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Nurturer and Naturer, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Quote of the Day: The body fills us with loves and desires and fears andall sorts of fancies and a great deal of nonsense, with the result that weliterally never get an opportunity to think about anything. Wars andrevolutions and battles are due simply and solely to the body and itsdesires. All wars are undertaken for the acquisition of wealth; and thereason why we have to acquire wealth is the body because we are slaves toits service. That is why we have little time for philosophy."" Plato's TheLast Days of SocratesOne of the many advantages of traveling is getting to meet so many peopleand learning of great initiatives. In this trip, I met over 1200individuals of all walks of life. It is a treasure that one could write abook about for each week of travel. This is not even counting the blessingof time in airports and travel to read. In the past two weeks for example Iread a book by king Abdullah of Jordan, a book by Plato on Aristotle, abook by Richard Dawkins of collected scientific assays, and a book by IrisKeltz on her adventurous life as a Jewish bride of a Palestinian man inJerusalem (in May 1967, perhaps the only Jewish woman in East Jerusalem inJune 1967). Meeting people interested in nature also allows us to learn ofmany new websites, tools, and even vocabulary. An example is learning thevocabulary of being a nurturer and naturer (see  ). Nurturer logically is one who nurturesany aspect of the biotic community (nurturing oneself and others in thecommunity). Naturer is one who cherishes nature and seeks opportunities tounderstand, experience, and be nourished by nature. I also networked withcitizen climate lobby ( continue to be awed by how generous and kind people are. By contrast theUS government continues pestering me at airports and a couple of deludedZionists tried to interfere in one talk out of a total of 20 talks I gave(will give three more in Washington DC in the next two days, see ). In the talk at the Science Café inNorth Carolina Museum of Natural Science, over 100 attended (video will beposted soon at ) . All whoattended were complimentary. Positive energy flows: networks andcollaborations are created, people step up to volunteer, donations areraised to help the museum (so far over $15,000 in two weeks), minds andhearts change, activists are born, and even TSA agents came to understandPalestine and racists shed some of their racism. We this keep hope aliveand we keep creating new energy. We invite you to join us. If you could notattend any of my talks in the US, please consider supporting the museum andthe institute by donating ( and/or volunteering ( ).Seymour Hirsch and Trump’s war on Syria: Trump‘s Red Line years ago, Eugene Debbs speech that landed him in jail campaign is criminalizing criticism of Israel as‘antisemitism’ government acted 'unlawfully' in restricting boycotts of Israel humanMazin Qumsiyeh
 A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at homeProfessor and (volunteer) DirectorPalestine Museum of Natural HistoryPalestine Institute of Biodiversity and SustainabilityBethlehem UniversityOccupied Palestinehttp://qumsiyeh.orghttp://palestinenature.orgJoin me on facebook