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MH370 hijacked by CIA, to stop Technology Transfer to China, from Peter Myers

Friends,This morning I did a short radio interview with Tony Gosling, about MH370. Tony has doggedly kept persuing this matter, and the interview forced me to update my own investigation of it.Since the interview, I did a bit more research, and have cracked the mystery of MH370. It was hijacked by the CIA, to stop Technology Transfer to China.I had heard such arguments before, but today I discovered how seriously the US regards the issue of Technology Transfer to China.I have updated my webpage accordingly: am sending out the updated webpage to you below, as text.Peter*MH370 hijacked by CIA, to stop Technology Transfer to China*by Peter Myers, February 2, 2017; update February 3, 2017.You are at*(1) Summary(2) US blocks transfer of military technology to China(3) Wikipedia's Unreliability(4) Maldives time discrepancy(5) Newsletters for Download**(1) Summary*MH370 kept flying for 5 hours after its last known location, proving that mechanical failure was not the problem.The*Transponder and ACARS were turned off, proving conspiracy* of some kind. Either by one of the pilots, or by an intelligence agency taking control of the plane and flying it remotely like a drone.After being turned off, the *ACARS unit* was unable to send data, but was *still able to do handshakes with the Inmarsat satellite.*After its diversion, and without radar protection, the plane first flew high, to avoid collision with other planes, then flew low to avoid radar, as it doubled back and flew west over Malaysia. It successfully dodged mountains, suggesting computer control.The co-pilot attempted to make a distress call from his mobile phone, as the plane neared the Penang mobile system towers at low altitude.*If it had crashed at sea,* there would have been *a huge debris field*. Given the worldwide interest, *that would have been spotted. It wasn't - so the plane landed* somewhere; *Diego Garcia is the most likely location*. There were no secheduled flights from Diego Garcia airport on March 8-10, 2014; flights resumed on March 11.Landing at Diego Garcia could not be done without *approval of the US Military*.*Hijacking by the Captain or co-pilot is unlikely, because *they would still have *needed permission to land at Diego Garcia*. No demands were presented to Malaysian authorities, and there are more pleasant ways to commit suicide.Which leaves the *CIA as the most likely culprit*; Mossad being the other possibility. Israeli submarines use Diego Garcia as a base.The intelligence agency behind the hijack (CIA or Mossad) could have *stored MH370 in a hangar, and disposed of it later*, after it faded from public attention.The only credible *motive* concerns*Freescale semiconductor technology* - either cargo on its way to China, or the 20 employees en route *from Malaysia to China*. Details of the cargo in the hold have not been released.Blocking the *transfer of military technology to China* would be a concern of the CIA, rather than Mossad, and in keeping with the Pentagon's Air-Sea Battle plan.Mossad's only credible motive would be the diversion of military technology to Israel instead of China.*(2) US blocks transfer of military technology to China*Showing the seriousness with which the US views such technology-transfer, Popular Mechanics published this article in 2009:*How China Steals U.S. Military Secrets*A spate of recent spying cases opens the lid on *China's aggressive military buildup.* What's most troubling: It is *based largely on U.S. technology*.By Simon CooperJul 9, 2009On a hot Florida day late in 2005, Ko-Suen "Bill" Moo was preparing for the endgame of a *covert operation* he'd been orchestrating for nearly two years. He had arrived in Fort Lauderdale at 5 am on Nov. 7, as the city was recovering from the onslaught of Hurricane Wilma two weeks earlier. Moo checked into a $350-a-night room at the plush Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, and now, a day after arriving in town, the Korean-born businessman was ready to sign what promised to be a lucrative contract. In a few days, he'd head back to Hollywood International Airport to see off *a plane, chartered for $140,000 to carry a special package*. Moo would catch a commercial flight and meet up with his cargo in Shenyang, a city in northeastern China. The cargo was costing him nearly $4 million, but it was worth it. He would clear $1 million in profit once he made the delivery to *his clients, senior officials in the Chinese People's Liberation Army*.Moo's package was an F110-GE-129 *afterburning turbofan engine, built by General Electric to powe*r America's latest *F-16* fighter jet to speeds greater than Mach 2 (1500 mph). Over lunch in the Marriott's restaurant, 58-year-old Moo told the arms dealers who had arranged the purchase that he would soon be looking for additional engines--or even an entire F-16. But *what the Chinese army wanted most *of all *was *an AGM-129A, the *U.S. Air Force's air-launched strategic nuclear-capable cruise missile.* The stealth weapon, which flies at 800 miles per hour, can deliver a 150-kiloton W80 warhead to a target 1800 miles away.Like everything else Moo was shopping for, the missile is guarded by at least three laws forbidding its sale or the transfer of its design details to foreign countries without government permission. Moo knew this quite well. *In addition to working as a covert agent for China, he had a day job in the U.S. aerospace industry*. For more than 10 years Moo had been an international sales consultant for Lockheed Martin and other U.S. defense companies in Taiwan. He was arguably the Taiwanese air force's most critical arms broker.Scouring the GlobeAccording to U.S. counterintelligence agents, Bill Moo was one player in a sprawling, decentralized network. "They are*scouring the globe on behalf of the Chinese government, vacuuming up every shred of technology *information or hardware they can get their hands on," says former FBI officer Ed Appel. A press officer at the Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C., calls that accusation "groundless," saying that "the Chinese government does not have activities in espionage in the United States." However, Appel and others say that *extensive Chinese spying* is indicated by a sampling of cases that have recently come to light in the United States.South Korean arms dealer Kwonhwan Park was *sentenced* in August 2005 for *exporting Black Hawk helicopter engines and night vision equipment to China*. Ting-Ih Hsu, a naturalized U.S. citizen, and Hai Lin Nee, a Chinese citizen, illegally exported 25 *low-noise amplifier chips that have applications in *the *Hellfire air-to-ground missiles* carried by Apache and Cobra helicopters. New Jersey firms Manten Electronics and Universal Technologies sold China millions of dollars' worth of *restricted computer chips*. Eugene You-Tsai Hsu, a retiree living in Blue Springs, Mo., tried to buy *a critical encryption device* tightly controlled by the National Security Agency. Additional accused Chinese operatives have been sent to prison in cases involving Generation III *night vision equipment* and *computer chips used in advanced radar and navigation systems*.{endquote}*In 2016, Obama blocked the acquisition of Semiconductor manufacturer *Aixtron *by a Chinese investor:* Obama Blocks Chinese Acquisition of Semiconductor Manufacturer AixtronFried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson LLPUSA  December 8 2016On December 2, 2016, President Obama issued an Executive Order *blocking the acquisition o*f the U.S. business of *German semiconductor company* Aixtron SE ("Aixtron") *by Chinese investor* Fujian Grand Chip Investment Fund LP ("FGC"). The Executive Order directs the parties to abandon the acquisition of Aixtron's U.S. subsidiary, Aixtron, Inc., in the next 30 days. This marks only the third time that a U.S. President has ordered a transaction blocked or unwound due to national security concerns. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States ("CFIUS") investigated the transaction and found that the national security risk presented by the transaction could not be addressed by mitigation measures and recommended that the President prohibit the transaction.{endquote}Most likely, MH370 was carrying sensitive technology, or patents or know-how, and was hijacked by the CIA because no legal avenues were available for blocking the transfer.Lenin said, "*The capitalists will sell us the rope to hang them with*". The *CIA coundn't block the sale, so it stole the rope.*To prove this wrong, *Malaysian authorities should release full details of the cargo* - in the hold, checked in and carried-on, *and of the passengers connected to Freescale and other technology* companies. Philip Wood worked for IBM; his girlfriend Sarah Bajc (not a passenger) was Director for Tescom in Tel Aviv Israel, and later Business Director of Microsoft China.*(3) Wikipedia's Unreliability*Researchers on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 rely heavily on Wikipedia for its assumed neutrality.Wikipedia has two webpages on MH370, one presenting the *official* theory, and one presenting *unofficial *or conspiracy theories; the two link to each other. The official one is at the past, the *unofficial* one, being edited by many people, at times presented incriminating information. However, it no longer does so; it's now written by the same people as the *official* one. The difference is that, whereas the *official* one ignores conspiracy theories, the *unofficial* one seeks to debunk them.The current Wikipedia webpages, official and unofficial, make *no mention of *the comments of *Emirates CEO Tim Clark, who said* he believed*MH370 was hijacked, and that Government agencies were covering up*. Emirates flies more 777s than any other airline.When I checked it on January 28, 2017, I found that the unofficial webpage not only omitted the most incriminating evidence, but favorably quoted *Cass Sunstein*, a leading, government-appointed, debunker of 9/11 and other conspiracy theories. It *even included a photo of him*. This is what it said:'*Harvard professor Cass Sunstein* noted that the conflicting information initially released by the Malaysian government explains the interest in alternative theories. Sunstein, who has written on the topic, argued in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on 20 March 2014 that conspiracy theories in general often are borne out of horrific and disastrous situations, because such events make people angry, fearful and looking for a "target".'*Cass Sunstein*, when at Harvard University, *authored a paper recommending "Cognitive infiltration" of Dissident groups by Government agents:*Conspiracy Theories, by Cass R. Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule, both of Harvard Law School, January 15, 2008:*Sunstein was later appointed by Obama to take on this role.*In reply, David Ray Griffin wrote a book Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee's Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory: *(4) Maldives time discrepancy*Sightings on the Maldives match the description of MH370, but there is a time discrepancy. Witnesses gave the time as 6.30am Maldives time, which is 9.30am Malaysia time, but it only takes 4 hours to reach the Maldives. The plane should have arrived about 6.30am Malaysia time, unless it landed somewhere else on the way.*(5) Newsletters for Download**To counter government disinformation, I collected the best articles and assembled them in newsletters which you can download *as Microsoft Word files. I composed them in Word 95 (Word 6), but I now use Word 98 (97). I do not have any macros on my old Mac, which runs the officially extinct OS 9. I prefer Word 95 & Word 98 because of their simplicity and lack of clutter. These files will open in later versions of Word. with this source material, you will be able to make up your own mind.*1: Maldives sightings:* bulletins/140319-b2362-MH370.rtf <>.*2: Mahathir alleges remote hijacking by CIA; Yoichi Shimatsu presents a detailed case:* bulletins/140521-b2388-MH370.rtf <>*3: Internet contributors assemble evidence of Hijacking to Diego Garcia, despite official obfuscation*: bulletins/140727-b2420-MH370.rtf <>*4. MH370 one year on: Emirates head Tim Clark says MH370 was hijacked, warns "others would like to bury" the truth*: bulletins/150315-b2427-MH370.rtf <>*5. MH370 search called off, but debris found (2017)*: *bulletins/170201-b2910-MH370.rtf <>*