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Neon in the Crystal Desert Night, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

Well ... Wouldn't ya just know ... Already the droning complaints against conquering hero, Skinny Joe, are being started and revved up by all the Left Establishment. Caliban thinks that the Left Establishment thinks this New Biden Regime promises to be very good for the 'Peace and Justice Bid'ness'.  

Most industries are commonly measured by the 'gross' amount of money that passes through that industry every year. Caliban is a very poor scholar. I wonder what is the total 'gross' of the 501(c) American Left Establishment Industry, (a sub-section of the International NGO Industry). 

I'm sure some diligent young seeker of knowledge, some young scholar has done this research. (I have a genuine scholar in me own family, if I can brag a moment. (Caliban himself is but a carpenter). Me oldest darlin' girl owns the title of Doctor of Philosophy. A doctor of knowledge and wisdom. Would Don Juan, (the Yaqui brujo), have called her a "bruja"? A "Doctor" of Knowledge? Hmm....Actually even ole Don Juan only called himself a "man" of knowledge ...huh... Did you folks know that in the bible Jesus NEVER calls himself the "son of God"? At least not in my edition. He ALWAYS calls himself the "son of man".Hmm...).  

I'm sure someone has compiled the data. You can be dang sure that those that sit around The Syndate's table, the Big Thugs themselves, know, to-the-penny, how much they pay out in tax deductible 'donations' to 501(c) corporations every year. 

They are able to not only use their wealth to maintain their power, by exerting influence through these 501(c) corporations, they can deduct it from their frackin' taxes. And the real 'beauty' of the thing is that they make the poor sucker working class pay these 501(c) corporations while the Big Thugs somehow cram the billions in tax deductions into their already bursting vaults. (Cue the uproarious laughter from around the table, as the Big Thugs fall back into their luxuriously cushioned chairs, and take sips of very old whiskey, and long satisfied puffs and drags on very expensively imported fat cigars). 

Look and 'see', folks ... Look and 'see' .... 

Copied below are Caliban's comments in response to a man named Jeff Cohen, whose article I encountered on ole Robert Scheer's Blog, where Caliban has claimed a branch in the tree, (and the good Mr. Scheer seems somehow able to tolerate me). It's a nice tree. Spreading branches. Many comfortable perches where an old ape can lean back and feel the trunk itself. Deep roots. An occasional sweet banana for an old ape to find and savor.  

Cohen is a very common name, of course, but I don't think I am familiar with this man's work. According to his bio, (as attached to the article), he's founded and runs at least a couple of 501(c)s. Wonder what he knocks down every year. Eh? ... (That means his tax returns are at least partially online, if any budding young scholars should want to follow the trail ..LOL). 

I'm NOT sayin' the man is doing anything wrong. Ahh ... but ... Another man, name 'a Greenwald, was sending me pleas for donation, as if the poor lad was starvin', (and I even sent some money once, geezus, cue the kick in the rear), then I found out the lad himself was earning a cool half million dollars a year? LOL .... Okey doke, then. The good Mr Greenwald thinks the 'social hero bid'ness' should have a star system, just like the Big Thugs got set up in THEIR system. 

The point poor Caliban is jes' tryin' t' make here is that this is a 'business' to these people. This is how they buy their girlfriends flowers. This is how BLM social heroine Alicia Garza pays for her $3000 hair weaves.This is how they pay the rent. 

When a war immediately threatens, people who eke out a bare living from 501(c) "peace" corporations become visibly happy and excited. The light again shines on their quadrant. That means people will maybe pay some attention to them again, and donations will be more generous. (the "peace office" always needs a new computer, and the phone bill is a struggle each month. It's not like these folks is gettin' rich. That's not what I'm sayin'. But 'look and see' how their basic motivations are affected by the flow of patronizing generosity.

Gee ... Ya think The Syndicate Thugs aren't smart enough to use that to their advantage? Money flows where they want it to flow. Not just THEIR money. They can put images on Black Glass Screens that will control the flow of ALL money, like a powerful magnet will control fine iron filings.  

Look and 'see'...

Bent Birch Farm
19 November
(Me own darlin' wife's birthday. Born in '50, she turns 39 this year. Skinny as the day I met her. (My Babi tried t' fatten her up, but didn't make much headway. I'm sure she's fill up her wedding dress just fine. Strong girl. She somehow endures me)

(I'm assuming all have my contact info by now. My affected theatricality is not an attempt to hide my identity. I'm 'in the book'. (Not too many RZwarichs on the page)

Neon in the Crystal Desert Night

“One issue”? Are you fracking kidding me? Other than on that one issue, does Mr. Cohen think that ole Skinny Joe “follows the science” pretty good? Do ya Mr. Cohen?

Mr. Cohen tells us that blaming Covid on Trump was what enabled The Syndicate to throw the election to Skinny Joe, as the senile propped-up head of the cruel deadly juggernaut Democratic Party Machine, (with the Black Woman puppet waiting in the wings). ”Indeed, it’s sobering to realize that without COVID", Mr. Cohen writes, "both Trump’s mishandling of it and the accompanying economic downturn – Trump might have easily defeated Biden”.

Ya think? It was going to be a fracking landslide. Ya think The Syndicate didn’t know?

Well … The reason that our nation was so vulnerable to Covid is hard-wired into our Greed-based medical system itself. We had no masks, for example, or other crucial equipment and supplies, because the ghouls who run our health care system would never pay to maintain all that inventory ‘in reserve’. Storage space is expensive.

If we retain this same system, let a decade or two go by. All the inventory of emergency stuff will ‘expire’. It will have to be thrown away and replaced. Under this same system, do we think any president, even ole Abraham Lincoln himself, could force the ghouls to keep all that inventory up to date, (perhaps for decades hence, when it may or may not even be needed)?

When unrestrained greed is the primary motivational (spiritual) engine of our economy, of our livelihoods, it does not matter who presides over the violent chaos. There will always be violent chaos.

Blaming Covid’s devastation of our nation on Trump only shows, like a neon sign in the lonely dark desert night, that not “following the science” is a habit shared by MANY people who should know better, and like to pretend that they do. 

Was it a lie? Was the election won on a lie? You betcha it was! And that was FAR from the only one. Geez... The American Left became so crazed that when the Saturday picnic got rained out, or our girlfriend dumped us, we blamed it on Trumpty-Dumpty. It was, (and still is), a kind of madness. It's social psychosis. (Whole nation's going 'mad' is a common story, as we turn the tragic pages of our long sad Human History).

Delusion you say? Not a lie? The poor folks were just so distraught over the evil Trump that they fell victim to their delusions? Poor things. Wrap your poor little selves in the reliable Cloak of Victimhood, so you don’t have to face that image of yerselves? Yea ... "Ain't that how it is?" (Thaddeus asked that question frequently). "It's a heckuva thing, man. It's a HECKuva thing", was always what he'd say next.

Is a Delusion not but a Lie we tell ourselves in service to our Desire?

The American Left is built upon a Big Lie. Most of the American people, (almost 80%), can see that. The giant irony that the American Left refuses to face, (another act of will in service to Desire), is that nearly three-fourths of our citizens favor the Left’s primary policy platform, but nearly 4 of of 5 cannot STAND the fracking American Left at ALL!

Is it any wonder that the American Left adamantly refuses to look itself in the mirror? (Who is willing to look more? She who thinks the image in her mirror is fair to look upon? Or she who can see that her lot is to be plain, or even ugly?)

The American Left will not 'see' itself because, deep down, it knows that it is an ugly thing. It is rooted in ugly HATEFUL Spirit. And it holds forrth the torch of viciously deadly righteousness.  

Jim Jones himself has as much chance t' peddle his stinkin' bitter cult kool-aid, as this clownish edifice of the American Left has of selling the American People its own brand of snake juice, this ugly blatantly racist and blatantly sexist ideology of Identitarian Politics and blatantly Stalinist Political Correctness.  

Folks is jes' folks ... Ya see? ... Ah ... but there's a soul down there ... deep down, in a place God wants, (or Nature demands, take your pick), us to access now, a soul deeper than the ocean itself, deeper than the stars are distant, deep as the magic light in every baby's eyes ... There's our Human Soul ... The One Great Soul of All Humanity that Tommy Joad told his dear Ma about. He could feel it in him ... Tommy could ... He was always a good lad, Tommy. Them fellas heads he knocked 't mash with his spade shovel had it comin'. He had t' think 'a Rose'asharn's baby. 

'List while I sing, good folks. Look and 'see'. "Tell the folks ya saw me passin' thru".   (Ahh ... Lenny m'boy ... It still gives an old silverback goosebumps, every single frackin' time).

“You think yer so clever and classless and free, but yer STILL fuckin’ peasants as far as I can see” –J Lennon. (Johnny was an irascible lad. Not always kind, as he wanted us all to be. But he KNEW it. Ya see? He was Self-Aware.

When he looked in the mirror, he sometimes was pleased with what he saw. But sometimes he snarled when he saw the spirits in him he hated. “You’re just a HUMAN!”, he snarled in rage at that image in the mirror he hated. “You’re just a victim of the INSANE!”

He made excuses, of course, as we always must. We MUST forgive ourselves, for being just poor dumb humans, in order to cherish any hope for our children at all.

Blame it on Trumpty-Dumpty? Blame Human Nature itself on an economic system? On Capitalism?

O geezus and joseph …. mary have mercy … Yea ... LOL ... we all already heard that life is all peaches and cream once Bolsheviks "overthrow capitalism". Hey ... These poor folks are drunk on their kool-aid, and they want us to drink it too, so we too will long for 'Socialism', (all genuflect and touch knee t' ground), as 'religiously' as they do. 

The Syndicate Thugs ruling over our lives are wizened old punks. They live by their evil cunning alone. But they have POWERFUL juu-juu. Flashing colored light, endless blaring noises. Glistening lips. Handsome faces. Inviting cleavage. Silken knees.

Their juu-juu lies in their ability to keep us in a fog of our own raw Desire, as they sow seeds of fear that another tribe might steal it. This manipulate our deepest instinct: our primitive raw tribalism. Elites have used this same juu-juu to rule over the Common People for 10,000 years.

They grab us by the short tender hairs of our Human Desire. (heh-heh-heh-) Then like a powerful 2000 lb bull with a ring in his nose, even the old wizened ghouls hiding behind the matrix curtain can lead us any which-way they want, with just their bony cold fingers firmly around that ring.

“Divide et impera”. That’s an actual quote.

Imagine a large map of Gaul (modern France) spread out on the table. (Caesar began his tale by unrolling that map). With his lieutenant commanders watching around him, he pointed to where each tribe’s territory was. “Divide et impera” he said, as he began to introduce the details of his plan.

Ah … Well … Caesar did not think it up himself. He simply had the benefit of a Classical Education. “Divide and Rule” has been the Basic Strategy of ALL Elites since the very mists of the breaking dawn of Human Civilization.

Just look at yerselves, boys ands girls. All of yez is just poor innocent victims are ye? Yea … This springs up from the deepest darkest pool of our human psychology. This is how we’re made. Blame it on God or Nature, (take you pick), but this is how human-kind are made. It's never OUR fault. We're always VICTIMS.

Only Self-Awareness can save us. Sauron’s ‘ring of power’ is our own human nature. Our own foibles. Our own DNA-rooted instincts. Our own tribalism. We are divided. Thus are we ruled.

These guys with their bony wizened fingers in the bull’s nose are punks, once we pull the curtain aside and ‘see’ them.

But first we must ‘see’ ourselves. They will lead us this way and that with carrots and sticks, promising to fulfill or withhold our access to our Desire, until we 'see' what they are doing, and how we are helping them do it.

You want to meet The Enemy? Find the closest mirror. Quit lying to yourself about what you ‘see’. Cast off your favorite delusions. See The Demon looking back at you.

Until we do that, we are nothing but warring tribes of black iron pots, hating every other tribe of black iron kettles, for being black.

Does Mr. Cohen think his 501(c) corporations, which he boasts of so-heroically, and righteously founding and running, are part of the problem, or part of the solution?