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November, 2016

Assange: ‘Google is Not What it Seems’, They ‘Do Things the CIA Cannot,’ by Claire Bernish

WaPo Promotes Shadowy Website That Accuses 200 Publications of Being Russian Propaganda Plants

“Fake News” censorship begins: Apple removes Breitbart News app from their iTunes

Headlines from Palestine

Trump's Treasury Pick: Another Goldman Sachs Blowhard (Who Worked for Soros), by Matthew Allen

Collapse of the USSR: 25 years since the biggest regime change in history, by Angela Borozna

Many Americans Should Un-Stupid Themselves, by Joel Hirschhorn

Nov 29, 2016

I've returned from visiting three of Mexico's Pueblos Magicos (Magical Towns). If you're one of my recognizable friends,
write me and I'll tell you about it. Otherwise, suffice it to say that it was, well, magical..

Here are a few baubles from the last few days for your delectation..

The Jewish century is over, with the election of Trump, by Israel Shamir, et al, from Peter Myers

It is time to imagine how one state– one person, one vote– will work

The Western War On Truth, by Paul Craig Roberts

The Dangerous Deception Called “The Trump Presidency, by F. William Engdahl

The fantasy at the centre of Israel’s ‘muezzin bill,’ by Jonathan Cook

Israeli Pine Forests were planted to hide the plunder of Palestine! by Gilad Atzmon

The 1956 Suez Fiasco: When the US Last Said No to Israel, by Eric Margolis

UK Momentum’s Jackie Walker vs the Zionist inquisition, by Stuart Littlewood

Meet The Real "Fake News," by Tyler Durden

Deborah Lipstadt’s double standard on white nationalism and Jewish nationalism, by Philip Weiss

George Soros behind the Hillary Clinton lawyer working with Jill Stein on voter recount

Fidel Castro's Legacy: 'True to his Convictions,' by Stephen Wilkinson
    Fidel Castro Defies US Imperialism Even in Death, by Finian Cunningham
    Myriad Ways CIA Tried and Failed to Kill Fidel Castro

    Fidel and Palestine: Special Report

Syria Roundup: Jihadi Fronts Fall Apart - Egypt Enters The Fight
    West threatens Russia with sanctions for liberating Aleppo residents

Nov 3, 2016
Breaking News
"If cankles loses on account of the weiner then I hope we all can agree that she got schlonged"


Nov 1-2, 2016