here we go again! Netanyahu disputes Trump administration, urges him to ‘shatter Palestinian fantasy’ about Jerusalem

The Empire: a Tragicomedy

The global cyberattack, the NSA and Washington’s war propaganda against Russia

Deep State again tries to block dialogue with Russia: Washington Post’s phoney story about Trump’s leak/

Fox News: Seth Rich, Murdered DNC Staffer, ‘Leaked Thousands of Internal Emails to WikiLeaks’

When the War is Over Can Syria be Repaired? by Robert Fisk

Isn’t Donald Trump Exactly What We Deserve? by David Macaray
Gorbachev Warns of Growing Danger, by Rick Sterling

New report documents pervasive hunger in America

German enthusiasm for Macron begins to wane, by Peter Schwarz

May 15, 2017

The Imperial Follies

Major Developments Strongly Suggest the End of Unipolar World Order, by Federico Pieraccini

Donald Trump’s Behavioral Legacy, by Lawrence Davidson

President Trump: Toss Your Generals’ War Escalation Plans In the Trash, by Ron Paul

Has US Agreed to Hand Over Eastern Syria to Its Government in Damascus?

Taming or Tiptoeing Around Trump, by Michael Brenner

The Demise of Diplomacy, by Vijay Prashad

The multi-polar world comes to China to talk business

Fabrication of Fake Video and Photos of Syria Chemical Attack: Al Qaeda Terrorists Working with “White Helmets”

Making sense of the “super fuse” scare, by the Saker

Google, Cloud Computing and the Surveillance-Industrial-Complex

The Losing Warfare State, by Ralph Nader

Trump and Saudi Prince bin Salman are the most dangerous men in the world, by Patrick Cockburn
IMF to Greece: Sorry We'll Destroy You, by Michael Hudson

French Revolution, Take II: “Après Soi, Le Déluge,” by Ghassan Kadi

The Man Who Never Dies, by Clancy Sigal

How the Sanders Phenomenon Unleashed a Socialist Movement, by Robert Mastronardi

Who Was Behind the Firing of FBI Director James Comey? by Michel Chossudovsky

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Gilad Atzmon: My most interesting Q & A session to date

Dershowitz defames Gertrude Stein, Daniel Berrigan and Omar Barghouti

The Headlines from Palestine

May 14, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Above the law: Israel’s non-implementation of UN resolutions on Occupied Palestine

69th anniversary of Al-Nakba (Part 1, Audio)

Gilad Atzmon in LA: "Being in Time" (video)

The (Chosen) People vs. Ernst Zundel, by David Cole

Iran's 'Religious Freedom' Angers ISIL

Erdogan lashes ‘racist’ Israel, calls for Muslims to flood Temple Mount

The Imperial Follies

The Audacity of Sleaze: Profiles in Corruption, by Paul Street

Bank of China ATMs Go Dark As Ransomware Attack Cripples China

Former FBI Official: With Comey Gone It’s Game On

The word ‘criminal’ now declared offensive

Comeytose in Washington, by Jeffrey St. Clair

A Russian Entrepreneur’s Perspective, by David Swanson

McMaster’s Civilized War for Civilization, by Ron Jacobs

Syria Is Worried About US Military Incursions — But They Probably Won't Come From Jordan


Bill Nye’s Fake Science, by Jim Goad

Academic Global Warming Advocates and the Power of Incoherent Jargon

Why the UN Climate Models Are Inherently Unreliable, and Should Be Abandoned

May 13, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Norway’s largest trade union federation endorses full boycott of Israel to advance Palestinian human rights

Mark Weber: Jewish Domination of America (Video)

The Headlines from Palestine

Revisionists: Douglas Reed

The Imperial Follies

Making Trump an Endless War President, by Gareth Porter

What Is America's Goal in the World? by Pat Buchanan

Donald Trump is a danger to the world, says Jeremy Corbyn

The Glorious Return of Condi Rice, by James Carden

Russian hacker claims FBI offered him citizenship and a new life if he would confess to hacking Podesta emails

Why Deir Ezzor and why now?


Why the UN Climate Models Are Inherently Unreliable and Should Be Abandoned, by Alan Carlin

May 12, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Israel’s Jewish Nation-State bill ‘declaration of war,’ by Jonathan Cook

Ashrawi: Maybe it’s time to stop Zionizing Palestinians and start de-Zionizing Israel

The Media and Netanyahu, by Yonatan Mendel

Senator on Intelligence Committee says Jews in Diaspora are spies for Israel

Rejoice, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

The Imperial Follies

The Scandal Hidden Behind Russia-gate, by Daniel Lazare

Moon Elected in South Korea, Promising New Push for Peace With North, by Jason Ditz

Guess who has a job offer for former FBI director James Comey?

"This Is Nixonian" - Democrats Demand "Immediate Emergency Hearings" Over Comey Termination

Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, America's Wars and the "More" Strategy

Respecting a Courageous American, by Dennis J Bernstein

Donald Trump's decision to arm Kurdish fighters could have profound impact on the Syria crisis, by Patrick Cockburn

Putin to CBS Reporter: You Ask Ridiculous Questions

Life Expectancy Gap Between Rich and Poor US Regions Is 'More Than 20 Years'

Sally Cone Hits the Dating Scene: Kind of Weird, but Maybe… by Fred Reed

The REAL Reason Trump Fired Comey (Worse Than You Think)

Mark Levin challenges Chuck Schumer to name “just one” Russian person who colluded with Trump (Video)

Comey’s gone, but the swamp is not yet drained

The House of Representatives Endorses Obamacare, by Andrew Napolitano

Russia Warns Security Council: Europe Is 'Playing With Fire', Learned Nothing From WWII

May 11, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Palestine and the New Peacemakers, by Paul Pillar

Why are Israeli children brainwashed to hate? by Jonathan Ofir

In Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu Backs 'Jewish State' Bill
No Sanctuary for Palestinian Scholarship, by Diana Block
(The Editor graduated from SF State in 1967)

Jews made America great so ‘we deserve our influence’ on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue

The (Chosen) People vs. Ernst Zundel

The Imperial Follies

NATO and its Allies are the Terrorists in Syria, by Mark Taliano

MSNBC, Joy Reid and the Myth of Compassionate Capitalism, by Michael Sainato

McCain’s Warped Morality and U.S. Foreign Policy, by Daniel Larison
Soros poured money into Google & Macron to stop Le Pen, from Peter Myers

Keiser Report: Never-ending Greek bailout

French Presidential Election 2017: Billionaires and Bankers Rejoice, by Diana Johnstone

Dalai Lama prays for Nancy Pelosi to rid herself of ‘negative attitudes’

Hanford’s Nuclear Option, by Joshua Frank

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on Comey Firing: ‘You Are Kidding’

US Sponsored “Regime Change” in Venezuela is Now Official

The Climate

How the Global Warming Scare Began, by John Coleman

May 10, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Palestinians to the Woodshed? by Philip Giraldi

‘Pizza Hut’ and Israeli army radio join in grotesque attacks on Marwan Barghouti, by Jonathan Ofir

The French election: Jews react, from Peter Myers

The Headlines from Palestine

Ireland Capital Votes to Fly Palestinian Flag above City Hall for Nakba Day

The Imperial Follies

Donald of Arabia: Trump in the Middle East, by Robert Fisk

The Deep State, by Serge Halimi

James Comey’s legacy: Blaming Russia rather than Saudi Arabia and Israel

The Silent Slaughter of the US Air War, by Nicolas J S Davies

Tomgram: William Hartung, Ignoring the Costs of War

The Destructive Party, by George Monbiot

Somebody’s Going to Suffer: Greece’s New Austerity Measures, by Michael Hudson

European Union’s Democracy Dilemma, by Andrew Spannaus

Macron: From Capital to the Capitol, by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Obscured American: Katy the Bartender and Nursing Student, by Linh Dinh

The Climate

Global Cooling? Scientists Find ‘Totally Unexpected’ Counter-narrative

Vineyards in France suffer biggest loss in decades

May 9, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

A Republican plan for peacemaking: ‘break the will’ of the Palestinians and force them to ‘accept defeat’

Israel’s proof that Marwan Barghouti is a terrorist – a cookie

The Imperial Follies

Turning Gen. Flynn into Road Kill, by Robert Parry

Ron Paul advises Trump to cancel his trip to Saudi Arabia and “play more golf”

Renewed Recriminations over Election 2016, by Nat Parry

As Everyone Was Watching France a China-Friendly Pragmatist Won in South Korea

Ron Paul tells President Trump to back off of Assange, and stop being such a “hypocrite”

Washington's REAL Motives in North Korea and Afghanistan

Monsanto accused of hiring army of trolls to silence online dissent

Rex Tillerson: a ‘realist’ in Washington?

East Timor’s Suffering and Survival, by John Pilger

Neoliberal Banker Will Have Hard Time Ruling France, by Pepe Escobar

4 reasons why Saudi Arabia may cease to exist, by Adam Garrie

New research identifies a ‘sea of despair’ among white, working-class Americans

Almost all medical studies are “bogus” … reproducibility approaches ZERO, by Mike Adams

May 8, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

How Israel's violent birth destroyed Palestine, by Ramzy Baroud

Ingrid Carlqvist: Scandal in Sweden When Ingrid Questions the Unquestionable

Controlled opposition? You Bet! by Nahida, Exiled Palestinian

The Headlines from Palestine

Jake Sullivan seeks to rebrand ‘American exceptionalism,’ by Jesse Rubin

My Birthday, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Bernie Sanders Goes Head to Head With Al Jazeera Interviewer on Israel

Palestine puts FIFA in a bind, by James Dorsey

The Imperial Follies

Oliver Stone Honored with Press Freedom Award, by Robert Parry

Hollow man Emmanuel Macron elected President of a declining France

Maria Zakharova: A Spokeswoman for Sanity, by Vaughan Famularo

France: the specter of Weimar, by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Russian FM Lavrov: Trump admin ‘not yet fully adjusting to each other’

Nostalgia as a Weapon, by Clancy Sigal

Playing Games with America’s Health Care, by Michael Winship

“The butcher of Libya” is now part of the resistance (Video)

Auditor Calls For French Government To Issue Macron Warrant

Saudi Arabia threatens war on Iran. Iran offers strong response

The McCarthyism of Russia-gate, by Robert Parry

Venezuela's worst economic crisis: What went wrong?

May 7, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Israelis Want Peace, Palestinians Want Freedom, by Mitchell Plitnick

Trump’s Amateur Hour on Israel, by Paul Pillar

The NYT’s Prejudice against Imprisoned Palestinian Leader Marwan Barghouti, by Jeremy Hammond

Letter from a Málaga City Jail: Smuggler sought help from a spy, by Grant Smith

Trump Deletes Arafat From Accord Signing, by James Wall

Gilad Atzmon on Muhammad and Friends (Nation of Islam)

Israel Retaliates after UNESCO Refers to the Jewish State as ‘Occupier’

The Imperial Follies

How to Reverse the Tide of War: A Global People’s Movement, by Michel Chossudovsky

America’s Ready Supply of Enemies, by Ann Wright

This is the truth about Emmanuel Macron (Video)

2nd Saker interview by Bonnie Faulkner for her show “Guns and Butter” on Pacifica Radio

Briefing of Russian Defence Ministry on Principles of de-escalation zones in Syria (video)

Big Pharma's pollution is creating deadly superbugs while the world looks the other way

The Empire Expands; Not the American One, But Trump’s, by Nomi Prins

The US Bill H.R. 1644 to kill Russian food export and Chinese trade

President Trump and the Art of Uncertainty, by Doug Bandow

The Climate

Deserts Across the World Bloom, Heavier Rains Caused by Cosmic Rays Creating More Clouds

May 6, 2017 

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Thousands rally in Ramallah for prisoner hunger strike

Is Israel planning a new invasion in Lebanon?

The Saker: The Israel Lobby’s latest hissy-fit

On ‘NYT’ stage, Roger Waters calls BDS ‘valid and legitimate picket line’

Who pulls Ali Abunimah’s strings? by Gilad Atzmon

United against the Muslims: The Israeli flirtation with Europe’s extreme right

How the Jews Took Great Britain, by Brother Nathanael Kapner

Eastern European Jews and the Case of the Marginalized Elite, by Paul Gottfried

The Imperial Follies

What the N. Korean “Crisis” Is Really About, by Paul Craig Roberts

US-led coalition warplanes banned from Syria safe zones – Russian envoy

Wikileaks decides to examine the authenticity of Macron leaks

The future of Islam in Western Europe, by the Saker

Fall of Raqqa and Mosul will not spell the end for Isis - only a new beginning, by Patrick Cockburn

Back to the 30's as France Rips Open Old Wounds, by Eric Margolis

A US government lie exposed: the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, by Jeff Brown

The Conservative Rout and Donald Trump, by Boyd Cathey

Most Americans Want Trump to Slash Military Spending by $41 Billion

The Bill To Permanently Fix Health Care For All, by Karl Denninger

Pro-Migrant French Asked to House a Refugee; All Refuse, by Paul Joseph Watson

May 5, 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Abbas,Trump and more, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

The Headlines from Palestine

At PEN festival, Patti Smith honors Rachel Corrie, by Philip Weiss

Sweden: Barbara Spectre & Paideia - Jews blackmailed Swedish government for funds

After mob attacks alternative Memorial Day ceremonies, Israeli education minister criticizes ceremonies not mob

The Imperial Follies

Deep State, Shallow Politics, Dumb Economics, by Frank Scott

Big Brother is Still Watching, by John Whitehead

The Saker interviewed by Bonnie Faulkner for her show “Guns and Butter” on Pacifica Radio

US General says NATO is ready to fight ‘adversary’ Russia in Europe

Code words in latest executive order indicate Trump may be getting sucked into the GMO/pesticide swamp

Macron Busted! Lied About Tax Evasion? – 4Chan Posts Images from Macron’s Off-Shore Bank Account!

Resisting the Politics of Fear, by Andrew Moss
The U.S. and Al Qaeda Are Still on the Same Side in Yemen, by Daniel Larison

Le Pen clowns at debate instead of taking anti-austerity seriously, by Ramin Mazaheri


Russia’s long history of resilience in the face of invasion and occupation, by Adam Garrie

May 4 , 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

The Prisoners’ Revolt: The Real Reasons Behind the Palestinian Hunger Strike, by Ramzy Baroud

Solidarity strikes spreading through Europe after Manchester and Edinburgh student hunger strikes launched

American Media Continues to Ignore Historic Hunger Strike Underway in Israeli Prisons

Israeli President Denounces Marine Le Pen
    (See Twenty Truths about Marine Le Pen, by James Petras)

Executive Summary of Addameer’s 2016 Violations Report

PCHR: House Demolitions Create Jewish Majority in Jerusalem

The Imperial Follies

Is North Korea a Diversion for a US-Jordan Invasion of Syria? by Mike Whitney

Hillary Clinton Blame-Shifts Her Defeat, by Robert Parry

World Must Fix 'Historical Injustice' Against Palestine, Says China's Foreign Minister

The Grifter and the Murderer, by James McEnteer

Facing Aurora, by Israel Shamir

Do Any of Candidate Trump's Foreign-Policy Promises Still Stand? by Doug Bandow

Trump’s Fragile Grasp of History, by Michael Winship

Why Civil Resistance Works and Why the Billionaire-Class Cares, by Michael Barker

Media Corporations Hide Wave of political Murders in Colombia

May 3 , 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

'I’d rather die than live as a servile slave,’ Omar Barghouti told his daughter, by Philip Weiss

Jewish involvement in the promotion of 'hate speech' laws, multiculturalism.. (UK)

Le Pen Vows To Destroy Rothschild Cartel When Elected President

Gilad Atzmon: Theatre 80 - Post Political Conference (video)

Ernst Zundel: Seven Years a 'Prisoner of Conscience'

Declassified: How Israel Misled the U.S. About Its Nuclear Program

The Imperial Follies

Drinking the Russia-gate Kool-Aid, by Norman Solomon

Claims of Syrian Chemical Weapons Attacks Are Total B.S.

Nixon's Revenge: The Fall of the Adversary Press, by Pat Buchanan

Twenty Truths about Marine Le Pen, by James Petras

Let's Call Western Media Coverage of Syria By Its Real Name: Propaganda, by Michael Howard

New insider book reveals Hillary Clinton made up Russia story to cover up lazy, pathetic election loss

US commerce secretary says missile strike against Syria was “after-dinner entertainment”

Waliyic Islam between Theory and Practice, by Anwar Khan

Where to Go with Turkey, by Philip Giraldi

Blasphemy and Terrorism: Catchall Phrases to Repress Dissent, by James Dorsey

5 reasons why Ukraine is a bigger threat to peace and safety than North Korea, by Adam Garrie

Trump Surrenders to the Iron Law of Oligarchy, by Dan Sanchez

Tomgram: All in the Family Trump, by Nomi Prins
Reaching Out in Peace to Russia, by Elizabeth Murray

Postcard from the End of America: New Haven, by Linh Dinh

DOJ: One in Four Federal Inmates Is Foreign-Born

The Climate Controversy

MIT Climate Scientist: Believing CO2 controls the climate ‘is pretty close to believing in magic’

May 2 , 2017

Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Warren and Sanders stand firmly behind Trump officials — on guess what issue? by Philip Weiss

The Headlines from Palestine

Hunger Strike: Former Palestinian prisoners of Israel describe what it’s really like in Israeli jails

The Imperial Follies

Vladimir Putin blasts western hypocrisy while standing next to Angela Merkel

NYT Cheers the Rise of Censorship Algorithms, by Robert Parry

Despite Everything, I Am Happy Hillary Lost, by Ted Rall

Maria Zakharova Disrobes the White Helmets

The Economics of the Future, by Michael Hudson

Macron may win, but stability will be a casualty, by Come Carpentier

Russia Has Been Acting as Empire's Binman and It Has Been Earning It Nothing but Grief From Washington
Dumb And Vile: Independent Falls For Prank, Smears Other Journalists

Mainstream media is falling apart, and this weekend exposed the bleeding rapture

  (I love the typo)

May 1 , 2017
Is/Pal, Zionism, Jewish Power

Abbas fears the growing influence of Marwan Barghouti, by Jonathan Cook

Eastern European Jews and the Case of the Marginalized Elite, by Paul Gottfried

Israel and North Korea’s war of words sheds light on western hypocrisy over nukes

Jared Kushner is secret financial partners with the Steinmetz family, once the richest in Israel

Trump’s New Sec Of Labor Let “Lolita Express” Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Off “With a Wrist Slap”

The Headlines from Palestine

Shame of Ukip's 'rampant rabbi': Candidate in sex role-play scandal

Yet another young American Jew has had it with Israel, by Philip Weiss
Once I was lit by moonbeams, by Liz Rose
(The Hitler Youth felt exactly the same way)

Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel barred from moving to the U.S., though his wife is an American citizen
(A longtime victim of the Holycause Inquisition)

The Imperial Follies

US warns of “catastrophic consequences” if North Korea is not brought to heel

100 Days of Trump: Why We Should Fear Him More Than Ever, by Patrick Cockburn

10 countries that threaten world peace more than North Korea

Trump is puppet of US ‘deep state,’ has no ‘own’ foreign policy – Assad

Meet Britain’s Nuclear Nutcase: Defense Secretary Micheal Fallon, by John Wight
Rogues Gallery – Exposing the Group of 30

100 days in: Is the Middle East Trump's new playground?

Syria’s White Helmets are Al Qaeda’s ‘Civil Defence,’ by Vanessa Beeley

Queen of the Russophobes Louise Mensch is slapped down by Julian Assange